drinking like a sir

Okay so I work at a pretty big British pub chain (if you’re from the UK you’ll probably be able to guess where I mean)
So for context, there’s three bars over three floors in our particular pub and I was working on the ground floor. I’m serving a customer and a man starts to shout for me. I say “I’ll be right with you, I’m just serving someone else right now” I mean it’s pretty obvious I’m serving someone but whatever. Literally before the change hits the other customer starts screeching at me again.
“Yes sir how can I help you?” Baring in mind there are several people to be served before him???
“This drink is wrong it smells like caramel, smell it!! Taste it!!!”
“Sorry sir I can’t taste it because I’m working, but I agree it smells of caramel. What did you order?”
“I ordered vodka tonic!”
“We don’t serve caramel vodka, we serve vanilla?”
“Yes well I don’t want it, change it”
“What can I get you?”
“Absolut vodka like I bloody asked for!”
“Yes I heard that bit, but what with?”
“Absolut!” He’s getting really pissy by now and I’m getting annoyed too
“What mixer sir? You had a mixer with this drink, what was it?”
So I get him his replacement (while I’m doing that, the girl who served him originally tells me he actually ordered vanilla vodka, watched the order on the screen and said it was fine when she read it back to him??)
I give him it and then he kicks up a fuss about wanting slimline tonic.
“I wanted slimline!!!”
“Sir there are no bottles of slimline on this bar”
Obviously then he cuts me off and hits me with the “oh well you’d better go and search for one then shouldn’t you?”
Why do people feel the need to be so aggressive? All he had to do was explain the drink was wrong without being a prick and I would have got him his drink without the resentment??

Turbulence. (NSFW 18+)

A/N: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I will proof read this again later.

WARNING: Smut, Oral (Male on Female) 

Word Count: 2391

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“Boarding pass please?” The attendant asked me with a smile as she extended her hand expectantly.

I placed my pass into her hand and returned her smile.

“Thank you, miss.” She stood at a protium with a scanner built into the top. She flipped my boarding pass over to the side that has the barcode, scans it, and handed it back to me. “You’re all set. Here ya go and thank you for flying Air Canada.”

I smiled at her and followed the other guests down the large corridor that led to the plane. We were at a standstill as some of the guests weren’t sure where to go. I stood and waited with rest of them, but inside I wanted to scream. I had been away from home for two weeks. Two whole freaking weeks on business. My company was footing the bill for this trip, but nevertheless I was ready to be back in my own bed.

“Oh, Mr. O’Brien.” I heard the stewardess call.

A guy in khakis and a backwards baseball cap sporting the New York Mets emblem was next in line. He steps forward with very dashing smile.

“Just Dylan.” He chuckles handing the woman his pass.

“Yes, Dylan. Looks like you’re in seat F1, business class.” She’s blushing, I can see it even from here. But suddenly something clicks, Dylan O’Brien? As in the Dylan O’Brien. A huge wave excitement washes over me. The Mets hat confirms it, right? Dylan freaking O’Brien is on my plane! I suddenly find myself eternally grateful for being on this business trip.

I was a mess with anxiety when I finally got to the stewardess. I was bouncing from foot to foot wanting just a glimpse of the famous celebrity.

“Alrighty let’s see.” She smiles taking my pass from me and looking it over. “Looks like you’re in F2, a window seat.”

I barely heard her as I boarded the plane. I scanned over the aisles to find my seat, and admittedly Dylan O’Brien too.




F. I see my row and hurry along to not hold up the line any further. I don’t see anyone in the aisle seat only a backpack. I scoot into my assigned place next to the window. I’ve check my other luggage and only brought a oversized bag to hold my other things in. I set on the floor between my legs and pull out my phone, headphones, and laptop. I open up the tray of the seat in front of me and set up my little hub that will save me from of boredom.

Just as I’ve found the perfect playlist of songs to listen to, my companion for the next few hours makes his appearance. He lifts his backpack up and replaces himself in the seat. I look over at him and give a polite smile, when my heart leaps into my mouth. It was him! I couldn’t freaking believe it. He returned my smile with a smile that showed all his teeth, but I do notice him take a quick survey of the rest of me as her does. I was sure I would faint any second.

“Yellowcard? Love them.” He says looking from my phone in my hand to me again.

“What? Oh yeah! They’re one of my favorite bands.” I say, my heart beating so loud I’m sure he’ll hear it.

“Yeah, they’re pretty great.” He replied stroking his chin and looking away with a smile.

I think the conversation is over as he zips opens his backpack and pulls out his own phone. I face forward again, and send a quick text to my mom.

“Have you ever heard of this band?” He asks as he leaning closer to me our arms touching. I look at his screen and read the name, I’d never heard of them. I shake my head at him answering his question.

“Ooh! You’re missing out.” He chuckles and hands me an ear bud. I take it from him, sticking it in my ear. He hits play and the sound of drums, guitars, and bases fill my ears. It’s a upbeat song and I bob my head with the easy beat.

“Good right?” He asks excitedly. I look over at him and he’s already looking at me. Our faces our inches away, and I watch as his eyes flicker from my eyes to lips and back again. I don’t think I was suppose to notice but I do.

“So good!” I say nervously.

“Ladies and Gentleman, can you please shut off or put on airplane mode all devices as we will be taking off shortly.”

Dylan and I separate from each other, me a little more reluctantly,  and settle into our seats. The flight attendant goes over all the safety precautions and flight details then a few minutes we’re moving. I squirm in my chair a little nervous for take off, which in my opinion, is the worst part. It slow at first, just driving around to get in position, then without warning we begin to speed up. I bite my bottom lip, squeeze my eyes shut, and grasp the armrest so hard I’m sure I’ll break it. Just as I feel the plane lift from the ground, a warm hand covers mine and gives it a gentle squeeze. I don’t even open my eyes too look at him, somewhat embarrassed but his touch calms me down a little bit.

“Breathe.” He whispers into my ear, and my body obeys him. Exhaling a breath I didn’t know I was holding. The plane levels out and like that it’s over. I look over at him and smile.

“Sorry.” I say.

“For what?” He asks confusion making a physical apperance on his face.

I shrug because I’m not really sure what it is I’m sorry for.

“You don’t have to be sorry about anything. Flying sucks. I get it.” I could grab his face and kiss him for being so understanding. He removes his hand from mine and I’m a little sad that he does.

“So what you to Vancouver?” He asks as he set his backpack under the seat in front of him.

“Who says I was in Vancouver?” I tease.

He laughs. “Okay, what brings you to Canada?”

“Business.” I reply vaugely. “What about you?”

“Business as well.” He answers.

“Oh really, What is it that you do?” I smirk, although I already know the answer.

I sense that he picks up on this from the smile he gives me.

“Oh, I do contruction.” He winks at me.

