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Attention HP Fan fiction Writers!
I get bored sometimes and have decided to make covers for fics! I put the idea up in my group and have a fair amount of requests!

They’re FREE (I’m definitely guilty for trying to promote writers into creating more content)

If you would like one, please shoot me a message and I’ll get it set up! Mind you, if there are a lot of requests, it might take a bit but I WILL get to yours!

Things to Include in your message:
*Writer Tag
*Ship (if Any) ALL SHIPS WELCOME!!!
*Summary of Fic
*Type of Fic (dark, fluff, angst, etc)
Specific requests (for example, the one girl did explicitly ask for a strawberry blonde wolf with green eyes)
*Specific Coloring if any

Only thing I ask is for you to mention my Tag (LastBornSlytherin) in an A/N or something! :)


If I had a sickle for every fan fiction out there called "Draco Malfoy's sister" I would be rich enough to buy myself into the Malfoy family and thus be Draco Malfoy's sister.

The irony.


The Sacred 28

In a dwindling post-war society, pureblood prisoners are being released into the care of Death Eaters for “rehabilitation.”  And because life is quite unfair, Draco Malfoy has been entrusted with one very angry, very vengeful Ginny Weasley.    [AU of a Voldemort victory]

By kcthekat


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New Story: The Feral Ferret

Summary: Ginny Weasley might be an elite athlete and animal lover, but to Draco Malfoy she was simply a much-needed breath of fresh air. He’d do anything she asked… unless it involved rodents… or filth… or Muggle veterinarians… Okay, maybe ‘anything’ was a bit of a stretch, now that he thought about it.


“What,” Draco asked slowly, his finger hooked over the knot of his tie, which he had been in the process of loosening. “Is that?”

“This is Scorpius,” Ginny replied, as she dangled a piece of ribbon in the air while a patchy, brown bit of fluff writhed in her lap. Her eyes tracked the slinky little thing as it darted about, an amused smile on her face. “I found him hiding under the bleachers at the quidditch pitch.”

Draco scowled at the dirty animal. “That doesn’t answer my question, Ginevra.”

“He is clearly a ferret, Draco,” Ginny replied patiently as the thing flopped down onto the floor and she reached down to rub it’s scab-covered belly. “I thought you were familiar with the species.”

“Don’t touch it!” Draco cried, then paused. “Scorpius?”

Ginny rolled her eyes, mostly ignoring him. “You always said it would be a fitting name for your first son.”

He scoffed. “Yes, my first son. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, Ginny, but that thing is not a human child. How do you even know it’s a boy?”

“Look at him,” Ginny said, laughing when the vermin poked out its tongue and licked her fingers, Draco hovering behind her all the while in case it decided to sink its teeth into her. “Of course he’s a boy. He knows a pretty girl when he sees one.”

While Draco knew a woman or two who could testify that the ability to recognise beauty wasn’t a prerequisite for being male, he couldn’t deny that his wife was uncommonly pretty. “You aren’t keeping it.”

“Why not?”

“Ferrets aren’t domesticated,” he said, as though there was no further argument.

Ginny hitched a brow. “You have a pet peacock roaming the grounds.”

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Draco/Ginny, ‘Fire and the Flood’

for @littleplebe

Fire and the Flood- Vance Joy

He was by her side in a moment.  Very, very quickly for someone who wanted to sleep by themselves.  For someone who wanted their space.  

“Shhh…” Draco’s fingers tangled in her hair as he bent forward to press his lips to hers.  “There, there…”  

“There, there?” Ginny snorted.  “Where did you get your bedside manner?”  

“From my father,” he answered with a smirk.  

“Oh well…” she quipped, rolling over to face him.  “I suppose it’s better than can be expected.”  

“Move over…” he commanded, reaching for the blanket.  “If I’m spending the night, I want to be under the blankets.  You keep it as cold as tomb in here…”  

“I thought you didn’t like spending the night.”  

“I lied.”  

The Drinny Thing (Part 1)
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Ginny stood at the edge of the parade route as the newly dubbed Golden Trio walked by, waving. She’d never resented Harry before but, suddenly, she did. He smiled to the crowd and slung an arm around Hermione and Ginny knew it was an act and he hated the attention but, for the first time, she didn’t care. 

 Her fingers crept to one of the scars she’d received during her hellish year at Hogwarts, learning what torture felt like under the hands of the Carrow twins. People spoke in hushed voices about what Hermione had endured, a secret the world knew, but no one spared a thought for the people the Trio had left behind. She knew what the cruciatus curse felt like. They all did.

