drinking at a museum

Victor & Yuuri - Museum Guide

• Victor and Yuuri arrive at the museum to immediately grab champagne, say Kampai!, clink their glasses together and start drinking

Victor: A Grand Prix Final museum?
Yuuri: It looks so interesting. Brings back memories too. So much happened then…
Victor: (to the listener) Oh, hello, you must be a Yuuri fan!
Yuuri: Eh? Wouldn’t they be… a… Victor fan?

Victor: (all flirty) Will you come and join us?
Yuuri: EH?!
Victor: Ahahaha, sorry, Yuuri is saying he wants it to be just the two of us…
Yuuri: (panicking) Gimme another drink!!

• Upon seeing photos of himself in the Eros and Agape costumes, Victor reminisces about the Onsen on Ice event, and asks Yuuri why he chose the Eros costume. Yuuri, who is now a little drunk, explains that it’s the costume Victor wore the first time Yuuri saw him. He goes a bit fanboy, talking about how enthralled he was and how he thought, “there was absolutely no other choice. Having that costume, it was like a dream…”

• At that point, Victor asks Yuuri how many drinks he’s had. Yuuri answers, a bit slurred and in a Kyushu accent, that it is only his third

• …Yuuri gets even drunker and goes full on fanboy upon seeing, “A VICTOR AREA FULL OF ONLY VICTOR! ♡♡♡”

• Yuuri exclaims that he’s a GIANT Victor fan

• Yuuri asks the listener what they love about Victor, and then yells that he loves Victor even more than that, proceeding to brag about how he skated such a perfect copy of the Stammi Vicino performance to show just how much he loves Victor

• Yuuri yells about how Victor is “super eros” and shows off his “Victor Otaku Collection” with pride

• Yuuri: (shouting) VICTOR IS AMAAAAAAZING!!!

• Yuuri corrects Victor when he misidentifies one of his own costumes.

Victor: Ahh, how nostalgic, that’s my first senior skate…
Yuuri: No! That’s wrong! This was your gold medal win at the Juniors, come on! Even now, I can remember how amazing it was to watch!

• Yuuri has reached the point where he’s pretty much wasted…

Yuuri: I know everything about Victor, okay?! I love Victor so much! I even got a poodle because Victor had a poodle, and I named him Victor! Vicchan… Vicchan, I’m sorry (starts crying)

• Yuuri sees the giant Makkachin plush at the museum and cries even harder.

Yuuri: Vicchan, you’ve gotten so big… Vicchan… Vicchaaaan!!
Victor: Yuuri, that’s just a Makkachin statue…
Yuuri: I know that!
Victor: Yuuri, everyone is looking…

• Yuuri calms down a little once they get to the Kiss & Cry, and mutters, “kiss, cry… cry, cry… kiss… kiiiiiisssss…”
(Someone please stop allowing Yuuri to drink so much in public)

• Victor talks about how sitting in the Kiss & Cry feels so much different as a coach than as a skater. He also says that the moment he saw Yuuri’s quad flip in the Finals was when he felt inspired to skate again, against Yuuri as a competitor

• Yuuri asks Victor if it is okay for him to eat katsudon now, and Victor says that of course they can have katsudon

• Guide ends with Victor and Yuuri thanking the listener and everyone who has supported their skating, because they would not be where they were without the fans…

Tips For The Classy Hoe

Invest in Prada sunglasses,
A nice brown purse, Luis Vuitton if you can afford it
Quality lingerie,
A good sunhat,
Expensive jewelry (pearl and diamond earrings are a must)
And a wide selection of fancy shoes

Regularly get your hair and nails done,
Style your hair simply and classically every day and keep your nails long and manicured
Stick with nudes and light pinks for every day wear, red for more formal events

Invest in voice, piano, and ballet lessons
Learn French
Read all the literature and poetry you can, keep up on politics and current events
Be opinionated and informed, but never stubborn
Talk smoothly and gently, but never apologetically
Go out for brunch
Take walks in the park with or without your lover on Sundays
Set aside time at least once a week to go to an art gallery, museum, or theatre
Drink fine wine and be knowledgeable of it
Life is what you make it.

I have such a fascination with being alone. I like hiking, running, sleeping, biking, eating, going to the movies, cooking, reading, walking, drinking coffee, going to museums, adventuring, and living by myself. I like being by myself because that is the time I am able to reflect on what I want out of this life of mine and who I want to be. People struggle to understand this. Being alone is such an incredible time to spend with your soul. 

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How (not) to behave in a museum


Facts about Drinking in the Middle Ages

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world. For centuries, beer-making fell into the realm of women and taking care of the home. The decline of female brewers in the 17th century is related to witch hunting (alewives wore distinctive point tall hats and brewed large amounts of beer in large vessels).

