drinking the only way to internet

The following things might be sideffects of watching GYPSY ...

- you might want to see a therapist
- next time u go grab a coffee, check the barista out
- anyone with a British accent will be automatically 10000 times hotter
- glasses, tattoos, the smell of coffee, leather jacket, smokey eyes, anonymity, cigarettes, red dresses are turn ons
- want to live in NYC duh
- smoke weed (Blue Dreams)
- drink bourbon & coffee (or Chardonnay or Fireball shots)
- next destination MARFA
- either want your own Jean or Sidney
(Side Note: yes you do. like both with each other but for yourself it can only be one/ for me SID all the way)
- I actually really want to learn about being a barista
- start an affair and pretend to be somebody else
- become a good/bad liar
- I forgot that platform boots and office attire will become turns on’s as well
- get Chance by Chanel
- check out Bars with live bands on Friday nights
- listen to ‘GIRLS’ by the Internet & ‘MONSTERS’ by A K U A on repeat
- say fuck whenever you please as any reaction
- play hard to get
- hire Alexis as your Assistent
- feel anxious for Dolly
- feel bad about rather thinking of solving the ending than be sad about Allison
(Poor girl pls help friends that you know are in need!)
- BE IN DESPERATE NEED OF A SEASON 2 (so Lisa if you read this I NEED YOU!!!!)

- get Indigo nail polish
- glitter eyeshadow

It’s not that he doesn’t love Lydia. Of course he loves Lydia. He’s always loved her; been infatuated with her; fascinated with the idea of her. That never really went away. It just changed; grew deeper and more complex with everything that they had experienced.

It’s just that after she drives him to college and leaves him with a lingering kiss and a promise that she’d see him soon, things feel different.

So much has happened since that night he dragged Scott into the woods to look for the body of Laura Hale. So much has happened that he doesn’t really feel like he fits into his own life. He tries to ignore it; to pretend that everything is okay; but after the Ghost Riders, he realises he can’t pretend anymore.

It might be the fact that he was stuck waiting in the train station with Peter Hale but he’s been thinking about Derek. He’s been thinking about Derek a lot, thinking that if anyone understands what it’s like to feel like you don’t fit into your own life, it would be Derek.

One night, after a few too many beers, he texts Derek. He doesn’t expect a response, sure that Derek has changed his number many, many times since he left Beacon Hills without so much as a goodbye. Hell, who knows if Derek even has a phone anymore? It’s not like he was good at texting even when he had some semblance of a pack, of people that maybe, sort of cared about him.

I don’t feel like I’m me anymore. Feels like I’m trying really hard to be the same but it just seems hollow.

He doesn’t get a response but it doesn’t really bother him. He wasn’t expecting one anyway. He’s stopped expecting things from people. He’s stopped expecting a lot of things. That voice in the back of his head tells him that he stopped expecting things from Derek when he left without saying goodbye, like hours in a pool meant absolutely nothing, like Stiles meant absolutely nothing.

So yeah, he wasn’t expecting a reply. He just wanted to say the words.

After that, it kind of becomes a thing.

It doesn’t happen all the time. During the day, Stiles manages just fine. He has classes and assignments and even a couple of tentative friends who he’ll grab a coffee with every now and then.

It’s a different story at night though. He tosses and turns for hours, terrified that if he falls asleep, he’ll disappear again and that no one will bring him back. Those endless days in the train station plague his thoughts and he just can’t seem to escape them. It feels like he’s running through those tunnels again, only to end up exactly where he started.

So he tells Derek everything. He pours out the whole story, explains the terror he felt when he knew that he would be taken; when people looked him dead in the eye and had no idea who he was. He explains the frustration he felt when Peter was the only one he could rely on; the bitter disappointment when Peter left and he was all alone. He tells Derek everything and it feels like he’s standing on the edge of a cliff, just screaming into the empty nothingness. The words are out there and even if Derek never replies, it’s better to have written them than to have done nothing. It’s ever so slightly relieved the feeling of slowly choking on the terror.

He ends his text message like this: sometimes I think I’ll disappear again and no one will come looking.

And then his phone beeps.

I would.

That’s it. Two words and Stiles feels like he can breathe again. Someone would come looking for him.

It’s not like those two words opened a floodgate of communication but Derek does occasionally reply.

When I do sleep, I see Allison dying. I wonder if Scott blames me. I blame me.

If I had been a better Alpha, Erica and Boyd would have stayed. No one blamed me for that, just like no one blames you for Allison.

Do you think I’ll ever stop blaming myself?

I’m not the right person to ask about blame.


Found handcuffs in my roommate’s closet. Think he uses them for community safety on full moons or he’s just really into 50 Shades of Grey?

Stiles, it’s far more likely that your roommate is an aspiring Mr. Grey than a werewolf. Put them back where you found them. It’s rude to snoop.

Omfg I can’t believe you know what 50 Shades of Grey is!

Everyone knows what 50 Shades of Grey is.

You aren’t everyone though! I didn’t know that you read books. Or watched movies. Or had any knowledge of pop culture.

Derek doesn’t text back. Instead, he gets sent a photo of a bookshelf. It’s so full that Stiles is genuinely impressed; it doesn’t look like even one more title could be added to that collection. He doesn’t know why but he finds himself feeling kind of sad that he didn’t know this about Derek whilst he was living in Beacon Hills. Stiles tries not to dwell on the feeling but he knows himself well enough to know that he’s feeling guilty.

He knows what it’s like to wonder if anyone would care enough to come looking if he disappeared. He imagines that’s how Derek felt after his family died and Stiles didn’t do anything to make him think otherwise.  

He doesn’t text back.

It’s the night of the full moon and Stiles feels strange, like something is missing. He was invited to a party or two but declined, pretending that he had an assignment he really needed to finish. He’s weeks ahead of his course work but he doesn’t want to go out tonight. He knows his friends back in Beacon Hills are going to be okay without him; knows that it’s a good thing that he hasn’t heard from them; but it stings a little.

He doesn’t like feeling so replaceable.

He sends Lydia a text message, asking how everything is going. He doesn’t want them to be in danger; doesn’t want them to struggle without him; but it would be nice if they noticed his absence. He’s hoping that Lydia will tell him that they’re okay but that they miss him.

She doesn’t reply straight away and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

He can see the moon out of his dorm room window. He snaps a picture and sends it to Derek without thinking. Never thought I’d miss chaining Scott to a radiator, he captions the photo. He thinks he means for it to be a joke but even to his own eyes, the words seem flat on his screen. He sends them anyway. It’s not like he’s been censoring himself recently, not around Derek anyway.

On my first full moon alone, I howled at the moon, hoping that someone would answer. It’s lonely without pack.

I’m not really pack though, he responds. It’s easier than acknowledging the fact that Derek’s family burned to death in their family home; that crazy Uncle Peter tore his sister into pieces; that his only remaining family are either certifiably insane or residing with a pack in South America.

It’s okay to miss being needed.

I don’t know if they ever really needed me.

Derek texts back a photo of a pool.

A quick internet search confirms that it’s just a stock photo from Google but his heart races anyway. He remembers diving into the pool and holding Derek afloat; how terrified he had been that they would both drown; that his dad would find his body and drink himself into an early grave.

He hadn’t cared about Derek then, not really, not the way he cared about him now. He had held Derek afloat because it was the right thing to do and because he was selfish. He knew that if he and his friends had any chance of surviving this, they would need Derek.

Near death experiences don’t count as being needed.

This time Derek is the one who doesn’t reply. It’s fair enough, really. Stiles wouldn’t really know what to say to that either.

When he wakes up in the morning, he has three unread messages.

Lydia tells him that all is well in Beacon Hills and tells him to check his email because she’s edited his latest essay. He tells Lydia thanks and tries to ignore the flicker of disappointment in his chest.

It counts as being needed. You weren’t just kept around because you were better than nothing. You’re an asset, Stiles. You’re smart, yet somehow stupid enough to throw yourself into danger without thinking twice. Underneath that unrelenting sarcasm and attitude, you care a hell of a lot. If it wasn’t for Scott, his attitude towards me and some of his questionable decisions, I’d have asked you to join my pack.

A second message, sent about an hour later, reads tell anyone and I’ll rip your throat out with my teeth.

He can’t help but laugh.

Lydia asks Stiles if he’s coming back to Beacon Hills for break. It had always been his plan to spend break at home, to fall back into things like he had never really left. He goes to reply, to tell Lydia that he’ll leave after his last classon Thursday, but he finds himself lying.

Sorry Lydia, totally broke. Can’t afford flights and I don’t think the Jeep would survive the drive. Maybe you could come here instead?

I can’t. It’s all hands on deck here.

She doesn’t elaborate. More noticeably, she doesn’t offer any financial assistance. Whilst he would turn it down, the Martins are one of the richest families in Beacon Hills and Lydia is generous with her money. If she cares about someone, she shows it with material gestures. He hasn’t seen Lydia in months; since she drove up to college with him. Shouldn’t she want to see him? Shouldn’t he be moving mountains to see her? This is Lydia, after all. He’s been in love with her for as long as he can remember.

