drinks well with others

I like to imagine a Hanzo who can drink well until the others are passed out but when he reaches a certain point, he might become a totally clingy and childish drunk who latches on to the person he feels the closest to; which in this case is McCree.

I bet McCree would definitely try to get Hanzo to that tipping point so that he can see his lover acting to his true desires. Of course, he doesn’t want the archer to get angry so the cowboy would try to coax this kinda behavior only when they are in a private setting where there is only two of them.

tips for motivation i’ve learned/cultivated
  • say your game plan aloud
  • have a to-do list, but don’t cross off your accomplishments
  • if you’re feeling down about grades, look at your previous successes
  • completely kill any distractions
  • create an atmosphere for learning
    - this can include having studyspo tabs open, watching studytubers, etc.
  • put on music that motivates, yet calms you
    - I recommend (not too chill) classical, instrumentals, trip hop, soft electronic, etc.
    - ambient generators work wonders too
  • remind yourself of your end goals– think of your desired uni/s, the grades you’re striving for, the progress you’ve already made
  • make sure your goals are realistic
  • declutter your workspace
  • have water nearby, as well as possibly other drinks and snacks
  • open curtains to let in natural light
  • think of anything that motivates you! friends, fictional characters, spite, whatever
  • take breaks when you need them + forgive yourself for doing so

Here’s an addition to my first Lapidot Week post. I tried to add it to the original post, but the quality sucked.

Note: this was before I realized that drinking PSL would be like drinking their child, and they wouldn’t stand for that. They will figure that out later and boycott Starbucks until they realize they serve other drinks as well.

New year, new attitude…new pile of books that you’ll procrastinate over reading…But let’s be real here. Almost all of us will have more books on our TBR than books read in 2016, and that is NOT a problem. Don’t let your to-read shelves stress you out! Want to know the no. 1 reason why readers never get around to reading a book? STRESS (and time, money, other obligations etc, but mostly stress). I suggest gathering a small pile of books, either 4 or 5, and selecting your favorite of those piles. Those can be the books you set a goal to read each month! If you get around to the others, well then congratulate yourself! Drink a large coffee? Take an extra long bath? Read another book? The possibilities are endless. A TBR is only as frightening as you allow it to become.

Going Down (Jikook)

Hey! So, this has already been posted on Ao3, but I decided to post it here too because, well, why not? Along with this, the next chapter is available on my Ao3 here, as well as a ton of other jikook. 


Title: Going Down

Pairing: jikook w/ side taegi

Words: 5.1k

Genre: smut, humor

Rating: NC-17

Jimin has been asked many odd, sometimes creepy questions while sitting alone at a club. Though usually, they are somewhere along the lines of “Wanna make out?” or “How about coming home with me?” Among the creepiest was when a young woman approached him and asked him if she could recruit him for her next porn film. He politely declined her and ordered another drink. As for the others, well, depending on the mood and the person asking, he might accept, or he might turn them away. (Usually the latter, because strangers in clubs could come from anywhere and carry anything.)

But the creepy ones aside, he’s been asked some weird, obviously alcohol-induced questions as well. Like just now, by the kid who came to sit next to him. He looks a little more than tipsy, his eyes drooping every couple seconds only to snap open again and stare at Jimin. Behind him, a couple stools down, two guys that look about his age sit and stare. One sends the boy an urging look, then the other waves his hand and mouths Well?

The boy continues to stare, expecting an answer to his ridiculous question.

Jimin clears his throat and says, “Can you repeat that?” It’s possible he could have heard him wrong…

He can’t see much of the boy’s face—just that he might be about his own age and is kind of cute—but even in this dark room he can tell he’s sweating. He tugs the sleeves of his red leather jacket and looks down, scrunching his nose like he’s in deep thought. Make that super cute.

He sends an uncomfortable glance back to his friends who sit idle, watching, waiting for him. One of them looks more interested than the other, but both have a look of mischief. Jimin is ready to feel bad for the way they seem to be patronizing him until he nods in their direction and clears his throat.

“I asked you if you were an elevator,” he says in the same shy way he asked it the first time.

Jimin laughs and sighs. This kid really is drunk.

“Sorry,” he says, lifting his drink to his lips. He can’t remember what he ordered and doesn’t really care, but it tastes good anyways. “But I’m not—”

“Because I would totally go down on you.”

