drinking gatorade

  • Phichit, on the phone with Yuuri: so how does it feel being married to a literal sex symbol
  • Yuuri: *glances over to Victor*
  • Victor: *tries to drink gatorade while laying on the couch*
  • Victor: *accidentally waterboards himself with gatorade, coughs for like 5 seconds before trying it again*
  • Yuuri: its okay i guess

10 mile run today i watched the Ochako vs. Bakugou ep (subbed then dubbed) then Midoriya vs. Todoroki (subbed then dubbed) and i am dead and murdered conclusions are as follows:

  • i love anime physics because if any of this were real i think all of Ochako’s hair woulda been singed off. 
  • like damn japan i admire your insistence that fire attacks are just Big Amorphous Bludgeoning Weapons
  • Bakugou’s…surprised and peeved “she’s not dead” slays me like look i know thats your “thing” but you cant expect her to be fucking dead. scratch that you cant be surprised when shes not.
  • Everyone, up 18 stories high in the high-rise bleachers, watching massive amounts of shrapnel rise into the air until an entire torn up car garage is floating in the sky, “hmmm…..Uraraka really has no plan…she should attempt something but shes not……shame….pity….”
  • i want a gag reel where all the pro heroes in the stands just. continually get smacked by the shit the contestants throw off the stage. people bludgeoned by falling rocks. an entire section frozen over in ice. like that spongebob Frycook Games episode.
  • Kirishima for best 1-A Boy. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu for best 1-B boy. Combine for the ultimate Best Boy.
  • the phonecall scene. im not crying youre crying,. shut up
  • Izuku, stepping up on stage, doing yoga stretches and drinking Gatorade, “anyway time for a friendly and sportsmanlike game of Let’s Massively Fuck Up My Body”
  • Kissanime has started doing this “im not a robot” feature where it shows you five images, describes two, and you gotta click on those two. Anyway one of the descriptions was boy, injured and the image was fanart of Deku bloody and fucked up like i cannot make this shit up
  • Izuku: has 8 broken fingers and a broken arm. Todoroki: is cold. It’s anyone’s game.


  • Izuku punched him AT LEAST twice and that’s a real damn satisfying thing
  • For real I love that the point of Deku’s whole screaming fit is that he’s offended Todoroki wont beat him up harder. That’s on par with Bakugou being offended that Todoroki declared war on Izuku and not him. 
  • Todoroki offends a lotta people
  • IT’S *Y O U R* POWER”     E  N D   M  E
  • I love when the UA teachers have to play a rousing game of “fuck do we have to intervene before Izuku literally murders himself”
  • Todoroki’s fire side going the fuck up is just???? damn????? DAMN??? THIS FUCKING OP ANIME CHILD WHOMST I LOVE???
  • RIP in pieces Mama Midoriya who no doubt died of 14 simultaneous heart attacks when that final collision went down
  • The dust settles. Izuku wavers, then collapses, out of bounds. Endeavor lets out a whoot of victory. “That’s my boy!” he shouts. Slowly, Todoroki raises his arm in triumph. Wait a minute. Not in triumph. No look at his hand. He’s got his middle finger up. That’s what he’s raising. Damn all the way to the sky. Fuck You Dad he declares, like a true champion. Endeavor smiles but he’s dead inside.
Sick Day

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean has the flu

Word Count:  2311

Warnings:  None. I think I fluffed.

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Sick Day

Kicking the covers off, you give up. Dean has been tossing and turning all night, and you can’t take it anymore.

Crossing to the other bed, you shake Sam gently. “Mmm…” he answers.

“Sam,” you say, shaking harder, “Sam, scoot over.”


“Scoot over.”

He rolls over onto his side and you climb into his bed. When the three of you had to share a room, you always opted to sleep with Dean. Sam tends to take up the entire bed with his massive frame. Dean isn’t much better, but you still end up with a little more room in his bed.  

Sam rolls back over onto his other side, snoring softly. Dean moans incoherently in his sleep from the other side of the room. You’re not sure if bunking with Sam is an improvement in your sleeping conditions, but eventually, you drift off to sleep.