All he knows is that something doesn’t feel right here. There’s a gentle hum of disappointment under his skin but when he examines it, he finds that it seems to be related to the fact that he didn’t know Beacon Hills was facing another threat. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the fact that he’s not going to be seeing Lydia this break. He doesn’t know much about relationships but he knows that she’s supposed to offer and he’s supposed to care.

His fingers hover uncertainly over his phone, not quite sure what to say. He can’t actually remember the last time he properly spoke to Lydia. They text a few times a week, when he has time between class and she’s not busy with pack business. He scrolls back through the conversation and he’s struck by how superficial it seems. He can’t even remember the last time that they spoke on the phone. They agreed to have weekly Face Time calls but after their plans fell through three times in a row, they stopped making arrangements.

In the end, he sends back a simple good luck. He needs more time to analyse before he says anything more.

He manages to fall asleep before 3am, which is no small feat these days. He dreams of his mum, of her body on the kitchen floor and his tears marking her face as he cries down the phone, begging for an ambulance. He dreams of her body on a cool metal table in the morgue, of his father having to identify the body because his mum was sick and Stiles couldn’t get the ambulance quick enough to save her.

He dreams of Peter offering him the bite but this time he accepts it, sick and tired of being the weak, defenseless human. He can feel the pain, can feel fire coursing through his veins, and he knows that the bite isn’t taking. He isn’t strong enough to survive the bite so he’s going to die, all alone on the cold, hard concrete.

He dreams of the pool, of Derek growing heavier and heavier. “It’s okay”, Derek whispers, as Stiles has no choice but to let go. He watches Derek’s paralysed body sinking to the bottom of the pool, his lungs burning as they fill with water, and he cannot do anything.

He sees Erica standing on his front porch, smiling at him. He relaxes. Maybe this is a nice dream. Erica is alive and happy, which is how things should be. He tentatively smiles back, lifts a hand in greeting. Her smile grows wider, showing bloody teeth, and he reels back. Blood keeps dripping, gushing out of her mouth, until she keels over on his welcome mat. He doubles over and vomits on his front lawn.

He dreams of Gerard. He manages to get free, trips as he tries to run up the stairs and escape the basement. Gerald just laughs as he slowly walks up the stairs and takes hold of his leg. He screams as Gerard drags him back down the stairs, knowing exactly what fate awaits him there.

He dreams of motel car parks and road flares, of Scott going up in flames because Stiles isn’t enough to save him; because Stiles has never been enough. He says all the right words but Scott just scoffs and tells him that he wishes he had never met him, that his life would have been so much better without Stiles, that it was Stiles’ fault they were in the woods that night. Scott tells him that everything has always been his fault, then drops the road flare and the whole car park burns a fierce red.

He dreams of the Nogitsune, of the darkness. He pushes the blade into Allison’s stomach, hears Lydia’s screams reverberating off the tunnel walls. He wants to take it back, to do something, to save the girl his best friend loved; to save the girl he once considered a friend. He can’t do anything though; he’s not strong enough to fight the darkness.

He dreams of the Ghost Riders, of endless days and nights waiting for someone to remember him, of thinking that maybe it would be better for everyone if he didn’t come back. Easier, maybe. He dreams that he comes back and his dad’s face contorts into something unrecognisable, twisted by anger and grief; the regret of choosing to remember his son at the cost of losing his wife all over again.

He awakes suddenly, covered in sweat and gasping for air. He doesn’t think, just grabs his phone and dials the only person he thinks will understand.

It doesn’t matter that it’s nearly 4am. Derek answers the phone after the second ring and god, Stiles has missed his voice. He didn’t realise just how much until he hears it again.


Months ago, Derek texted I would and Stiles felt like he could breathe again. Now, Derek has said his name and he feels grounded again, like his feet are back on the ground.

“Bad dream”, he answers. “Sorry for waking you”. He knows Derek wasn’t asleep but it’s the polite thing to say.

Derek doesn’t say anything. Years ago, back when they first met, Stiles interpreted the silence as frustration, like Derek was purposely not fulfilling his role in the conversation so that Stiles would get the hint and shut up. After a while, Stiles started to think that Derek was silent because he was socially awkward and just didn’t really know how to participate in a conversation. After all, he had been alone for a long time.

Derek’s silence seems different now, though, like he’s giving Stiles a chance to process his thoughts and decide where he needs to begin.

“Why did you leave without saying goodbye?” he asks, acknowledging for the first time that he was bothered by it.

“I didn’t think anyone would really care”, Derek says, like it’s that simple. In Derek’s eyes, it probably was that simple.

“I did”. He pauses and the silence stretches between them for a few more seconds as Derek allows Stiles to collect his thoughts. “I was the one who realised you were gone. I went to the loft after school and the place was empty. I don’t have werewolf senses so I couldn’t just track you down… I drove around for hours looking for you. I was fucking terrified that you had been taken by someone or something but then I found Peter at that stupid abandoned train cart you used to live in. He told me that you had gone and that you didn’t want to be found. That fucking stung, by the way. You said goodbye to Peter but not to me”.

“He’s family”. Again, his words are spoken like it’s just that simple.

“Blood isn’t always thicker than water, Derek! Peter is a fucking lunatic, alright? He killed Laura! That’s unforgivable! I know I’m just some stupid, spastic teenager and that you’d happily rip my throat out with your teeth if it wouldn’t stain your upholstery but I deserved a fucking goodbye”.

It’s not until he says the words aloud that he realises how angry he is. He cares about Derek. He has done for a long time now. He trusts Derek in a way that he doesn’t trust anyone else and that’s not a recent thing. The reason he feels comfortable enough texting Derek all his deepest, darkest thoughts isn’t just because he thinks Derek will understand. It’s because he trusts Derek. Quiet, angry, hurting Derek who proved himself time and time again; who proved that despite all his faults, he would show up when it counted; would save and protect Stiles no matter what. He thought that maybe, just maybe, Derek trusted him too; that maybe Derek cared just a little bit; but then he left without so much as a goodbye or a forwarding address.

Stiles doesn’t know what else to say so he hangs up.

I should have said goodbye.

I wanted to but I wasn’t sure you would care.

Actually, that’s a lie. I think I knew that you, out of all people, would understand why I was leaving. I think I was just trying to avoid an honest conversation that I wasn’t ready for.

I’m sorry.

Thank you.

He doesn’t text Derek for about a week. He tells himself that it’s because he needs to invest more time into his studies and into his relationship with Lydia but he knows that’s a lie borne out of self-preservation.

In all honesty, he’s scared.

He hasn’t been scared of Derek for a long time. He’s been scared for Derek and whilst around Derek, both of which are common feelings considering Derek seems to have an annoyingly persistent habit of getting into life threatening danger.

He’s scared now though because Derek can be awfully perceptive when he wants to be. Derek also happens to understand him more than most other people these days, which is why Stiles has been messaging him in the first place. If Derek was really listening – and Stiles thinks that he was – then he’s revealed just a little bit too much about his feelings.

Stiles has always found Derek attractive. Even when Derek was threatening to rip his throat out or pushing his head into a steering wheel, he’s been very aware that Derek is more attractive than most people in Beacon Hills combined. Stiles has eyes after all. He’s sure that Derek is aware of it; that he’s smelt the arousal that seems to follow Stiles everywhere he goes, particularly where Derek is involved. Derek, to his credit, has politely ignored the attraction rather than acknowledging it and causing never ending humiliation.

Somewhere along the way, things shifted. The more time Stiles spent around Derek, the more he realised that Derek wasn’t just a pretty face. He had been through hell and somehow still survived but it was more than that. Weaker men would have crumbled if they had gone through half as much pain as Derek but he came through it all and somehow, he still cared about people. He turned Isaac, Erica and Boyd because he was lonely but also because he thought he was giving them a better life. He showed up, time and time again, even when he didn’t have to. Even though he said that he didn’t, he knew that Derek trusted him. Derek’s actions spoke far louder than his words and somewhere along the way, Stiles had proven himself to Derek. The threats and the violence had been replaced with an understanding that they had each other’s backs.

When he went to Derek’s apartment and found it empty, he had realised. Things had just clicked into place and he knew that his physical attraction to Derek had grown into something deeper and stronger. It was a secret that Stiles had intended to take to his grave. He had shoved it into the far corners of his mind and pretended that he wasn’t bothered by Derek’s absence; he had dated Malia and then Lydia and acted like everything was fine.

He had never talked about it so when those words tumbled out of his mouth, the anger and the frustration and the hurt feelings were still so fresh. Derek is smart enough to put the pieces together and realise that there’s something more there, at least on Stiles’ end.