I’m almost lost for words at the motion, but try to recover quickly.

“Oh really?” I say with feigned interest. “I hear that a booming buiness now aday.”

“Yeah! Like you wouldn’t beileve.” He laughs raising his eyebrows as he does. “My name’s Dylan, by the way.” he adds.

“Oh, I’m so rude. I’m-”

“Nice to meet you. I’m So Rude.” He smirks cutting me off.

I act hurt, placing my hand on my chest. “Fine, you don’t get to know my name now.”

“Oh come on, I’m So Rude. Don’t live up to your name.” He leans in a little closer to me and bats his lashes.

I slap his chest playfully, pushing him away from me and laugh.

“Fine, Dylan. I’m-”

“Exsuce me, Ma’am and Sir. What would you like to drink?” The attendant asked interupting me.

She blushing as she asks the question, doubtly becuase of Dylan and I roll my eyes.

“What do you got?” He asks.

“We have Coke products, Grape, Apple, and Cranberry juices. As far as alcoholic beverages, we have vodka, red and white wine, tequila, and Jager.” She lists.

Dylan screws up his face like he’s actually going to throw up at the sound of the last two options.

“Ugh, just ginger ale for me.” The sound of disgust still evident in his voice.

“I’ll have a Sprite, please.” I laugh.

She nods as she heads off behind a current at the front of the cabin.

An hour into the flight Dylan and I are properly accquaintened. I know both of his dogs name, all about the Mets, the plot to all of the Star Wars movies, and most importantly that he is single.


“But you’re like hot. There’s no way guys aren’t all over you.” I laugh and cover my face with my hand.

“I am not “hot.” I said pulling my hand from my face to use air quotations. “And I didn’t say guys weren’t all over me, I said I haven’t found the right guy.”

“Who’s the right guy?” he asks finishing off the last of his fourth ginger ale.

“Someone that can make me laugh, and loves to be outside but also enjoy days in…” I go on but Dylan rolls his eyes sarcastically and looks down, shaking his head. He’s only playing with me but I decided to have some fun of my own. “…And someone that can fuck my brains out.”

His smile vanishes from his face as he whips his head back up to look at me. I bust out in uncontrollable laughter. “Too easy, O’Brien.”

He smirks. “You couldn’t handle someone fucking your brains out anyway.”

I stop laughing almost instantly surprised he’s keeping this perticular conversation going. He has a satisfied smile on his face like he thinks that he’s successfully stumped me.

“I could take that and more.” I challenge, cocking an eyebrow at him.

“Doubt it.” He says seeming bored and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Oh whatever, you scream vanilla.” I tell him.

He looks at me and gaps. “Me? Vanilla?” he points to himself with his index finger.

I nodded trying to contain the smile slipping passed my lips.

“Your idea of fucking is probably so missionary, you might as well start knocking on people’s doors.” He retorts.

“Oh, little vanilla Dylan. Your idea of fucking only last two seconds.” And I have succeeded in making him speechless. I smile triumphantly at him, my nose in the air with pride. He rolls his eyes at me in annoyance.

“Have ever even been fingered?” He asks, narrowing his eyes at me.

“Um, yeah.” I say as if it were obvious.

He considers this as rubs chin along his exquisite jawline.

“But did you come?” He asked finally, and my pride is swallowed up then replaced with timidness.

“Uh, well I mean…like technically-”

I’m cut off by his snickering.

“Technically?” He mocks, humor coating his words.

“Oh like you’ve truly ever made a girl actually come.” I say defensively.

“Yeah.” He replies without hesitation and full of arrogance.

“How do you know they were faking it? Most girls fake it.”

“Have you?”

“All of them.”

Dylan’s eyes widen in surprise. “No.”

“Mmhmm.” I nod.

“That’s not possible. You can’t tell me you’ve never come before.” He said in complete disbelief.

“I’ve made myself come, but no one ever been able to.” I shrugged.

“Refill Mr.- I mean Dylan.” The flirty stewardess interrupted. M

He turns to me, a mischievous grin spreading across his face. What is he thinking?

“Yes, Allison. If you don’t mind.” He hands his cup over to her and she basically skips away with glee.

The second she disappears behind the red curtain, he shifts his body so he’s once again facing me. He quickly lifts the armrest that separates our two chairs and gives me devious smile.

“I bet I can make you come before she is back and it’ll be the most mindblowing orgasm you’ve ever had.” He says his eyes alive with excitement.

My mouth drops open, he can’t be serious? He glides his hand to my knee and begins stroking it gently with his thumb. Instantly my panties are soaked. He licks his bottom lip and anxiously looks over his shoulder for the stewardess return.

This is fucking Dylan O’Brien! I would have to completely out of my mind to say no to anything he offered me.

“You’re on.” I say spreading my legs a little wider, giving him better access.

He slides his hand up from my knee beneath my skirt and to my soaked panties. He smirks at me as he rubs slow circles into my clothed sex. He looks so sexy, his eyes dark unlike his usual burning amber and even though I know I should be resisting him it’s not easy. I bite down hard on my bottom lip doing my best to contain a moan. He doesn’t tease me long as he put my lacy fabric to the side and slips one finger into me, and I jolt forward nearly crying out.

“Shhh.” he hushed me but I can feel his eyes watching me intently.

I cover my mouth muffling my whimpers as he long finger pump in and out of me faster and faster right over my sweet spot. He found it so quickly and attacked so smoothly I had to say I was impressed. A fire starts to burn deep inside me, and I’m astonished that he might actually accomplish his goal.

“Fuck.” I whimper as quietly as I can manage.

“That’s right.” He coaxes. “Come for me baby.”

I shake my head, refusing to let him win. But he initiates another attack by snaking his other hand up my skirt and returning his torturing rhythm on my clit, circling faster than before pushing closer to my climax. I see rustling among the red curtains, I know that I only have to last a few more seconds. But just as she emerges, Dylan bites down softly on the spot just beneath my neck, my sweet spot. I can’t hold it any longer, and I come. Hard and intense, it’s taking everything in me not to scream in pure pleasure. Dylan sits right in his seat as she comes over handing him his ginger ale.

“Thanks Allison.” He winks at her, I think she might melt right there.

She looks over at me with an odd expression making me realize the ridiculous grin that plastered on my face. I’m on too much of a high to even pretend to be normal. She walks away to check on the other guest, and I’m sure she’s convinced that I’m crazy.

“Now,” he says taking a sip of his drink. “Tell me, how fake was that?”

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Zen and Mitsuhide got just drunk enough to admit that they both know very little about *the sex* and are *very* curious to learn more. And Obi... well Obi is just like LET ME LAY ON YOU SOME KNOWLEDGE

At the height of summer, underneath a sky full of stars, Kai Ulkir promises forever to a pretty girl with a spray of freckles across her nose. They kiss in the moonlight, fingers twined and wrists tied, and only part when the revelers ready them for their first night. Her smile is shy but eager as their hands slip from one another. His is bright and confident. He looks like a man ready to bed his wife.