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You know what else I don’t get about ADHD? We have to go through hell and back and bounce between doctors and psychologists for months to get diagnosed but once you do your doctor just writes you a prescription without any advice and without bothering to tell you that

  • you’re not supposed to eat grapefruit when taking ADHD medication
  •  you can’t eat or drink citrus fruit, soda, Gatorade, and anything carbonated an hour before and after taking your medication 
  • you should monitor your heart rate if you take the decongestant psuedophedrine when you have adderall in your system because it also has the side effect of increased heart rate 
  • you should really avoid caffeine when on adderall (haha I know we’re all hooked on caffeine) but lots of people with add feel like they need to be drinking a “study beverage” like coffee/energy drinks constantly while working. Give your adderall the 1-3 hours it needs to kick in before you do this, drink a placebo beverage like decaf tea instead

I’m not a pharmacist, none of this is medical advice, but as the girl who used to start her day with a whole grapefruit and glass of orange juice… I wish I’d known this. I got more instructions for my strep throat medication then I ever got for adderall.

things you should all know about the lightning thief musical and why it was amazing:

  • they stayed true to the books ( some people may ask me why I say this, well… the movies are nothing like the books )
  • lots and lots of Luke. like, seriously. Luke was very much present in the musical and it was such a nice change of pace cause these days so many people forget Luke and his story and why he’s so important to the pjo storyline
  • the characterizations were pretty accurate !!! ( I’m gonna do a writeup on this later ) and not only did we get Annabeth / Percy / Grover but we saw Katie, Silena, and Clarisse as well
  • for those who couldn’t see it, the musical had little dialogue / plot drive outside song !!! so look forward to that CD coming out since the songs themselves are absolutely amazing and pretty spot on
  • they reference the other books. at one point theres a joke about “you don’t see a son of Hades or a daughter of Zeus running around now do you?” and the dam jokes are, indeed, present — among others! ( plenty of humor for adults to which good shit )
  • there’s this really great song that takes place around the campfire which basically summarizes to “fuck the gods” cause everyone complains about their parent, including our favorite horse man
  • while the storyline moved very fast, it was also very fluid
  • theres a song about Thalia and the way they had it acted out honestly made me tear up and Percy’s reply to it was “wait I’m not the only one” which broke my heart because Grover just went “she died”
  • when Percy first sees Annabeth after he fully wakes up he yells “THATS MY DREAM GIRL !!!” at her then realizes what he said and proceeds to half trip over himself
  • have I mentioned Luke ??? well, in the end he basically hijacks the tune to Good Kid ( which does have a reprise in Hades ) to tell Percy he’s basically useless then literally stabs him in the back I’m not crying you’re crying
  • Percy: why does he hate me what did I do? // Mr. D: you were born
  • [ Luke voice ] protip, if you’re a son of Poseidon and you want to be alone, don’t sit by the lake.
  • Percy straight up called Grover a furry
  • the song with Charon actually killed me I want it on repeat for the rest of my life
  • [ Hades voice ] one does not simply walk out of Hades actual quote
  • if that wasn’t Bianca I’ll eat a shoe
  • Annabeths song ??? literal wonder I am so happy it happened and it really gave something to grab onto for her which I didn’t expect and totally approve of. it also strongly spoke of how she wants to build something permanent without straight up coming out and saying it so tbh really well done
  • right after the show the twitter dropped a news bomb that suggests a second musical next summer and I screamed ( they also came back on stage after the performance )
How the Avengers Deal with Cold Season

Steve Rogers/Captain America:

-Doesn’t catch it
-Takes care of everyone else
-”Did you need anything? Soup? Pillows? Blankets? Juice?”

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Tony Stark/Iron Man:
-Tries to stay away from everyone but he still always manages to catch it
-Complains constantly while he works
-”Don’t even think about coming in here if you don’t have a mask on your face and Purell on your hands!”

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Thor Odinson:
-Makes fun of how weak they all are when they’re sick
-(Thanks to Loki) He gains the usual symptoms of a flu and whines 24/7
-”You humans are so weak! A little bit of sneezing should not hold you from battle!”

