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Red Pt. 1 [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: I have no idea where this one came from…

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Implications of torture?

Word Count: 1532

Italics are memories

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 



Drip. Drip. Drip.

The monotonous noise filled the silence.

There wasn’t much light in the darkness. It was hard to see. All you saw was red.

So much red.

The moonlight came through from that window on the ceiling, but it was painted the color of the window; the color of the blood spilled on it. The blood of victims, the blood of the innocent, but also the blood of sinners.

You tilted your head up to gaze at the window, but even that little movement was painful. Everything was painful nowadays; your body was heavy, numb, yet the numbness didn’t eliminate the pain.

It was so beautiful; the color red. It was the color of the roses he gave you that one time on your birthday. It was the color on his cheeks during the rare moments he was flustered. It was the color of the logo on his broad chest, the same logo you used to trace delicately with your fingers. It was the color of his helmet, one that struck fear into the hearts of the criminals of Gotham, but never to you.

Yet red was also the color you saw when you’re submerged in a pit of fury and madness. Red was the color of blood, the color of pain and death and everything in between. Red was the color of her tight dress countless nights ago. Red was the color of her lipstick stains on his shirt. Red was the color of the sheets you found them in. Red was the color of her lips as she claimed what was hers.

“Jason! Jason stop!” you laughed, trying to wriggle out of your best friend’s grip. The man was practically killing you.

“Nope. You changed the TV channel so you pay the price.” he said, smirking as he continued to run his fingers around your most sensitive areas, causing you to erupt in laughter. He knew you were ticklish and he used it against you every single time.

“Jason please–” you gasped, tears coming out of your eyes. It was honestly getting hard to breath and if Jason didn’t stop soon you were literally going to pass out.

Jason finally had some mercy on you and released you from your punishment. You rolled off the couch and fell to the floor, squealing in shock. Jason chuckled and didn’t bother to help you.

You sat up and blew a stray strand of hair covering your face in annoyance. “Well aren’t you a gentleman.” you huffed out, pouting your lips.

“Thanks, I try.” He winked, and though you were annoyed at him you couldn’t stop the annoying butterflies in your stomach.

When was the last time you had so much fun? It felt like eons ago. You could barely recall a time before her. She had to enter your life and destroy everything you built. Years of work and with one swipe of her nimble hand, it all came toppling down onto you.

And you held it up. You carried the weight of the beautiful world you created on your shoulders. You carried what used to fill you with joy and happiness like a burden, a punishment, like how Atlas was forced to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The first time you saw her, she had her arms wrapped around one of Jason’s cozily. She was drop-dead gorgeous, a pageant queen, a supermodel. Every pair of eyes in the room followed her; men ogling at her beauty and women admiring her sheer perfection. She captured the attention of everyone, including yours.

Including Jason’s.

The following morning, you knocked on the door of Jason’s apartment and waited patiently. He had promised to spend the day with you alone, and you were beyond excited. The memories of the previous night were long forgotten in your mind.

That was, until the door opened.

And you saw her again.

You stood there, shocked written on your face. Jason came up behind the lovely woman and gave you a look of confusion.

“[F/N]? What are you doing here?” he asked. You swallowed as your eyes switched from the woman to Jason, then back and so on. 

“Jay… who is this?” you inquired in a slightly unsteady voice.

He had introduced you to her that day, his new girlfriend and apparently the love of his life. You had never seen him so happy, not even around you, his best friend, his best friend since forever.

He had forgotten all about the plans the two of you made. Jason’s love and devotion was towards his love, and only his love.

Not you, the person who had been by his side his whole life. 

How stupid of you, to stay by his side this whole time. You had known him since before he was taken in as some ‘pity case’ by Bruce Wayne. You watched him transcend into Robin, then die tragically by the hands of the Joker. You had grieved over his death, you almost got yourself killed hunting down the Joker, and you wept tears of joy when you found out that he was alive.

That your Jason was alive.

Yet your Jason wasn’t here anymore.

“Jason, you promised.” you whined, rubbing your temples in frustration. You lost count of how many times he had ditched you.

“I know, but I can’t. I’m–”

“Busy.” you sighed. “Fine, I get it.” You ended the call, knowing that Jason was spending time with her again. He always did that now. He canceled all his plans for her.

You didn’t understand what was so special about her, what made her so appealing to Jason. She was exactly the same as you, except more beautiful.

You crashed onto your couch and rested your head on the seat, trying to prevent the tears from dropping. Your heart broke at the fact that Jason was abandoning you for some woman. 

The man you fell in love with had abandoned you.

You felt their footsteps before you heard them. You felt the vibration in the concrete, the movement of the dust on the ground. 

You hardly hear anything nowadays, apart from that unbearable droplets of water. You couldn’t even hear your own breathing, or your own heartbeat, for they were far too weak. 

The door opened, and in came the other colors of the spectrum. It had been a while since you saw anything other than shades of black and red. It was almost refreshing, almost welcoming, even though you knew what was to follow.

One of the men who slammed the door open dragged you by the hair. You didn’t resist. You didn’t scream. You just accepted your fate.

You used to scream a lot, in the first few weeks they held you. You screamed and cried and thrashed around like no tomorrow, but now you’ve lost your voice, and your will.

What was the point?

It was a humid night in Gotham City, too humid for your liking. Jason had once again left you to your own devices as his girlfriend required assistance to go home. The three of you were celebrating at a bar; it was your first time in a long time spending a night with your friend. She had gotten so drunk she could barely walk, so Jason, like the gentleman he was, took her home.

