drinking water quality

Water is life.

 It almost goes without saying. And yet the weather patterns on our planet-such as the drought in California- as well as the leering threat of major corporations, who wish to privatize water, should make us stand back and take a good look at this element which is literally everywhere in and around us.

We are a microcosm of the universe and within us the entire universe resides. Therefore we as individuals as well as a collective human consciousness hold the keys within our own conscious awareness to heal the state of water, because it is essentially an extension of us, just as we are of it.

You will see what I mean if you have ever looked into the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who discovered that water is deeply impressionable and that by subjecting water to various sounds, words, and intentions, it would literally change at the molecular level to reflect the vibrations to which it was exposed.

The point in all of this is that we can absolutely change the quality and state of water through our thoughts and intentions.  Here are 3 specific ways:

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1.     Heal Your Relationship with Water- This step could actually be an entire article in and of itself.  In actuality, when we bring something within the self totally into alignment, we are bringing healing to the collective. To have a healthy relationship with water, we need enough water in our bodies to function properly on all levels which means staying hydrated and drinking high quality water like alkaline, spring, or at the very least filtered.

Additionally, it is good to learn to respect water. That means appreciating the water you drink, swim, and bathe in as well as cook and clean with.  If you possibly can, it is respectful to reuse water.  For instance, if water stagnates, it can become quite unpleasant. Use it to water the plants or clean something if you forget a glass of drinking water.

Finally, start the day with a glass of fresh water. Mindfully.  Stand facing the rising sun and drink a big glass of water with gratitude and with good intentions for the day ahead.

2.     Pray or Meditate to the Water: In using the word ‘pray’ I simply mean to use whatever method is appropriate to you for connecting with the greater essence of life and focusing positive intentions somewhere.  Because water is impressionable, praying to or meditating for bodies of water like a local lake or creek or the ocean will have an effect on the water.  This effect is highly intensified if many people participate at once.  Getting a group of people together to pray for the water can affect the over-soul of consciousness of the water everywhere on the planet as well as the water in your own living cells.  This type of ceremony would benefit greatly from including music and song which creates and shifts vibrations with great power.

3.     Alchemize the Water- As Masaru Emoto demonstrated with his life’s work, you can create specific changes in water through your intentions and the use of sounds, intentions, the written word, and imagery.  If this appeals to you here is an experimental ritual to try:

Take a small quantity of water, no more than a gallon, and place it in a glass container that can be transported easily.  Now spend some time with the water. Hold your hands on the water and pray or sing, visualize the water taking beautiful forms or being full of light, color, and beautiful energies.  Write positive words on small slips of paper and stick them onto the container facing inward.  Expose the water to sacred geometric symbols or healing frequencies such as 432hz or to healing mantras.  You could also place crystals like clear or rose quartz in the water for several hours or overnight on particularly a full moon, and allow the energies to be imprinted into the water.

Now specify your intention for the water, because you will use this water as a sort of ‘concentrate’ to heal a larger source of water.  So state or imagine your intentions clearly and communicate them to the water.  The inention may be your image of all the waters in the world being pure, clean, accessible, and full of healing light.  Once you have sent these thoughts and intentions into the water, give the water as a gift to a larger source of water.  This could be at the seashore, a lake, a creek, or even down your own drain to heal the city water which badly needs healing.  Hold your intention as you give the water away as you allow it to flow away and bring the beautiful vibrrations it contains with it.  See it as a sort of concentrate of energy impressions that will shift the vibration of the entire water source to which it is flowing.

The water on our planet dearly needs to be healed, but the first and most primary aspect of the healing of water is for us to come into alignment with water as individuals. After we are in a good relationship with water personally, then we can follow our inspiration and use other methods to project healing to water throughout the world.

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General PSA :
Everyone tells you Drinking water is imperative to your survival but fail to remind you that the QUALITY of your water is equally important . Water pH measures the acidity in your drinking water and is fundamental in determining water quality. drinking neutral -.alkaline water can greatly reduce your bacteria levels and chances of disease while drinking acidic water and eating acidic foods has been linked to actually causing and promoting disease and cancer. In real life alot of us cant afford fancy water ionizers to fix our water issues (Fun Fact: if you live in the New York or LA area you actually probably have pH balanced tap water due to heavy scrutiny) but for those of us who like to drink bottled water cuz we aint got time , below is a list of some of your most beloved brands and their actual pH levels . To put things in perspective neutral is 7.0, alkaline is 8 and above ,And acidic (Vinegar)has a pH of 3.0 anything below 7 is a no no anything above it is a yay yay (schoolboy Q voice) drink safely ! your welcome -SZA

Aquafina : 4.8

Arrow head : 7

Crystal guyser: 6

Dasani : 4.0

Deer park : 6.3

Essentia : 9 (my personal favorite )

Evian : 7

Fiji : 7

Gatorade : 3.5

Gerber: 6.5

Perrier : 5.5

Poland spring : 5.6

Los Angeles tap water : 7.5

New York tap water : 7

Propel fitness water : 3.6

Nestlea pure life : 6.5

Soda : 3.4

Smart water : 6

Vitamin Water : 3.5

Voss: 6