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Clint Barton/Hawkeye:
-Does not complain to any of the Avengers and tells them they’re all wimps
-Acts like a baby when he gets up
-”I feel fine. You’re all just babies.”…”Honey, can I have another blanket please?”

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Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:
-Keeps up with her normal schedule
-Does not let the cold take her down
-”What? You think the bad guys will just wait for us to feel better before they attack?”

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Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch:
-Cannot control her powers like at all
-Shuts herself out to pretty much everyone, scared to hurt them
-”Don’t come in! It’s dangerous. I can’t control myself…”

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Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier:
-Helps Steve make everyone feel better
-Makes sure everyone eats soup, drinks juice, and sleeps
-”Sam! Do not get off that couch unless you have socks on your damn feet! Natasha, eat your soup or I swear…”

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Sam Wilson/Falcon:
-Totally in denial about having a cold
-Stays at his mom’s because, honestly, nothing makes him feel better but her
-”Nah, Man, I’ll be okay. I don’t get sick. These are just my allergies. But I’ll be at my mother’s if you need me…”

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Scott Lang/Ant-Man:
-You’d honestly swear he was dying
-Takes meds every four hours on the hour
-”My throat has never burned so badly… I cannot breathe our of my nose! I’m going to suffocate!”

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T’Challa/Black Panther:
-Tries to get everyone to try these weird recipes from Wakanda
-He low key knows the only thing making him feel alright is the Buckley’s, but he just wants everyone to drink the gross smoothies
-”This is a recipe from my ancestors. It releases all bacteria in relation to our virus. It can clear up a cold within hours.” “This literally just tastes like grass.” -chuckling with no further explanation-

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-Stays by Wanda’s side until she feels better
-Suggests remedies for everyone to try even though nobody asked
-”I heard jazz music can boost the immune system.” “Vis, thank you, but I doubt it will help.”

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Bruce Banner/Hulk:
-Gets better the quickest
-Moody as hell so he just stays away from everyone until he’s okay
-”Hey, Bruce-” “I suggest you get out before someone else makes you.”

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Peter Parker/Spider-Man:
-Determined to make everyone shape up so they can keep Avenging
-Goes fighting with Steve while he waits for the rest of the squad to get better
-”Come on, guys! Evil never rests when it gets a cold! It’s not like the bad guys will just wait until we get better before they attack!” “Peter, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but shut it.”

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Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver:
-The sassiest piece of shit you’ve ever seen
-Sleeps when he’s not being mouthy or drinking Gatorade
-”Hey, Pietro, did you want some more soup?” “Did I say I wanted more soup?” “Even if you did, you aren’t getting any now.”

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Dance au to pass the time while im sitting waiting for my next preformance

Altea dance is a little studio. Like the kind that is shoved into corners of buildings and basements.

Altea actually shares with a strip mall dojo, so only half of their wall is mirrored as a compromise.
- this is how lance joined he was in a karate class and was watching a ballerina put in a few extra minutes
-that ballerina was Allura
-he joined at seven and has never looked back.

They’re really tiny but they stand out at big performances because??? They have four male dancers in a classic ballet class??? And they’re all super good????

Shiro and Keith were both at new york’s ballet academy, Shiro went on to company but took a bad fall and so they moved.
-they think they can get an easy job as instructors at a little studio.
-lance recognizes keith
-and then demands that he join their team
-Shiro still wont dance so he gets off with just teaching

Hunk joined three years after Lance cause they’re best friends and he wanted to try it
-he’s easily the most naturally talented
-like damn
-his pirouette record is close to the world

Pidge joined because of her brother and stuck with it cause why not
-she was on pointe at eight
-it was too young and they took her off for another two years cause her foot development could be altered (they took me off pointe for a while cause of this and it sucked)

Allura would’ve gone on to company but her father died and she didn’t have the funding, so she teaches

K my point is p r e f o r m a n c e s.

They rent out a stage twice a year for two days

It’s pandemonium

All of the little girls want to get their hair done by Lance cause he can do it with a hair tie, no more than three bobby pins, and two spritz of hair spray
-no one knows how he does it
-he doesnt even know how he does it

Their class has the tiny room above the stage.
Its small
Its dark
Pidge has danced a performance with her pointes on the wrong feet cause it was too dark to read the markings

Snack runs
-lance:im gonna go buy some soda
-keith:its closed sundays
-lance:im gonna go buy an off brand sports drink from the vending machine

Hunk is the who makes sure everyone has good food that won’t make them throw up on stage.