But the night before is another story altogether.

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Me: Sir, would you like your drinks have here or take away? Customer: We're sat outside Me:*puts take away* Drinks are made Customer: Why bother asking if we want it here or take away if you're not going to listen? Me: Well Sir...

Bang bang alley ~ Part six, series two

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A/N ~ As always things written in italics are spoken in English. This is where the action and angst begins, the father begins to show his true colours and I have a few twists, please don’t hate me for the end of this one. On a side note, I’m kinda sad that this is the second last chapter, I have really enjoyed writing this. This fic was my first AU and I never thought I would actually be able to write it but here we are. Thank you to everyone who has supported me or read this, I love you all xoxox

Theme ~ Mafia/Gangster AU

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader

Featuring ~ Bigbang x Bangtan boys

Rated ~ Action/Angst/Fluff

Warnings ~ Language/Violence

Series one

Series two | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

“Any word?” Jungkook asked as he sat next to Seung hyun on the balcony, Seung hyun stayed silent as he stared at the stars, the only indication he gave that he heard Jungkook was a shake of his head. “I don’t understand, why are we not going after noona? It’s been a week and nobody’s done anything”

“Because we have no other choice”

“But we can’t just do nothing”

“Would you rather we go in guns blazing and get her killed?” Seung hyun asked with a raised eyebrow as he looked at Jungkook.

“No” Jungkook furrowed his brow.

“Well then we have no other choice” he said turning his attention back to the night sky.

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Marry Me? (Laurens x Reader)

Words: 1310

Prompt: Actually, this was inspired by a poem I read.

Poem–>  I am somebody else’s story. The girl who served their drink, the person they pushed past on a crowded street, the one who broke their heart. I have happened in so many places, to so many people—the essence of me lives on in these nuances, these moments. 

Yet never have I been bolder or brighter than I am with you. Not once have I ever felt so alive. Whatever vessel we pour ourselves into, mine is now overflowing, brimming with life. It is transcending into something new. 

Hands are no longer hands. They are caresses. Mouths are no longer mouths. They are kisses. My name is no longer a name, it is a call. And love is no longer love—love is you.

~Lang Leav, Lullabies

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I plan on posting an imagine every other day (and series every other day as well).

Warnings: Drinking

You worked in the local pub, serving any soldier that appeared in the bar, either the loyalist or the rebels. It was exhausting work, but you had to earn something for your family. Your father abandoned your mother and your siblings, because he didn’t want to be with someone that wanted to separate from the empire. So, your mother kicked him out of the house, although they were legally still married. You wondered why they never divorced, but didn’t question your mother about it. The topic of your father was a sensitive subject to talk about.

As you were serving up a drink for a regular, a group of four rowdy men entered the bar. You rolled your eyes, instantly knowing that they will be a hassle. Your boss told you to walk over and ask what they will like, but you refused. He glared at you, and you sighed. He always wanted you to walk over to the young men, to persuade them into buying more drinks. Apparently, your beauty enticed them to buy more. Still, you hated to use your body as a tool. You walked over to the men, and they seemed already drink, even though you didn’t offer any to them yet.

They were all rebels, wearing the navy blue instead of the annoying, bright red the loyalist wore. You cleared your throat.

“Excuse me, sirs. What would you like to drink?” The tallest one, with brown, curly hair pulled back into a bun looked at you, smiling.

“My amis, this beautiful, young lady is trying to ask what you would like to drink.” The shortest, his brown straight hair pulled back, grinned. He touched the one with a gray hat on his head, to get his attention.

“Oh, yes. Lafayette, why didn’t you tell us before? I would like…” They all told you their drink preferences, and you nodded. The last, though, seemed distracted. He was focused on a letter in his hands, and the one named Hamilton (you knew it from their small batter), pushed the man, and he looked up, shocked.

“Huh?” He mumbled, glancing back at paper. His hair was brown as well, but his tight curls were pulled back into a ponytail.

“Laurens, she’s asking you what you would like.” He looked up, his eyes finally meeting yours. You stared, your heart thumping. His face was full of freckles, and his smiled was mesmerizing. You had the urge to count every spot on his face.

What are you thinking, Y/N? Quit staring at him! You looked away.

“I can give you more time, if you would like sir.” You said, playing with your fingers. The corners of his mouth rose, and you wondered if his lips felt as soft as they looked.

“No need, miss…?” He waited for your name.

“Y/N.” You said. He held out his hand, and you placed yours on his. He kissed your fingers softly, and you blushed at the contact. You heard someone call your name, and you quickly pulled away. “I will be right up with your drinks, sirs.”

You turned and walked away quickly, to help another customer. As the red coat flirted with you, your mind kept on thinking about Laurens. You never felt this way about any of your patrons, so it was a foreign feeling. You grabbed him and his friends’ drinks, and walked over. Hamilton and Lafayette seemed to be poking fun with each other. You placed the alcohol on the table, bowing quickly before walking away.

“Excuse me, Miss Y/N.” You turned towards Laurens, and he motioned you over. You hesitated, thinking about your boss. He will be angry that you were staying at this table for so long.

Well, he did make you come over here in the first place. Technically, this would be his fault.

You walked towards Laurens. He pulled out a chair for you, and you sat down slowly. Although he was alluring, it would be unwise to let your guard down. You never knew what these men would do, since they haven’t seen a woman in such a long time. But when his kind, brown eyes met yours, there seemed to be no ill intent.

“Miss Y/N, I was wondering why a lady like you worked in a place like this?” He said, downing some of the alcohol. You debated on telling him the truth or not. His friends behind him glanced at both of you, smirks on their face.

“Sir, I don’t know you that well to tell you such information.” You said, and winced at your response. It seemed a bit harsh, and you immediately regretted it. He seemed unfazed by it, smiling at you.

“That’s true. Maybe after coming here a few times, you’ll tell me?” He was flirting, already setting up dates for you two. You smiled, staring at your hands. “Please do not look down, Miss Y/N. The world becomes brighter when I see that smile.” You looked at him, pink spreading on your cheeks. You couldn’t deny it, he was smooth. Sitting there with him, you felt more alive than you ever did before, and wished that you could spend more time with him.

But your boss was giving you an angry look, and you knew you had to leave the table. You stood up, rubbing your hands on your dress.

“Maybe if you bought a few more drinks, I’ll see you again.” This time he beamed, nodding.

“As many as it takes to see you smile again.” You giggled, walking away.

His promise was true. At least twice a week he would come to the bar, always asking for you. You two learned of each other’s past, relating to the problems that you both had with your family. He didn’t ask for you to court him, but it seemed like it already began. When you ended your shift, he would walk you home, your hands brushing against each other. Once night, though, he seemed distant, and his laughs and smiles were forced. You knew him well enough to tell something was wrong with him.

