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So I always sort of assumed, but never really thought or confirmed it; but since Dean and Tony drink and smoke, do they/have they smoke(d) weed at all? Also aside from eggs, what do they like to eat; what are their favorite foods? Thanks!

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yeah tony/dean/dex are weed fiends…i just havent drawn it whoops

ummmmm, hmm, they eat a lot of shitty food but,, eggs Are tonys favorite (eggs benedict to be exact) but hes not very picky and probably likes spicy things. deans favorite food is like a filet mignon or something, something rich

what I desperately crave is more friendships between marvel women.

Natasha and Wanda have regular movie nights together (Natasha loves action comedies and Wanda likes fantasy or scifi best. They have a list with movies that fall into both genres)

Maria and Pepper hang out after business meetings and drink wine when Tony has been particularly extra. You can’t tell me that Betty Ross, Helen Cho and Jane Foster don’t meet up over science business. Darcy has tagged all pictures of them together as #yeahsciencebitch!

Sharon and Natasha go to the same gym. They spar as often as possible and keep track of their scores. Wanda also tags along sometimes to pick up some of their moves.

All the ladies have a groupchat where they can exchange workplace gossip and bitch about their dramatic male coworkers. Lady Sif and Gamora are somehow in that group, too.

  • Milk?
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Jimin: Tony…. do you like yogurt?

Tony: …?

Jimin: Yogurt

Jungkook: Yogurt

Tony: Yogurt?…. *Nods* …*yeah so?* *Only got the yogurt part*

Jimin: Yogurt. Do you like?

Tony: ?

Jimin: uuuhm How can I explain it? Wait!

Tony: *laughs*

*pouring a glass of yogurt(?)* 

Jimin: Tony~

V *on the backround*: Are you ready to turn up? (?)

Tony: This is yogurt?

Jimin: Yeah!~

Tony: Is there milk in here?

Jimin: Eh?

Tony: Milk?

Jimin: Molk?

Tony: Milk

Jimin: Myork?

Jungkook: Mik

Jimin: Ah! Milk!

Tony: Milk?

Jimin: Aaaah milk~

Tony: Milk * worried* Is bad for me

Jimin *to jungkook*: What?

Tony: Is bad for me

Jimin: Ah? So that’s a no?

Tony:… I´ll *drinking* / Jimin happily watching

Jimin: ¡!  Ahhh~ you okay?

Tony: *done*

Jimin: Thank you~

Tony: Thank you

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first time; worth it.

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steve x reader, (smut).

AN: holy fuck, that gif is so beautiful. *heart eyes* anyway, this isn’t edited or extremely detailed but still, mainly smut. i also have no fucking idea what to name any of my writings so give me a break!! 

warnings: blowjob, slight dirty talk, swearing, drinking. 

tonies parties were always entertaining. god knows what he was celebrating this time, the man had the tenancy of celebrating just about anything but either way, it was a reason to get dressed to the nines and flaunt yourself, all while getting drunk with your best friends and you didn’t have to pay a dime thanks to being an avenger so really, it was a win win situation for you.

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Challenges & Games

Tony Stark x Reader

Summary: After a long, exhausting mission you return to the tower ready for hot shower and a drink, when Tony offers to turn your night around and finally do something about the tension that had been building between the two of you. Are you up for the challenge, and more importantly, will it end well?

Warnings: alcohol, smut, fluff

Word Count: 3822

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The Lady in Red (3/?)

Title: The Lady in Red (3/?)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader
Words: 1788
Warnings: Possible abuse, starvation, loss of memory due to traumatic events, fluff (for later)
(Part 1) (Part 2)

Later that evening, when Y/N had drifted back to sleep after drinking a protein shake, Bruce, Tony, Bucky, and Steve began looking over her scans.

“Look here,” Bruce pointed to her shoulder. “Scar tissue indicates that her shoulder has been dislocated and popped back into place multiple times.”

“Any obvious reason?” Steve asked.

“I think she was jerked around a lot by her arm, perhaps her upper arm.” Bruce answered.

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My Halloween Inspiration

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: its Halloween and every avenger is in the race to outshine the other. It might be a tough competition, but you leave everyone in awe with your costume.

Author’s Note: okay, I know I am a little late but I had to write this. I was reading around and thought who or what would the avengers would dress as on Halloween and got the idea as someone dressing up as Bucky. It’s kinda funny. The reader’s power is fire manipulation. Hope you like it!

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 1482

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Everyone had decided to get some drinks after the tough mission. Everyone was a little tipsy except the two super soldiers who were chatting happily unaffected by the alcohol.

