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The virgin nina tucker vs the chad mitty

the virgin shou tucker 

- only had one child

-needed to use a child AND a dog

-seeked validation for his State Alchemist license

-does not have a cool helmet

-is a coward

the chad bondrewd

-had hundreds of children

-loved them all equally

-created eldritch creations not for validation, but for himself and the sake of science

-has laser powers

-has a cool helmet

-drinks Loli™ juice

-turns into a furry

-is voiced by Yoshikage Kira

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I will pay good money for a shirt that says "Maiev Was Right." with her drinking from a teacup (helmet still on and spilling on her front optionally for humorous effect, but without would be fine)

I might replace the teacup with a full bottle of Jack Daniels

Jason Todd Headcanons

He pretends that he listens to all this edgy emo music but is trash for Kesha

He had Roy put his technical genius to work and install a retractable drinking straw in his helmet

He watches Dick stretch for his acrobatic stuff and make sexy comments

He still writes letters to Santa

He still cries about his mother

He is a giant fan of the star wars series

He can play the guitar and piano

Out of all of the batfamily, he’s the best cook, harking back to the days where he was the one feeding his family.

He reads historical war novels

He is an aggressive contributor to any and all homeless shelters, homes for troubled kids, and orphanages

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If you're still doing the ship thing could you do one with Jason Todd, he doesn't get too much love

*cracks knuckles* this is what i’ve been studying for 

Gives nose/forehead kisses

jason is The Worst about this. he’s a secret closet romantic that can’t decide how to kiss you before he goes to prowl the streets. he melts when you act before him and give him the nose/forehead kisses

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synnesai  asked:

Tex is a force to be reckon with so i imagine she has her own set of urban legends and rumors about her. What if some cocky merc tried to step on her toes? Someone off planet with his own legends and stuff and he tries to get a rise out of tex cause her? she can't be THAT good. PUH-LEASE. "But you know what they say about me…That girl is a god damn problem"

He was a cocky little shit. 

Tex didn’t need to have heard the fucker spouting off his mouth from halfway across the bar to know that. He carried it in the line of his spine, the set of his shoulders and the way that he wore his scars like a tally. Of how many lives he’d ended and the pieces of himself he’d let them think they could take.

He radiated asshole and she really wanted to pretend he didn’t exist, finish her drink and head home. It had been a long fucking job, one mess after another for her to clean up and she wasn’t a goddamn maid, so even she had her limit to how much shit she was going to deal with.

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