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The 10 Best Beer Gifts for Father’s Day

Beer isn’t just a beverage. When you’re into it, it’s really a way of life. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of products and gifts that exist to enhance this perfect way of life. No, you definitely don’t need some of the things here, but damn does it sure make beer more fun. From t-shirts to beer soap, theres a gift here for everyone who shares the same love of beer that you do. Check them out below. 

Beer Soap (6-pack…of course) 

If you’ve ever had a shower beer, you’ll know just how glorious it is to have a great beer while enjoying the warm water. Just imagine all of that in your soap…aside from the taste. “You smell like beer” will soon be the highest compliment you can achieve.

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Wooden Bottle Opener

Second on the list is a sweet bottle opener that looks good in any man cave, dorm room or kitchen. The wood definitely gives this gift a rustic feel, and is the perfect price for a small gift. We’re definitely getting one for our shop!

Get It Here

Stoneware Growler

So at first the actual weight of the growler turned me off, but that thought was swiftly replaced by wanting one just based on how cool it looks. I found out that these clay-based growlers also keep your beer insulated, and therefore colder for a longer period of time. An awesome gift for someone who homebrews and spends lots of time outdoors.

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Silicone Beer Caps

You want to savor your beer. So when you get that 22oz. 13% ABV Russian Imperial Stout, you want to drink it fresh, and drink it slow. With these silicone beer caps, you can pour yourself a small glass now, and keep the rest fresh for later. Any craft beer lover will truly appreciate (and continually use) this gift.

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Beer Shampoo & Conditioner

Oh this is too good. Beer conditioner? You don’t drink it, which is literally the ONLY downside I see. For the person that thought beer soap was end of the road, this will blow their pretty little mind just one more time. Plus, it’s reasonably priced enough to be a truly unique stocking stuffer.

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Diagram of Beer Poster

Over 100 styles of beer and over 600 specific beers dot this striking poster, giving any craft beer aficionado an exact style to many of their favorite beers. We have one up in our shop, and consult it on a weekly basis to give us inspiration on what to brew!

Get It Here

Mini Oak Barrels

This takes homebrewing and craft beer enjoyment to a new level. For any beer lover that partakes in barrel aged beers, or any homebrewer that has wanted to try this advanced technique, this is the gift for them! These barrels come in sizes from as small as 1L to as big as 100L, and everywhere in between.

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Traditional German Beer Stein

Sure, this stein might be expensive, but it’s unbelievably cool. These steins are crafted using the traditional German methods passed down over hundreds of years. Everything is made out of pewter and is FDA food grade safe.

Get It Here

United States of Beer Tasting Map

If your beer lover also likes to travel, this beer cap map is the perfect gift. Every time they have a beer from a different state, or IN a different state, they can place that cap in that state’s slot, and write in what they had. Beer doesn’t erase memories, it creates them!

Get It Here

Brew Candles

All around, this is a really cool gift. The candle is made out of soy wax, the candle holder is a recycled 22oz. beer bottle, and the smell is based off of pleasant-smelling beer styles. What more could any beer lover want?

Get It Here

Hope you get inspired with some of the beer things and get your father a nice gift! If you have another ideas just let us know in comments. Reblog if you find this useful!

This idea crossed my mind long long time ago. And this is the picture from Goth. He made this for Palette and it is mentioned in the following story. I don’t think I’ll write more fanfics, so enjoy.
This story is made for you, dear Nekophy-Senpai. Hope you like it.

WARNING: the fanfic contains bad English.

