Carry the Weight || Tony & Charles

And to think that a week ago he had been practically excited about this class. Well, a week ago, Tony most certainly didn’t expect he would have had such a messed up weekend. The girl he loved took a swing at him one day, cue tequila night, then an afternoon high on the painkillers that were prescribed to him thanks to his nose injury, from there to paying an “innocent” visit to Sif in the evening and subsequently having a fight with Logan. Saying that Tony had seen better days was a radical understatement, but there was something different about this kind of misery, which was so locked up inside him and repressed by his fake smiles. It wasn’t despair anymore, it was just bitter resignation.

Yes, Tony had accepted it. He had accepted the fact that Pepper would be leaving his life forever in a couple of days, he’d accepted the fact that it was all his fault, he’d accepted that real happiness wasn’t a plausible possibility for him now. If this was all because of on girl, Tony would think he was overreacting, but the problem wasn’t only about Pepper. It was all him, the things he’d done, the guilt he carried, and the way that vetoed his every shot at being with anyone at all. Fortunately for him, the emptiness he felt didn’t show, because he was bombarded by his own reputation from all sides. He was Tony Stark the playboy, Tony Stark the genius, Tony Stark the potential business star, legendary Howard Stark’s son. It was a lot to keep up with, but it gave him something to do now that he knew that acting on his own desires was useless – as useless as believing that it was possible to pay attention to class after that awful weekend.

Tony usually paid attention to Professor Xavier’s lectures because Charles was a telepath, so he preferred not to let his mind wander to other topics. That day, however, Tony didn’t even try to seem interested. He dozed off on his seat in the back of the class, supporting his head with his hand. He hadn’t slept in days, as the dark circles under his eyes indicated, so he’d been going off and on during all of his classes. It was the hustle and bustle of everyone leaving after the period was over that roused him. Wearily, Tony grabbed his backpack and figured that he’d probably use this break as naptime, then he would ditch his afternoon classes. By the time he finished gathering his stuff, Tony was the only one in the classroom besides the Professor. “I didn’t turn in the paper that was due today,” Tony commented casually, addressing the Professor as he made his way to the door. “Just saying, because I told you I’d have that, and I don’t want you to waste time looking for it or wondering if you lost it.”   

Make these damn powers go away

Rogue pulled her gloves on and made her way quickly to the Professor’s office. She was excited- she’d do anything to make her powers go away- but she was also nervous. What was it the professor had said? Something about going through her worst memories… She had no idea what to expect.

Rogue shook her head.Whatever it takes. I’ll do anything.She stopped in front of Professor Xavier’s door and knocked.


A little more caution this time- Charles and Rogue

Rogue pulled on James’ hoody, her gloves, and her jeans and left before James woke up. He was just at the very end of his cold, and she finally felt comfortable leaving him alone. He’d fallen asleep watching a movie on the couch, and she’d put a blanket on him and left a note-Went to see Professor Xavier, be back soon.

As she walked to Professor X’s office, Rogue couldn’t help but think about what she’d done to James. Guilt knotted heavily in her stomach and for a good few minutes she considered turning around so that she wouldn’t have to face the professor just yet. But she reminded herself that the sooner she gained control, the sooner James and everyone else would be safe, and kept walking.

Rogue took a deep breath and raised a hand to knock on his door, quickly making an attempt to smooth down her flyaway hair.