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Klaroline AU | Crossovers/Fusions ♠ HP!AU, Marauders!AU

Klaus Mikaelson is the bastard son of one of the most ancient Pureblood families. His mother, Esther, had an affair with a werewolf, therefore resulting in a baby wizard turning prematurely in a little cub; to protect the family name, Mikael spreads the word that Klaus has been bitten during a vacation. Klaus is one of the most brilliant wizards of his year: however, the fact that he’s forced to turn into a wolf at least once a month makes him lonely, cranky and angry most of the time. When his younger brother Kol comes to Hogwarts a year after him, together with Elijah and his best friend Enzo, the three manage to become Animagi so that they can help him during his painful transitions. They fancy calling themselves the Marauders.

Caroline Forbes comes from a Muggle family – her mother couldn’t believe her eyes when her little six years old daughter had started levitating things around the house. Their lack of shock is all thanks to the Lockwoods, a neighbor family with some magic of their own; their son, Tyler, helps Caroline move her first steps as a witch, and when their letters from Hogwarts arrive – they leave together. Unfortunately, their friendship starts to worsen when they end up in different Houses, and Tyler starts to develop a sick interest for the Dark Arts.

When that happens, surprisingly, Klaus is the only one who offers her honest comfort.

- - - - -

The Golden Snitch tried tremulously to fly over the ground, shooting cautiously from side to side, looking for an escape. A rapid hand darted in the air just when it was starting to open its tiny wings – long, elegant fingers curled around it, making a little group of Hufflepuff girls nearby explode with giggles.

“You know, you’re not supposed to steal sport equipment from the locker rooms – it doesn’t matter how famous you think you are.”

Klaus’ eyes snapped towards that lovely and familiar voice, and his lips widened in a genuine smile. “Ah, if it isn’t Caroline Forbes – my favourite Gryffindor! Have you finally decided to give me a chance?”

The girl scoffed, gripping the strings of her bag to avoid hitting him with something. “As if. I’m here for Elijah”, she coldly replied. Her voice then changed dramatically addressing the older Mikaelson, and Klaus found himself gritting his teeth. “Professor McGonagall asked me to give you these Transfiguration’s books”, she continued, smiling towards Elijah.

He in turn politely thanked her, and asked her something about the next assignment for Potions. Klaus, being Klaus, didn’t take well in being ignored by the protagonist of his dreams – so he jumped to his feet and approached them, only to snake an arm around Caroline’s waist.

“Come on, love”, he whispered in her ear, ignoring her affronted gasp and Elijah’s frown. “Go to Hogsmeade with me?”

“Why would I want to go anywhere with you, Mikaelson?” She retorted, wriggling out of his grasp and turning sharply towards the castle, making her long golden curls bounce on her shoulders.

“Well, she showed you, mate”, Enzo laughed.

“Isn’t she stunning?” Klaus smiled, unperturbed by her refusal.

Kol rolled his eyes. “She certainly looks stunning walking away from you – just like she has for the last six years.”

“Nah, she’ll come around eventually, mark my words”, he shrugged. Then his eyes caught a lonely student crossing the yard, and suddenly his eyes glinted dangerously. “Who wants to see Lockwood’s knickers?” He cruelly inquired, twirling his wand in the air.

Elijah sighed, his nose buried in his new books – Miss Forbes wouldn’t be happy seeing his brother publicly humiliate her best friend, never mind the fact that they weren’t on the best of terms lately. Yes, he could understand his brother rage towards the other Slytherin – he wasn’t too happy himself hearing the mutt calling that nice girl Mudblood, for heaven’s sake – but that didn’t make his bullying any more right.

‘When will you ever learn, Niklaus?’

- - - - -

(Klaus is James but he is the one who turns into a werewolf; Elijah is Remus, he turns into a stag; Enzo is Sirius, he turns into an eagle; Kol is Peter, he turns into a fox. Finn and Freya work for the Ministry; Rebekah attends Beauxbatons because yes; Tyler is Snape; and the rest is history. Also Silas is probably Voldemort, which explains why Pettingrew!Kol will betray his brothers and friends? I don’t know, I haven’t planned everything lol.)