Goth POV

It was already evening and I sat at the bottom in front of the forest. The orange light of the sun faded behind the forest, but I didn’t really noticed that. I just thought about Palette. We met every day at the same time in front of the forest, but he didn’t come for 4 days. That was not like him at all and I really started to worry about him.
Okay okay. I know I could visit him just to look that everything is okay. But I wasn’t in a good mood to do it.
And so I sat there and after a few minutes, I stood up. I still don’t know why, I just did it. Someone stood behind me, I could feel it. I turned around but nobody was there.
“Just visit him already. Your thoughts are really annoying!” That voice was right, I said to myself.
So I went to Palette. It was a small but beautiful house with a lot of trees in the garden. The walls were full of ink.
I went to the door, knocked and waited a few minutes before Mr. Dream opened it. He was surprised as he saw me. “Oh! Hello Goth. I didn’t expect visitors today. But I am glad that your here. I think Palette would be happy to see you. Ehm…you are here to visit him, right?” “Hm? Of course. I didn’t see him in a while. What happened?”, I said. I didn’t really listen to him and looked more around. Everywhere were pictures and​ photos. Some with a baby Palette, the whole family or just Dream and Ink. Some were only things Palette or Ink drew. All in all, it was comfortable, but very small.
Now Dream and​ I stood in front of Palette’s room. The door was closed and I heard Palette talking to Ink. “I’m fine. Really, you worry too much dad!”, Palette said. “Ugh… why won’t you understand. You have a terrible flu and it won’t get better if you just go out to visit your friend. What was his name? Greg…? Gray…? I don’t care.”, Ink responded. And then Dream came in.
“Palette!” I was shocked when I saw him. His eyes were dully and under his eyes…
NO! I don’t want to think about this again, it makes me cry.
Well, tears came in my eyes. “G…. Goth…!” His voice sounded broken and he tried to stand up, but he couldn’t and fell.
Seeing him suffer​ made me sad and it felt like a nightmare became true. I told myself​ to wake up just to realise that it was all real. And as I realised this I wanted to run away. To forget what I saw: a sick Palette. But I didn’t run away and I didn’t even move. I just stood there until Palette said:“ Can you please leave me with Goth alone?” Ink, of course, wasn’t happy about it, but both went outside the room and then Dream closed the door.
A few minutes of silence followed until Palette broke it. “So, this is my room. It is not as great as yours, but…*sigh* Come on. Laugh if you want.” “ Laugh at what?”, I asked. I haven’t looked around, but after he mentioned it, I looked around. He was right. His room was really small, but also colourful, with a lot of pictures and , oh god, a picture I drew for him once. How could I know that he will take it? I mean, I was there for the first time. “Cause my room is so small.”, Palette answered me.“Why should I laugh?! Your room is way greater than my room, even though it is small. But it doesn’t have to be big.” “Mhm…"He closed his eyes.
The silence came back and after ten minutes, Palette fell asleep. I left his room, said goodbye to his parents and left the house.

I visited him every day and every day he felt better. We talked a lot, laughed a lot and read books together. It was so much fun and my feelings for him grew every minute, but I didn’t tell him that. That could ruin our friendship I guess.
After one week I wanted to bring him cookies mom made for him because he didn’t want to eat soup anymore. Well, he ate it every day. I ran to his house and met Dream with a big bag. That surprised me and I asked what happened. Dream told me that Palette's​ feaver got worse and that he didn’t wake up this morning and that Ink brought him to hospital. Oh god, I was so shocked and asked Dream of I can go with him. He luckily agreed.
After twenty minutes we arrived the hospital​. I didn’t know the room so I followed Dream.
Ink stood in front of a closed door. The room, where Palette was.“Dream he…Oh, Goth!” Ink sounded angry. That scarred me a little because it was the first time I saw him in this mood. “What do you want here?!"He asked. "W… well, I wanted to bring Palette some cookies and-” “ Did I say that I need your help?” Ink interrupted me and took the cookies. “He didn’t wake up and I think you’re the reason why his flu got more worse. Go! And don’t visit him until he feels better!” Tears started running down my cheeks. I turned around, left the hospital and ran away. Why? Why? WHY? I asked myself over and over, but I didn’t get an answer.

It was almost two weeks ago that I saw Palette and I started worrying, again. I asked myself if he died, but I shaked my head to throw that thought away. Thinking the wort won’t help, I knew that, so I stopped thinking.
Someone was behind me and covered my eyes. It could be everyone, I mean I was in front of the forest. I turned around and saw a smiling Palette. “Hehe! Hey Goth!” He laughed. “Palette!” I almost screamed of happiness. “ Don’t do that ever again! I was worried about you!” “ Sorry Gothy! I won’t do it again, I swear. You know why?” “I guess not” I answered. “Cause we’re best friends” He said with a happy voice. The words ‘best friends’ still hurts, but I didn’t care about it in this moment. I was just happy that he was alright, alive and happy!
“You’re right, Palette, you’re right!”

art by jessitale 



Round 2 of the Gifts

And here’s the rest of it! I hope you like it!

