drip magazine

Art journal entry.

Mixed media: scrapbook paper, matte medium, gesso applied with palette knife, glaze medium mixed with milk paint powder applied with palette knife, glaze medium mixed with raw umber acrylic paint applied with palette knife. Watered down gesso applied with brush, stencil, archival ink, gold metallic acrylic paint watered down applied to drip down the page, magazine clipping, alphabet stamp letters, archival ink.

I’m incredibly happy with how this turned out.

Big Brother Dean

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Written by Mikayla

Tears drip onto the magazine page as you flip through looking at the gorgeous women in the pictures. You had been just casually flipping through a fashion magazine trying to keep your mind off your growling stomach. You had been doing through a prolonged bout of self-hatred. It also didn’t help the fact that you were also currently going through your awkward stage at the ripe age of fourteen. That just added fuel to your self-hatred fire. In fact you felt so over weight that you hadn’t eaten for about 36 hours. You’re stomach kept protesting, but you just had to lose that little bit of weight.

“Y/N, you okay?” Dean asked through your door. You jumped at his voice startled out of your thoughts.

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