Café vocabulary in Finnish

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Inspired by @malteseboy‘s vocabulary list!

Kahvila - café
Kahvio - cafeteria, coffee bar
Juoma - beverage, drink
Ruoka - food
Pala… - a piece of…
Kuppi… - a cup of…
Iso, suuri - large
Keskikokoinen - medium
Pieni - small
Leivos - pastry
Kakku - cake
Juustokakku - cheesecake
Keksi - cookie, biscuit
Muffini, muffinsi - muffin
Mokkapalat - chocolate brownies 
Piirakka - pie
Torttu - tart
Kääretorttu - swiss roll
Pulla - bun
Korvapuusti - cinnamon roll
Donitsi - doughnut, donut
Munkki - (filled) doughnut, donut
Viineri - danish pastry
Tuulihattu - profitirole, cream puff
Lätty, ohukainen, räiskäle - thin pancake, crepe
Pannukakku - pancake 
Vohveli - waffle 
Voileipä - sandwich
Voileipäkakku - sandwich cake
Voisarvi, kroisantti - croissant
Karjalanpiirakka - karelian pie
Lihapiirakka - meat pie
Pasteija - turnover
Kahvi  - coffee
Musta kahvi - black coffee
Maitokahvi - coffee with milk 
Latte - latte
Cappuccino - cappuccino
Espresso - espresso
Jääkavi - iced coffee 
Tee - tea
Vihreä tee - green tea
Musta tee - black tea
Valkoine tee - white tea
Keltainen tee - yellow tea
Rooibostee - rooibos tea 
Yrttitee - herbal tea
Jäätee - iced tea
Teepussi - tea bag 
Vesi - milk
Mehu - juice
Virvoitusjuoma - soft drink
Kaakao - hot chocolate
Maito - milk
Kerma - cream
Hillo - jam 
Voi - butter
Sitruuna - lemon
Sokeri - sugar
Kaneli - cinnamon
Jää - ice 
Pöytä - table
Tuoli - chair
Kuppi - cup
Muki - mug
Lasi - glass
Lautanen - plate, saucer
Lusikka - spoon
Haarukka - fork
Veitsi - knife
Tuore - fresh
Makea - sweet
Suolainen - salty
Kuuma - hot
Lämmin - warm
Kylmä - cold
Hyvä - good 
Herkullinen - delicious
Vahva - strong
Mieto - mild
Mennä kahville - to go have coffee
Juoda - to drink
Syödä - to eat
Tilata - to order
Ostaa - to buy
Maksaa - to pay
Istua - to sit
Nauttia - to enjoy
Viettää aikaa - to spend time
Jutella - to chat 

Full Bodied.

Pairing: Park Jinyoung x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content

Word Count: 3.4k

A/N: Happiest of birthdays @kpopfanfictrash . Love you  to the moon and back <3

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all i can think of is nicky trying to wrangle drunk ovi. it turns out nicky doesnt actually need to wrangle him, because ovi follows nicky around like a drunken overly affectionate puppy anyway

Imagine at the All-Stars Fantasy Draft, Nicky is there with Ovi, and by the time the announcers are like “Let’s go back to the remaining picks” and it’s just Ovi, still very, very drunk, but this time he’s got Nicky in his lap, giggling something into his ear, and kissing his jaw, and Ovi laughing like he’s having the time of his life.

“What’s–” The announcer is laughing. “How are you doing, Alex?”

“Oh, I’m fine,” Ovi says, readjusting Nicky and leaning a little too far into the microphone. “Got husband here. Have my cup.” 

“I see that Nicklas seems to be telling you a joke. Mind sharing it?”

“I can’t,” Ovi laughs. Nicky tucks his head against Ovi’s neck, his shoulders shaking with mirth.

“Why not?”

“Is in Swedish.”

“Do you…understand Swedish?”

“No!” More laughing. “I just want car. Need so bad. Please help me.”

“Alright, back to Team Foligno,” the announcer says.

Team Foligno pick Ovi. It takes Ovi five minutes to even leave his seat. Partly because Nicky won’t let him up.

“He’s my husband,” Nicky is saying, slapping the announcer’s hand away. “My husband. He can’t go. He needs a car. We need a car.”

“We’re gonna have so many babies,” Ovi says incoherently. “We need a car.”

The NHL Fantasy Draft is a huge shitshow on Ovi’s part, basically. 

Between the hours of 9:10am - 11:37am tomorrow, day will become night. I want to share some things I have learnt today.

The energy of this solar eclipse is extremely dense. Since the sun governs digestion, fasting during this time will help your body conserve it’s energy. For the same reason, don’t consume any food or drinks leftover from the eclipse. When the body is confused, it’s important to stay as conscious as possible so that your awareness is heightened. Shower before and after to cleanse your energy field. Draw your blinds and limit your exposure to rays. 

This is an ideal time to pray, meditate, and set your intentions for the next six months. Mantras are 100x more powerful. Our ego light (sun) withdraws so that we can see the mystery behind it – the universal mind. During this time, we may experience shifts in our energy and our consciousness that remind us of how fully our interior landscape mirrors the outer landscape when we are receptive to that connection. 

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You tagged a picture of a drink as food you monster

Did you expect me to make a separate tag for drinks? What kind of nonsense extra effort do you think I’m willing to make on this blog that’s supposed to be about neither food NOR drink? I would have you know that it takes me 4 whole pieces of my soul to roll out of bed and put some pants on every Sunday before my mother comes in to light my ass on fire for not going to profess my love for Jesus (and God, and the Holy Ghost too). FOUR WHOLE PIECES. No, sir or madam or non-binary pal, I WILL continue to tag anything edible as “food” because that’s my personal use tag for when I’m a hungry bitch at midnight and can’t be arsed to get up and feed myself so I just stare at food instead. I won’t be denied–


We’re only 5 days away from the season finale, and what better way to spend it then with the company of other local Earpers! Join us for our season 2 finale watch party, where we’ll be watching the episode LIVE at 7pm with the East Coast!

Please note that the location is a BAR, so:
1) 21 and over only!
2) The noise level inside can be pretty loud, but we’ve spoken to management about making accommodations for us such as turning the volume up high and closed captioning for the two TVs we have on reserve and turning off the music speakers that will be closest to our reserved space.
3) Bring your own food! The bar only serves drinks but allows outside food, so plan to bring your own dinner/snacks in, but we will be providing donuts!

Let’s get whiskey-soaked and wreckless!

this is my new oc Sam! She’s the strawberry/fruit core. Her job is to help design test subject meals to make sure the nutrition is correct. (I AT LEAST HOPE APERTURE FEEDS THEIR TEST SUBJECTS???) She always makes sure to put a piece of fruit or something sweet, she loves to help brighten up the dull testing enviroment. 

Her voice sounds like G3 Rainbow Dash 

She has her own knock-off of Citranium, Strawbrainium. It’s mostly just strawberry juice with some pineapple and lemon juice. She loves to push organic foods despite apertures………. questionable diet foods. (her drink is more juice than soda)

She sometimes goes to the food conveyors to double check that they actually used her design rather than something worse. She also has strawberry stickers on her management rail arm.

Lucretia is an interesting/good character but everyone’s relationship w her is truly the interpersonal equivalent of “the food and drinks were good but I got stabbed here. would consider going back”