These are for  goingloco, torithoo and dazzledickery (I hope it’s okay I combined your gifts!), engine-red and mighty-grifo, foxyturttle, anime-ninja-ponytail and judusart!

Thank you all for having been sweet to me this year, I appreciate it a lot!

April Fools

The last day of March came and went, as usual, with no acknowledgement of John’s birthday.  And then the murders began.

John was awakened on the first of April by the sound of Sherlock’s feet pounding up the stairs, soon followed by the sound of Sherlock’s fist pounding on his door.

“Triple homicide, John!  Get dressed!”

“Do I have time for a shower?”

“Yes, but make it fast.  We have a train to catch.”

“Where to?”

“Brighton — I’ll explain on the way.”

“How did Lestrade end up with this case, if the murders happened in Brighton?” John asked.

“The three victims were uni students from a missing persons case that’s been sitting on his desk for a week.  He wasn’t giving it much attention, since he figured they’d just gone off for a lark.”

“Okay.  But they’re no longer missing, so Lestrade’s case is closed, right?  Shouldn’t the Brighton police be investigating the deaths?”

“They are.  But there’s a fourth student who went missing at the same time.  He’s likely either the killer or in danger of becoming the next victim.  Either way, we’re going to track him down.”

“Got it.”

Their first stop was Joe’s Cafe, where Sherlock insisted John order brunch so that they would blend in.  Next, the case took them up the i360 observation tower, with breathtaking views along the coast, over the South Downs, and across the English Channel.  Then came a long walk along the stony beach, where Sherlock searched for clues while John enjoyed the fresh air and the rare April sunshine.  

They wound up on the pier, retracing the steps of the missing (or unfortunately found) uni students.  As they wandered through the Palace of Fun, Sherlock encouraged John to play a series of random-seeming arcade games.  Then they headed to the theme park, where they rode the ghost train through the Horror Hotel, followed by the Air Race and the Turbo Coaster.

John was having so much fun that he’d almost forgotten they were on a case.  “Care to fill me in on your deductions so far?” he asked.

“You know I never like to theorise ahead of the data,” Sherlock said.  “Go get some fish and chips over there.  Look away as he’s making change, and then bring me back the coins he gives you.  I think I’m on to something.”

John did as instructed.  He devoured the mouthwatering battered fish as Sherlock carefully examined the coins John had handed him.

Sherlock’s eyes lit up.  “How are you at laser tag?” he asked.

“You know I’m a crack shot.”

“Come on, then!”

Half an hour later, they were battling their way through the LaserZone.  John whooped as he zapped one hapless teenager after another.  By the time the game ended, he was giddy with exhilaration.  

“You racked up a record high score,” Sherlock pointed out.

“You weren’t too shabby, yourself.  We make a good team.”

Sherlock grinned at him, then checked his phone.  “Text from Lestrade.  The fourth student just turned himself in.”

John’s mood was too good to be spoiled by Sherlock’s mutterings about Lestrade having wasted their time, or by the fact that he leapt out of the cab in typical fashion the moment it pulled up in front of 221B, leaving John to pay the driver.  John was humming to himself as he made his way up the stairs to their flat.


John’s mouth fell open at the sight that greeted him.  A huge banner reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN hung across the far wall.  Dozens of his friends surged forward to draw him in, plying him with food and drinks, gifts and conversation.  

Beaming, John raised a glass to them all.  “Happy fucking birthday to me!”

As the party finally began winding down, John turned to Lestrade.  “Cheers.  That was a bloody brilliant April Fools joke, you sending us on a wild goose chase so you could pull this off.”

“I wish I could take credit, mate, but this whole thing was Sherlock’s idea.  He’s been organising it for weeks.  He put Molly in charge of the decorating, and Mrs. Hudson in charge of the food.  I just helped out a bit with the guest list, and texted him when we were nearly ready.”