So yeah, he’s scared. He’s not scared that Derek won’t reciprocate his feelings because he already knows that Derek doesn’t feel the same. He’s terrified that he’ll lose Derek completely and he doesn’t know how he’ll be able to handle it.

It’s pathetic but he’s felt more human over the last few months than he has since Derek left. He isn’t ready to lose that.

He and Lydia break up during the week that he’s ignoring Derek.

They manage to have a Face Time conversation and about three minutes in, she tells him he looks like complete crap. He tells her that he’s struggling with the distance, that after everything, he just isn’t ready to come back to Beacon Hills and she’s far too valuable to travel to him and leave the town unprotected.

Lydia doesn’t even look surprised and she’s polite enough not to call him on his bullshit.

“It’s better that we end it now. I’ve received an early acceptance to the University of Cambridge so in the near future, we’ll be on different continents”, she says in agreement.

There’s a lot left unsaid. They’re both aware that Stiles is no longer the same person he was in third grade, when he decided that he was going to be in love with Lydia Martin forever. They’ve both lost people and gone through more trauma than most people see in a lifetime. Rather than growing together, they grew apart. Stiles knows that a lot of the responsibility for that rests on his shoulders; that he should have worked through his issues with Lydia, that he should have trusted her with the burden he was carrying.

He was just so in love with the idea of Lydia; so desperate to have the perfect relationship that he had been dreaming of for years that he refused to share his darkness out of fear that it would taint everything.

He ignores the voice telling him that Derek Hale has already seen him at his worst and seems to tolerate him regardless.

For someone who once thought that Lydia Martin shined brighter than the sun, he’s remarkably okay with their breakup.

Scott texts him for the first time in weeks, a simple

heard the news. Hope you’re okay.

He replies with a smiley face. He doesn’t think there’s much else to say. He and Scott will always be brothers but they’re living different lives now.

After a particularly sleepless night, he texts Derek. He figures that if Derek was going to make a scene over Stiles’ little crush, he would have done it already.

Would your arm have grown back?

Do you think about that a lot?

I’ve done a lot of research and can’t seem to find the answer.                       

We aren’t related to starfish. I’m 99% sure I’d have ended up with a stump.

He gets to know Derek a lot better over text.

Breaking Bad or Walking Dead?

Is that even a question, bitch?

Summer or winter?

Winter. I remember learning how to snowboard when I was younger. My family had a lodge.

Favourite Harry Potter character?

George Weasley or Sirius Black. Ten minutes later, his iPhone indicates that Derek is still typing a message. It’s worth the wait when Derek practically sends an essay about why he likes each character. That leads to a three hour phone call about why Severus Snape is a bad person. Stiles falls asleep while Derek is ranting about the scene in the movie where Severus steps over James Potter’s dead body to see Lily.

The fact that Derek’s a secret Harry Potter fanatic makes him way happier than he should be.

Late at night, their text messages grow more serious.

Worst relationship?

I don’t think I’ve had any truly terrible relationships. I haven’t really been heartbroken or betrayed. I think I’ve been a bad boyfriend though. Both Lydia and Malia deserve better.

You weren’t heartbroken over Lydia?

Not really. I was more in love with the idea of her.

That’s how I feel about Kate.

He doesn’t reply; chooses to call Derek instead. It’s 2am and for the first time ever, Derek tells another person what happened with Kate Argent. Stiles had put most of the pieces together a long time ago but hearing Derek tell the story is the most horrific thing Stiles has ever heard. The police reports had noted that Derek, Laura and Peter were the only survivors; that Derek’s mother and father, his grandmother, three younger siblings, and four cousins of various ages had all perished in the fire.

Derek’s voice doesn’t waver as he tells Stiles that Kate had seduced him; that he had told Kate all about his family; that he had mentioned a family gathering that he wanted her to attend. He tells Stiles that he came home from lacrosse practice to see his family home burning to the ground.

Stiles only utters four words that night but repeats them like a mantra until Derek’s breathing evens out and he drifts off to sleep.

It wasn’t your fault.

Did you love Jennifer?

No. I think I could have in time but we both know how that ended.

Why did you believe me when I told you she was evil?

Because it’s you. You’re one of the only people that hasn’t lied to me. That earned you a little bit of faith.

Did you love Brayden?

No. I think I wanted to show the world that I had survived Kate and Jennifer and didn’t have any emotional wounds. I think most people would call that a rebound relationship.

Do you think you could fall in love again?

Stiles waits for an excruciating seven minutes before Derek replies.



I tried to tell my dad that I was bisexual once. I think he thought I was joking.

I never got to tell any of my family that I’m bisexual. After the fire, Laura and I moved to New York. I wanted to tell her but I couldn’t find the words. I couldn’t find the words about Kate either. I like to think that she knew anyway and loved me regardless.

I’m sorry I accused you of her murder. That was really fucked up.

I was never really going to rip out your throat with my teeth.

I know.

It was easier to just be angrier all the time. Anger is easier to manage than grief.

Was easier? Are you not angry anymore?

I’m still angry but it’s not the only thing I feel anymore. These messages help. So does therapy.

Derek Hale in therapy? I never thought I’d see the day! In all seriousness, I’ve thought about therapy a lot. I went after my mum died and it helped a little bit. I just don’t know where I’d find a therapist who knows about the supernatural.

Derek texts him a phone number for a counsellor about fifteen minutes off campus. He doesn’t ask Derek how he knew what college he was at.

Peter offered me the bite once.

I didn’t know. I’m glad you didn’t take it?

Because I’d be a terrible werewolf?

Because no one should be connected to Peter in that way. I think you’d make an excellent werewolf. Far better than Scott.


Have you seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones?

He calls Derek and they talk for hours. He almost hangs up the phone when Derek tells him that he doesn’t understand the appeal of Jon Snow but he likes the sound of Derek’s voice far too much.

On April 8th, he gets sent a photo of a cheesy card wishing him many happy returns.

Happy 18th birthday, Stiles.

He sends Derek a photo of his face with his widest grin. He didn’t even know that Derek knew his birthday.

When’s your birthday?

11th July.

And how old are you going to be? I vaguely remember starting at Beacon Hills high as you were getting to graduate but then when we saw you in the woods, you looked like you were 80.

I’m only four years older than you, Stiles. I’ll be turning 22 but I haven’t celebrated in years.

But if someone wanted to hypothetically post you a card and a present, where would they send it?

Derek sends him an address in New York City. Stiles doesn’t need to ask; he instinctively knows that this is the apartment that Derek and Laura lived in before her death.

Do you think you’ll ever go back to Beacon Hills?

Not unless it’s an emergency. I was supposed to go back with Laura when we heard about the killings in our territory but I told her that I wasn’t ready. I made her go alone.

It wasn’t your fault.

Stiles can’t sleep. He Face Times Derek and pesters him until he finally agrees to start watching Parks and Recreation.

Stiles has the same episode playing on his laptop but he finds himself paying more attention to Derek’s face than the episode. He’s never seen Derek laugh before and the sight of him chuckling is mesmerizing.

It becomes a regular thing. Derek watches something on Netflix; Stiles watches Derek.

I hope you fall in love with someone who loves you as much as I do.

Stiles should not be allowed access to his phone while under the influence of alcohol. He texts Derek that exact sentiment the next morning but Derek doesn’t respond.

He doesn’t hear from Derek again.

I’m really sorry, Derek.

I shouldn’t have made things awkward between us.

Your friendship is more than enough, I swear. I’m not going to push for something that you don’t want.


None of his messages elicit a reply and god, it hurts like a fucking bitch. He thinks he finally knows what it’s like to have a broken heart.

He receives a text from Lydia.

A little bird told me that Derek Hale is currently moping in New York City.



I didn’t realise you were in contact with Cora. Hell, I didn’t realise that Cora was in contact with Derek.

Of course I’m in contact with Cora. She’s a useful contact. As for her contact with Derek, that’s only a recent development. Their pack bond still exists in some form; she reached out when she realised that something didn’t feel right.

What am I supposed to do about Derek moping? It’s kind of his thing.

Check your email.

There’s an email from Lydia. It’s a forward from a travel agent, confirming that a flight for a Mr. M. Stilinski has been booked for this Saturday.

He doesn’t know what to say. It turns out he was right about Lydia Martin – when she cares about someone, she shows it in materialistic gestures. This might be the greatest gesture that she’s ever done.

Stiles can barely sit still during the flight to New York City. He’s terrified that Derek will slam the door in his face but he knows that if he doesn’t try, he’ll regret it.

The cab ride to Derek’s apartment takes an eternity. He almost forgets to grab his bag in his rush to get out of the cab and forces himself to take a deep breath; to slow down just a little.

He mentions to get into the building without buzzing, darting through an open door as one of the tenants leave the building. Before he got on the flight, Lydia had texted him the apartment number, and his hands shake as he knocks on the door.

“Stiles?” Derek’s voice sounds even better in person. “What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t reply to my texts”, he says like it’s just that simple. In his eyes, it is.