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Rajigaze Nov 4

Kai (reading mail): “This is unrelated to the theme, but are you two more attracted to women who can drink a lot, or women who get drunk just by drinking a little?”

Aoi: Hmmmmm, well, I like someone who can match my vibe – whether that’s with drinking, or whatever. So I wouldn’t like her to be too lightweight, but I also wouldn’t want her to be super heavyweight either, you know? 

Kai: Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Aoi: I just want her to keep up with me. 

Kai: Yes, yes, yes. I see. 

Aoi: I guess it’s better if she’s on the heavyweight side. 

Kai: Yeah, I guess, eh? I guess more than alcohol tolerance, it’s important that she can read the atmosphere [and turn up accordingly] 

Aoi: Well, I want us both to enjoy drinking together while matching each other’s vibe. 

Kai: Ah, I see. Ahhhhh….for me….hmmmm…….if I had to pick, I think I would prefer a woman who gets drunk easily. 

Aoi: Huh– why!? Isn’t that kinda troublesome?

Kai: (laughs) No no – well, it depends how drunk they are – like of course I wouldn’t want them to get completely smashed, but like they enjoying their drink like “ooh I’m tipsy~” 

(Aoi laughs)

Kai: That makes it easier for me to go further… (bursts out laughing) 

Aoi: Omg dude wtf people are listening

Kai: Sorry sorry…but anyway, I can’t hold my liquor super well myself. So I do understand your opinion, but for me it’s better if she’s lightweight too. 

Aoi: Ahh, I see. 

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Mafia AU :D

(( 5+ headcanons meme. I LOVE these sorts of AU’s :3  ))

1. Before prohibition, Hildon was working within the Mafia as an undercover information for the local newspaper. Who in turn would sell/offer tip offs to the local police.

2. After alcohol was outlawed, Hildon’s allegiances seemed to get a bit more muddied. His love for wine and other now forbidden drinks is well known to his boss Absalom, but if they continue to get content for their paper… that’s all that matters. The law is for the police to handle, not the newspaper.

3. With so much blood shed being part of the alcohol smuggling part of the Mafia, Hildon worked more with the communication between groups. He helped arrange for safer passages for the smugglers to use, and helps make sure messages are safely delivered on time to those who need it.

4. After prohibition is lifted, Hildon tried to get less involved with the Mafia. He got reassigned within the newspaper to work in the copy room and avoided going out for stories if he can.

5. As the higher ups are captured by the law, Hildon did serve as a witness in several key cases. Although the high up members got charged guilty, Hildon disappeared shortly after they are placed in jail. After his disappearance, Hildon’s own actions are brought to light. Neither the police nor the Mafia are too sure where he went, and/or if they know, they aren’t saying. (A while later, somewhere far from the city and its crime, a small town mail bat enjoys a glass of wine by a river side.)

And now I’m googling medieval/elaborate and old-timey clothing because I need to find out all the ways in which (a very drunk) character A could get tangled in them while attempting to take their clothes off by themselves, so that (an also rather drunk) character B needs to help.

(o_ _)ノ彡☆ hello everyone! i decided to make a proper introduction post about myself this time. 

☆ my name’s marcelina, but call me marcy! {any pronouns are fine}
☆ born in 97′, southern poland, gemini, intj
☆ i study history at uni + latin! i’d like to start learning french and russian later, and japanese in future
☆ my secret dream is also to apply for screenwriting studies/course
☆ my favourite period is the 19th century, especially in poland
☆ what you’ll find here? aesthetic posts (cute notes, stationery) history-related gifs, edits, some memes, fanfiction or drawing references and of course, my stuff (+textposts)
☆  other hobbies? well, i drink too much coffee and tea (mint! and with raspberry syrup), i enjoy writing i love plants and my smol kitten

some of my fav studyblrs? @gayhamlets (my gf!!)  ☆ @astrostudy  ☆ @educatier  ☆ @languagefunk  ☆ @studylou  ☆ @erlkonig  ☆ @jagastudies

that’s it i guess! don’t hesitate and message me if you wanna talk or ask me anything  ☆ ~(‘▽^人)/

Distracting Myself

Nora sat at the bar taking in the atmosphere of Beacon Hills most questionable dive bar. She spun her phone on the bar too while sipping her bourbon with the other hand. This had been her usual spot for the past month. Ever since Derek had decided that they both needed to work on themselves separately. Derek was doing it by becoming a big brother to the pack, stepping into the role his mother wanted him to. Nora wasn’t doing as well.