-keith: lance why are you drinking my gatorade you hate red gatorade
-lance:i drank all of mine and im desprate
-keith:you had two bottles giVE THAT BACK

Lance dances on pointe because he does not give two flying fucks
Hes the best dancer in the studio on pointe

He can hold standing for minutes

It’s legitimately unreal

Yoga ball shenanigans, please, oh my god

Lance continually trying to get Keith to let him put his hair up in a bun

Keith wont let him mostly on the base that he knows it would be a perfect bun and he cant deal with it

Pirouette contests excluding hunk because unfair.
Lance has hurled as a result of this
So has keith

Basically idk i know theres a lot of dance aus out there but i wanted to.

Because yeah

When BangDaeHimUp aren't at home:
  • Yongguk, at the phone with Zelo: So how are things going?
  • Zelo: *glance over to Youngjae*
  • Youngjae: *tries to drink gatorade while laying on the couch*
  • Youngjae: *accidentally waterboards himself with gatorade, cough for like 5 seconds before trying it again*
  • Zelo: It's okay, i guess.
for a lovely anon

For the wonderful anon who requested college AU Lance with a dangerously high fever and a panicked Keith calling Shiro in the middle of the night not knowing what to do! It’s v short and I apologize for that.

Thank you for asking me to write it–it means a lot to me when people request fics from me. Like, in general. The fact that people can think of a great idea for a story and trust me not to fuck it up is amazing to me. Now, on with the fic~!

Keith woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of his roommate calling his name.

“Keith,” Lance’s voice, weak and raspy, pleaded, “Wake up.”

“What is it, Lance?” Keith asked, still half asleep.

“I don’t feel right,” Lance replied. Keith rolled over in bed without turning on the light.

“Go drink some water,” Keith instructed through a yawn.

“Head hurts,” Lance mumbled.

“Ibuprofen is in the medicine cabinet,” Keith informed. It wasn’t terribly uncommon for Lance to wake up a bit disoriented from a nightmare–midterms week was always bad for Lance. Not only did he have tests to study for, but the SGA organized on-campus stress-reducing events (which, for Lance, were enough work that they usually had the opposite effect), and there were always other student workers calling in sick from the coffee shop after pulling all-nighters cramming for tests. Keith heard Lance climb down from his lofted bed and stumble into the bathroom before he fell asleep once more.

Lance cursed under his breath and tried to climb down from his loft despite the pain in his back. Keith was the absolute heaviest sleeper that Lance had ever met–he was surprised, frankly, that he’d been able to wake him even for that short interaction–and one thing about Keith’s sleeping patterns was that he always, always fell back asleep after being awakened the first time. Lance joked that he could light Keith on fire while he was napping and his saving grace would only be the fact that he’d smother the flames when he rolled over to go back to sleep.

He’d known that he was probably coming down with a cold when he wasn’t hungry for dinner and had tried to study but couldn’t make the words stay still on the page. Lance had tried to just go to bed and sleep it off, but that plan had clearly backfired hard. He’d instead woken up feeling freezing cold and with a splitting headache, barely able to think straight. He felt sick enough to be slightly worried, through his confusion, that this might even be more than just a cold–perhaps the flu, and Lance had tended since childhood to spike high fevers when he had the flu. The last time he’d been ill with it, when he was probably 10 or 11, the last thing he remembered before waking up in the hospital was excruciating pain in his head and lower back.

Lance cupped his hands to drink some water from the bathroom tap, but as soon as the cool liquid touched his lips, he realized just how thirsty he was, and abandoned the hand-cup in favor of sticking half of his face underneath the faucet instead, chugging the water as fast as he could for several seconds until he felt nauseated.

He thought about taking the ibuprofen that Keith had suggested, but decided that his empty stomach probably wouldn’t like that, so he instead stumbled back toward his bed. Looking up at the loft, Lance dazedly realized that there was no way he was going to be able to climb the ladder to get to his bed, and so he opted for yanking the covers off his mattress and collapsing into the corner of the room.