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The Mistake - Pots&Pans (Hansy)
[AO3] [FFN]

When Harry Potter thinks that he can escape writing an essay, trouble comes a knocking…

“Pansy,” she declared as she pushed the screen of his laptop down and her other hand in front of him to shake, “My name. Not my favourite flower.”

He looked at her dark nail polish, not sure if it was plum or aubergine, before taking her hand and hoping she didn’t notice his nerves. “H - Harry. Harry Potter.”

Myself and @ladyleanam​ were stuck on Sunday night and wanted to write but didn’t know what. With the suggestion of a prompt from her, and pairings from me we went our separate ways for an hour and this is the beauty we came up with. 

Please check out Burn (Drinny) By @ladyleanam​ because it is smoking’ hot and I want to convince her to write more. 

Fanfic: The Sacred 28 Ch 15, Harry Potter | FanFiction

Summary: In a dwindling postwar society, pureblood prisoners are being released into the care of Death Eaters for “rehabilitation.” And because life is quite unfair, Draco Malfoy has been entrusted with one very angry, very vengeful Ginny Weasley. [AU of a Voldemort victory]

Time For Plan B

Title: Time For Plan B
Pairing: Draco/Ginny (Harry Potter)
Rating: PG-13
70,000 (complete)
Life doesn’t always go according to plan, so sometimes you need contingencies. But what if your backup to your backup plan fails? What can you do? Mix in hexes, rumours, a reverse-Oedipus complex, something about a pig, and set it all in the year 1975, and you are bound to have issues—serious, psychologically-scarring issues. Oh, and did I mention Draco and Ginny were in the middle of all this? Yeah. Fun times.

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Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

The harsh blaring from the alarm sounded in her ears like drill—a persistent, beeping drill. She reached out with her hand and began to smack at the alarm, hitting it with her palm, as her face remained buried in the soft feather-down pillow. Apparently she wasn’t striking the right button for the stupid machine was still blasting away, antagonising her like a relentless harpy.

She muttered a few colourful expletives into the pillow and absently felt around her bed, searching for her wand. Her fingertips felt wood and she grasped the wand tightly in her hand. Flipping over onto her back, she aimed her wand at what she hoped was the alarm clock.


Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

“Merlin’s left nut!” she cursed groggily and turned over onto her side.

Eyes closed, she reached around, picked up the damnable beeping object, pulled its cord out of the socket, and pitched it across the room.


Ginny Weasley let out a relieved sigh and smiled lazily to herself as she rolled over onto her stomach. She wrapped both arms around the fluffy pillow and held it close, snuggling her face into the clean linen.

She had to admit that she really hated Muggle appliances. She didn’t see how Hermione could tolerate a machine that blasted away in your ear with incessant squawking, at least one that couldn’t easily be silenced with a wand. It was unnatural. Sure, she had most likely botched the spell with her mumbling, and she probably didn’t even direct her wand at the alarm itself, but still—she stood by her original position: Muggle appliances were frustrating.

After an hour of blissful, uninterrupted sleep, Ginny finally rose from bed with a yawn and stretched her stiff limbs. She ambled her way out the door, smacking her lips distastefully as she went. Her teeth were in a desperate need of cleaning.

Letting out another loud yawn, Ginny rubbed at her tired eyes with the edge of her palms and teetered down the unfamiliar hallway in search of a bathroom. Fortunately, she located one but had to go back to her room to retrieve her toothbrush. After a good scrub of her teeth and attending to other toiletries, Ginny made her way into the kitchen to be greeted by an already dressed and smiling Hermione. The redhead looked down at her own blue pyjamas covered in small, yellow ducks and frowned.

“Hey, Ginny. Did you have a good sleep?” Hermione asked cheerily, pulling out the chair beside her and patting the seat with a smile.

Ugh, a morning person.

Ginny sleepily nodded her head and sat down. A small, goofy grin began to spread across her face when she saw that her friend had made her Scottish pancakes covered in butter and syrup. Beside the plate stacked with heavenly pastries were a large glass of fresh orange juice and a cup of hot tea. Hermione must have used a Heating Charm to keep Ginny’s tea and pancakes warm. The redhead’s lopsided grin morphed into a beaming smile.

“I love you, Hermione,” she cooed affectionately before digging in.

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