drinking game

Chopped drinking game

1 drink if:

- three males and one female 

- someone says something along the lines of “I’m too good for this ingredient" 

- someone garnishes with citrus

- someone fries an ingredient for a garnish 

- multiple chefs make the same type of dish

- only one person knows how to correctly prepare the ingredient

- someone forgets a basket ingredient until the last minute

- someone leaves off a basket ingredient

- an italian pronounces everything in a thick accent

- salad in the appetizer round

- ice cream in the dessert round

- someone panics over their baked dessert not cooking

- someone attempts to make a risotto

- someone talks about chopping something up and then cuts themself

- a competitor “has overcome a lot of obstacles and is not going to let this one take them down”

- “get it on the plate”

- sriracha

- “I’m looking down at my dish and I’m feeling good”

- a judge asks someone if they tasted their dish and they didn’t

2 drinks if:

- alex and scott are sitting next to each other

- a dessert isnt sweet enough for amanda

3 drinks if:

- scott conant’s chest hair is showing

- ted allen says “be well”

- someone describes food as “sexy” (+1 if it’s scott conant)

finish your drink if:

- that one asshole that you were rooting against wins

Drinking Game

Whenever Donald Trump says something racist or sexist put a dollar in a jar. When the jar is full donate the proceeds to Bernie Sanders’ campaign. After you donate the money take a drink to celebrate how awesome you are.

Please do not drink whenever Trump says something racist or sexist. You will die of alcohol poisoning.

The Official GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules

Drink the first time:

1. Donald Trump mentions his wealth, or how smart he is.

2. A candidate mentions Benghazi

3. A candidate says, “This president…”

4. A candidate whines about not getting called on enough.

5. Someone promises to “take America back.”

6. Trump interrupts someone by saying, “Excuse me, let me answer that…”

7. Anyone mentions Hitler, Nazis or Neville Chamberlain. Includes related imagery, e.g. “ovens.”

8. The crowd cheers a racist/bigoted statement by a candidate.

9. A candidate mentions his poor/hardscrabble upbringing, or a parent who “worked every day of his life.”

10. A candidate talks about “stopping Hillary Clinton.”

11. Anyone warns the U.S. is becoming Greece.

12. Trump refers to himself in the third person.

13. Anyone invokes St. Ronald Reagan.

Drink EVERY time a candidate:

14. Claims a positive relationship with a minority. Also known as the, “Some of my best friends are…” rule.

15. Tries to speak Spanish

16. Tries to warm up to the Ohio crowd with an awkward LeBron shout-out.

Drink EVERY TIME you hear the word(s):

17. “I’m not a scientist.”

18. “You can keep your doctor.”

19. “ACORN.”

20. “The war on Christians.”

21. “Thug.”

22. “Right here in Ohio.”

23. “Culture of dependency.”


24. “Kenya.”

25. “All Lives Matter.”


Chopped Drinking Game

Take a drink whenever:
- A contestant is not a chef by profession
- Only one contestant knows how to correctly prepare a basket ingredient
- A contestant attempts a risotto
- “Deconstructed”
- A contestant cuts them self
- An ice cream is made for dessert
- A bread-like basket ingredient is turned into a crust for frying
- A basket ingredient is used solely for garnish
- A contestant forgets a basket ingredient
- A contestant cries
- A contestant is chopped because of a last minute garnish/addition
- A judge calls a dish “sexy”
- A judge feels a dish is lacking salt
- A judge feels a dish is too spicy

Finish your drink if:
- A contestant forgets a basket ingredient but is not chopped
- A contestant getting emotional/crying causes a judge to get emotional/cry
- A contestant openly disagrees/argues with a judge

xfiles drinking game:
  • take a sip every time they call out each others name trying to find each other eg: fight the future cornfield scene “MULDER!!!! SCULLY!! MULDERRRR!!! SCUUUALLLLAAAY!” (not every time they say each others name in casual conversation)
  • take a sip every time mulder and scully call each other on the phone and scully starts w “mulder, its me” cue: “where are you?” from either one of them
  • take a sip each time mulder and scully gaze at each other / wordlessly understand each other 
  • take a sip every time mulder has a farfetched theory he pulled straight out of his ass and guesses right; cue: scully proceeding 2 roll her eyes so far back she can see her braincells dying
  • take a sip every time mulder and scully argue w/ skinner
  • take a sip each time krycek fucks up
  • take a sip each time one of them shows their badge / proves their identity / “agent mulder and scully fbi”
  • take a sip every time scully is typing up a report / field journal
  • take a sip each time mulder calls/meets up with/ sees an informant (deep throat, mr. X, well manicured man,…); this includes CSM
  • finish ur glass every time scully gets kidnapped/hurt/is the target of the guy theyre after
  • finish ur glass every time mulder runs away alone without warning scully and she has to save his musty ass
  • finish ur glass every time scully says “i’m fine, mulder”
  • finish your glass every time their computers do smth crusty 90s computer could not do 
  • finish your glass when scully’s right
  • take a shot every time mulder touches crime scene evidence and brings it to his mouth
  • take a shot each time mulder sees supernatural shit and scully arrives too late
  • take a shot everytime scully fills in for any science related job ever ie: superscientist and overqualified scully knows everything there is to know about science ( x )
  • take a shot when mulder or scully says “believe” in whatever context
  • take a shot each time someone whos not mulder impersonates mulder and flirts w/ scully
  • take a shot each time there are insects involved in an xfiles.
  • take a shot every time samantha mulder is mentioned / a reference is made to her abduction

EDIT: the opening isnt included in the drinking game + my advice: dont go pure

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Drinking Game.

(Caution: Spoilers ahead.)


1. Drink each time you find yourself attempting to sing along to the opening songs using nonsense words.

2. Drink every time someone mentions Ed’s height. Down your drink when he makes a face resembling this:

3. Drink each time Armstrong sparkles. Then blush cause DAMN HE FINE.

4. In fact. Drink EVERY TIME you are unexpectedly attracted to an anime character and maybe start questioning your life choices. Drink again.

5. Drink whenever Al is a sweet cinnamon roll. Too good for this world..too pure.

6. Close your eyes (heh) and down your drink whenever Mustang is a total badass.

7. Drink anytime Winry looks better in overalls than you’ve ever looked in your life.

8. Drink every time Ed completely destroys his automail.

9. Drink anytime Izumi is a fucking goddess.

10. And finally, down your drink to drown your sorrows when the episode finishes.


Special bonus edition (Episode 4: Nina and Alexander):
- Immediately finish the whole bottle of whatever you are drinking. Cry into your empty glass. Go find a stronger drink.


Note: If you are under the legal drinking age replace alcohol with milk plz.

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly



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Life Is Strange drinking game

Take a shot whenever one of these happens:

Chloe says “hella”
Chloe mentions Rachel
Chloe dies
Chloe raises her middle finger

Max has to rewind
Max mentions Chloe in her diary
Max saves Chloe
Max tells herself that she has to save Chloe

Nathan gets mad
Nathan mentions his dad
Nathan says something sad

Warren makes a move that tells he likes Max
Warren talks about Science

Victoria mentions Max
Victoria insults Max
Victoria flirts with Jefferson

Alyssa has to be saved