The story of the picture

“Okay, Gin. I’ll meet you back home,” Harry said.
“That’s fine. I’ll see you there, Ginny replied.
“Love you,” Harry said, before kissing her goodbye. Whistling, Harry walked back to their apartment with his hands casually in his pockets. Ginny turned and locked eyes with a tall blond man. His fists were clenched.
“Draco?” Ginny whispered tentatively, a knot forming in her stomach. She felt naseous. Draco looked at her intensely before glancing at the distant figure that was Harry before he turned and started walking away.
“Draco! Stop!” Ginny implored, running after him, “I can explain!”
Draco whipped around, “Really? Can you? You can explain how you ended up with Harry bloody Potter after you told me that you loved me.”
“Draco, I’m sorry! After you showed me your…..after you showed me your Mark, Harry was there to help me cope.”
“So after I revealed the secret that you desperately wanted to know, you turned to that arse?”
“Don’t give me that, Draco Malfoy! After you showed me the Mark, I never saw you again! You ran away! You didn’t even try to talk to me or work it out. I waited for you. All this time….”
Draco looked at her coldly, “Malfoys don’t run away.”
“For Merlin’s sake, Draco! You’re too proud to even admit that you’re upset about seeing me with Harry.”
“You can be with whoever you damn want. I just thought you would have realized low your standards are. I mean, Potter?”
“Don’t you dare, Draco,” Ginny said, fighting back the tears.
“Don’t I dare what?”
“Don’t you dare blame me. You’re the one that left. You didn’t have to deal with being left alone.”
“So I leave you alone for a little bit and–”
“Five years, Draco! Five years! All this time I thought you were dead!”
Draco sat on a bench near the area they were standing and leaned forward so he was looking at the ground. Ginny approached him slowly until she stood directly in front of him.
“Draco…” she placed her hand on his arm, “I’m glad you’re alive…..Draco…I meant what I said about me waiting for you.”
Draco sharply looked over at her, “What do you mean?”
“That night…before you…we were going to,” Ginny swallowed, “I was going to…that is to say, I was planning on…”
“I wanted you to be my first.”
“Are you telling me that you’re–”
“And you’ve–”
“Yes. I’ve waited.”
Draco looked at Ginny for a second, absorbing the new information he was given, before pulling her down onto his lap and pressing his lips against hers.

The pic and the story is owned by: InfractiAngelus

Drinny isn’t just a OTP or just another fanmade couple that its fans love. Drinny is our way of expressing that everyone deserves love from a person who has lots of it to offer. Hope is that Draco looked for and Ginny could easily offer him the light of hope. Ginny can teach Draco how to express his feelings and feel again after the fear and Draco can teach Ginny how special she can be if she wants. Love is support and understanding.  

The night was quiet, staying in manor in front of the fireplace. She was in his arms, now at 23 she was sighing deeply but heavenly, she was happy. “In some hours the year is going to change, we will have 2014” Draco spoke as he was watching her hair with the lights of the fire. “Is there anything you want to do for make that here the best ever?” Ginny asked with her eyes closed feeling Draco’s fingers playing with hers “yes” he replied simply. She opened her eyes and fav him waiting for his reply, he didn’t look her back, he was seeing her finger. She looked and then gasped “marry me” he told to her and she smiled “I will reply you the next year” she teased him and closed her eyes again, feeling his heart beats. Draco stayed and and stroking her back. He knew it was yes so he didn’t even asked her again until the year would pass…