drinking from the tap

Cat Behaviour:   Drinking from the tap.  

Many cats will drink from the tap at any opportunity.  The reason for this is that cats have a very ineffective method of drinking normally… they dart their tongue out, curled under at the end, barely dip it in the water surface then quickly pull it up and try to “catch” any water that sticks to it by surface tension.

This has got to be exhausting, and often seems to take more time than it’s worth.  So, yeah, I’d drink from the tap whenever possible too.

Attawapiskat youth ready to fight for survival after suicide attempts: ‘We are all scared for them’
For the community, there is, in fact, a surprising sense of optimism in the air that, this time, the old cycles of self-harm might be broken
By ,Elizabeth Payne, Postmedia News

Robert Sutherland was heading to bed last Saturday night when there was an urgent knock on his door.

“We need you at the hospital for security,” the 27-year-old man was told.

Sutherland hopped in his truck and raced the few gravel blocks from his clapboard home to the reserve’s small hospital, not sure what he would find.

What he saw has turned the eyes of the world to this beleaguered fly-in reserve near James Bay in Northern Ontario, where raw pain and defiant pride exist in equal measure, where young people have no memory of ever drinking water from a tap at home, where housing is in short supply and often mould-ridden, where drug and alcohol abuse are rampant and almost everyone has been touched by suicide.

Before last Saturday, Attawapiskat, population 2,000, was already in the midst of a suicide epidemic. More than 100 residents, children and adults, have attempted to kill themselves since last fall — 28 in March alone.

As the number of suicide attempts mounted, a group of students, desperate to turn things around, walked for three days onto a winter road to convince their peers that suicide is not a solution. They walked in the tradition of other First Nations. They walked because it was a way to move forward — because the living can walk and the dead can’t.

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Companions react to Sole drinking toilet water.

I always do that next to Curie and she just stands there….And judges my health. Come on girl. 

Ada: “Survival for a human, you must drink lots of water indeed.” She doesn’t judge, she just watches Sole lap up the clean water from the toilet, and wonder if humans did this during the pre-war times. 

Cait: She joins them. Because she’s thirsty too! If there’s water, they should get some or else they might be looking at a shortage on their supply.  

Codsworth: He scolds them. “SIR/MUM THAT IS DISGUSTING AND YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ‘THINGS’ HAVE BEEN IN THERE!!!” He hovers back and forth in an uproar and Sole never drinks from the toilet ever again.  

Curie: She tilts her head and taps them on the shoulder. Asking them if their choices were wise and healthy.  

Danse: “Soldier….Please stop…That is nasty.” He shudders as he hears Sole lap up the water. He’s about to throw-up until Sole throws him a look and spits the water on him. He’s not very happy. 

Deacon: “Hey man, do what you want.” He waves and walks away, trying not to disturb sole. But he will make fun of them later one. 

Hancock: He watches amusingly and folds his arms. He wasn’t going to judge. It’s a way to stay alive out here.

MacCready: He watches and tells Sole a story how he and Lucy had to drink alot of toilet water to survive for a month. So he’s cool with them drinking it.  

Nick: “Kid…..that’s not healthy- you know what. Nevermind.” He doesn’t want to judge, so he just stands there and watches Sole. He really hopes they won’t get sick.   

Preston: He wants them to shoot over so he could have some. He’s been so thirsty lately, he doesn’t matter where he gets the water from. So he doesn’t mind them drinking, he just hopes it stays in their mouth. 

Piper: She cringes and pretends to throw up. So Sole spits the water into her face. Causing her to flush and chase Sole around the bathroom. 
X6: He just stands there. Crossing his arms and frowns. He can’t believe Sole is wasting their time with that toilet.

Strong: “Drinks lots of water! Good for human!” He praises them and tells them it’s time to move on.

Dogmeat: He joins them and laps up some water too. He’s thirsty and he won’t judge. 

happy earth day here’s some fun facts

  • the first earth day was celebrated in 1970
  • more than half of all bottled water is really just tap water. save the plastic and your money and just drink from the tap
  • potatoes are 7000 years old
  • the recycling rate increases just about every year (but still not fast enough if you ask me)
People who are not Rick Snyder get criminally charged for poisoning Flint

Poetize the News
April 20, 2016

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder
gave himself a high five,
patted himself on the butt,
jumped in the air
and kicked his heels together
like a 1990 Toyota commercial:
‘I love what I do for me, Guvna’

after Attorney General William Duncan “Bill” Shuette,
having investigated his own boss’s administration
and found that his boss, the Guvna,
had committed no negligence at all,
no sir, please point the camera
down the bureaucratic ladder,

Attorney General Bill Shuette
pressed criminal charges
against three state employees
who don’t sign his paycheck.