  ‘it’s Halloween tomorrow, isn’t it?’ tony asked with knitted brows. ‘congratulations on figuring that one out genius.’ Clint sipped his drink and Natasha snickered. Tony gave him a bitch face.

‘why do you ask?’ you walked in the room after changing clothes and plopped on the couch besides Natasha and Bruce. Your cat suit was burned because your powers had gotten the best of you in this mission, it barely covered you and you had to keep yourself on fire the whole ride back to the tower.

‘you took it off? Someone couldn’t take their eyes of you. am I right Barnes?’ Natasha looked towards Bucky. he blushed, folded his arms and muttered something under his breath.

‘let’s leave him alone.’ You looked at her. ‘tony?’ you faced the billionaire.

‘I thought as everyone is here we can have a competition.’ He stated simply. ‘what do you guys say?’ tony looked at everyone and received a couple of groans. ‘winner gets a thousand dollars.’ He sipped his drink. ‘I’m in’ almost everyone said in unison. ‘now we’re talking.’ Tony grinned. ‘okay, so the rules are: I’ll be the judge, everyone should be ready by 8 tomorrow night and you should act like your character.’ He exited the room with his drink in his hand.

Everyone moved out of the room one by one, saying their goodbyes.

  You lied on your bed thinking about your costume. The thoughts of Bucky suddenly invaded your mind. His steely blues, his dark hair and features, his plump lips…. You stopped abruptly. ‘wait, I can dress up as him! He won’t mind. He won’t be offended……’ after a while of pondering, you decided to dress as the former assassin.

The next day, you went to shop for the things you would be needing. You got clothing like his and some body paint for painting your arm.

You got back to the facility and could already see the others running around with their costumes in hands. Wanda walked towards you when she noticed you had got back.

  ‘all set for the contest (y/n)?’ she confronted you with her bags floating in the air.

‘you bet.’ You pointed at her with your free hand. ‘what are you dressing up as?’

‘I won’t tell but let me give you a hint, it’s a character from a Disney movie we watched together.’ She folded her arms.‘what about you?’ ‘it’s someone from the team.’ You tapped your fingers together in the classic evil manner.

‘really!? Who?’ she asked with sudden excitement. ‘I won’t tell.’ You said in a sing a song manner. ‘you’ll have to see for yourself tonight. Bye!’ with that you paced to your room.

You got everything and let your hair down, they were already dark and you thought they pretty much resembled Bucky’s hair. You didn’t get any contacts and decided to leave your (y/e/c) eyes alone and not irritate them. You started painting your arm. You were good at art and thus, the arm looked very realistic. You let it dry and it was already 7 pm. You hurriedly wore your clothes. You were all set by 7: 45. ‘Now the key thing,’ you thought and let out a deep breath ‘his signature grumpy face.’

‘miss (y/n), you are required in the common room.’ F.R.I.D.A.Y spoke.

‘tell them I’ll be there in a minute.’ You said.

‘sure miss.’ The AI replied.

You took a last glance in the mirror, let out a deep breath and walked out of your room with your ‘Bucky face’ on.

  Everyone was walking around the room all dressed up. Wanda was dressed up as Merida from brave, her hair all curled up. Natasha was rocking a sexy witch costume. She was sat chatting with Bruce who was dressed up as a scientist whose name you couldn’t pronounce and Clint who was dressed as robin hood. Steve and Bucky were standing together. Steve was wearing an army uniform while Bucky, he was dressed as a vampire. Fangs showing up every time he grinned or laughed when Steve said something. His hair were slicked back and a few buttons were left open to reveal his chest. Sam noticed you and you corrected your expression.

  ‘oh my god! Hey! Everyone look who (y/n) is dressed as!’ he moved towards you grinning. Everyone looked at you including Bucky whose eyes grew wide with realization.

  ‘you dressed as Bucky!’ he placed a hand on your shoulder and looked you up and down with disbelief.

‘don’t touch me birdy!’ you growled and shrugged his hand off. He was taken aback by your sudden coldness but realized you were acting according to your costume and snickered. Everyone grinned, laughed or snickered.

‘she is Bucky alright.’ Tony folded his arms and looked at you snickering.

‘god, (y/n) how did you get this idea?’ Bruce faced you.

  ‘shut it tony.’ You gave him a bitch face, shrugged at Bruce and moved towards Steve. You smiled only at him and he grinned.

‘oh my god..’ both Bucky and Steve breathed with varying expressions. Bucky’s one was of disbelief and Steve’s of surprise.

