drinking not required

when ur drunk and ur looking in the mirror trying to tell urself u aint drunk but u dont even know whos bathroom it is


Yumeno drink was lacking in flavor. I think a lot of the soda water based drinks required the mixing of whipped cream but if you mix those…the results can be disasterous.

Akamatsu and Sahara dessert was tasty. I sometimes forget how good plain chocolate ice cream is and the bottom was straight up strawberry jam. Yummmm.

Last is Iruma’s drink. Again…soda water so lacking flavor or sweetness. Not awful though.

kelseyklsy replied to your post “Star Wars Rant-Along: Rogue One (Chapter I)”

any drinking this time? lol

nOPE. Honestly the Rogue One novelization is fantastic and no drinking is required. It’s well written, all the characters (including the minor characters) are handled with care, and its chock-full of canon tidbits. It’s making me remember why I love Star Wars.

BU Bucket List

These are the items graduating seniors most regret missing out on. Can you finish them all before you don your cap & gown?

1. Attempt Rhett’s Challenge

Many have attempted it, few have succeeded. Worth a try? Absolutely. 

2. Take the Knight’s Quest

A BU tradition since 1988, over 1,800 Terriers have completed the Knight’s Quest at the BU Pub, which requires drinking 50 different brews. Rules? Imbibers must be over 21, they are limited to two beers per day and no more than two drinks per hour, and the quest cannot be completed in fewer than 12 weeks. 

3. Walk the Freedom Trail

One of Boston’s biggest selling points is its important place in history. Take this 2.5 mile stroll downtown to see 16 of the most important places that helped shape the United States. The best part? Most of the tour is entirely free!

4. Sing along to “Sweet Caroline” at a Red Sox game 

America’s oldest ballpark is only steps from campus and a Red Sox game truly is a magical experience (even if you’re not a fan). There’s no better feeling than knowing the words to our iconic “Sweet Caroline” and singing along in the 8th inning. 

5. Get Your Fill of Clam Chowder

Arguably Boston’s most famous dish, get your fill of clam chowder, oysters, lobster & more New England fare while you’re here. 

6. Canoe/Kayak the Charles River

Adjacent to campus and one of the city’s defining features, the Charles provides gorgeous views of Boston. Don’t believe the rumors about the “dirty water” - the Charles River was recently named the cleanest urban river in America

6. Ice Skate on the Frog Pond

Located in America’s oldest public park, the Boston Common Frog Pond is a magical place for novices or experienced skaters in the winter months. 

7. Spend a Rainy Day at the MFA/Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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Two gems of the art world in Boston, both museums are FREE to Terriers with their BU ID!

8. Head to both Mike’s Pastry & Modern Pastry - Choose your favorite

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An epic rivalry, Mike’s Pastry & Modern Pastry each have passionate devotees. Which cannoli reigns supreme? Try them both and be the judge!

9. Study for Finals at the Boston Public Library

One of the most iconic (and picturesque) buildings in Boston, the BPL is the perfect respite from Mugar when you need to get some serious studying done, but want to marvel at architecture simultaneously.

10. Take in the city from the Boston Harbor Islands

Explore a Civil War-era fort, picnic, walk and take in some of Boston’s hidden gems on a nice day. Don’t forget to enjoy the view of the city skyline from the harbor!

11.  Show your BU Pride at the Beanpot

Boston’s premier college sporting event, hockey takes over the TD Garden each February. The energy in the arena is electric and the BU Band always puts on a good show. Plus, our Terriers have won more Beanpots than any other Boston school so bragging rights are yours! 

12. Stargaze at BU’s own Coit Observatory

Open to the public each Wednesday night (weather permitting), indulge your budding astronomer right on the roof of CAS. 

13. Take a Selfie with Dean Elmore and/or Rhett

Both are incredibly photogenic and easy to find around campus. A selfie is a treasured possession you can keep long after graduation. 

14. Picnic in the Public Gardens or Boston Common

On a sunny spring day, there’s no better way to appreciate Boston - or its residents - than a picnic in the city’s best green spaces. 

15. Walk Across the BU Seal (but not before graduating!) 

After actively avoiding it for four years, we encourage you to walk, leap, lay, run or even karate chop (as our Kung Fu club does) on top of the BU seal in Marsh Plaza after graduation! 

  • Minister: Anyone present knows any reason why this man and this woman should not be joined in marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace.
  • Liz: Uhh, yeah, because she's a bitch with no conscience, no mercy, no soul.
  • The Countess: Oh, Liz. Ignore her, she drinks, but the law requires a witness.
  • Liz: And I've witnessed plenty.

My senior project was on addiction. How it develops and how it effects those who suffer from it. I hope these images convey the message I was trying to bring across: I’m not saying to live your lives without ever touching drugs, but be aware of the dangers and the risks of using these substances so you can always be safe and in control.


The top picture is showing Jeremy Corbyn.He is the leader of the Labour Party. He is constantly slammed for by the sun and the daily mail for being too left wing and is reffered to as Commie Corbyn or Comrade Corbyn for wanting nuclear disarment, social housing, increased benefits, and being against millitary action in Syria. This is him in 1984 protesting outside the south African embassy. 

