drinks probably not named after me

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Hello! How did you pick your name? Fantakoi is just not something I would ever have thought of, so I thought maybe there was a story behind it. I would love if you would share that story with us! Please keep drawing forever! XOXO

hello cutie i picked my name years ago at like 6 in the morning after spending the night with a friend and drinking too much (probably soda okay) and then well ? i have no idea why but somehow we talked about goldfish and because i love puns something like this happened: they can grow as big as koi fish and even much bigger and they look like kois too and they’re orange like fanta. so a goldfish is really just a fantakoi

my friend told me to change my username for fun and i said okay and i wanted to change it back later. i never did……

Thank you @icameheretowinry and @mustangsgloves and @healingqilin​, for tagging me!!

1) Who are you named after?

This Fleetwood Mac song

2) Last time you cried?

I think last weekend?? I’m not totally sure, but I’ve been crying a lot more lately so it was probably then

3) Do you like your handwriting?

I guess it’s okay, but since it’s pretty much cursive, nobody else can read it ;__;

4) What is your favorite lunch meat?

Either téliszalámi or pepperoni (i love pepperoni so much one of my cats is named Pepperoni)

5) Do you have kids?

No. I’m 17…

6) Do you ever use sarcasm?

Once I tried to see how long I could go only giving my parents sarcastic answers to their questions and I went for like a week, they were so mad

7) Do you still have your tonsils?

I think so

8) Would you bungee jump?

Yessss I want to so bad!

9) What is your favorite type of cereal?

Probably Cinnamon Toast Crunch

10) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

No, and and it annoys me when I have to untie them and retie them to get them back on

11) Do you think you’re strong?

Physically, my strength is okay, emotionally, I’m a complete wreck most of the time

12) What is your favorite ice cream?

Either raspberry or mango gelato, or if we’re talking about Amrican ice cream, it’s cookies and cream

13) What is the first thing you notice about somebody?

I guess if there’s anything that stands out about them

14) Football or baseball?

If the type of football you’re referring to is soccer, then football. 

15) What is your least favorite thing about yourself?

I think that would just be like, who I am as a person

16) What color pants are you wearing?

black leggings

17) Favorite smell?

I guess, meat on the grill

18) Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

My mom

19) Favorite sport to watch on TV?


20) Hair color?

Brown with some weird lighter parts

21) Eye color?

blueish gray

22) Favorite food to eat?

Ice cream or pork fried rice from this great Vietnamese place near my house

23) Scary or funny movies?

I like both, but I watch more funny movies

24) Last movie you watched?

I honestly can’t remember. But the last show I watched was Goblin

25) What color shirt are you wearing?

A white shirt which has stuff written in black on it, and a gray sweater

26) Favorite holiday?

Halloween because free candy and it’s a great excuse to make cosplays and wear them in public

27) Wine or beer?

Beer literally tastes like something died in your mouth, so I’ll go with wine, even though I don’t like it either. But hard cider is really good. I once had 3 bottles of that in one night and it was my best experience with alcohol so far

And I have a few tag challenge things to do tonight, I’m not going to tag anyone now. I’ll wait until the end and tag a bunch of people and let them choose.

what your gay icon queen says about you
  • britney spears: i went to a religious camp as a kid
  • cher: i am in drag more often than i am out of drag
  • cyndi lauper: i really like candles and john hughes.
  • halsey: i am bi and wear space buns at least once a month
  • katy perry: jello shots!!!!¡! also i love lipgloss
  • lady gaga: i'm intelligent and have good posture from always being in heels that are at least 4 inches high
  • lana del rey: has watched lolita 60 times and throws shade like a motherfucker
  • madonna: there is a drink at my local bar named after me
  • marina & the diamonds: is probably educated on intersectional feminism and smells good
  • miley cyrus: i'll make out with a girl when i'm drunk while my bf watches

So cy-lindric has had one pisser of a day, and wanted fic about Maedhros realizing that kid!Fingon would probably inflict grievous havoc on his heart when he got older. Elf age differences are wacky! 

Disclaimer that I have no idea how children are supposed to behave since I run in the opposite direction as soon as I’ve seen one. Why are they always so grubby? And loud? 

Content warnings: small children, precocious Elven child development, five year olds drinking wine, strong Nolofinwëan eyebrow game, Maedhros’s generally aggrieved attitude towards babysitting, chess, Sindarin names used anachronistically because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

a smol problem 

a fic probably written by stephenie meyer

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Triple H crowned the first recipient of the Spirit Of Lemmy Award
[June 11th, 2016]

Today at the Download Festival in the United Kingdom, Triple H received an honor in the name of his hero, and his friend. Megadeth front man and heavy metal icon Dave Mustaine presented Triple H with the first ever Spirit Of Lemmy Award, minutes after Megadeth finished their set. Mustaine won last year’s Metal Hammer’s Golden God Award, and the Spirit Of Lemmy Award makes up part of the Metal Hammer Golden God. 

Triple H had the following to say:

Having Dave give me this award is a dream come true. Standing on the Lemmy Stage, named after one of my great friends and being given the Spirit Of Lemmy Award is amazing.

I can feel Lemmy here right now, sitting up on that black cloud over there – drinking a Jack and Coke, probably. The true Spirit Of Lemmy is this fucking crowd right here.

This is the Spirit Of Lemmy, the Spirit Of Lemmy will never die, because of all of you.

Taylorrrr!!!!! <3

My name is Nina and I have been on a journey with you for 9 long years.
On June 6, in Pittsburgh, i will be seeing you for the 7th time and i’ll probably be drinking some beers :)

Can you believe we still haven’t met yet?
I really hope this is the year it happens, I’m all set!

I hope you find me in the crowd.
I will have a light up sign and I’ll be singing very loud.

I love you so and hope you know.
I just want to hug you, my friend, after your show! <3


Ok so like…
It’s canon in the flash that there is a coffee drink named after him, a “brewed coffee with an extra shot of espresso”
It is also canon that there are action figures of both The Flash, and Captain Cold.
So if Captain Cold is popular enough as The Flash’s nemesis to warrant having his own action figure; It wouldn’t be beyond reason to say there is a chance he could have his own coffee drink as well. Probably something really on the nose to, like an iced vanilla mocha or something

Just…had to put that out there…