It seems like it might be just that simple to Derek too because he grabs him and pulls him close. Before Stiles can protest about being manhandled, Derek’s lips are against his and the words die on his tongue.

“Why didn’t you reply?” he asks a few hours later. He and Derek had eventually made it to the bedroom and it was everything Stiles had imagined and more. It was worth forgoing the conversation but Stiles couldn’t ignore the obvious for much longer.

“I panicked. Over text, it was easy. I could say whatever I wanted and not worry about the repercussions. The thought of it becoming something more was terrifying, Stiles. You know my relationship history”.

“And you know that I’m not like any of them”.

Derek nods in agreement. “You’re not like them. You’re more than them. You already mean more. I wanted to be in a better place before giving this a chance”.

“That’s why you’re in therapy?”

“Yeah. I’ve been considering it for a long time but that night when you yelled at me for leaving without goodbye was the final push I needed”, Derek explains. “I’m still not completely there. There are still things we need to talk about and things that will require a lot more therapy but I’m in a place to give this a chance, if you still want to”.

“If I hadn’t have shown up on your doorstep, what would have happened?”

Wordlessly, Derek passed Stiles his phone. The draft messages are illuminated on the screen and Stiles scrolls through them. There’s countless messages, dating back at least two weeks, and they’re all different versions of an apology; of an explanation. Even if Stiles hadn’t shown up on his doorstep; Derek was trying. Derek has proven himself time and time again; Stiles knows that he would eventually have sent a message explaining everything.

“I still love you and I’m all in”.

Stiles calls the university the next morning and defers his enrolment.

University can wait. Right now, he and Derek have a lot to work through, both individually and together. Stiles hopes that if things go well, he can transfer his studies to a university in the city. Based on the course catalogues he finds in Derek’s study, he thinks that they’re on the same page.

He has seven missed calls from Scott and twelve text messages, all urging him to come back to Beacon Hills.

There are three messages from Malia, stating that he needs to get his ass into gear and help them out.

There’s even a text from Lydia, saying that she wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t serious.

He looks over at Derek, who looks more relaxed and happy than he has in a long time. “Shit’s going down in Beacon Hills. They need me to save their asses”. He wants Derek to come with him but doesn’t want to ask; doesn’t want to be responsible for Derek’s shoulders growing tense as he heads back to the town that took everything from him. “I shouldn’t be gone for more than a week”, he says as he’s packing a duffel bag and throwing it into the back of Derek’s Camaro.  

“That’s what Laura said”.

There is no other explanation; nothing else that needs to be said. A second duffel bag is tossed into the back of the Camaro and Derek gets into the passenger seat like he belongs there.

Turns out he didn’t need to ask. Maybe Derek needs him just as much as he needs Derek. After all this time, it’s a nice thought. It helps keep the darkness at bay; helps Stiles feel just a little more grounded than he has done in a long time.

“You didn’t think you were doing this without me?”

“Without us?”

Yeah, it feels pretty damn good that they’re an ‘us’ now.

The livestream kept cutting out due to shoddy Australian internet (curse you, Malcolm Turnbull) but I honestly lost track of the number of times Dirk was tempting fate? Saying the universe doesn’t work a certain way only for the universe to actually come through when he least expected or wanted it?

  • I never thought one of my fondest wishes would be for Dirk to be able to finish a diner meal without something needlessly dramatic happening, and yet. Please. Let him drink a milkshake or eat some pancakes without getting metaphorically twatted in the face by the cosmos. He’s useless as a detective if he’s malnourished and sleep-deprived, lordy may.
  • “I stopped existing a while ago” is morbidly funny, but even then I just wanted to cry. Psychic vampire banter at its best and most heartbreaking. But at least there’s light down there, because I’d been having nightmare visions of them all spending two months in complete darkness and silence and it was doing a number on my personal sanity.
  • I know that we’d already established Susie’s villain status but christ, selling out her own son to the police and then trying to use him as an excuse to not kill someone is some pretty brutal whiplash. “But what if someone gets hurt” isn’t going to fool anyone, Susie. You’re attractive but also you killed a dog and also some people so eh, please leave town now.
  • Dirk trading away police evidence for the #aesthetic is the most hilarious thing ever, but also can we please have a minute silence for the loss of the collarbone shirt. Samuel Barnett looked fine as hell in it. I’m going to miss it deeply. The end of an era. Let the mourning begin. Get the twitter trend happening.
  • Collarbones.
  • I didn’t like Todd agreeing with Dirk when he called his powers “stupid flighty bullshit” but I’m willing to cut them both a bit of slack, it’s been a long and stressful week, there are dead bodies everywhere. But this is a version of Dirk Gently that I can imagine standing on the roof screaming “you utter bastard” while shaking his fist at the night sky (like in the novels). It’s a tragic development.
  • Why am I so charmed by Panto calling her “Bartine” though?
  • Farah’s phone has to be bugged. It’s the only thing that makes sense with this particular storyline.
  • I’m assuming that the water cleaned Amanda’s face because she’s suddenly 35% less eyeliner and it’s taking a while for me to come to terms with being able to see her face again. Her “I am the consciousness?” conversation sounded like it should’ve been taking place when they were both getting stoned after a first-year college philosophy class. She’s trying to roll with the punches but they just won’t fucking stop coming.
  • … but also the Moloch symbol was clearly visible and I’m now a deeply concerned bean. Does this mean that Bergsberg is in danger? Wendimoor? Blackwing? What has been woken?
  • … but also I’m here for Amanda being the new Forest Witch.
  • I fully understand why Panto is beginning to crack, even if I’m worried about what it means for the holistic detective squad. He’s in a world he doesn’t understand, with people who have locked him up, trying his best to save his world even when it’s full of people who want him dead. His only friend is a piranha in the stream of creation. This has been a rough week for him, all things considered. He and Bart need a million more doughnuts and another dance party.
  • Dirk’s impression of himself was simultaneously the best and the worst thing ever, and we already know that his current accent isn’t the one he was born with so I’m assuming that it took a long time to develop from 1940s Gay British Pantomime to what he has now. But oh hello cracks, you keep getting bigger and bigger and I keep getting more and more worried. Is he sleeping yet? Eating properly?
  • The boy confirming that “at first the dreams were a gift” makes me so much more suspicious of Mona. I still adore her but the actress confirmed that the character is easily manipulated and I’m wondering whether she’s acting of her own accord or if she’s serving a higher purpose.
  • Hobbs’ concerned face when they were loading the boy into the ambulance was pure enough to cure cancer and also world hunger. Why can’t I just like assholes? Why do I always fall for the nice ones?
  • Someone needs to do a video edit of the Rowdy 3 coming through the portal set to The Boys Are Back In Town.
  • The fact that the Mage was so out of his depth in the scene with the wall mural throws out a lot of my previous theories? He looked threatened and actually scared and I’m not sympathetic in the slightest because he’s the major villain of the season. But I hate it when villains are unsettled because it always makes them 100% less predictable and more dangerous. That’s the exact opposite of what I wanted.
  • “I wanna fuck everybody here” oh man, I have never related so much to a single line in my entire life, how are they all so dang attractive?
  • And that’s why it was important that Hobbs deputized Farah, because he’s going to be out of commission for a few episodes (living in denial is a blast and a half, I can highly recommend it) and Farah’s finally going to show the world what she’s made of. Which is sugar and spice and fucking guns.
  • Rule one of questing, you guys: DON’T SPLIT THE FUCKING PARTY. Have none of you played Dungeons & Dragons?
  • I adored the Todd/Farah interactions and I’ll fight anyone to defend them.
  • Dirk on the dance floor looked like a cat having static balloons rubbed all over it, he was that uncomfortable. But also that conversation on the dancefloor was like someone went onto AO3 and pulled out everything we ever wanted, it was so nice to see them all having a nice time even if it took actual fucking sorcery to get them there. Max confirmed that it was indeed a love spell and oh, you beautiful tropical fish, it’s almost enough to make up for that final scene.
  • You could tattoo “it’s a lot of moving pieces and I’m getting overwhelmed” to my face and I’d thank you at this stage. But I’m fully here for Farah trying to explain away the boy’s violence with “he’s had a traumatic time” and Dirk rolling his eyes so hard they could be seen from space. Dirk’s had a lifetime of experimentation and trauma and christ, his coping mechanisms aren’t the best but you don’t see him trying to strangle anyone. Give the sunshine bean some more credit, guys.

The only thing giving me comfort right now is the thought of Friedkin’s face when he discovers that yet more subjects have disappeared into thin air.

Get wrecked, Friedkin. You weren’t even in that episode and I’m pissed at you.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I ask for headcanons of cute dates for Izaya and Shizuo with their s/o?


- He loves café dates, especially during summer time when you can sit outside the shop. He gets to spend time with his beloved and won’t miss out on any events concerning his humans if something were to catch his eye.

