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Art journal entry.

Mixed media: scrapbook paper, matte medium, gesso applied with palette knife, glaze medium mixed with milk paint powder applied with palette knife, glaze medium mixed with raw umber acrylic paint applied with palette knife. Watered down gesso applied with brush, stencil, archival ink, gold metallic acrylic paint watered down applied to drip down the page, magazine clipping, alphabet stamp letters, archival ink.

I’m incredibly happy with how this turned out.

Ying And Yang

Warnings: none :)

Imagine for: Sam

Request: “Imagine where reader is Sam’s girlfriend and you get hit with a spell that makes you all harsh and rude and overall bad-assy, the complete opposite of readers normal demeanor which is usually sweet, shy and kind? Thank you!! :))”

Comment: thanks for sending in your request :D

With a jolt, you felt every inch of your back hit the stone wall. Dust clouded around you while your body slid to the ground, everything going black every few seconds. Opening your eyes, you saw flashes of movement, blurred and rushed, and every bone in your body felt like it was being stretched and pulled. The last sight you saw was Sams face as he pulled Dean down next to him, concern and worry in all their movements. And then everything was gone, only darkness and silence surrounding you as you slept.


You woke up with sun warmly shining on your skin from a window. You lifted your head slowly off of your pillow, leaning back onto your elbows and looking around. You were tucked into an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room. Sitting up all the way, you the. Slowly moved into a standing position. Looking at the nightstand next to the bed, you saw your familiar dagger, the one you took with you everywhere. Swiftly, you moved out of the room into a more open area.

The colour scheme of this building seemed warm, oranges and browns, the light from various windows hitting everything just so, making it all look homely. In this room there was a couch and a dark piano pressed against the dar wall. In front of the couch was a table made almost entirely of glass, magazines cluttering the top. A cup was sitting on top of one of the news magazines, condensation dripping down the side. It was fairly new. Someone was nearby.

You gripped the dagger tightly in your hand, heart besting hard with adrenalin and hand slick with sweat. You cocked an ear, listening intently. After a few moments of silence, you started to notice the slight sound of voices coming from another room, probably even on another floor. You moved across the room and to the left, heading down a hallway, brown walls lined with autumn scene paintings and photographs. At the end of the hall was a wooden staircase, heading down.

You took it one step at a time, breathing heavy, the voices growing less muffled and louder. From what you could tell, there were two people talking in the nearest room, to right at the bottom of the stairs. You were almost at the bottom when the final step creaked loudly. You froze instantly, but it was too late. The talking had stopped too. You rushed off the steps and against the wall beside the door to the room. You gathered your courage as you waited. You listened as the footsteps got closer.

As soon as the stranger stepped through the doorway, you had them by their shirt, swing them around and pressed them against the wall where you previously had been hiding, blade against their neck. But then you froze.

“Y/N?! What the hell?!”

“Oh! Sorry Dean!” You released him immediately and stepped back. He breathed a sigh of relief. The person he must have been talking to rushed out the door, and of coarse, it was Sam.

“Y/N!” He smiled, and picked you up in a big hug, lifting you off your feet and spinning you around. “Your feeling better then?”

“I’d feel even better if my feet were on the ground. As my boyfriend you should know that I don’t enjoy large amounts of physical contact.” You felt your socks hit the floor once again. He stepped back from you and kept his hands on your arms. He looked at you curiously.

“What are you talking about, you love when I pick you up, you say so all the time.”

Rolling your eyes, you walked away, into the room the brother were talking in earlier. It looked similar to the room upstairs, except minus the piano, there were two couchs, facing each other with another, slightly larger, glass table. You saw a cup on the table, and you picked it up, smelling it. Whiskey. You quickly drank the entire content and flung yourself lazily onto the nearest couch. It was uncomfortable and scratchy. You played with your dagger, flipping it around in your hand. Looking up, you saw the Winchesters staring at you with looks of shock on their faces.

“What?” You asked roughly, then continued, “Dl we have any more of this whiskey? It’s got quite the kick.”

Dean walked closer to you, eyes wide, “You okay?”

“No shit I’m okay, don’t I look okay?” You smoothed down your hair and placed your feet up onto the table. “Hell, I’m gorgeous.”

Sam moved across the room and sat on the edge of the cushion, angling himself to face you. “It’s just… Y/N… You don’t drink.”

“Or swear. Ever.” Dean added as he sat down in front of you on the table.

“Dean.” Sam looked over at his brother, terror on his face. “She must have been hit.”

“Hit by what?” You asked, but you had a feeling you already knew.

Big Brother Dean

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Written by Mikayla

Tears drip onto the magazine page as you flip through looking at the gorgeous women in the pictures. You had been just casually flipping through a fashion magazine trying to keep your mind off your growling stomach. You had been doing through a prolonged bout of self-hatred. It also didn’t help the fact that you were also currently going through your awkward stage at the ripe age of fourteen. That just added fuel to your self-hatred fire. In fact you felt so over weight that you hadn’t eaten for about 36 hours. You’re stomach kept protesting, but you just had to lose that little bit of weight.

“Y/N, you okay?” Dean asked through your door. You jumped at his voice startled out of your thoughts.