The Attorney General then said
“No one is above the law, not on my watch,”
before noting the elegance of his watch
and thanking Governor Snyder
for his continued generosity.

The Guvna then promised
to drink water from Flint’s tap,
so long as it was filtered (true story)
because his PR firm assured him
it would make everyone
feel better.

I’m Doug Shields,
Fuck Rick Snyder News
in his nostril
with a tiny cactus.

- Doug Shields

A very happy 5th birthday to this gorgeous little man! The second Eli and I saw you in the RSPCA we knew you were someone very special. You’ve made us smile every single day since and I hope we make you feel happy and safe. Love you to the moon and back. Today you can drink from the tap as much as you like, I promise I won’t stand up when you fall asleep on me and expect a special dinner tonight! 😊 Love you little bear ❤️

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I, left aside; you give a sight

I write
I fly kite
I mind
in order to bind
not to be kind
but yea, for some kind

I read
I sit
I carry bag
full of sack
‘cause in conscious i lack
maybe because everyone calls me a crack

I stand
I make castles out of sand
I drink water from tap
in winter i can’t wear any cap
seeing me rappers raap
but they have good nap…

Week fifteen - Robert Chadderton, master chef.

Rob has always had a love of food and drink. In fact, our whole family has. But no one else was quite as experimental with their eating/drinking habits as Rob. 

The way Rob would drink always amused me. I rarely saw him sip from a regular glass or cup – and he would always sip, making a very particular sound when he did so. It was a full experience. He would pour out the drink, look at it from different angles, tap the container it was in, look at it some more, yell with delight (sounding kinda like this ‘eeeeeEEEEEEEEh!’) while waving his hand behind his back and then, maybe, if he was ready, he would take that very particular sip. 

Rob’s brain could find a drinking vessel in pretty much anything but a cup. 

External image

Rob has loved a fair few things in his life, most of which are food/drink related. It sometimes saddens me that, when I go and visit him at his care-house, I take a back seat to vegemite, chocolate, coke, chips and lollies.

As a kid, Rob was dead keen on one colour: pink (more on that later). This meant that all the foods he wanted to eat would be either pink or red (or the packaging would), such as strawberry Quik, Coke, raspberries, strawberry ice cream etc. Unfortunately for me, all my favourite lolly-type treats (I didn’t care much for chocolate) were also strawberry/cherry based. There were never really any fights for food treats because usually Rob was too quick for me to even know they were there. 

External image

One of Rob’s favourite foods was vegemite. Not pink but it did get the salty spread tick of approval from Mister Rob. This photo below (from from Rob’s Visual School Diary - they took a photo every day!) is of Rob enjoying all his favourite food groups: Vegemite, Coke and strawberry ice cream. He is also using a regular cup (he had less access to his preferred vessels at school) but holding it in that particular way Rob liked to hold, with his pinky finger. 

External image

Rob didn’t have much change in his diet. But he was quite happy mixing things that he knew were delicious.

External image

It was very hard getting him to eat veggies or fruit. Anything that helped him eat things other than chips or chocolate cake mix was a plus. This is about the time Mum started making homemade pizzas. 

External image

Rob loved these pizzas. A lot. Which was good to start off with as it meant he would eat some sort of veggies. But it soon got to the point that Rob was getting Mum to make 6 or 7 pizzas a day. And when told he had had enough, wasn’t too happy. Rob doesn’t have an off switch when it comes to eating and Mum received many bites and pinches relating to saying 'No’ to making Rob more food. 

I mentioned above that Rob liked to eat chocolate cake mix (I’m also a batter eater - I still eat pancake batter whenever we cook them at home, much to the chagrin of my partner Owen). 

They actually taught him how to make a chocolate cake a school. 

External image

The thought was that teaching Rob cooking skills would help him learn about cooking and eating, which it did. And if he found a mix packet, he HAD to make it. It was lost to you forever. 

External image

However, it also created a new obsession: trying to find cake mix in any building he went into. His first point of call would always be the kitchen. 

External image

But at home Rob could be sneakier. If he did get his hands on a pack o’ mix (sometimes it didn’t even have to be cake mix: anything brown and/or powdery would be fine), he would sneak it off to his bedroom or playroom and use one of the empty drawers to make 'Rob’s Famous Cake Drawer Mix’. 