“John, what’s wrong? You’ve been distant all night.” He looked over at you, a sad smile forming on his face.

“The Battle of Yorktown. I’m leaving in two days.” You froze, and stopped walking. Although you two weren’t officially together, it seemed like he was breaking up with you. He saw your face drop, and he looked down. “I don’t want to leave you, Y/N. You’re the best thing that has happened to me.”

You smiled, touching his hand. His fingers entwined with yours, and he looked down at you.

“John Laurens, you better write letters to me. I’ll be waiting every day.” He laughed, and it made your heart flutter. You knew you loved him, but a small part of you thought he didn’t feel the same as you. He kissed your forehead, and you closed your eyes at the tender touch.

“Promise me you won’t die. Promise me you’ll come back.” You whispered. He placed his hand under your chin, and you looked up at him. He looked nervously, his eyes flicking back and forth between yours.

“I will promise the world to you Y/N. I’m not ready to leave you yet.” You smiled. He pulled you into a hug, and you hugged him back. He was shaking, and you whispered comforting words to calm him down. After a few minutes, he let go, staring at you. You never saw his eyes look so determined, so fixed on you.

“Marry me.” He whispered. The happiness on your face was indescribable, and you grinned widely. You couldn’t think of the right word, your mind filled with so many thoughts. Finally, you came up with a response.

“Okay.” He chuckled, and placed both hands on your head, crashing his lips onto yours.

Imagine: The Delivery

Hello, fellow readers. I realized that I haven’t tried my luck with writing about 40 year-old Jacob so I’m gonna give it a go with this short imagine!
Constructive feedback is more than welcome!

“This is it. This is where the famous Sir Jacob Frye lives.” I thought to myself as I stood at the beaten up front door of London’s Master Assassin Sir Jacob Frye and leader of the Rooks.
I had come all the way from Lambeth over three days ago to deliver a special package to this man because it seemed only a couple of people were to be trusted in what was a bloody autumn season with a Jack the Ripper killing all in his way. I had been warned to be careful whilst traveling but I knew better than to be unprotected in the slate and gloomy streets of London, especially Whitechapel. I was no Rook or Assassin but I had always been good at fighting since a small age. No Ripper was going to get past my skin.
I knocked on the door loudly and waited a few minutes until it finally opened and to my surprise, stood in front of me the most peculiar man I had ever seen.
“Um, Sir Jacob, I presume?” I quietly asked.
“You must be my delivery girl, do come in, sorry to have kept you waiting.”
I wasn’t sure why, but a part of me suddenly wanted to pat his back and tell him all was going to be fine because the way he was looking at me made it obvious he wasn’t in peace or optimistic. I knew almost nothing about this man but something in me told me this was not his usual self.
“Did you come from far?” He asked as he shut the door.
“Not really. From Lambeth.” I muttered.
His home, if I could call it that, was more depressing than the roads of Whitechapel, a décor so poor that I wondered if he even lived there at all.
“Jacob sure is a happy guy.”
“Would you like something to drink? To eat?“
“Sir,” I turned to him, “I’m only here to deliver this package. I have other clients waiting for me.”
I could tell my words didn’t sit him well, and his hazel eyes looked down in austerity.
“Do forgive me,” I started, “I’ve just had a long journey. I haven’t stopped for a while and too many deliveries are due soon.”
“You sure sound like a busy girl,” he stopped, “woman.”
Jacob gave me a tired look and weakly smiled, a crooked grin so beautiful I felt a shiver travel down my body.
“I’ve been busier. London hasn’t been the same with that killer on the loose.”
“Jack, you mean?” He asked me.
“Haven’t heard of another.” I replied.
Jacob shot me a serious look and tighten his dark pink lips as he walked over to a desk with various documents spread and pointed at a stool nearby.
“Like I said, sir, I must leave already. You have a wonderful day.” I repeated.
I rapidly put the package down on his desk and without haste, I made my way back to his front door and pulled it open but my once confidence vanished when not too many feet away was none other than him; Jack the Ripper.
“Oh, Good God.” I whispered and closed the door, leaning back on it in fright.
I heard only the crackling of a nearby fire and a solemn silence as I took deep breaths and tried to keep my composure.
“Thought you were leaving.” Jacob suddenly said.
I jumped when he appeared in front of me, first walking slow but soon looking concerned.
“Hey, are you alright?” He asked, putting his hands on my trembling shoulders.
“He was, he was outside. Mister Frye, Jack. Jack was outside. I saw him. He…”
He gently moved me away and put his gloved hand on the door knob but I put a hand on his dark coat.
“Wait, what are you doing?” I asked him.
“I need to see him.” He replied and looked at me deep in my eyes.
“But, he’s too dangerous. You could…”
“I’m an Assassin, darling. What could possibly go wrong? I’m ready for him.”
I shook my head. “Don’t go, please. Maybe he’s gone already.”
He frowned. “What’s this concern for me all of a sudden?”
My face went red at the realization that I was getting too worried about this complete stranger but I couldn’t deny that having a man like Jacob so close caused a flutter in my heart that I thought wouldn’t awaken in me anymore.
“Fine,” I let go of my sudden strong grip, “I’m sorry.”
I felt his eyes on me as I looked away and down. How embarrassing that a simple delivery had turned to this awkward situation that I felt was slipping out of my hands unless I said something to shake it off, but the presence of Sir Jacob was not helping me relax.
“I think I have a better idea.” Jacob whispered and stood in front of me.
My eyes traveled his body up to his angelic face and lingered on his sad eyes.
“Stay here for tonight and tomorrow I personally take you to your next delivery.”
“Really?!?” I asked relieved, then fixed my tone. “I mean, thank you so much but you don’t have to. I think I can manage on my own.”
He smiled. “Then go. Right now.”
I turned to the door, frightened, and back to Jacob. “Alright, you win.”
He put a hand on my shoulder and led me back to his desk.
“Since you’re here, would you mind helping me? I have so much to do and have had no time.”
I smiled at the tenderness with which he spoke to me and nodded, pulling the stool over to him and waiting for his instructions.
“By the way, I never got your name.” He commented.
“Never gave it to you, Mister Jacob.”
He chuckled. “Thought so, Miss Delivery Girl.”
We laughed and together got to work for the rest of what was a lovely night full of chatting and laughing I was hoping would repeat itself soon…very soon.
Ah! Hope you all enjoyed! Thanks for your support you all!

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Attendance Requested (Part 3)

april 20 (4/20) @snowbaz-feda

victorian au, no trigger warnings just stiff victorian anxiety

part 1 part 2 part 4 part 5

word count: 406

Simon was early. He was always late, so he set out early, and now he was standing at Mr. Pitch’s front door at 11:56. It was a rather elaborate front door, but what had Simon expected of Mr. Pitch? He couldn’t wander idly, it would be queer. And yet he was early.