That’s how Keith found him an hour later when he woke up to go to the bathroom.

“Lance?” Keith asked tiredly, rubbing his eyes. Lance stirred and moaned. “Why’re you on the floor?”

“Keith,” Lance breathed. The pain in his voice was all Keith needed to wake up, adrenaline pumping through his veins as if he’d just mainlined it.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, hitting his knees beside Lance in a heartbeat. He reached for Lance’s bedside lamp and observed as Lance winced away from the light source and noticed the flush on his pale face. “Are you sick?”

“I think it’s just a little bug,” Lance rasped, “but I can’t get back up to my bed.” Keith nodded sympathetically and scooped Lance up, blanket and all, and deposited him in his own bed.

“Mine’s closer to the ground,” Keith explained. “Do you have a fever?” he asked. Lance shrugged as Keith pressed his palm to Lance’s forehead. “Fuck me, you’re really burning up. Hang on.” He rummaged through their medicine cabinet for a digital thermometer and handed it to Lance, who complaisantly placed it under his tongue until it beeped. “Fuck me,” Keith whispered again under his breath, “104.2; fuck, Lance. I’m calling an ambulance.”

“No,” Lance objected, “no hospitals.”

“You really need treatment,” he argued. “By doctors. You probably need fluids, too.”

“Drank a bunch of water,” Lance fought.

“Yeah, but you’re boiling it.”

“I’m not going to a hospital, Keith.”

Keith hesitated. “I’m calling Shiro. If he says you need to go, then you’re going. Deal?” Lance nodded and waited.

“Keith?” Shiro’s voice answered, sounding sleepy and worried, “It’s so late; are you okay?”

“Lance is really, really sick,” Keith babbled. “I don’t know what to do. He’s got a fever over 104 and he says he won’t go to the hospital.”

“Lance has a thing about hospitals. Is he vomiting at all?” Shiro asked.

“Lance, have you thrown up?” Lance shook his head. “He says no.”

“Then as long as you keep him drinking water, he shouldn’t get dehydrated. I’m on my way over.” Keith could hear the jingle of car keys and the shuffle of Shiro hurrying out of his apartment. “But as long as the fever doesn’t persist more than a few hours or go up, I think we can manage without a hospital.”

“Okay,” Keith breathed, “okay. Thanks Shiro.”

“Keith? Ten minutes. I’ll be there in ten minutes. Just try to relax. Do you have fever reducers, or should I stop at the store for some?”

“I have ibuprofen and Gatorade,” Keith replied. “Is that enough?”

“Perfect. Get him to drink some Gatorade–as cold as possible–and take the pills. I’m on my way.”

“I owe you one,” Keith said.

“Lance owes us both,” Shiro corrected calmly. He listened to Keith’s slightly rapid breathing for a few more moments. “Really, Keith. He’ll be fine. Trust me.”

Keith nodded even though Shiro couldn’t see him and hung up the phone.

“Shiro’s on his way over,” Keith informed Lance, holding out two pills and a bottle of Gatorade.

“Yay,” Lance deadpanned.

“I just–” Keith broke off, reaching for Lance’s forehead once more and sighing, “I really don’t like that fever.” Lance gave him a small smile.

“It happens,” Lance said. “It’ll pass soon.” Keith nodded and took a deep breath, allowing Lance to fall back asleep in Keith’s bed while he and Shiro fussed over him all night.

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s & m boys keep their children healthy because they are ill?

I decided to treat you guys since my last day of finals is tomorrow. Wish me luck! I’ll be off of hiatus soon.


Shu: Sickness in vampires were uncommon, but Shu figured that his child’s human genetics were the reason behind the illness. Shu would stay at his child’s bedside and change their towels frequently to keep their forehead’s temperature down. To put his child to sleep, he would tell them stories about his life or crazy moments with his brothers. Shu is more of a comforter in this situation, and he leaves the cooking and medicine duties to his wife.

