drinks and friends

the foxes as things i've said:
  • kevin day: *consumes my own drinks and my friend's drinks* alcohol poisoning come at me.
  • andrew minyard: nice guys finish last, which is why i act like a dick
  • aaron minyard: no seriously, fuck that noise. fuck your noise. fuck my own noise. let's all just shut the fuck up.
  • nicky hemmick: "it's only gay if-?" pls. it's always gay. lol no hetero.
  • neil josten: leg days? more like leg life. i'm always running away from my problems, bitch.
  • matt boyd: *stares lovingly into my best friend's eyes* wow, wait what did u say?
  • allison reynolds: when u said pretty, i heard it as petty and i was like: yeah, same thing tbh.
  • renee walker: knives are aesthetically pleasing but i won't hesitate to use them because blood can be aesthetic too. <3
  • dan wilds: really, ur mistake is thinking i'll be nice just because i smiled at u once.
  • coach wymack: what kind of shituation?
  • Bonus- Seth Gordon: i'm dead af but who cares *shrug emoji*
Nct Taeyong,Jaehyun,Taeil,Hansol, Johnny,Doyoung Reaction (You throw up from drinking to much)

Taeyong:Your friends told him to come and get you from the bar you had drink to much he made a limit for you.He patted your back as you threw up in the toilet. “I would scold you but your throwing up”

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Jaehyun:He would care he would scold you no matter what you were doing he watched you throw up.He got towels and some water. “Next time you do that I will scold you so hard you will never leave my sight again”

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Taeil:He would forget to scold you and he would care for you he walked in on you throwing up he seen beer bottles by the toilet “Y/n next time don’t do that go change and go to bed I will clean”

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Hansol:He would get you right away he helped you to the toilet you kept throwing up he brought some water and asked you if your okay.He then would let you know there are limits. “Y/n I love you and I want you to be safe there are limits to things”

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Johnny:He wouldn’t really know what’s going on until he walked into the bathroom to see you throwing up.He seen the bottles and knew. “I told your friends your not gonna do well drinking and they didn’t listen”

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Doyoung:He knew what happened and he honestly wouldn’t know how to get it thru your mind to not drink.You threw up as he scolded you at the same time. “Keep drinking like that and I will be your mom and whoop your ass goodnight” He wasn’t mean he just cares

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Daily update

Woke up, everything hurt and I didn’t want to get out of bed.
But I went to class. And confession.

Didn’t want to go to therapy. Emailed the therapist and told him I was done.
But I went to therapy anyway.

Didn’t want to go to work. I was so tired and sad I just wanted to lay down and be done. But I went to work and I taught kids lessons and I made them laugh.

Didn’t want to eat. I didn’t feel like I deserved to eat. But I ate anyway and I kept it down.

Didn’t want to do homework. I wanted to go drinking with my friends. But I did my homework anyway- and studied a bit extra.

So today was hard, but I survived. Self care was really really difficult, and was tough love based, but sometimes that’s what you gotta do.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll smile more and mean it, maybe I won’t, but either way I’ll keep moving forward

anonymous asked:

You said that you write about Nico basing on yourself. Does it mean you drink when you're upset? And smoke? And have drunk sex with people? You better not, young lady.


Okay, I did used to do the drinking until one of my friends started helping me out with that. I don’t smoke, I hate the taste. And no I don’t have drunk sex, but I do flirt a lot and regret it the next day…. 

Also… Nico doesn’t have drunk sex, he tries then passes out. His sex times have been fully conscious and consensual. :)


Oh my god, this infomercial. I think, in one form or another, it has existed for the better part of a decade. They keep filming vaguely new ones, each built on the refuse pile of terrible acting from the previous one. This commercial doesn’t advertise a product so much as dare you to buy it. You see how dumb this shit is, so why don’t you try to see if you can recreate the dumbfuckery in your own kitchen.

The problem isn’t the product (though if online reviews are to be believed, you might want to look into a different food processor). It’s the Saturday afternoon theater group of actors who try to bring it to life like Frankenstein trying to use friction instead of electricity on his monster, being awkward and weird until it mercifully ends. I have no doubt that infomercials are cheesy intentionally; it probably gets more attention then trying to have Tom Hanks and Daniel Day-Lewis dramatically espouse the virtues of a machine that can make me a quesadilla in two minutes. But there’s a fine line between cheese and “The fuck is this?”

Twelve seconds into this infomercial, we’re introduced to some sour old harridan lamenting the lack of food at what we can assume is a dinner party. And sure, these two hosts are assholes for inviting people over to eat and not only having no food ready but also making them sit for 20 minutes while they make every meal in the same shitty piece of equipment, but show some fucking tact. You’re a guest, you execrable crone.

No less than two seconds later, an older and cronier hag starts slinging shade, suggesting the hosts are either lazy shits or have spent all day boning. My interpretation is for the latter, because seriously, is the lady leading the infomercial wearing a nightgown?

4 Commercials Directed At An Audience That Doesn’t Exist