- also likes taking them to the park or just for window shopping in the city, basically anything where he can combine his two favorite things

- every date has to include a stop at a purikura which is probably the only place you’ll get to see him make funny faces and poses without holding back

- if it’s been a really long time since the last date, every drink is on him, only drinks though so bring your purse

- generally he never plans his dates and spontanously decides with you what to do

- another possibility are stay at home dates

-this man lives off kombini food so cooking (keep an eye on him though) and eating together at home is heaven for him

- watching movies with him can go two ways
1. He analyses the characters in the movie and either compliments them or finds faults in almost every move the characters did (need I mention that he WILL write a comment about this movie on the internet under some fake name)
2. He enjoys it, but can’t shut up and talks to you the whole time

- when the two of you are alone he likes to keep you close and hold you, since he can’t and doesn’t want to hold your hand or somethig in public because of all his enemies

- needless to say, if anybody dares to disturb his dates they will be picked on for at least a month mercilessly no matter the reason


- dates with him are generally calm, he just wants to talk to you and take a break from his hectic life

- he likes to go to places where nobody really knows him so he’s rarely in ikebukuro when on a date (he doesn’t want to risk running into izaya because then his anger would get the better of him and the date would be ruined)

- places he likes to go to are arcades, theme parks and beaches

- he enjoys trying out sweets with you and the two of you always share each others meals so you never order the same thing

- he loves the drinks that come with heart-shaped straws for couples, he will be red to his neck but he will still do it (you have to order though he’s too shy)

- he wants to pay for everything and is eager to buy you anything that you comment on (stop him, he will go bankrupt)
“That dress is so cute, wow” “You want that?” “Shizuo, it’s december.”

- always has this calm look but inside his heart is beating like crazy he enjoys your company so much he can’t believe you willingly date him at all

- he will try his hardest to compliment your outfit, not because it’s hard to find something to say but because the words barely come out at all

- he likes taking walks when it’s raining so he can hold the umbrella up for you and thus has a reason to keep you close in public

- everywhere he goes with you he has this proud look that screams “yes, this is my s/o”

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I saw you did the Minor Trio reacting to competitive skater MC (and aaaah it was so wonderful), so what about the RFA reacting to that?

✿ well yes i also love yuri on ice. Minor Trio was done here!


  • There does not exist a more loving, devoted, obsessive fan that Yoosung.
  • He’s good at devoting his complete time and attention to things - look at his fixation with LOLOL! And when he meets you and sees you skate, all of that passion transfers to you.
  • Yoosung throws himself into the sport wholeheartedly. He follows blogs, researches your fellow skaters, brushes up on the terminology, learns about all the competitions… and he accompanies you to each one, always desperate to see you skate one more time.
  • It doesn’t matter that he’s seen your program over a hundred times by now, watching it grow from its inception to what you perform on the rink. He falls in love with it again each time he sees it, and even more so, he falls in love with you.
  • The minute you get off the rink, he bounds up to you, gushing about how that’s the best performance he’s ever seen and you’re incredible, you must have beaten your last record!
  • It doesn’t matter if you missed a jump or put on your worst show that season - Yoosung is just so amazed by you that he thinks every time he sees you is the best thing ever.


  • He’s so, so incredibly jealous at first, because he thinks that - at any moment - he might lose you, incredible, beautiful, talented you, to someone who can appreciate your sport better.
  • Zen gets antsy when male skaters talk to you. “All men are beasts,” he says to you, getting protective as he tries to warn you from them. “It - it doesn’t matter if they’re pretty beasts; they’re beasts!”
  • zen calm down ur being weird
  • He tries to learn how to skate so he won’t lose out to other guys, which is hilarious. Zen is.. graceful, beautiful, and talented, but he thinks he can rush past all the basics and get right into the fancy footwork.
  • After ending up on his butt more times than he can count, he asks you for your help, and you find him to be an enthusiastic and charming student.
  • It’s fun, teaching him to skate, but you also repeatedly assure him that no, you think he’s wonderful and no, you aren’t going to leave him for another skater. Seriously. Doesn’t he trust you?
  • Doesn’t he believe in your relationship?
  • His insecurity fades, but his desire to skate doesn’t - because it’s something he can share with you now. Slowly, you teach him, and as he learns more about skating, he only grows to appreciate what you do even more.
  • Remembering his failures gives your grace a lot of context.


  • She’s bringing you coffee when she sees you skate for the first time, and the way the light catches your hair as you twirl makes her drop both drinks on the floor.
  • If Zen’s performances gave Jaehee a reason to live, than yours give existence itself meaning. You’re gorgeous, you’re stunning, and she immediately goes to the internet searching for pictures and videos of you in every costume ever.
  • She starts collecting memorabilia - figures? yes. dvds? yes. t-shirts? yes, and she is in the FRONT ROW of the rink from now on, proudly wearing your face on her chest.
  • She actually gives you very interesting and thoughtful feedback on your performances, and she applies much of what she learned being a fan of Zen to helping you perfect your own acting and expressions.
  • Every time you steal the audience’s heart, you steal hers along with it, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever be the same.


  • He sits in the stands, along with hundreds of other screaming fans, and he is completely captivated.
  • No one can get through to Jumin Han while he’s watching your competitions. Someone could be shouting in his ear about how Elizabeth the III was dying in the next room, and he wouldn’t even flinch or look away for a second.
  • the man does not blink. he does not want to miss a single second.
  • He’s not effusive in his praise, but the expression on his face tells you everything you need to know. He looks at you like you are his entire world.
  • And… you kind of are.
  • You understand him, all of his emotions - and he can feel the essence of you from the way you skate. With some smugness, he thinks of the fans around you and how they think they know you, but… do they?
  • No. They know what you want them to see. But he can see the true you in the way you twirl across the ice, and he guards that knowledge like a precious treasure.


  • if you hear one more ice pun, you are going to plant the blade of you skate directly into his face.
  • “Man, I don’t know how I’m going to skate around that topi-” 707 says, and you start chasing him with your show.
  • He’s always suggesting more and more elaborate costumes and theme ideas for your performances. Once, you actually take him up on one, and do an entire routine centered around the theme of feline grace.
  • (you have little kitty ears as part of your costume. seven takes so many pictures.)
  • When he’s being romantic, he’ll ask you to take him skating through the stars. You’ll glide through the milky way, you and him, and he babbles about it with this loving, dreamy expression on his face.
  • For his birthday, you tell him to come to the local ice rink you use to practice. It’s dark, and he’s confused - until one of your friends turns on the light, revealing that rink has been outfitted with million star lights to give it a dim, otherworldly glow.
  • He stares at you as you skate up to him in a glow-in-the-dark outfit and give him a pair of ice skates in his size. Once he’s put them on, you take his hands gently and pull him onto the ice.
  • “I can’t really take you skating through the sky,” you say with a guilty smile before gesturing to all the star lights. “So I tried to get it close. You like it?”
  • “Yes!” He shouts, beaming - and you have to catch yourself on the railing to keep himself from toppling you over with a hug.
P5 Facts from Mementos Chats

I love the chats from Mementos and recently found this blog @joker-arewethereyet .(Keep it up I love it!) I went through and made a list of things that come up often. This is only a beginning list. Feel free to enjoy for some fic uses.


  • Car Morgan is comfy
  • Someone brings a drink every so often/ Talks of being thirsty
  • Comfy thieves=get sleepy
  • Futaba can possibly use any of her electronics- has footage of them running around Mementos
  • Shopping
  • Food-Yusuke & Ryuji enjoy uncooked cup ramen noodles
  • Yusuke gets carsick
  • The internet in general
  • Joker smelling like coffee
  • Yusuke doing sketches and not dropping pencil shavings
  • How good Joker looks in his outfit
  • Ann and her whip
  • Background sounds-wind/shadows/voices
  • Yusuke always looking for inspiration
  • Manga
  • How dark it is
  • Haru enjoying bashing enemies
  • Speeding
  • Any member with a tail wonders or complains-Ann only likes the tail on her costume
  • Interior design of Car Mona and ways to “improve”-i.e. mini fridge/shower
On the Road

Part 2

AN: Wow I really do suck at keeping up with updates, but I knew I would at least have part two out by today! Thanks for being patient with me!

Warnings: Minor Swearing

Word Count: 3.3K


Sighing heavily, your (y/e/c) eyes scanning the horizon of cow pastures that now surrounded you, contrasting to the trees of the morning, you noticed the setting sun. Turning to look at Kylo, you saw his eyes were beginning to droop. Fatigue was definitely getting to him, and he desperately needed rest, whether he liked it or not.

“Kylo,” you said softly, placing a hand on his forearm, hoping to illicit some kind of reaction.

“Mm?” he simply hummed, not looking away from the interstate in front of him.

“We need to stop. You know you’re tired and it’s no good going on like this,” you said. He glanced at you, his brown eyes showcasing his fatigue even more, and the bags under his eyes seeming deeper.