Reiji: Responsible as always, Reiji would make sure that his child is well taken care of. He provides them with chicken noodle soup, medicine, and tons of water and orange juice to make them feel better quickly. Reiji would also collect his child’s missing classwork and homework, and he makes sure that his child catches up on everything from school. He would also be constantly in touch with his child’s pediatrician and take them to their scheduled appointments.

Ayato: Ayato is a little flustered with a sick child, and maybe a little clueless too. He refuses to leave his child’s side though, and would tell them to drink Gatorade because the electrolytes are good for their human side. If his child is bedridden, he would play games with them to cheer them up. And when his spouse isn’t around to scold them, Ayato would sneak out and splurge his child with fast food if they desired for some. He gets yelled at later for doing that though.

Kanato: His child is sick with the flu? Disgusting. Kanato won’t even be near his child during this dire time. He would make his spouse take care and nurse their child back to health because he hates the awful smell of throw up. A closet neat-freak, Kanato would wait it out to see his child again. However, with the presence of his cheerful child gone, Kanato might start to miss them. He’d order a maid to deliver sweets to his child as soon as they were getting better.

Laito: Laito frequently pops in and out of his child’s room, leaving most of the care to his spouse and the maids. Sometimes he will sit down on his child’s bed and tell them about his day or if he notices that his child seems lonely, he will bring stacks of crossword puzzles and do it together with his child. If asked, he’s willing to pick up medicine from the pharmacy or fetch extra blankets for his child. He would also promise to spoil them later once they get better.

Subaru: Subaru is at a loss when his vampire child is sick, but he tries his best to make them comfortable. He’s there when they’re throwing up in the toilet or asking for a backrub to fall asleep faster, and even though there are little to no words exchanged between him and his child, they are undeniably bonding. Subaru likes to pat his child’s head when they’re sleeping and quietly urges them to get better soon so that they can go outside and play again.


Ruki: The moment he hears that his child is ill, Ruki whips out his outstanding cooking skills and creates the best soups for his child to drink. He is strict with his child’s diet and medicine intake and like Reiji, he will also collect any missed work from his child’s school. Ruki likes giving his child herbal tea too and he will read them some books or novels of their choice. His child is quick to heal thanks to his care.

Kou: Kou cannot afford to get sick because of his work as an idol, so he basically works behind the scenes for his sick child. He will grab their medicine from the pharmacy or go shopping for applesauce or canned soup; anything to make his child feel better soon. He greets them good morning and goodnight every day though, and often tells his spouse to send his love to their child as often as his spouse can. He really misses his child’s lovely singing voice too.

Yuma: Yuma goes into a full work mode 24/7 when his kid is sick, and he forces them to take their nasty medicinal drinks too. He’s a little rough and not as patient as his brothers, but he’s willing to do anything to make them feel better. He cooks for them with fresh vegetables from his garden, and he cleans their room too. He’s at his child’s beck and call, much to the amusement of his lovely spouse. Overall, Yuma is a great caretaker and his child never forgets it.

Azusa: Azusa is very concerned when he sees his child in pain, so he makes sure he can do all that he can to help alleviate the situation. He runs bubble baths for his sick child every evening, and he also cuddles with them when they go to bed. It’s not surprising for his spouse to find him and their child asleep together too. Though his spouse would have to keep an eye on him to make sure his masochistic side doesn’t come out and is implemented on their ill child.

-Admin Yuuzuki

Pizza love - William Nylander

A/N: So, this wasn’t requested (again). I’m so sorry guys, I promise that I’ll do your requests soon, but I’m just really enjoying writing about my favorite idiots and pineapple on pizza is a topic that should be addressed. Hope you like it xx.

Word count: 1010

Warnings: Mentions of sex but very subtle I swear.

Master list

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“DON’T YOU DARE, WILLIAM ANDREW MICHAEL JUNIOR NYLANDER ALTELIUS.” I yell from across the room. “I’ll leave and never come back.”

“(y/n), you are being overdramatic to say the least.” Will answers from the couch.

“How am I being overdramatic? I didn’t think you were that kind of person.” I say, walking out of the room.