The Bottom picture is current Prime minister David Cameron. Often Revered by the right wing newspapers such as the Sun. For pushing through austerity measures to reduce the deficit (Spending cuts), reducing benefits for the poorest and weakest in our society, all while giving tax cuts to millionaires.     This is him outside Oxford university in 1984 as a member of the bullingdon club. An exsclusive club known for trashing resturants and heavy drinking.   One of the requirements to getting in was burning a 50 pound note infront of a homeless person. Aswell as other entry rituals involving a pig.  

But clearly Jeremy is the bad guy here. Literally the devil incarnate. 



“Over-the-counter therapist.” It’s what he called himself the first time you really met. Admittedly, there were a few times before that.
The edges of your mind were getting slightly fuzzy the first time you saw him mixing a drink that required more than opening a tap or pouring single-malt scotch directly into a glass - his hands were quick, but not so fast that you didn’t have ample time to admire the dexterity of his moves. After that, you payed closer attention. Somehow, his long fingers still seemed delicate handing the stem of a wine glass to a 30-something woman who really needed her chardonnay. His cheeks flushed a light pink the first time a bachelorette party asked for a round of “blowjobs, with lots of whipped cream.”
It was only after much more talking and flirting, over the bar and outside of the dimly-lit ground floor tavern that something more transpired between the two of you. His lips still tasted a little like the perfect mint julep, but his hands were warm on your lower back and the side of your neck. His stubble tickled a little as his lips and warm breath moved down over your collar bones and to your sensitive inner thighs. You could just as easily get drunk off of his actions and that mischievous smirk.

- Admin J

also for @duizhangdeluxe -  honestly, this AU needs a real scenario writer.

boyfriend requirements
  • drinks a lot
  • has a wonderful mustache
  • sees ghosts but doesn’t want to
  • has soft hands from never working a day in his life
  • can’t drive a manual shift
  • is always drunk
  • never ends a sentence with a preposition
  • not interested with helping others
  • is never sober
  • has various middle names
  • loves reading about archeologists but not archeology
  • fondness for auctions and unusual items
  • loves booze
  • terrified of bees
  • is frank doyle
15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 137)

1. famous personal trainer/body builder Greg Plitt died earlier this year while filming a commercial for ‘No Fear’ energy drinks. He reportedly assumed a runner’s stance on the tracks as the train approached, and attempted to out-sprint the speeding train to show the effectiveness of the drink.

2. The Eiffel Tower requires 60 to 70 tonnes of paint to cover the entire structure. The tower is also painted a lighter shade at the bottom and a darker shade near the top to counteract the effect of atmospheric perspective.

3. During filming of Batman Begins, someone crashed into the Batmobile in a state of panic thinking it was an invading alien spacecraft.

4. when he was wounded, Thomas Baker ordered his squad to leave him propped against a tree, with a pistol and eight bullets. Later, American forces found the….

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I mostly try to ignore the grumpy old farts complaining about Pokemon Go on my Facebook feed, but it really irks when I get told (indirectly) that I need to “grow up” and do something better with my time.

Oh, adult past times, OK then. Where should I start? Drinking? Gambling? Adultery? Telling young people they’ll never make anything of themselves? There’s just so much to choose from.

Reverse!Verse; Closed RP

It wasn’t often that James stayed on campus to drink. Drinking on-campus normally required being at a party, and James hated parties. Too many people, all drunk, all trying to ‘mingle’. The girls were inexperienced, and too drunk to actually decide whether or not they wanted to have sex. He preferred the quiet solidarity of off campus bars.

But he’d misplaced his fake ID, and he’d just finished midterms. He needed a drink. So here he was, at a campus frat, drinking in somebody’s dirty, stained sofa.


I’m signing copies of 1 Page at a Time tomorrow at the Museum of Modern Art! It’s very crazy that this is even happening considering that

  1. I’m an idiot
  2. a design professor literally once said I would never amount to anything

But here we are, and it’s happening. If you’re in New York, please come! Tattly is giving away a new temporary tattoo design and we will all go to a nearby bar after to drink sodas. RSVP HERE (not required to attend).

Chase had order after order thrown at him as he worked behind the counter at the coffee shop. Drink after drink, he did his best to churn them out as quickly and accurately as possible. After a while, the madness of it all began to die down and the cheerful barista was able to finally slow down a bit, smiling and socializing as he went about making a few more drinks. Espressos, machiattos, mochas and a number of other drinks that required multiple steps, it was all second nature to him at this point, having worked there for so long. Even in a mad rush he could get them out quickly. It wasn’t to often that someone came in an actually ordered a regular coffee, and it caught Chase slightly off guard as he stood still a moment before moving over to the coffee pot and pouring a cup. After setting a lid on it, he moved over to the pick up counter, called out the name on the cup, “Jasper?” And set it down, looking the owner of the cup in the eye, “Would you believe you’re the first person to order a straight cup of coffee today? It’s amazing.” ( @humanmarionettes )