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Michael was waiting for someone at the restrooms, holding the other’s drink in his hand as well. As he finished his own drink, he decided to empty the other as well, since it took to long. Right when he downed the rest, a person approached him. “What? Haven’t seen a man drinking before?”

“Sorry princess –But I don’t think I really care.” Jacob admitted. He thought for a moment before taking an inhale of his cigarette. “Why are you even at this party, do you even smoke or drink or doing well anything exciting?” He heard rumors about the other and how they were a goody two shoes so for them to be at this party didn’t even make sense to him. 

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well maybe because normal Edd always drinks cola he cant make other drinks very well ? and opposite Edd is a god in making them ?

Can’t argue with that logic xD

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Other birds drink from the feeders as well. Orioles, for instance. Has it had the same effect on them? I've seen black-capped chickadees steal drinks from them too. I have used both store-bought nectar with the red dye, and nectar I made myself. It took a while for them to realize the home-made stuff was the same as the red. The dye in the info you shared. That banned. That was the one they studied, yes? What about the current dye in use? Or is that the one you're trying to raise funds to study?

It has similar effect for every animal out there, it’s accepted that it’s harmful to mammals and it is also harmful for birds, this is in general, it’s harming all kind of birds that eats it.
I’ll share with you another post from the same rehabber. I wanted to update the reply I gave you on the reblog but I’m on the phone and tumblr is being mean to me and doesn’t let me add it.

I hope this helps you clear your doubts.

“THE EVIL RED DYE NECTAR the hummingbird nectar that is sold on store shelves contains Red Dye #40 which is a petrochemical. Red Dye has been shown to be harmful to hummingbirds. In a research study done in Japan, Red Dye was fed to lab rats, resulting in changing their DNA. Changing their DNA was the first step in changing a normal cell to a cancer cell. Red store bought nectar gives hummingbirds 10 times MORE Red Dye than was fed to those lab rats. Hummingbirds don’t metabolize Red Dye. It passes through to their kidneys, doing damage. The manufactures of hummingbird nectar have been asked repeatedly to stop producing their product. They refuse

The manufactures bottom line is pure greed, not the health of hummingbirds. In fact, they have even begun to make clear nectar which is filled with preservatives.

There is only one expert recommended hummingbird nectar. That nectar is home-made, easy and much cheaper than store bought garbage. Experts recommend using a 1 part sugar to 4 parts water ratio with pure granulated cane sugar. Simply bring your water to a boil, remove from heat, stir in sugar and let it cool.

This is as close to what nature provides in the nectar of flowers as we humans can get. It is the only proper way to feed our precious hummingbirds.

If you LOVE ME, stop trying to KILL ME!”

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Mabon or the autumn equinox is a time to celebrate the changes of the seasons, earth’s bounty, and the balance between light and dark as warmth is behind us and cold awaits us in the days ahead.  Apples are in season here in the Pacific Northwest, perfect for making a spiced cider to draw in balance at this time of year.  Known as the food of the dead or the fruit of the underworld, apples   symbolize the dark that is to come, and warm spices used in this cider bring with them a bit of light that has passed but that will return again, as well as add other magickal properties to this drink that i have listed below in the recipe.

Autumn equinox cider:

3-4 quarts apple juice
(I used honey crisp apples that i gleaned from a local orchard and juiced) - Promotes love,  healing,  and friendship. 

3-4 cinnamon sticks - success, healing,  protection, and power.
 A few slices of each:
Ginger root - draws adventure and new expieriences.
Orange peel - abundance and happiness through love.
A pinch or so of each:
Lemon balm - dispells melancholy and counters depression.
Whole cloves - promotes warmth,  love,  and protection.
Whole allspice - uplifting and increases energy and determination.

Warm the apple juice in a large pot and add the spices to infuse them into the juice on low for about an hour or so while your house gets filled with the smell of autumny love.
Stir occasionally with intentions of kindness, love, compassion, and balance.
Strain and enjoy or jar it for later.


dad says big girls don’t cry, so i learn how to make others cry. i become sharper, a weapon worthy of his arsenal.

i learn that big girls hurt in other ways as well. we drink too much, talk with our fists and make laugher sound like a vulgar thing. we break our own hearts and pretend we don’t care when someone else does.

we walk barefoot on glass but it’s alright. we can bleed to show we’re alive but we should always keep our feelings inside.

—  big girls don’t cry, s.g