Simon bit the bullet and lifted the knocker, hit it three times against the door.

“Yes, Sir?”

“Hullo. I’m Simon Salisbury, and I’m here to lunch with Mr. Pitch.” Simon was aware of the uncertainty in his voice, but stood his ground.

“Ah yes, the noon lunch. Well, sir, as you are early, please make yourself comfortable in the parlor.” The butler stood aside and offered his hands for Simon’s hat and coat, which he disposed himself of. “Just that way. I will alert Mr. Pitch to your presence. Fancy a drink?”

“No, thanks.” Simon eased his way into the parlor, its heavy shadows weighing on him. He perched uneasily on the chaise lounge, smoothed out his pantslegs. He was almost comfortable when Mr. Pitch himself descended the stairs, causing Simon to jump to his feet.

“Please, Mr. Salisbury, save yourself the effort. I am no queen. Giles, please make me a gin and tonic, and one for Mr. Salisbury as well.” During this time, the butler, Giles, he presumed, passed Mr. Pitch on his way to the small bar. “How do you do, Mr. Salisbury? You’re very punctual as of late.”

Simon shook Basilton’s outstretched hand, his cheeks brightening. “How do you do, Mr. Pitch. What a lovely home you have.”

The handshake was a contest between the two, which Basilton assuredly won. Giles appeared at Mr. Pitch’s side, drinks in hand. “For you, sir. Would you like to move into the dining room or shall we wait?”

“We shall move there in just a moment, Giles. Thank you. Tell Vera to fix the table for us.”

“Yes, sir.”

Simon sipped his gin and tonic, which was not his drink of choice, waiting for Mr. Pitch to invite him to sit down.

“How is your business, Mr. Salisbury?” Simon worked in a local bank which his late grandfather had owned.

“Very well, sir. And yours?” Basilton worked in law.

“Fine, fine. People mess up and need someone to represent them.”

“And I presume you do well?”

Basilton’s lips quirked upwards. “Very well. Shall we move into the dining room?”

Simon followed Baz.

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Hi!! Could you do a scenario where Guang-hong goes on a blind date (probably set up by Phichit tbh) and his date turns out to be a popular (male) skater who he already had a big crush on? (//'•v•` )

This is such a thing Phichit would do omfg. I was so tempted to have Phichit in disguise and stalking during the date, but I thought it would distract from the prompt. Anyway, I hope you like! Thank you for the request :3

“This is a terrible idea,” Guang Hong mutters to himself. “This was a terrible, stupid—“

“Would you like to order your drink now, sir?” a waitress interrupts his quiet rant. She has an eyebrow raised, and Guang Hong can feel his face heat up in embarrassment.

“I’m, uh, waiting for someone,” he replies quickly, rubbing his clammy hands on his jeans. The waitress shrugs and leaves to tend to her other tables.

Running a still-sweaty hand through his hair, Guang Hong curses himself for not being able to calm down. He tries telling himself that it’s just a date, but he knows he’s only lying to himself. It’s a blind date—set up by Phichit, of course—and he wishes he would have never agreed to it. Guang Hong puts his head to the table in defeat. He wants to bail so badly, but Phichit would never let him live it down if he found out.

Guang Hong looks up from the table, and he nearly falls out of his chair at who he sees. You stand there with your phone is hand, looking around the restaurant, seeming to be looking for something—or someone. Guang Hong can’t believe the (Y/N) (L/N), the popular figure skater—and his crush—is in the same restaurant as him.

You catch Guang Hong’s gaze, and he quickly looks to the floor. His mind begins to swim with a thought that he wishes he could get rid of as soon as it comes to him. Are you his blind date? No, it can’t be you.

A presence can be felt next to him, and Guang Hong looks up, praying it’s the waitress coming to kick him out for loitering this long.

“Are you Guang Hong?” you ask when he meets your eyes. You smile at him; you recognize him from competition, but begin to feel guilty that you’ve never spoken to him before. He nods at your question and invites you to sit down.

You thank him and sit across from him, and the waitress comes over to take your orders.

“I see your little date showed up,” she smirks at Guang Hong, who shrinks in his seat when you laugh. Thankfully, she leaves after taking drink orders and doesn’t make any more comments.

Guang Hong feels fuzz starting to grow in his throat and his entire mouth goes dry. He can’t seem to wrap his mind around the fact that his biggest crush is sitting across from him at a table in a mediocre restaurant; the one he’s worked so hard to compete against, to stand at the same level with, is right here. Phichit got him a blind date with fucking (Y/N) (L/N).

“Phichit told me a lot about you,” you say to break the ice. He looks at you with a blush, and you feel your own cheeks heat up. You’ve seen him compete, and you’ve always thought he’s super cute. He’s even cuter in person. “I, uh, don’t think I’ve never had a chance to talk to you during competition. I’m sorry about that.”

“Oh, no, no, no!” Guang Hong says quick, putting his hands on top of yours on the table. “Don’t be sorry! It’s okay. We can talk now, right?” He offers you a sheepish smile, and you gladly return it.

“Yeah!” you reply happily. You seem very interested, much to Guang Hong’s relief. “So how’s your season going?”

You and Guang Hong spend about two hours in the restaurant, talking, laughing, eating, just enjoying each other’s company. You find yourself lost in his smile, his laugh, his eyes. Guang Hong, though, falls even more in love with you. He finally sees you off of the pedestal the skating world has put you on, and he loves you more this way. You’re so normal—and so beautiful. He feels dread when the meal is over, and you insist you need to leave for a meeting with your coach. You stand outside the restaurant for a while, not wanting to part just yet.

“So, uh, I’ll call you?” you say, sticking your hands in your pockets and giving Guang Hong a wink. He nods, and you lean down to give him a kiss on the cheek before taking your leave. He continues the other way, touching his cheek where you kissed him, looking up at the sky and smiling.

“This was a fantastic idea,” Guang Hong says to himself, internally thanking Phichit for his terrible idea.

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could you do someones perceptions of the companions, having never played fallout before? Like what they think the companions are, based on what they've heard?