To be fair, I might be overreacting; but we have been dating for six months and this is the first time that Will has done something like this; I this topic is such a big no-no for me, I don’t know how to look past it.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t told you before…” William wraps his arms around my waist and holds me against his body. His body is warm and the smell of his Tom Ford cologne is intoxicating.

“We’ve been together for six months, Will…” I whisper, resting my head on his shoulder. “Why haven’t you said anything if it is your favorite?”

“Because the first time we talked about the subject you said that it is the worst thing that human kind has ever done.” He whispers as well, kissing my temple.


Will and I started dating back on Christmas. We met in the small coffee shop where I work and he kept coming and coming everyday, always ordering the exact same thing, until one day he asked me out for a date. I wasn’t sure about it at first to be honest; I knew who he was and what he did, but I finally gave in and said yes. And here we are now, arguing about pizza toppings like it was the most important thing in the world.

“Have you ever tried it?” He wonders, letting me go from his embrace.

“No, I haven’t. Why would I want to try that monstrosity?” I answer him, walking back to the living room and sitting on the couch, waiting for Will to get back where he was sitting before so I could curl up at his side.

“How do you know you don’t like it if you have never tried it?”

“I just know.” I’m as stubborn as it can be. Will shakes his head, but doesn’t say anything else about it.

“So, pepperoni for you and Hawaiian for me?” He asks and I nod.

William grabs his phone from the coffee table and leaves the room to order the pizzas from our favorite place in Toronto.

It’s almost July, but Will has decided to stay in Toronto with me until I’m done with my summer classes. The last six months have been absolutely incredible; we decided to take it easy, taking it slow and not rushing anything and I have to say that feelings hit me like a train, by March I was desperately in love with Will. We are ten days away from our first big trip and I couldn’t be more excited to spend a month in Europe with him.

“Thirty minutes.” Will says and I smile, padding the spot next to me on the couch.

“What do we do in thirty minutes?” I ask, putting my legs on his lap as soon as he sits down.

“I can think of a couple things…” Will’ smile is naughty, leaning in to pepper kisses along my neck.

“We wouldn’t be done in thirty minutes, baby.” I say, pushing him away softly. I know that if he keeps doing that for a second longer I’ll lose control and we will never actually get those pizzas.

“Oh princess, you don’t even know all the stuff I can do to you in thirty minutes.” William is persistent, but I hold my ground and he finally gives up.

We spend the next thirty minutes looking at places to go, restaurants to eat and things to do in every country we are visiting. We have a nice list when the doorbell goes off and Will gets up to get the food. I clean up the coffee table and set down some napkins and our drinks, Gatorade for Will and diet coke for me.

“Do you trust me?” Will asks when we are both sitting on the floor, eating our pizzas while watching an episode of the TV show we are watching together.

“No.” I say and he frowns, looking back to the screen. “Of course I trust you, dummy.” I say quickly, kissing his cheek.

“Try it.” He says, looking at his pizza.

“No way.” I respond. “Pineapple is a fruit, which is supposed to be healthy, and pizza is the best-most-unhealthy food ever, they can’t mix. It’s pure chemistry.” My reasoning is impeccable, but Will starts laughing like a maniac.

“Please, baby. Just a small bite so you can prove me wrong.”

I don’t want to try it, but I want to prove William wrong even more, so I grab a piece from the box in front of him and take a small bite, not actually getting any pineapple.

“C’mon (y/n), that was just ridiculous.” He chirps me, knowing that it will get to me.

I open my mouth and take an actual big bite with a couple chunks of pineapple. I chew slowly, trying to convince my tongue and brain that I cannot like it. It takes me a while to swallow it and I look at Will.

“That was disg…” I lie, it actually wasn’t that bad.

“You are lying. You liked it.” He says triumphantly. “I can tell. You liked it.”

“It isn’t… that bad.” I give him that. “But I would never order it for myself. It is a one-bite pizza, nothing else.”

“We wouldn’t want you to cheat on your pepperoni.” Will jokes and I nod firmly.

“I’m a hundred and ten percent loyal to pepperoni pizza.” I agree with him. “I’m only more loyal to one other person, and that’s you.”

“You love me more than you love pizza?” He asks and I nod again. “That’s the definition of true love.”