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I want to let everyone know, as a person who has had struggles similar to the reader, I feel for her, and I want to let people to know, that everyone is beautiful and to try and find ways to accept your body because its beautiful. And if anyone makes you feel you’re not beautiful, get rid of that kinda negativity, you don’t need it  

Shout out to the lovely @leslie2898 for requesting this, and for being a wonderful person, Happy Holidays dear :) 

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They say the camera adds ten pounds right? You thought to yourself as you starred at the family picture you took a few weeks earlier for the Christmas cards that your mother insisted needed to be taken. You didn’t want to be part of it, because it meant dressing up and dressing up meant going to stores and trying n dresses while the store clerks stared at you judging you, and scoffing when the dress was a little tight. You sighed sitting at your vanity, curling your hair staring at the photo that had ‘Merry Christmas” written in the beautiful penmanship of your mother. You stood and strode over to your full body mirror and took out your red dress and starred at it, regretting choosing this one, it was skin tight, so your stomach bump showed and you’re not very smooth sides showed. You huffed, looking at your body, your bra sat comfortable and your thong was lacy, but your tummy hung a little. You looked nothing like those girls in the magazine. You wished you could look as flawless and seamless as those girls.

The reason you were so worried about looking good was because Bucky, Steve’s friend asked you out dancing tonight, there was some Christmas eve party, and Stark industries was showing off some of their new gadgets. You knew that Bucky loved futuristic things, because Steve told you. You didn’t understand why Bucky would ask you out, you were nothing like the girls Bucky asked out and took dancing. They were like the girls in the magazine, they flawless skin, perfect teeth, and a beautiful body. You looked mediocre in comparison, you were so tempted to cancel the date until the door rang. You sighed, pulling your rode on, it was going to either Steve or Bucky, and you hoped it was Steve. You opened the door, your curlers still in your head, and your makeup half done. Bucky stood at the door in his uniform, you could have sworn your breath caught and you were going to swoon. Yu blushed deeply, “I’ll be ready soon, uh… Just sit there,” you pointed at the sofa, Bucky tipped his hat and went to set on the sofa, popping a candy in his mouth that you had laid out.

You walked back into your room and sat back down at your vanity and started pulling curlers out, you were looking at a picture in a magazine and your eyes teared up, the girl was tall slender, she had beautifully curled hair, and perfect figure. You took a deep breath let your head drop into your hands, you cried silently, while Bucky sat looking around your apartment. He was sucking on a hard Christmas candy and reading over an article in the daily paper, when the fashion magazine with various notes on it caught his eye. He read some, ‘I would love to be that pretty,’ ‘too fat for that dress,’ ‘I don’t have the figure for that one,’ ‘how can I make myself look like that?’ He stopped and was horrified to see you had filled out an order form for diet pills. He slummed back into the couch confused as to why you thought those things about yourself, he thought you were beautiful, the apartment was quiet and he heard the faint sound of cries in your bedroom. “Y/N? Are you okay?” He asked knocking on the door, he took his hat off and turned the door knob, he opened in slightly and seen you sitting at your mirror, head in your hands, and your shoulders shook a Cosmo magazine in your lap, half your hair down, and red dress degraded on the floor. You jumped a little when you noticed Bucky in your bedroom. “Are you okay,” he walked forward and laid his hat on the vanity, he looked down at the girl in your magazine and took it up in his hands, “You know, I always thought these women were so fake,” he said, placing a hand on your shoulder, flipping it closed. “I always thought that women who looked like that, didn’t know how to have a good time,” he smiled down at you, the corners of his eyes creased. He took your hand and helped you up leading you to the mirror, grabbing the dress. “You what I see when I see those magazines,” tears dripped down your cheeks, you shook your head, “I see a women who has been too afraid all her life to go out and enjoy herself and indulge in the good things about life, I see women that are all looks, and that are fake, they don’t have anything inside.”  You looked up at him, he helped you into the dress, zipping it up in the back. “Do you know what I see when I look at you?” you shook your head ‘no.’ “I see a women that knows how to have a fun time, that is real, that knows how to indulge in the treasures that life has to offer. I see a women that loves to dance, that loves to smile, and laugh.” You were crying more, as he lifted his hands up and took a beautiful gold necklace and clasped into around your neck. “You what I see, I see the most beautiful women, in every way possible,” He turned you around and looked down into your eyes, he smiled, his embrace was comforting, “I asked you out because I love spending time with you, if I wanted to go out with a girl like that, why would I have asked you?” He raised his eyebrow at you, you nodded.

“Then why did you ask me?” You asked pulling away from him hugging yourself, he chuckled, “I asked you because I love spending time with you, and you make me feel things, the way your body moves, the way your hair flows down your back, just you makes me feel so many things. Y/N I think I love you.” You smiled up at him, taking a seat and taking the last of the curlers out, brushing through your hair and applying the last of your makeup. “Now promise me something,” you nodded, “Don’t you dare change, and don’t you dare compare yourself to those women in the magazines, because you’re beautiful, and you’re prefect just the way you are.” You stood and turned toward Bucky, you hugged him around the torso, tears pricked the corners of your eyes, no had ever told you anything like that, it made you feel so beautiful, you looked up at Bucky, “thanks,” you breathed, he didn’t answer, he just leaned down and kissed you lightly on the lips.