Ada: Robocop but not

Cait: Fight me.ext, Drinks like a fish, ACCENT

Codsworth: “Yes sir, no sir, of course sir!” MAKE HIM SAY DICK

Curie: FRENCH FRENCH FRENCH, SMOL, innocent af doesn’t know what sex is

Danse: Tin can ASS man, musclebound GOD or something

Deacon: Disguises for days, Commonwealth Rocky Horror

Dogmeat: Doggo, pupper, woofer, preciousness embodied

Gage: Commonwealth Marylin Manson “FUCK YOU PUSSY”

Hancock: DrUgS SeX bAcon Ozzy Osbourne FUCK THE POLICE

MacCready: HIGH NOON MOTHERFUCKER, maccreadies mac n’ cheese mac daddy, TEETH

Nick: Sexy metal robot cop, pls fuck me

Old Longfellow: Leave me alone I’m not done being drunk and sad

Piper: BLUE. aRe You A sYnTH???? everyone wants in bed

Preston: settlements settlements settlEMENTS SETTLEMENTS SETTLEMENTS

Strong: Angry Shrek, SMAAAAASH

X6-88: Emo Blade coslplayer, emotion.ext FAILED

Maxson: DEATH TO SYNTHS, DEATH I SAY, fuck me daddy

The Prince and the Server

Ty could not think of a single moment is his life in which he was as bored as he was in this moment. Considering a large portion of his life had been spent in meetings about his kingdom, that was really saying something. He sat at the front of the room in his ‘throne’ -he always just called it a chair- just watching the many people surrounding him. On most occasions, Ty loved his birthday. It was always a huge event in his kingdom since after all, he was the King’s son. There was always a large party with tons of people in attendance. This year was no different; in fact the party was even bigger than usual. But the aura of the party was much different. Fewer people were just trying to have fun and more people, everyone in fact, were trying to impress Ty. It was exhausting.

“Would you like anything to drink Sir?” he heard somebody ask him. He turned to see a fairly short, young looking man with bright blue hair waiting for an answer. He looked vaguely familiar, so Ty was pretty sure he was one of the many workers who worked for his father, but he didn’t know anything more than that.

“What’s your name?” Ty asked the server, completely ignoring his question. The boy looked a bit taken aback by the question and took a few seconds before he stuttered out an answer.

“Ethan Nestor-Darling, Sir,” he answered. Ty rolled his eyes at the use of the word Sir. He knew it was probably just part of the job, but it made him feel so old, despite barely being in his twenties.

“Please just call me Ty,” he said with a sigh.

“I really don’t think I’m allowed-” the boy began before Ty interrupted.

“Are you disobeying your Prince?” Ty asked, using his formal position to get what he wanted, as he often did.

“No!” the boy answered quickly, “I’m sorry Si- Ty. Sorry.” Ty just smiled at the boy who gave a soft smile back. Ty could tell he was slightly uncomfortable, as he must not have been used to having this much direct interaction with royalty. But Ty just wanted somebody to treat him normal tonight, just one person.

“So what do you think?” Ty asked suddenly.

“About what?” the boy answered, unsure of what Ty was referring to.

“The people,” Ty offered little explanation. He looked over to see the boy still looking confused, so he continued. “I have to choose someone tonight. That’s why there are so many people here who are trying to impress me. The law states that at this age, I’m supposed to get married, so my dad threw this party and told me I had to choose someone tonight,” Ty explained with a frown. He looked to the other boy to see him staring out at the massive crowd, all here just to try to get Ty’s hand in marriage. “So what do you think?” Ty asked again.

“I think that law is a piece of shit,” he answered honestly. When he realized what he had said, his eyes went wide and he covered his mouth, apologizing for using that kind of language, but Ty just laughed at him. When he realized Ty wasn’t angry at him, the blue-haired boy also began to laugh lightly before continuing. “I just mean that law doesn’t make much sense. I get that you’re the Prince and all, but I don’t think you should be forced into marriage just for the sake of the kingdom. You should be able to do choose who and when to marry. But, since it is a law, I would say to choose someone who makes you laugh. It may suck being stuck married to someone, but if they can make you laugh, I can guarantee you won’t be miserable,” Eth answered with a smile. Ty just looked up at him and smile, surprised that someone so young and innocent looking could say something so wise. The two just stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, giving Ty butterflies in his stomach, before Ethan broke the moment, looking away. “I should uh…I should probably get back to working. Let me know if you need anything, Sir,” Eth said before walking away. Ty wondered why Eth had changed his whole demeanor so quickly, but soon realized it was because his father was walking up to him.

“So, Tyler. Have you chosen?” his father asked him, sounding as if he was choosing what he wanted to eat and not who he would spend the rest of his life with. Ty looked around the room and realized there was only one person at the party he could imagine himself being with.

“Anyone here?” he trepidly asked his father, who nodded in response. He gulped before answering, knowing his father would not approve. “Him,” he said while pointing at Ethan. He saw his father look over and spot the blue-haired server, but before his dad could even open his mouth to object, Ty was already speaking up, “You said anyone here. And the law just states I have to be married, not that I need to be married to anyone in power,” he defended. His father stared at Ty for a few seconds, before relenting and nodding. He walked over to two workers and pointed at Eth, who was too focused on working to notice, before heading to the microphone near them and picking it up to speak.

“A decision has been made,” his father said briefly, causing a sudden silence to fall over the huge crowd. Ty saw Eth continue working, taking advantage of everyone being still to gather empty cups and plates to throw away. He watched as the two workers walked over to Ethan, telling him to go to the stage. There was a small murmur throughout the crowd, as many people were unsure of what was happening. Ty saw Eth’s eyes go wide as he was told the news. He looked towards Ty with a face a complete disbelief. Ty made eye contact with him before nodding slightly, reassuring him that he was the person Ty had chosen. Eth kept a look of surprise on his face while he made his way towards Ty.

Ty stood from his place on his throne and took a hold of Eth’s hand when he reached him. Ty bent down on one knee, while Eth covered his mouth with the hand currently not being held by the Prince. “Ethan Nestor-Darling, would you please do me the extraordinary favor of marrying me?” Ty asked simply. Eth couldn’t find it within himself to for actual words, so he just nodded, tears gathering in his eyes, but a smile forming on his face.


This was pretty long compared to my recent fics, but I liked writing it! I know the request said a kind, but I made Ty a Prince instead, so I hope that’s okay. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Kicking & Screaming

“Just tell me where she is!” Sehun cried, slamming his palms down on the receptionist’s desk. He was practically pulling his hair out in desperation as he watched the old woman in front of him type slowly on her computer. “Please just tell me where they took her. The police said she was involved in a car accident.” His voice cracked with emotion and it was obvious he was trying to hold it together.

The receptionist looked up from her desk and lowered her glasses to the screen for a brief second, checking the place. “She’s been taken to Resus 5,” she explained, referring to one of the cubicles of A & E that was reserved for patients in life-threatening conditions. “I can get a nurse to take you.”

But there wasn’t enough time to wait for a nurse. Taking off down the corridor, he sprinted through the hospital, dodging doctors and nurses and patients as he headed towards the Accident and Emergency Department. He remembered the way from when Baekhyun was brought in for a suspected sprained wrist. Once he got to the department, he followed the signs to the Resus rooms and burst through number 5.