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Eat Your Heart Out

If you are what you eat, then I am chicken tenders at every restaurant where I don’t know what sort of food they serve.

If you are what you eat then I am tortilla chips, plain and eaten for all three meals that day because depression meals are simple and salty like tortilla chips.

If you are what you eat then I am mostly salami, salad, pickles, bread, chicken fingers, and pasta (specifically spaghetti).

If you are what you eat then I am pizza and ice cream and every other bad thing that I shouldn’t eat but do because one cheat day a week isn’t so bad and one cheat week a month won’t kill me and one cheat month a year isn’t the worst vice to have.

If you are what you eat then I am iced tea, the kind that makes your teeth ache with each sip because it is so sweet, dripping on your tongue like thin honey under the heat of the northeast sun.

If you are what you eat then I am my first beer at approximately 19 years old, and I am also the gagging that followed, and the second beer I choked down after that too.

If you are what you eat then I am haddock well done with rice pilaf and broccoli, a proper meal for the first time in weeks.

If you are what you eat then I’m exactly two helpings of malarkey and an entire stick of baloney, with one big dollop of sarcasm plopped right on top.

If you are what you eat then I am words, having slid down my throat like a dog backed into a corner, no bark and no bite, crammed thick and scorching in my esophagus like heartburn.

If you are what you eat then I am praise, swelling in my belly like an overfilled balloon, ready to pop at any moment because the rubber is stretched so thin that the nearest needle will make it deflate and make a big farting noise. It’s a metaphor, if you will.

If you are what you eat then I am criticism, bitter and sharp like vinegar-soaked shards of broken glass, cutting and stinging my tongue as I try to chew on and accept it.

If you are what you eat then I am love. Filling my belly, it is love that we swallow when we feel it. I cough it up and wear it on my sleeves.

If you are what you eat then I am shame, sticky like peanut butter in my mouth and I am not allergic to peanut butter but its taste is revolting and I try to spit it out but it is stuck to the roof of my mouth, the feeling lingering on long after the initial taste.

If you are what you eat then I am news, flashing bright like a neon sign every five minutes from my television screen, and though it looks bright and appealing the taste is saccharinely sweet like cheap old candy.

If you are what you eat then I am mindless media content, I am video holes on youtube and internet arguments on facebook and instagram followers and tumblr reblogs and tweets. I am endless and circling and I am feeling sick and I might throw up.

If you are what you eat then I am territorial gazes and promises of good times, the fizzy drinks not lifting me but weighing my eyelids down until I am asleep so they can have it their way like I am a meal to a predator, only prey.

If you are what you eat then I am existential dread, twirling pretty like a black hole in the base of my throat, ready to swallow every question like does life have purpose? Am I truly alone? Is there anyone there? Someone I can call? Anyone out there for me? Anyone at all?

If you are what you eat then I am abstraction, my intestines looking like a Picasso painting, all blocked out and symbolic, but not all of us are artwork, says the raging melancholic tendencies that make my veins droop like tree branches in the cold, heavy rain.

If you eat what you are then I am humming birds, I am blue socks, twisted around my eyes to block the night, I am chocolate kisses and Christmas cards from strangers, I am three hundred reasons to go and one to stay, two hands holding mine, accentuated by friendship’s blurry lines.

If you are what you eat, then I am chicken tenders at every restaurant where I don’t know what sort of food they serve.

If you are what you eat, then I am still hungry.


“High Class $treet Bitch” isn’t just a tumblr name..its really who I am!! I raised myself I’ve been on my own since I popped out the cooch… i have a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR BULLSHIT Nobody helped me learn the shit I know now I had to learn the hard way.. When I got in the game I didn’t even have a phone at 1st.. No internet…no real friends only fake ones….I just had to FIGURE SHIT THE FUCK OUT

I was living in a group home (foster care.. I was a ward of the state so I literally had NOBODY) When I was younger I went out with one of my old friends from the group home we were smoking and drinking and shit…. I loved the fast life… I never went back to that shithole after i left!! I ended up meeting a nigga who was way older but I didn’t care because I was grown in my mind and the nigga was finee afff and he had $$$$$ I liked him… He liked me + ends up taking my virginity he was a boyfriend or so I thought… I didn’t know at the time but he was grooming me to get in the game since he met me A bitch was living fast always smoking weed, popping pills, drinking and fucking..I was a bigggg hoe for free im ashamed when I think back on it… My bf started getting in my head saying shit like “you’re soooo pretty and skinny” “you can get rich off these tricks out here” “you have long hair and a pretty smile"…. I didn’t think I was pretty at the time soooo I ate that shit up… It took him a long time to convince me but eventually he ended becoming my pimp I was 18 by then and my whole life changed… I wasn’t starving anymore I got paid each and every time I opened my legs or got on my knees I had money to buy clothes instead of always wearing the same shit.. I had no problem getting up to get that trap everyday it didnt matter if i had to stomp or post to get it He really taught me alot of shit about men …. The do’s and donts … showed me how to keep myself up, had a bitch making at least $1000 everyday, Taught me how to drive, cosigned on my 1st car for me & put it in my name so even if he got mad at me he couldn’t take it from me.. He was a good nigga he never hit me or cursed me out no wild shit like you see on TV all pimps ain’t guerilla pimps but thats a whole nother post make a long story short he ends getting locked & I left him…. He laced me w/ the game and helped me get on my feet I was grateful but I wasn’t about to wait years on him & send my trap to jail…he can’t invest in me if he’s away.. I been doing my own thing ever since & I’m good & it but shit I might get under somebody else instructions 

I don’t regret none of my past it made me into who I am today and I’m glad the shit happened the way it did I came from nothing and I built myself into a queen bitch who stands on her own 2 feet and I make shit happen

I said all that to tell y'all that the game is sold not told… All this free game on here y'all better take advantage of it I HAD TO PAY TO LEARN THE GAME that’s why I get irritated when someone wants simply because they asked.. if you wanna get in the shit and don’t wanna work then it ain’t for you.. If a girl has no idea about tumblr & has no friends in the game she’s gonna either get a pimp or madam or join an agency to get the game what do those 3 things have in common… YOU HAVE TO PAY..ain’t shit free especially in this industry and that’s just the truth. Lazy hoe’s will never prosper nobody’s gonna spoonfeed you for free and they shouldn’t!!!

There are posts on literally everything on here: how to start, how to budget fast money, how to market yourself, how to suck dick….. READ THEM & RE READ THEM If you wanna be a hoe you can’t have thin skin, you can’t be weak and you have you stay on your game at all times you won’t have somebody to hold your hand all the fucking time

Information is valuable…why you think college costs so much… I can tell you everything I fucking know but if you don’t get your ass up you won’t get those red bottoms, that condo and that range Rover you want.. Its called sex WORK for a reason

Steve The Virgin - Steve Rogers x Reader

Steve hasn’t told any of the avengers this (although they assume it to be true anyway), but he’s a virgin. You have been dating him for a little while and want to take your relationship to the next level but it hasn’t crossed your mind that he might be a virgin since he has the body of a god and he hasn’t mentioned it since he’s afraid he won’t be able to please you.

Three months, that’s how long you and Steve had been dating. You had to go through your diary three times just to make sure that it was true, you’d been dating for three months and yet he had never made a move. Now, you weren’t exactly the most experienced of folks when it comes to such a thing, but in every other relationship you’d been in, by now sex would be a regular thing.

You talked about it to Nat, she was your gal pal and a SHIELD agent which meant she was great at keeping secrets, and what she told you was that Steve was probably just shy. It had taken him almost a year to even ask you on a date even though he’d had a crush on you for ages.

“So, supposing you’re right, what do you think I should do?”

“Well, first of all,” Nat began, “I am right. Second of all, maybe you need to make the move, just to let him know that it’s something you want, and then… y’know, have fun.” She gave you a wink and left your bedroom, giving you time to think over your plan.

And you thinking up the plan was harder than most would think, though it was pretty clear to everyone in the Avengers, Steve was the romantic one in the relationship. But eventually (after many google searches) you managed to end up with the perfect plan, something special that’d make him fall in love with you all over again, then something to get him in the mood, and then the bedroom.

You organised the bedroom before you left, scattering rose petals all over the bed. You were going to leave a bottle of wine in an ice bucket beside the bed so that Steve could have some liquid courage if he needed it, but then you realised that it’d be quite silly considering he couldn’t actually get drunk. The only part left to do in the bedroom was you, and damn did you look do-able, you were underwear which the internet had said was once in style around the world war two, so hopefully Steve would appreciate that as well.

The date out and the way you got him in the mood wasn’t so simple, you took him to the small café where you and Steve first went on a date, they served some really nice food and on the menu they recommended different hot drinks to go with each meal. The only problem was getting him in the mood, there wasn’t much you could do other than act sexual towards him. This was performed through slight touches every now and again; you even played footsie with him under the table which seemed to be a new experience for Steve.