John was stunned.  Sherlock had done all of this?  Sherlock, who never acknowledged anyone’s birthday?  Sherlock, who scoffed every time John mentioned how much he liked Brighton, insisting that it was touristy and overrated?  Sherlock, who despised social gatherings?  

Sherlock had done all of this.  For him.  


John looked around, but couldn’t spot his flatmate.  Sherlock was probably hiding in his room, overwhelmed by the festivities.  John tapped on his door, and then let himself in.

Sherlock rose to greet him.  “Are you enjoying the party, John?”

“Yeah.  But I’ve been a fool.”

“For not catching on to my clever scheme?”

“No.  For waiting so many years to do this…”

John stepped forward, placing one hand on either side of Sherlock’s face.  He looked up into those familiar eyes, asking a silent question.  Seeing the answer he’d been hoping for, John kissed Sherlock, very gently, on the lips.

For one heart-stopping moment, the two of them stood together, frozen.  Then all of John’s birthday wishes came true: Sherlock kissed him back.

Written for the @sherlockchallenge April prompt: April Fools’ Day.

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au where yoongi and jimin are spending a night out in vegas and jimin insists on starting the night with some drinks, so they end up buzzed enough that yoongi’s in the mood to gamble. and when he starts out with jimin cheering him on by his side, he’s good, and somehow keeps winning to the point where every time he does he hands his winnings over to jimin and tells him to “buy yourself something pretty” because it makes him giggle all cutely each time. and jimin does; he disappears for a while and when he returns his shirt is gone and he’s wearing a faux fur coat with some chains and obnoxious sunglasses and a couple more rings and it’d almost be ridiculous if yoongi didn’t find it so hot. he convinces yoongi to quit gambling whilst they’re already so ahead and they spend the rest of the night cashing out on drinks and novelty gifts for each other until they facetime namjoon, who offhandedly comments “i’m surprised the two of you haven’t gone to get married” just as he’s hanging up. and yoongi and jimin aren’t dating but yoongi, drunk out of his mind, already knows he wants jimin to be his husband anyway.

and so they wake up the next morning hungover, significantly richer than the night before, and married.

FuckLovePayMe Philosophy #2

Don’t ever get impressed when a guy, whether a POT or a vanilla, pays or gives you something that you can afford or do for yourself. Taking me out to eat don’t impress me. Buying me gifts, drinks, and clothes I can afford myself don’t impress me. Hell, even receiving compliments from men don’t impress me, I already know I’m beautiful/fine/cute/gorgeous/the shit. I get impressed when a man buys me an expensive jewelry I always wanted, pays all my bills, take me shopping at my favorite designer stores, and take me on trips. I always expected men to buy me things and take me out, men that don’t meet or exceed my expectations get cut off. 

I cut off a vanilla fuckboy a few months ago because he talked more about how good he is in bed than when he was going to take me out and buy me things. I don’t need you to fuck, I can fuck myself and do it better than you can. 

Gods and spirits are not the same as people

Therefore you should not try to apply human morals and personalities to them. They are not all “nice” they don’t adhere to “do no harm” and they don’t all have your best interests at heart. They exist beyond the bounds of our conditioning.

Read mythology, read the folklore, speak to devotees and spirit workers. See what happens to those who don’t keep their end of a bargain?

The gods and spirits do believe in a fair exchange of energy. That’s why they will help you if you offer them something in return. For some people they offer their pure devotion by regular worship, others offer food and drink, incense, and other gifts. Some offer the gods their art or a piece of music. Some offer to spread the word about their gods and spirits telling all of their powers and abilities. Take St Expedite for example, after he fulfills his task and receives his payment, you must also tell people of what he’s helped you achieve. He gets more work from his abilities being spread by word of mouth.

So for those telling me that Bride had no business being “mean” or “doing harm” to me, you need to realise that Bride exists beyond our morals and any Wiccan ideology. I don’t think she was trying to be mean anyway, she could have probably done worse. In the end we weren’t harmed and I learned a valuable lesson.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MA LOV @angexci​!! 💕✨✨


Edit: turns out i’m 5 days earlier but EH HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY IT IS THEN X’DDD