“Is she ok?” he exclaimed, skidding into the room. He came up short at the foot of your bed, seeing you lying unconscious on the bed with tubes and needles coming out of you. “Oh baby!” he sighed, falling to his knee. He couldn’t stand to see you like this, with cuts across your face and body, with bones broken.

A nurse approached him and helped him to his feet. “Sir, you need to let the doctors do their job. It’s best if you move out of their way,” she told him, placing an attentive hand on his back as she started to lead him out of the cubicle.

He tried to resist, twisting in the nurse’s grip to look back at you. “No, I want to stay with her. She’ll wonder where I am,” he insisted, trying his hardest to fight the nurse.

“You can still watch her from the other side of the door sir,” she told him, guiding him out of the door and closing it behind her. “We are doing our best for her, please know that.”

“Thank you so much,” he said, bowing low before leaning against the door and staring through the window.

For hours he stood there, watching the doctors work on you. Regularly the same nurse would come out and tell him how it was going. Apparently the pain was too much for you so they had to sedate you in order to treat you better. You had broken your leg in three places because it became trapped in the car. The nurse said it was a miracle you didn’t lose it all together. They had to give you three blood transfusions too.

As the hours ticked by, the doctors managed to get you in a stable condition. Their main concern however was your brain. Because they had to sedate you, they had no idea how damaged the brain was. There was a swelling but it did seem to be decreasing.

All the while Sehun just stared at you through the window, tears slowly falling down his cheeks. All of the members called at some point, asking how you were and how he was. Junmyeon even offered to come down the hospital but Sehun refused, saying they should all go back to rehearsing.

After about four hours, one of the doctors came out to talk to Sehun. “Are you a relative of the patient?” he asked, signing something in a file and handing it to a nurse with a smile.

“Yes,” Sehun replied hoarsely, his voice cracking from lack of use. He coughed and tried again. “Yes, she’s my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for two years.”

“And you’re her next of kin?” the doctor asked.

Sehun nodded. “Her parents are out of the country visiting family. I’m all she has at the moment.”

“Well we’ve managed to reset her leg. It’s bandaged at the moment but it will have be put in a cast at some point in order to heal correctly. The scans show no internal bleeding which is a good sign but we will keep a lookout for it. The rest of her injuries are mainly superficial. Some of the cuts have been stitched back up and will heal with minimal scarring.” The doctor was slow in his explanation, letting Sehun absorb all the information he was being told. All the while, Sehun’s gaze kept flicking back to you, lying unconscious on the hospital bed.

“Our biggest concern is her brain. There was a large swelling to her frontal lobe but we can’t say the extent of the damage because she was sedated. We’re bringing her out of the sedation in order to properly monitor her brain functioning.”

Sehun’s eyes jumped back to the doctor. “Won’t she be in pain if you bring her out of the sedation?” he asked worriedly, his heart practically jumping out of his chest it was beating so fast.

“We believe we’ve given her a sufficient amount of pain medication so she will regain consciousness mildly comfortable and we can adjust the amount if she asks us to. Until then you are welcome to go and sit with her,” the doctor told him.

Sehun didn’t have to be told twice. After quickly thanking the doctor and bowing deeply to him, he pushed open the door to your room, pulling up a chair and sitting beside you at the head of your bed. “Oh baby,” he murmured softly, feeling the tears build back up in his eyes. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Would you like anything to drink sir?” one of the nurse asked as she wrote something in the chart at the end of your bed.

He just shook his head and waited for the nurse to leave the two of you alone. “You scared me so much! I thought you were going to die!” he cried, his chest breaking out in sobs as he cautiously picked up your hand in both of his. “Please don’t ever put me through this again. I don’t think my heart can take it.”

His thumb grazed over a small cut across your knuckle and the tears instantly fell. “Oh baby,” he sobbed, leaning down to kiss the cut knuckle.

“I thought you said you never cried,” your weak voice said, making Sehun look up at your face. Your eyes were blinking as you slowly came out of the sedation.

He laughed lightly through the tears, wiping them on the back of his jumper. “And I thought you said you were a good driver.”

“I am!” you insisted loudly, the volume making you wince. Your eyes left his face and looked around the room before falling on your broken body laid out on the bed. “What happened? Where are we?”

Sehun got up from his chair and pressed the ‘call’ button on the wall behind you before running his hand down your face, pushing the hair that was clumped with blood behind your ear. “You were in a car accident baby. The police said it was with a drunk driver. You’re at the hospital but you’ve been unconscious for quite a while.”

“What’s wrong with me?” you asked, your voice breaking as tears streamed down your face.

“Don’t cry baby! You’re going to be ok,” he told you softly, leaning down to kiss all the tears off your face. “The doctors said you broke your leg in three places but they managed to reset the bones back into place. The only thing they are worried about is your brain so I think they’re going to run some more tests.”

“Please don’t leave me,” you quickly cried, a sense of panic settling on you quickly.

He smiled softly and kissed the top of your nose. More than anything he had ever been thankful for, he was so glad to just see you alive with a blush in your cheeks and a twinkle in your eye. That’s how he knew you were going to be ok, not because of the words of some doctor.

“They’ll have to drag me off kicking and screaming!”


Just a Scratch

This is my contribution to @roxy-davenport ‘s June Writing Challenge. My prompts were “I’m fine, it’s just a scratch” and “prove it”.

Summary: Reader needs Sam to show her that he’s fine after a hunt.

Warning: dom!Sam, smutty smut, video chat sex, masturbation, use of a vibrator, dirty talk

Word Count: 2400

A/N: This was fun to write. I hope you guys enjoy it, too!

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Passing Planes

For the gorgeous Blanca (@blancabennett) - happy birthday big sis!

The airport was so quiet in the middle of night, no crowds of screaming fans, no bodyguards or staff following him. Never had Chanyeol managed to get through check-in and security so easily. Attaching his hat to the strap of his backpack, he shouldered the bag on his back and wandered through the Departures Lounge at a leisurely pace.

Heading into a café, he avoided buying coffee because he wanted to try and sleep through the flight, so he opted for some camomile tea. He thanked the tired café staff and left, wanting to have a look around before they called his flight.

However, before Chanyeol could take a step forward, he was being tapped on the shoulder, his heart immediately dropping. He literally couldn’t go anywhere without being recognised. Sighing a little to himself, he spun on his heels, only to come up short with what his eyes saw.

A beautiful woman was standing in front of him with red lips and soft skin, your hand holding out Chanyeol’s hat. “You dropped something,” you told him in a melodious voice that made him feel dizzy for a second. You shifted forward to pass the hat to him, the spotlight from the café shining down on you and making it look like you were glowing.

Like an angel.

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Recycled Air

Happy Spideynova week! This is probably the longest any of my contributions are going to get because oops I waited until the very last minute to start writing. I decided to kick things off with an au where Spidey never joined SHIELD and kept up the vigilante thing, but also got busy in other ways oops. 