In no time you had returned back to the Avengers tower, normally after a date Steve would kiss you at your bedroom door and leave, but this time you wanted him to actually get in your bedroom so you kept your hand around him and pulled him into the darkly lit bedroom which JARVIS had given instructions to prepare before you arrived, setting the mood of the room perfectly with a mix of red and white lights.

“Y/N…” He mumbled, “What is this?”

You walked over to the bed and with slow movements, began to strip off each item of clothing until you were left standing in your underwear. His mouth made a satisfying gasp while his eyes bulged at the sight of you. His reaction gave you even more confidence and you couldn’t help the smirk that formed on your lips, “surprise.” The nerves in your voice were clear, but you tried to hide that, hearing that you were feeling nervous probably wouldn’t inspire credence in him.

“I-I should do.” This response made your smile drop, but he didn’t actually leave which made you bold enough to step closer and grab a hold of his face, guiding his eyes to look at your face. Which you didn’t really need to do, after a second of seeing you in your underwear he became determined to stare at your face and only your face.

Now closer, you realised just how red he’d became, but you weren’t sure if he was actually blushing or if it were just the red lights. “Steve, you don’t need to be polite and composed, I want this.” The conviction in your voice even surprised you.

His own hand rose into his hair and began to tug at strands, something which you were hoping to be doing very soon. “Y/N, I can’t.”

You stepped back, shaking your head before face palming. “Oh my god,” you mumbled suddenly feeling stupid, you shouldn’t have pushed him, you shouldn’t have listened to Natasha; like she’d know about Steve’s sex life. “I’m so stupid,” you unashamedly fell down onto the bed, lying on your stomach, “please, just leave me to wallow in my self-pity.” You cried, not really sure if he understood what you were saying considering that your mouth was against the blanket.

A few moments passed before you felt the bed go down slightly beside you, letting you know that Steve was now lying down on it. His hand touched your bare skin, and you just wished that he could understand how much your skin would burn underneath his touch, how palpable the sexual tension would become whenever he was around you. Maybe he did, maybe he was about to break up with you because he did realise.

“Y/N, I- I really want to.” You looked up at his words, finding him shying away from you. He removed his hands once you’d turned to face him. He looked down at his crotched, “"you’re- you are- I mean- what I’m trying to say is that this is definitely affecting me, what you’re wearing is just… wow.“

You sat up, “then why don’t you want to do… anything?” The word sex had suddenly become a taboo, you felt like saying it might make him run off.

He didn’t say anything at first, it took you moving closer and giving his hand a comforting squeeze for him to open his mouth. “I’m a virgin.” He whispered his words, they were barely audible, if you hadn’t had moved closer you doubt that you’d have been able to hear what he’d said.

The gasp that came from your lips was accidental, but you were really, genuinely, surprised. With the body he had, you’d always just assumed he’d had ladies chasing after him back in the day, even more so because he was such a gentlemen. “I don’t care,” you said just as quietly as he had. “I don’t care,” you repeated the words louder this time, “I still want you, we don’t have to do it now if you don’t want to. But I just want you to know, virgin or not, I still want all of you.”

Finally Steve turned his head towards you, eyes shining as your words seemed to affect him. He launched himself onto his knees so he could tower over you, he grasped your head and kissed you. He was a good kisser. You liked the way he’d take control with kissing, he was so confident with his mouth. You took this as a sign that he wanted to move forward with the night you planned and so you tugged down on his shirt, only making him recoil.

“Wait,” his words came out breathless, not that you were thinking about that. You were thinking about how god damn crushed you were by the sexual tension, and how disappointed you felt when he detached his lips from yours. “I don’t know if I can do it yet.”

“Why?” You asked, attaching your lips back to his, he responded for only a moment before parting again, feeling just as drawn to you as you were to him.

“I don’t- ” he took a moment for himself, trying to sort out his head which was becoming clouded. “I’m inexperienced, I don’t want to disappoint you.”

You shook your head at him, “do you want me to tell you what I like?” The sexual side of you had come out to play and nothing but a bucket of really cold water would be able to stop it now, “or perhaps I could show you.”

Your lips attached to his neck and began to suck, “I like this,” you mumbled, your hot breath doing things to him that were becoming more and more noticeable. You tried once more to take his shirt off and this time he allowed it, just from kissing his neck you had him in the palm of your hand. Said hand, travelled down his abs, appreciating each Adonis-like part of him. “And I like this,” you proceeded to dot little kisses across his chest, your hand moving further and further down. His breathing was becoming heavier, this whole thing so very satisfying for both you and him.

This was it, the moment where you’d either be turned away or accepted, you wouldn’t mind either way, but you knew which one you’d prefer. “And I especially like it, when I’m touched down here.” Almost expert-like, you unzipped his pants and wrapped your hand around him. His mouth dropped open and an involuntary groan escaped from him, the sound that came out of him almost made you audibly moan but you managed to keep that in.

His eyes closed as you began to move your hand up and down; abruptly he grabbed your wrist and pulled your hand from his length. You were suddenly vulnerable, staring at him and waiting expectantly for him to tell you it was time for bed. He didn’t do this though.

Instead he pushed you down on to the bed, taking control. “I think I could probably do those things for you,” his eyes shined with mischief as he performed everything you’d just done. And more.

Ya’ll thought I was done didn’t you?! Well too bad because my finals are fast approaching and I need something to help me forget my crippling anxiety about passing. Remember-I don’t do the usual suspects so here we go!


Listen up you thirsty chicks this nation is all about being a gentleman and more so than that British wanker! Despite his size, fair complexion, upbringing and siblings this lumbering nation is all about stopping the world to spend time with you (within reason-the guy needs to keep working to afford the good stuff!) Constantly given work by his boss and trying to keep his dignified persona Luxembourg is one of the most eloquent speakers under Austria (number one reigning champ) with Maccu (respective third) quietly stepping onto his coattails so you’ll never get tired of hearing this nation’s voice unlike SOME nations I could name. Truly there will be times where you feel miffed that the young nation hasn’t been around to hang, communicate or go out on a date in several months’ time but Luxembourg always makes up for it by saving his pennies and time (much like his big brother Netherlands) for the big occasions like birthdays and some major holidays. Missed Christmas because his boss put him on overtime? You can bet your sweet ass that Valentine’s Day will be one that you’ll remember. Missed your birthday? You know somewhere in the next week or so after you’ll be whisked away on a extravagant date. On those few hours that Luxembourg gets off to physically spend time with you he’ll make sure all his time and attention is on you. He’ll spend those fleeting moments asking about you and your feelings and Jesus Christ this guy is just so patient and well dressed! This man will literally sit there for hours listening to you talk without complaint because he loves listening to his girlfriend in close proximity. And while he may have an issue when it comes to physically touching his girlfriend (hand-holding, hugging, kissing) whether it’s because he’s being a gentleman or he’s just unsure of himself just remember to go slow. Like his older brother Luxembourg is all about going all in. Luxembourg is all about evening the scales to make everything fair but for his girlfriend he’ll do his best to tip it her way, even if it’s in the smallest of ways. Such examples of these can be noted by having whatever drink she likes at her favorite joint being readily prepared and prepaid for by him, little expenses covered monthly (phone, internet, rent and the like), and short videos sent by him. Honestly, I think the only thing that makes him a bit of a weird boyfriend is how he obtains pictures of his girlfriend for his blog when they rarely see each other. Other than that enjoy this graceful, dignified, gentleman among gentlemen and their pretenders *cough* ENGLAND*cough* because Luxembourg will (try) to put the world at your feet.


Jesus Christ you got one insecure boyfriend on your hands when it comes to Portugal. This handsome Spaniard bastard is all about proving that he’s better than that doppelganger Spain in all ways but more importantly to you. Some common phrases that you’ll hear as his girlfriend are: “I’m so much better off than that perdedor Antonio” despite the fact that his economic problems are on par with Spain’s, “I can definitely fix that for you!” ignoring the fact that he’s pretty unskilled, followed closely by, “I’m far more handsome than Spain-how does anyone keep mixing us up?!” Really, this poor guy is trying to sell himself constantly to his girlfriend because he’s that paranoid that somehow she’ll mistake him for Spain or decide that Antonio’s far kinder than he is. When other nations are around Portugal will become obnoxiously possessive and loud about how much he does and what a great girlfriend he has to anyone dumb enough to not steer clear. At this point he’ll become handsy (not that you’ll mind because hot damn this bastard is fine) but once all perceived competitors are gone he will try to apologize for it-but will mostly cite it’s because “Your too cute for your own good so I have to make sure no one tries to steal you from me!” In fact if you’ve ever spent the night at his place (or anywhere within a 5 mile radius) you’ll bear wittiness to one of his nightmares not unlike what sounds like some sort of Spanish soap opera drama complete with yelling in Spanish and grabby hands movement. There are times when this boyfriend loses sleep because man oh man-he may have his looks but when it comes to progress based on the current world’s scale he has none. Hell, the guy’s lucky he has some dirt on Antonio or else nothing would ever get done in his nation. So while Portugal can’t do some of the big flashy things like America, Japan or Finland he does know how to be a great homebody. Like most of the older nations Portugal does exceptionally well at it and for his girlfriend he’ll definitely lend a hand if she asks for it. He’ll cook, dance and sing but if you plan to tease him about Spain being better than him please do so in VERY small amounts so he won’t go into some kind of crazy “make myself seem more appealing by either belittling to the point of tears or trying to disfigure the competition. I’m being serious-do NOT DO IT ANYMORE THAN YOU WOULD LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT YOURSELF. Portugal just can’t handle the constant comparison and really, why would you do it? No one likes having it done to themselves. So recap: very insecure boyfriend that needs to be told almost daily that yes, you love him and not Spain, no, you didn’t trick me into being your girlfriend by looking like Spain and for the final time already you love him so stop the questions and just kiss the fool already!