‘hey Stevie!’ you chirped and stood beside him. Your expression hardened when you faced everyone. Everyone burst out laughing.

‘godamnit Barnes! She’s got your behaviour spot on!’ Natasha said chuckling.

‘yeah, she is not smiling at all, she’s just all grumpy like you!’ Sam said as he stopped laughing.

both you and Bucky glared at him.

Wanda moved towards you and you changed your body language a little.

  ‘your costume’s amazing (y/n)!’ she smiled.

‘thanks.’ You said with a hint of smile. ‘you look great.’ You looked at her not smiling like you did.

‘you are acting just like him!’ she gasped ‘you are so winning!’ she said and went away.

‘nice costume (y/n). your acting is also spot on.’ Steve turned to you and you grinned.

‘thanks Steve.’ You chirped. Bucky choked on his drink.

‘hey! I don’t act like that!’ he wiped his mouth.

 ‘the hell you do’ both Steve and Sam said and you folded your arms.

‘wait, your arm…’ Bucky held your left arm and examined it. ‘it’s just like mine and so…’

‘realistic.’ Steve completed and Bucky nodded.

‘how did you do it?’ Sam asked.

‘I painted it bird brain.’ You said in a dead panned tone. ‘you like it?’ you asked Steve sweetly.

‘yeah’ Steve chuckled. You stood with them for a while and Bucky couldn’t take his eyes off you. you must have observed him so well. You knew what he liked and disliked, how he acted and….

‘the hell are you looking at?’ you asked with a grumpy face and folded arms. Steve and Sam snickered.

‘hmm?’ he looked at you dreamily ‘oh, um, nothing.’ He stuttered.

‘good for you.’ your stance defensive. ‘won’t take me much time to knock those fangs out.’ You muttered.

 Sam and Steve couldn’t contain themselves and started laughing. Even Bucky snickered. He found it very cute.

‘you look adorable.’ Bucky pulled your cheek. You blushed but glared at him.

‘okay people! Time for the announcement of the winner!’ tony stood up on a chair. All eyes on him now. ‘it is no surprise after the great acting and costume, the winner is….’

‘can you be a little quick!’ you shouted. ‘idiot’ you muttered.

‘(y/n)! who acted great and well, still is,’ he looked at you. ‘and her costume was perfect!’ ‘thank you’ he got off the chair walked towards you and handed you an envelope. ‘you were great.’ He grinned and walked out of the room.

‘I can finally smile!’ you squealed and slid the envelope in the pocket of your jeans. You walked towards Bucky.

‘I am sorry if I offended you.’ you rubbed your arm.

‘no! you didn’t. you were looking rather sexy with the bitch face and all.’ He smiled.

‘really? Thanks!’ you hugged him and he hugged back tightly.

  ‘you think I look sexy?’ you wiggled your brows when you pulled back.

‘yeah.’ he blushed a little. ‘what about me? How do I look?’ he raised his arms.

‘well, if you were an actual vampire’ you leaned in closer. ‘I wouldn’t mind being bitten at all.’ You whispered. He looked at you with wide eyes. He then recovered, put an arm around your waist and pulled you closer.

‘in that case, you won’t even say a word when I do this.’ He pressed his lips to yours. You were surprised but kissed back immediately. He kissed you passionately. The kiss letting you know all the repressed emotions.

‘you’re a great kisser.’ You smiled as you pulled back for air.

‘I am good in many other things doll.’ He winked and you chuckled.

‘please don’t show us!’ Steve shouted from where you had left him. You blushed and everyone laughed.

hope you liked it! 

We’re Watching How It’s Made

Evans Turtle: how it’s made: the incredibly specific robots in how it’s made
copperbadge: I want Tony’s bots and JARVIS to do a fake How It’s Made. "Today, on How We Make: Captain America’s Shield!“  
copperbadge: "A blanket to put over Sir”
copperbadge: “And mixed drinks without a blender”  
Reesa: I want both the incredibly specific robot one AND the bots and jarvis one
daroos: Or it could be a “How we make: Iron Man Armor” but then the video is just Tony drinking and shooting the shit about inconsequential stuff.
copperbadge: LOL YES 
daroos: “J which secretary of defense did I pee on that once?”
daroos: “Sir, this is a show designed for all ages”
daroos: “Kids love peepee jokes”
copperbadge: Then just a montage of all the times Tony faceplanted while testing the armor

do you ever realize how crazy it is that tony and loki haven’t interacted since 2012 and there are still tons of people who ship it