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Liam Payne and Zayn Malik Faves of 2014

Ziam, also known as the most consistent ship to ever exist, the ship that never dies, the ship that keeps on giving had a BRILLIANT 2014. From birthday parties to fishing, it bobbed along as usual, giving us fans a lot to cry about. After hours of combing through these moments, I present to you…

Some of M’s Favorite Ziam Moments of 2014!


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“Drink Nectar of Life From my Hands with Love” – A poem by Pervaiz Malik

Drink nectar of life from my hands with love,
Whispered our kind ‘Mother Gaia’*
Water you have
Gives life forever
For posterity to recur

Flows from my bosom
And springs as tears of
Joy from my eyes
That cultures and nurtures
My children’s lives

Beware that tears of joy
Differ from that of sorrow**
Take care of ‘Nature’
Lest you lose
That of joy


This is quite literally the best video to ever happen! Drunk Direction.

Tales of Graces f Drinking Game

Rules: Take a shot whenever

  • Asbel says “protect”
  • Hubert gets flustered
  • Malik is a troll
  • Cheria says “Un-believable!”
  • Pascal makes a noise that isn’t a real word
  • Sophie is confused about something
  • Richard laughs
  • Asbel and Richard have a gay ship moment

Pro level:

  • Take a drink upon every Mystic Arte usage
#12: "One" Night Stand (Zayn)

Summary: Lonely and recovering from a nasty breakup, you find yourself at a club. There you meet Zayn, a mesmerizing man with an unlucky day such as yourself. A few drinks later and things escalate quicker than you had ever anticipated.

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things the signs are doing today
  • Aries: crying over zayn malik
  • Taurus: crying over pictures of zayn malik
  • Gemini: throwing a “cry over zayn malik together” party
  • Cancer: crying over zayn malik in public
  • Leo: crying quietly over zayn malik
  • Virgo: trying to hide that they are crying over zayn malik
  • Libra: crying over zayn malik and drinking the tears
  • Scorpio: loudly crying over zayn malik 
  • Sagittarius: crying over zayn malik while squeezing a pillow pet
  • Capricorn: crying over zayn malik, but only at night
  • Aquarius: dehydrated because they have been crying over zayn malik
  • Pisces: cancelling plans with friends to cry over zayn malik