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Announcing the Baby - MGG

DISCLAIMER: this was requested by @lovers-on-call-13 I hope I did it justice!! sorry, it’ a little long i honestly got carried away with it also, hi guys i’m new to the criminal minds fic writing!  // request here  


[Announcing the Baby - MGG] [Word Count: 1.1K]

“Are you ready love?” Matthew’s voice echoed from the living room, “No but just give me like five more minutes and I’ll be ready, I promise” I yelled from the bathroom finishing the last of my makeup. “Ready!” I came into the room approaching Matthew on the count, twirling around, “Do you think this is okay?” I said showing off my petite black dress and strappy flats. “I think it’s amazing, you look beautiful Y/N” I smiled, and nodded. Matthew stood approaching me from the couch, “Everything alright love?” I sighed, crossing my arms, “I’m nervous” he laughed as if it was silly, “Why are you nervous?” he said coming closer, “I don’t know, I’ve never announced a pregnancy before! I’ve never even been pregnant!” Matthew smiled, “I hope not!” he exclaimed wrapping his arms around me and kissing my forehead, “Everyone is going to be so excited and you know it, there’s nothing to worry about”. Matthew grabbed my hand, “Now, let’s go! All three of us!” He put his hand to my stomach and looked at me in pure excitement.

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