drinking too much

With The Strength Of A Turning Tide - summary

Their first year together was lightning in a bottle - staying up late, drinking too much and talking even more.

The second and third were more of the same, but with the extra layer of stress that was university.

The third and fourth? Bumpy, but that’s what happens when real life and finding jobs and bills get it in the way.

The fifth, sixth and seventh were just kind of there. Just a thing that was. A thing that is. If beige was a feeling, years five, six and seven would be beige.

He’s pretty sure there’s not going to be an eighth.


‘Do you ever feel lonely?’ Harry typed, his hands shaking, arms tensed, foot tapping against the end of his bed as he summoned up the courage to press ‘send’.

He watched the little dots on the screen, and they felt like company as he waited for a reply.

It was tragic really. His boyfriend of seven years was snoring in their room. But those little dots, flickering in his lap from his place on the spare bed, and the boy at the other end of the phone, miles away, who he’d never actually met - he felt closer to him, closer to a practical stranger than he did to the man he’d grown up with.

Grown apart with. From? He wasn’t sure.

‘Sometimes H, yeah sometimes.’

And the dots rippled their way across the scene once more.

‘You ok?’

And what could he say. What could he say that didn’t sound pathetic, didn’t sound as bleak as he felt. For a long time he’d sort of assumed that being with someone for a years and years meant you just ended up being more friends than anything else. That it was to be expected, just one of those things. But if that was true, and if that was normal, then why did the loneliness become more palpable every day. Why did it feel like a boney finger prodding him in the ribs over and over again. It didn’t feel normal. And it didn’t feel sustainable.

‘Yeah I’m ok Lou, just one of those days you know? I’ll be alright in the morning.’


You were stuck on bullshit and I was stuck on our potential. To be honest I’m glad you cheated and started showing your true colors. It showed me who I was really lovin. To be honest fuck you. You never held my hand in public. To be honest I really loved you and I lost all respect for you. To be honest you didn’t even know how to really love me. You told your whole family I was just a friend. To be honest I don’t even think it was because you were younger than me. I might be drinking too much but god damn I’m a mess and I hate that I loved someone that had no intentions to keep ahold of me.and to be honest I’m not sorry for writing about how much it still bothers me.
Mercy Headcanons

Just some general Mercy stuff because I love her a lot and I have a craving fight me

  • Angela feels a lot. She’s calm and levelheaded most of the time, during work or in the field, but in personal situations, or after a stressful event she finds it difficult to keep everything contained. She cries easily, from happiness or pain, can be kept up at night from thoughts that won’t stop, and can get worked up from simple frustrations
  • She drinks too much coffee but will still tell the other agents that do that it’s bad for their health
  • Personally I headcanon that the Valkyrie suit works with enhancements in the user’s body. There’s not really anything I’ve seen to back this up but it makes sense that she’d only be able to control the suit with her muscles and it makes sense imo
  • Even after Overwatch’s fall she tries to keep in contact with some agents. They know the UN is watching for Overwatch activity, but she still thinks it’s worth the risk. Mostly she talks with old agents, stopping by to see Fareeha, Genji, Reinhardt and occasionally Torbjorn or Winston. Only once or twice has she seen McCree before the recall, and she’s constantly worrying if he’s stayed safe


sorry I was so late for this cause up until now i still don’t know who’d take Navy’s place for the next perilette & paper lazuli ‘episode’ HALP

tea witch.

If you consider yourself part of the Green Day fandom but carry any sexual phobias or isms (racism, sexism, agism, etc.) then I regret to inform you, you don’t belong in this fandom because you don’t fully understand the foundation Green Day was built on (ie see Gilman rules). Green Day fandom is for freaks, geeks, weirdos and misfits of all kinds. Accept this or move on. 

You drink a little too much and try a little too hard.
And you go home to a cold bed and think,
That was fine. And your life is a long line of fine. 

And though we were hurt so bad
In the fear and alarm
You did not desert me
My brothers in arms
Sengoku Basara in a Nutshell:
  • Masamune: PAAAAAAAARTY!!!!!!!
  • Yukimura: OYAKATA-SAMAAAAAAAA!!!!!
  • Sasuke: DANNAAAAAA!!!!!
  • Toshiie: MATSU!!
  • Matsu: TOSHIIE-SAMA!!
  • Keiji & Xavi: LOVEEEEEEEEE!!!!
  • Kenshin: BISHAMONTEN!!!!!
  • Nobunaga: CONQUEST!!!
  • Nohime & Ranmaru: NOBUNAGA-SAMAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Mitsuhide: *insert orgasm noises here*/SLAUGHTER!!!!
  • Katsuie: OICHIIII!!!!!!
  • Nagamasa: JUSTICEEEEEEE!!!!
  • Maria: *insert noblewoman/bitch laugh here*
  • Tadakatsu: *insert mechanical noises here*
  • Hideyoshi: WEAK!!!
  • Yoshitsugu: MISERY !!!!
  • Motochika: NAKAMAAAAA!!!!
  • Tsuruhime: TWILIGHT NINJAAAAA!!!!
  • Shikanosuke: OYASSAAAAAAAAANNN!!!!
  • Sorin: XAVI-SAMAAAAA!!!!
  • Muneshige: SORIN-SAMAAAA!!!!
  • Hisahide: COLLECTION!!!
  • Yoshiteru: TOMO YOOO!!!!
  • Hideaki: I'M SORRRRYYYYY!!!!!!
  • Naotora: FEMINIIIIISSSMMMM!!!!!!
  • Matabe: HOW DARE YOUUUUUU !!!!!!
  • Kotaro: .......