drinking cola

Eddsworld uhhh grandma au

-drinks cola despite heath problems
-feeds his grandkids hearty meals
-knits alot
-millions of cats

-Wears alot of perfume and jewlery
-dresses strangely
-asks grandkids for kisses
-very sweet
-owns a rocking chair

-bitter old person
-yells at kids
-judges random strangers as they walk past
-probably has one of those walker things
-and false teeth too

-denies he’s getting old
-acts reckless and tries to skateboard but hurts himself
-paul and pat are his adopted foreign grandsons
-probably has metal hip replacements
-has to have glasses but refuses to wear them

@elachuz im not sorry

i was tagged by @magnusfray ty!!!

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A - age: 20
B - birthplace: small town in romania
C - current time: 10:07pm
D - drink you had last: cola
E - easiest person to talk to: alisa and abi
F - favourite song: it always changes but right now la vida es un sueño karol sevilla
G - grossest memory: when a drunk guy that was like 15 years older hit on me and tries to kiss me (i was 16 at the time)
H - horror yes or no: yes if i watch it with someone
I - in love? no
J - jealous of people? nope
K - killed someone? snorts yes i did. meral an hour ago :)) if you stop seeing her on your dash you know who’s to blame
L - love at first sight or should i walk past again? i’m more of a hate at first sight believer. like if someone makes a bad first impression on me, it sticks
M - middle name: maria
N - number of siblings: zero
O - one wish: so many, but right now to stop letting my fears and anxiety control my life
P - person i called last: idek
Q - question you’re always asked: um idk tbh
R - reason to smile: my dogs
S - song you last sang: cuenta conmigo elenco soy luna
T - time you woke up: around 10
U - underwear color: black and white
V - vacation: anywhere there’s sea
W - worst habit: i never express my feelings and keep everything locked up
X - xrays: on my lungs
Y - your favourite food: lmao idek rn i don’t eat much these days
Z - zodiac sign: virgo

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Beba Coca Cola (Drink Coca Cola), 1957, Décio Pignatari.

English translation:
drink         coca cola
drool                  glue
drink           coca(ine)
drool        glue shard

Concrete Poetry: Words and Sounds in Graphic Space is on view through July 30, 2017 at the Getty Research Institute

NOBLE ANCIENT PAGANS: stew of mutton and unhulled barley, subsistence farming and tribal warfare, drink pepsi cola every day

DECADENT MODERN CHRISTIAN SOCIETY: pizza and video games, internet pornography, too much hop drink