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Could you ( pretty please) do the 2p's reacting to you confessing that you're a trans boy? ( A little strange, but just something close to my heart?) Please?

((of course dear! sorry for the wait!))

you: *confesses to being a trans boy*

2p!america: *takes off sunglasses, watches you carefully* so like… you’re really a boy…? but in the body of a girl? meh… *shrugs* who cares, you’re still you right? i like you no matter what you are, duh. *laughs and gives you a big hug* but if you want… let me teach you how to be a pitcher, if you know what i mean…

 2p!china: w-what…? *tilts head* really? huh. well, i really don’t care what you identify as, i mean… i’d fuck you either way… *coughs and blushes* i-i mean what

2p!england: *grins and then gleefully claps hands together* oh goodie! you’ve finally come out! i’m so happy for you, poppet! congratulations and i wish you the best! here here, have a cupcake! no, allow me to make you a grand cake! which flavour would you like?! i’ll do my best! :DDDDD

2p!russia: *pats you on the back* there was really no reason for you to hide your true self around me anyways.

2p!france: …i’m still gonna top you though.

2p!italy: oh… i see. allow me to apologize for each time i called you ‘milady’. now… *pours you a glass of wine* would you like a drink, handsome sir? *blows you a kiss*

2p!japan: …no wonder i always thought there was something intriguing about you.

2p!germany: whoa, like, okay, wait – what does that mean again? *after you explain* oh… well why didn’t you just say so?! c’mere brother! *noogies your head and laughs*

2p!canada: *smiles lazily and pets your head* …proud of ya for telling me and everyone.

2p!romano: pffff, sweetie. if you’re a boy, please allow me to give you the right wardrobe. *takes you shopping and buys you the most fashionable new male clothes*

2p!prussia: you are? well… always be yourself, like i always say. and if this is the real you, keep it that way. i think… you’re already pretty awesome… *smiles shyly at you*

also, good luck to all of the trans people who haven’t come out yet. the 2Ps and I got your back! stay true to yourself and always remember that people will continue to love you no matter what! ;; w ;;

Writer For Hire - Marvel Oneshot Series


So, as most of you know, I started a series called ‘Writer For Hire’, where I’ve been accepting Marvel prompts and turning them into oneshots. I figured I’d collect my fics into a single post, just to keep them together.

You Do Know Liebe Isn’t An Insult, Right? - Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr -  T
Charles is beginning to wonder if Erik actually knows how to speak German. Because, Schöner wasn’t an insult. Liebchen definitely wasn’t.
Then why on earth was Erik spitting them at him like they were?

You Give Love A Bad Name - Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr - G
Charles swears he didn’t so much push the hot guy into a stack of nonfiction books, so much as accidentally fall into him after the guy insulted his taste in books.

Sure Sign of Sanity - Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - T
Steve’s a shifter. And sure maybe a Golden Retriever isn’t the fiercest animal out there to be able to shift into, but he likes it just fine. And the cute brunet at the park seems to like it too. Now if only he could just get up the courage to speak to him in person so that Bucky will stop laughing at him.

Adventures in Babysitting Boyfriends - Spider-Man/Deadpool - G
Sick superheroes never sleep - even when their overprotective boyfriends want them to.

(Not Really) Blackmail - Spider-Man/Deadpool - E

“You. Can’t. Tell. Anyone.”
“What will you give me for it?” Wade said, his mouth working without any input from his brain, which had probably fried with Peter’s hotness. He was too hot.
[Hot damn]
“Have sex with me.”

Communication Error - Spider-Man/Deadpool - T
“Have you seriously been doing this bit for a year now?”  
“Bit… what bit?” Wade looked at him, confused.  
“This,” Peter waved his hand, “the ‘we’re dating’ bit.”  
There was a pause, and then suddenly, it was like Wade’s whole body imploded.
“Hahaha, yeah, the dating bit.” He held up the wine. “One year of one really bad, horrible joke.”

The Dead Pool Motel - Spider-Man/Deadpool - T
Wade’s motel caters to a particular clientele. The rude, violent types. Which is fine, just what Wade wants. But when a cute, hard-working Peter Parker rents a room, Wade can’t help but fall for him.

Guns for Sale - Spider-Man/Deadpool - T
“Give me all your money.”
“I…I’ll do you one better.”
“Better?” Wade examined him.
The man was nodding, seemingly to himself. “I’ll buy your gun.”
“W-what?” This was not how it was supposed to go. There were rules goddamit.
The man nodded again. “I’ll give you my money. You give me the gun.”

I Heard A Sound - Spider-Man/Deadpool- E
The walls in Peter’s new apartment’s bathroom are pretty thin. Luckily the guy next room over is funny and charming and likes Disney songs. Till one day Peter comes home late and overhears an entirely different kind of song…

Pre-Adoption Jitters - Spider-Man/Deadpool - G
Adopting Evan would go a lot smoother if Wade didn’t keep trying to back out every twenty minutes.

Whatever’s More Socially Acceptable - Spider-Man/Deadpool - G

Would you like a drink sir?”  
Peter jumped in surprise and turned to the stewardess, a guilty look on his face. “Um, water please.”  
“And what drink does your daughter want?”  
Peter blinked. “Oh, no she’s-”  
Peter fell short when the sleeping man wrapped an arm over his shoulder. “She’ll have apple juice, thanks,” the man said brightly.
(In which Peter just wanted to take his flight in peace, and the single father next to him won’t stop flirting.)

If They Had A Choice - Cable/Deadpool - T
“Wade Wilson, last reserve.” Wade scoffed. “No deal.”  
“I’ll pay you.”  
“I may not have dignity, or honour, or self-respect, but I can hold a grudge.” He turned his back on Cable. “Which I’m doing now.”  
Cable sighed and closed the distance between the two of them.  
“I need your help Wade,” he said solemnly.  
Wade hmphed.  
“The universe needs your help.”  
Wade made another noise and stepped forward.  
Cable changed tacks. “I thought we were friends.”  
“Friends don’t let other friends get tortured.”

Memoirs of an Asexual - Taskmaster/Deadpool - M
Wade and Tony have been dating for a while now, but have never gotten further then kissing. Wade tries to change that, but finds out something about Tony instead.

Days of Future Deadpool  - No pairing - T  
The future is falling apart. Sentinels rule the land, mutants are dying out. The X-Men have one last hope, sending a person back in time. Unfortunately, Wolverine is unable to be found.
Which leaves only….

Interesting Party Guests - No pairing -  T
When Bucky asked to invite a friend to the party, they hadn’t been expecting..uh..Deadpool.

A Devious Duo - No pairing - G  
Wade and Bucky being friends they could handle. Wade and Tony….that was hell.