Here are some facts about beer in the Middle Ages, by a beer expert and a medieval curator

1) Beer-making was part of life in the Middle Ages. Calendars center on making of bread and making of beer in the Labors of the Month.

2) This detail from a prayer book shows a man making a barrel. In the Middle Ages, “your prayers begin and end with the thought of drink.”

3) MYTH: People in the Middle Ages drank beer and wine because of lack of access to water. It was more complicated than that—the relationship to consuming fluids was related to health and your body’s fluid.

4) Humoral theory was a system of medicine developed in antiquity that taught that the human body contained a mix of four humors: black bile, yellow bile, blood, and phelgm. In medieval times, you’d go to the alchemist and based on your zodiac sign and your ailment, you might be told a certain fluid is off balance.

5) It was also thought that the position of the planets and the moon could affect the body.

6) Cups, goblets, and drinking horns were trendy in the Middle Ages. 

7) Many contained messages or encouraged drinking. One in the Getty Museum collection reads, “Welcome to my house. Put me to your lips and drink me dry. Don’t take contentment away.”

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What to do for fun on Ramadan? I would like to stay away from sins, like haram music and TV shows. But most good TV shows have haram themes and scenes. I like to go outside alot during the summer but I get worried I will get dehydrated and evidently grouchier. What do you suggest?


- Attend halaqahs with a group of friends

- Make taraweeh goals with friends, meeting them at the masjid for salah

- Watch YouTube series of lectures with friends

- Create a Quran reading/recitation group with your friends & family to enjoy reading Quran together

- Bake or cook with loved ones for iftar

- Have people over for iftar & attend iftar gatherings

- Practice new hijab styles using YouTube or instagram tutorials

- Play games with little siblings/cousins (maybe try to relate them back to Islam)

- Volunteer with friends at an animal shelter, or the masjid, meal drive, etc.

- Do a craft that you enjoy & make dhikr or listen to Quran while doing so

- Paint or draw something you can hang in your room as a reminder of Allah (or gift it for Eid/put it in the masjid)

- Plant flowers or a garden

- Go on a walk an hour or two before iftar (so if you’re thirsty you won’t have to wait long to drink)

- Go to a museum or zoo with friends or family

- Spend time with elders & listen to their stories

- Volunteer at retirement homes or assisted living facilities, possibly reading to the residents or playing board games/cards with them

- Spend time with little kids (if you enjoy kiddos)

- Go to the park or lake and read Quran there

- Decorate your home with Ramadan decor

- Make a Ramadan calendar to count down until Eid and chart your progress

- Push yourself in ibaadah & make it fun ☺️

The Happy Couple

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Request: You have no idea how happy I am you have requests open! I love your writing so much. Could I request one where dean and the reader have been dating awhile but recently they were arguing a lot more but then on a case they have to dress up and act like a happy couple and it makes dean remember everything he loves about the reader?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,600ish

Warnings: none

A/N: The angst is strong with this one…

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Being an Artist and Dating Ahkmenrah would include...

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Ahkmenrah x Reader

Being an Artist and Dating Ahkmenrah would involve…

-There are plenty of neat things in the Egyptian exhibit

-Things that just basically beg you to paint or draw them.

-Well, one day you ended up staying in the museum a liiiiittle bit too long and…well, you found out the hard way that they actually kept a mummy in the sarcophagus.

-And then you found out that he was really ridiculously hot under the wrappings.

-And then you passed out

-When you finally came to, hot mummy guy was standing over you with a concerned look on his face.

-“Are you alright?”

-“Umm, I think so. Where am I?”

-“The Museum of Natural History. I am Ahkmenrah, the fourth king of the fourth king, ruler of the land of my fathers. And you…are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.”

-“Yep, I’m still asleep. This is a dream.”

-Once you were feeling a little less light-headed, Larry came over and explained to you what had happened and what was going on.

-You came back every night.

-There were so many cool things and people in the museum just waiting to be painted and sketched.

-Some of the exhibits (usually the Huns and the miniatures) even posed so you could draw them.

-Ahk would be absolutely taken aback by your art.

-How you could make entire worlds with your pencil was beyond him.

-Naturally, this would prompt you to sketch him whenever you could, trying to get as many details from memory as you could and then comparing when you saw him face to face.

-He would just flip through your sketches with the biggest damn smile on his face.

-Like you took time out of your day to make something of him for him and it just made him literally so happy.

-You would make a habit of bringing different drinks (Like smoothies and milkshakes and soda and stuff) to the museum every night so he could get a taste of 21st Century food.

-He would cherish every tiny little thing you did for him because he’s really really in love with you.

-He tapes one of your drawings to the inside of his sarcophagus with a little reading light so he’s immediately reminded of you when he wakes up every night.

-You even draw little doodles for his jackal guards.

-They secretly love it.