External image

Rob was pretty good at sneaking ingredients away into his room. This led to a number of strange sticky brown stains, lumps and messes around the house. His pants would also be encrusted with what you hoped was 'Cake Drawer Mix’. 

Okay guys, that’s it for this post. Although there are a ton more food stories, these are the essentials. I’d love to hear about what foods you were obsessed with as a kid, or maybe that a sibling of yours loved so much that you ended up hating (I don’t mind chocolate cake, but let’s just say it’s not my favourite). 

Write you soon! xx

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advice for staying hydrated at a concert?

every concert I’ve been to there has been at least some free water supplied (it’s like a law in New Zealand now) but they usually sell bottles too so try buy one if you can afford one and just try have it with you throughout the night and keep taking sips, or find water somewhere, even if you have to drink from your hands from a bathroom tap. water is always better than anything else, and make sure you have a giant bottle of it for afterwards too!


A Brazilian family


Hospitality. This family knows what it means. When Andrea (top picture on the left) invited me in her house, she prepared so much food that I couldn’t finish my plate. She even brought especially for me a bottle of filtered water. All the way from the hostel in Ipanema where she works as a cleaning lady.  « I can drink the water from the tap because I am used to it, but you would be sick if you did so », she said. So I drank this marvellous filtered water and smiled. I felt at home.

Andrea, her two daughters Maria, Larissa and her husband Jesse live in a small house in the north zone of Rio. Their favela, the « morro do Adeus » is located in the Alemão complex, a group of a dozens favelas that have a very violent history. In Andrea’s kitchen (black and white picture) and in her bathroom, there are still impacts of bullets fired by ennemies drug factions about 9 years ago. « We had to lay on the ground each time we heard gunfires, it was crazy », she recalls. But according to Andrea, since the pacification operation in 2010, security has improved in this hill, from now on occupied by a UPP unit (for Unidade de Polícia Pacificadora or Pacifying Police Unit).

Even if Andrea and her husbands have yet low-qualified jobs (Jesse is a doorman), she has a lot of hope for the future. She’s now studying tourism to become a guide, and hopes to prove to the foreigners that her favela is not only about violence, but also about happiness and solidarity.


1. if my phone is in airplane mode, the battery lasts about twelve point two days

2. i knew this before but now even more so: clean drinking water from a tap is one of the most amazing and under appreciated things in the western world

3. ditto for an actual honest to betsy shower that isn’t just a spigot, a huge bucket, and a pail…

4. the upscale hotel in Balikpapan where i currently am has a security guard that scans your bags and the taxi before it comes through the front gate. then you walk through a metal detector into the fancy lobby

5. most indonesian drivers seem to regard traffic signs and laws as simply suggestions

6. a ride in a speed boat over choppy waters can be quite jarring (and painful)

7. coral reefs are some of the most beautiful things on this planet

8. so is, as always, the genuine smile of a stranger who doesn’t speak your language but understands what you are trying to say anyway

9. the sky is closer to the ground out near the edge of the world…does that make sense?

10. real live super heros do exist. but not where you think they do…

11. clean dry socks are heaven.

12. leeches have no redeeming qualities and can always be counted on to show up when not invited

13. the moon is bigger and brighter out over the Celebes Sea

14. walking out of the jungle is vastly different than walking into it

15. you never really know how deep your strength and resolve go until you’ve spent eight days and seven nights in a jungle scaling slippery rocks and steep cliffs, traversing rivers with intense currents, climbing root and mud stairs, and slogging through muddy bogs that come up to your ankles…all while wearing the same wet dirty smelly clothes day after day while spending the nights trying to sleep on a tarp on the jungle floor…

16. brothers are good to have in as many places countries continents as you can manage

17. han tan mangan

littlemikaelson liked your post “Like this for a starter from Ancient Vampire Bonnie. ”

Bonnie pulled the man she was drinking from closer by his shirt, the other holding his hand as she drank from his wrist. The only reason she did this was because people had a habit of actually hiding their wrists than their throats. It was more so of her keeping their species a secret while still drinking from the tap. And there was something rather spicy about the people of New Orleans. The blood here always seemed to taste better. 

She pulled away and licked her teeth when she heard the sound of another vampire. She pierced the tip of her thumb and pressed it into the man’s mouth, letting him just pull on it for a moment before withdraw on it. “Did you plan on telling me there was some war, Kol? Or were you just not able to find me?” She turned to look at him as the compelled human walked away, A little smirk on her lips. She was very difficult to find in a general sense.