Of course, you couldn’t object.

You wiped the sweat off your forehead as you hurried down the path. Usually, Jason would be by your side ensuring you got home safely. You weren’t some secret vigilante so you were pretty much vulnerable this late at night.

But then again, where was Jason nowadays?

Suddenly, you felt a hand cover your mouth and pull you into an alleyway. Your screams were muffled and your attempts of escape was futile, as you weren’t a trained warrior or some fighter. You always thought Jason had your back, so you never had to worry.

Oh how wrong you were.

The man carried your limp body onto a steel table they wheeled into the room, along with another table full of strange, deadly equipment and tools. The two doctors with face masks on came into view, their eyes wild and crazy with excitement.

They always seemed so excited before they performed the most unspeakable acts.

Your body was strapped down as they prepared for the procedure–for what, you didn’t know. All you knew was that it was better to die than to go through something like this.

When they began to send shock-waves through your system, you whimpered and flinched and struggled. You gasped and screamed weakly. Your mind was on fire.

Tears fell down your face and you wanted to scream at Jason to help you. You stared at the red-tinted window above you and wished that it would break, revealing the calming silver light of the moon, and you would see Jason and his brothers come in and save you.

However, no matter how many times you had wished for such a scenario, nothing happened. 

No one came.

Jason Todd had abandoned you.

And the last thing you saw every time you greeted darkness was red.

That beautiful red.


Klaroline AU | Crossovers/Fusions ♠ HP!AU, Marauders!AU

Klaus Mikaelson is the bastard son of one of the most ancient Pureblood families. His mother, Esther, had an affair with a werewolf, therefore resulting in a baby wizard turning prematurely in a little cub; to protect the family name, Mikael spreads the word that Klaus has been bitten during a vacation. Klaus is one of the most brilliant wizards of his year: however, the fact that he’s forced to turn into a wolf at least once a month makes him lonely, cranky and angry most of the time. When his younger brother Kol comes to Hogwarts a year after him, together with Elijah and his best friend Enzo, the three manage to become Animagi so that they can help him during his painful transitions. They fancy calling themselves the Marauders.

Caroline Forbes comes from a Muggle family – her mother couldn’t believe her eyes when her little six years old daughter had started levitating things around the house. Their lack of shock is all thanks to the Lockwoods, a neighbor family with some magic of their own; their son, Tyler, helps Caroline move her first steps as a witch, and when their letters from Hogwarts arrive – they leave together. Unfortunately, their friendship starts to worsen when they end up in different Houses, and Tyler starts to develop a sick interest for the Dark Arts.

When that happens, surprisingly, Klaus is the only one who offers her honest comfort.

- - - - -

The Golden Snitch tried tremulously to fly over the ground, shooting cautiously from side to side, looking for an escape. A rapid hand darted in the air just when it was starting to open its tiny wings – long, elegant fingers curled around it, making a little group of Hufflepuff girls nearby explode with giggles.

“You know, you’re not supposed to steal sport equipment from the locker rooms – it doesn’t matter how famous you think you are.”

Klaus’ eyes snapped towards that lovely and familiar voice, and his lips widened in a genuine smile. “Ah, if it isn’t Caroline Forbes – my favourite Gryffindor! Have you finally decided to give me a chance?”

The girl scoffed, gripping the strings of her bag to avoid hitting him with something. “As if. I’m here for Elijah”, she coldly replied. Her voice then changed dramatically addressing the older Mikaelson, and Klaus found himself gritting his teeth. “Professor McGonagall asked me to give you these Transfiguration’s books”, she continued, smiling towards Elijah.

He in turn politely thanked her, and asked her something about the next assignment for Potions. Klaus, being Klaus, didn’t take well in being ignored by the protagonist of his dreams – so he jumped to his feet and approached them, only to snake an arm around Caroline’s waist.

“Come on, love”, he whispered in her ear, ignoring her affronted gasp and Elijah’s frown. “Go to Hogsmeade with me?”

“Why would I want to go anywhere with you, Mikaelson?” She retorted, wriggling out of his grasp and turning sharply towards the castle, making her long golden curls bounce on her shoulders.

“Well, she showed you, mate”, Enzo laughed.

“Isn’t she stunning?” Klaus smiled, unperturbed by her refusal.

Kol rolled his eyes. “She certainly looks stunning walking away from you – just like she has for the last six years.”

“Nah, she’ll come around eventually, mark my words”, he shrugged. Then his eyes caught a lonely student crossing the yard, and suddenly his eyes glinted dangerously. “Who wants to see Lockwood’s knickers?” He cruelly inquired, twirling his wand in the air.

Elijah sighed, his nose buried in his new books – Miss Forbes wouldn’t be happy seeing his brother publicly humiliate her best friend, never mind the fact that they weren’t on the best of terms lately. Yes, he could understand his brother rage towards the other Slytherin – he wasn’t too happy himself hearing the mutt calling that nice girl Mudblood, for heaven’s sake – but that didn’t make his bullying any more right.

‘When will you ever learn, Niklaus?’

- - - - -

(Klaus is James but he is the one who turns into a werewolf; Elijah is Remus, he turns into a stag; Enzo is Sirius, he turns into an eagle; Kol is Peter, he turns into a fox. Finn and Freya work for the Ministry; Rebekah attends Beauxbatons because yes; Tyler is Snape; and the rest is history. Also Silas is probably Voldemort, which explains why Pettingrew!Kol will betray his brothers and friends? I don’t know, I haven’t planned everything lol.)