-When you can’t make it to the museum, you leave a sticky note on Ahk’s sarcophagus with a quick little sketch and a note that tells him how much you love him.

-He keeps every single one.

-Listen, Ahk would love you so freaking much, okay? Like seeing you was literally the only reason he wanted to wake up every night.

Moreid headcannons
  •  Flirting during cases and Reid getting flustered. 
  •  Prank wars that lead to sex 
  • Morgan reading to Reid on bad days  
  • Reid lying in Morgan’s lap and Morgan stroking his hair. 
  •  Morgan teaching Reid how to play softball or some other sport and wrapping his arms around him to ‘help' 
  •  Dates involving drinks at bars, walks in parks , Museums, libraries and baby sitting Henry 
  •  Low key PDA - side hugs, hair ruffling and shoulder squeezes 
  •  Morgan being even more over protective than usual when partnered with Reid . 
  •  Sitting together on plane rides and sharing headphones 
  • When Reid rambles for too long Morgan kisses him to shut him up. 
  • Forcing Morgan to dress up for Halloween and couple costumes like Spider-Man and Deadpool or Robin and Batman 
  • When they get married Garcia becomes the surrogate mother 
  •  And she uses this as an excuse to spoil the kid 
  •  Reid loves leaving hickeys and biting during sex and making out and Morgan loves pulling Reid’s hair. 
  •  Overall they would be the softest most adorable relationship ever
Date Night with the Dwarves

-forgets to make a reservation
-pulls out your chair for you
-shows you off

-blindfolds you but ruins the surprise
-tucks the tablecloth into his collar by accident
-isn’t referring to food when he keeps mentioning “dessert”

-wears a tux to take you on a picnic
-somehow manages to hurt himself trying to kiss you
-forgot to pack utensils

-scatters flower petals EVERYWHERE
-works up a sweat cooking a recipe from scratch he found on the internet
-keeps dipping his tie in his food

-somehow got a hot air balloon
-reads you really obscure poems
-calls you ‘his one and only’

-lit way too many candles. it’s become a fire hazard
-made a sex playlist called Bofur-otica
-bought a new hat

-you find out that he can play the piano
-he buys you flowers
-you end up stargazing

-orders every appetizer
-and the best wine
-drunkenly serenades you on the way home

-gifts you a piece of jewelry
-puts his jacket over a puddle for you
-spills soup down his shirt

-keeps combing his hair
-takes you to a wishing fountain only to scoop out a handful of coins
-fights a police horse

-takes you to an art class
-has paint on his nose
-holds your hand as you walk home

-scares the waiter
-drinks too much scotch
-orders two desserts

-takes you to a museum
-then to a secluded dinner
-carries you to bed

imagine bts as girls | ☁

a/n; made this to procrastinate and bc I’m bored. also, this will be mostly based on outfits and generic things like that. I hope you enjoyed!


Adidas everyday 

• wears pastel patches or pink sweaters

• braided pig tails 

• probably the most popular in school 

• is surprisingly friends with yoongi 

• looks stuck up but is actually super sweet and willing to do your makeup for you 

• eats a damn lot

• p u r e 


• very intelligent 

• wears specs

• can pull off brown turtlenecks better than anyone

• listens to rap 

• is on the debate team at school 

• lives on caffeine 

• best friends with seokjin 

• acts like a dad more than a mom 

• bookworm


• s a v a g e 

• Instagram pics are all monochrome filtered 

• owns a pair of beats

• will slit anyone’s throat if they touch their headphones

• stressed 24/7

• has two locks on their bedroom door

• makes diss tracks at two in the morning

• can be such a cutie sometimes

• is passed for a thug 

• black hoodie and vans are a must


firmly believes that laughter is the best medicine

• is such a good dancer

• so friendly it hurts sometimes

• really outgoing

• also an avid Adidas wearer 

• black crop top, tights and a white cap are a go-to outfit

• can judge very harshly 

• hangs out with yoongi a lot

• pulls short hair off really well


• angel by day

• devil by night

• has a very drastic alter persona

• but is mostly a soft mochi

• owns three cats

• has thick af lips

• kylie jenner is jealous

• wears a lot of lipstick/lipgloss

• is the one of the more quieter ones

• wears skinny jeans and thin, cotton sweaters

• can protecc

• but can also attacc 


• 99% percent of wardrobe consists of white shirts/sweaters

• has thick and muscular legs

• spends more time eating than washing their face

• has such an extra ass

• baby of the group

• though almost no one believes that

• can go 0 to 100 real quick

• very athletic 

• hangs out with boys more than girls

• wears more boots than sneakers

• communicates through facial expressions


• best friends with jungkook

• certified art hoe

• runs a meme account 

• wears very aesthetic clothing

• eye makeup on point

• drinks Arizona tea 

• goes to museums at least once a week

• dyes hair every week 

• wants to model for Gucci 

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