Hey baby, this boyfriend is all about showing you a good time. Meet one of the most hardworking boyfriends’ (next to Switzerland, Sweden and Netherlands-actually Netherlands is more of a hustler but I digress) you’ll ever hope to meet. Kind, down to earth, laid back and unique nature makes Mexico a sought after man in the boyfriend department. First off he won’t ever sell you short and definitely won’t let you do it either! “What do you mean you think you’re ugly? I think you’re the most hermosa mujer in all of Mexico” and “Of course you can do that climb amorcito-you’re the strongest girl I know!” are things that you’ll most commonly hear as his girlfriend. Jose may have a bit of a sarcastic nature toward most of his visitors but he does everything in his power to make sure nothing but positives are directed at his girlfriend. And the funny thing is if Jose thinks he’s done a misstep (it happens on occasion when you don’t automatically share in his humor, makes a snide remark for your benefit or is just being his usual self around the other nations) you’ll have this nation literally trying to appease you (and usually at the most inopportune times like weddings, graduations, at the mall, at the waterpark, etc.) For the love of all things holy DO NOT LET HIM GO ON FOR LONG WHEN IT COMES TO GROVELING FOR FORGIVINESS! The man may be a proud Mexican but he ain’t too proud to beg if it keeps his chava in his life. I’m not kidding-this guy will seriously consider some messed up shit. All that smack he likes to talk about other nations is nothing in comparison to the things he will do to convince you to stick around. But in with those tiny blips of crazy for Jose he’s the kind of boyfriend that can go either way. You want to be a homebody and sit around in your pajamas? He’s down for that! You want to go outside and get all hot and sweaty in the desert? Sure, he’ll get the camel backpacks ready! There’s honestly nothing that Jose isn’t down for when he doesn’t has his boss breathing down his neck. He’ll show you all the colors of his country and then some-from the beaches, culture, and beat of his nation-nothing is off limits to his girlfriend. Jose will be teaching her Spanish at almost every opportunity to get her more in in tune with his country with not so subtle hints on getting dual citizenship.  Whatever pace his girlfriend sets Jose is sure to follow unless he knows that she can do better. This boyfriend is all about showing how great his girlfriend is to the nations at large and more importantly to herself. So get out there with this glorious (if not blunt) boyfriend and show the world what you both got!

Can't Sleep (Daehyun)

Here’s a short scenario with my ultimate bias, Jung Daehyun! <3 I’ve been really busy this week but I managed to write this! Hope you guys enjoy it! :D


You slowly toss and turn on the bed, trying to find a comfortable position while trying to not wake your sleeping boyfriend, Daehyun. You glanced at the clock.


You quietly sighed. It’s been a little more than an hour since you laid in bed and you still couldn’t fall asleep. Getting out of bed, you grabbed your phone and tip toed out of the room and quietly closed the bedroom door. You went downstairs towards the living room and plopped down on the couch. You unlocked your phone only to wince at the bright light that emitted from the screen. After getting adjusted to the brightness, you tapped on the internet icon. “Ways to help you fall asleep.” You quietly mumbled as you typed it in the search bar. “Meditate… no. Make the room cold…pass, I don’t wanna bother Dae. Watch a boring movie,” You glanced at the time.


“Too late for a movie. Drink warm milk or tea….” You stood up from the couch and made your way to the kitchen and looked in the fridge for some milk only to find none. Sighing, you moved to look in the cupboard for the box of tea. You lightened up when you saw the box but opened it and found a sticky note.

Sorry, _____! I drank the last packet of tea ^^; I’ll buy you some more tomorrow

“Dae….the one day I really need some too.” Just then, you felt arms wrap around your waist and a chin rest on your shoulder. You jumped from the sudden appearance of your boyfriend. “You saw that? I’m really sorry.” Daehyun told you, his voice still full of sleep, before leaving a small kiss on your shoulder. 

You turned in his arms so you faced him. He looked extremely exhausted but here he was with you at 1:30 in the morning. “Sorry, did I wake you up?” “Not at all. The bed felt too big without you. What are you doing up at 1am?” he asked you. “I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t wanna bother you by moving around a lot so I came out here and googled some ways to help me fall asleep and it probably would’ve helped if someone didn’t drink the last packet of tea.” He chuckled. “Hey, I wrote that I was sorry. Now come on, let’s go back up to bed.” He wrapped your legs around his waist and carried you. 

“Dae, you can put me down. I can walk myself and I’m heavy and you’re probably still really tired from practice and-” He cut you off with a kiss. “Baby, I know you’re really worried about me but I’m fine. I wanna carry you so just let me, okay? And you’re not heavy at all.” He smiled up at you while you reluctantly sighed, “Okay.” Daehyun made his way up the stairs and into the bedroom. He walked up to the bed and carefully laid you down. 

Once he got comfortable with his arms wrapped around you, he started singing softly. You wrapped your arms around him and placed your head on his chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat and the sound of his sweet, melodic voice.  After a while, you started feeling sleepy. “Thanks, Dae.” you told him before you drifted off to sleep. “Anything for my angel.” He kissed the top of your head. He felt your breaths get even and soon, he fell asleep too.


The bright sunlight seeped in through the curtains, making Daehyun stir in his sleep. He turned and looked at the clock.


He looked down in his arms and saw you curled up next to him with your mouth slightly open and your cheek pressed against his chest, the same position you were in when you fell asleep. He softened at the sight and admired how adorable you look even when you were still sleeping. He moved your hair out of your face and you nuzzled closer to his hand, trying to get warmer. He chuckled and you made a soft whining noise. 

“Baby~” He cooed. More incoherent noises were made by you. He smiled before he started places kisses all over your face starting from your forehead to your closed eyes to your nose and finally to your lips. “Dae~” You whined. “Let me sleep.” “But I’m fully awake now.” “Whose fault is that?” “The sun.” You laughed at his answer. “Baby, please?” You looked up at him and saw a pout on his face. “Dae, can’t we stay in bed for ten more minutes?” You pouted at him too, knowing he couldn’t resist. “How about five minutes?” He asked. You shook your head and hugged him tighter. He sighed, “Fine, we can stay for ten more minutes.” You smiled widely and pecked his cheek. You closed your eyes and tried to sleep a little bit more while Dae laid there and waited for time to pass but soon he drifted off to sleep too.

anonymous asked:

Can you please write a fic where the reader is dating either one of the Winchester brothers and he saves her from being raped at a bar and even though she's hurt she refuses to go to the hospital and he picks her up and puts her in the impala and brings her to the hospital against her will while she's crying and in shock and cursing at him?

Hey Nonnie! So for this prompt I went with Sam, mostly because my instinct was to go with  Dean…..and I like how it turned out! The only thing is that the reader character is probably less angry than you wanted just because of how the scene ended up going, it didn’t make sense, but please feel free to prompt me again! I love prompts! 

Warnings for this one: attempted rape, stranger drugging a drink, cursing and all that.

Also, I thankfully have never had anything slipped in my drink, so I’m going of of the internet for what it feels like to be drugged, sorry if it’s way off base….


The bar isn’t exactly the nicest place, but then, they never are. Sam grins at you from where he’s leaning against the pool table, waiting for his shot. The poor bastard he’s hustling still thinks he has a chance. You wink back and pick up the three darts from the table in front of you. Never let it be said that Sam is the only one who makes the money in this relationship. You tend to be under estimated by the typical dive bar crowd since you look just a bit too ditsy to really know your way around the place, but that’s an act. Acting is fun, especially when it pays in drinks. That’s another thing, people, ok guys mostly, always assume you’ll have one beer and fall over drunk, which makes handing their asses to them at darts all the more fun, and profitable.

The first throw goes wide left; you’d been aiming at the 17. A calculated giggle has your opponent smiling. He’s young, probably about your own age, and he’s up by three points, which is all part of the plan.

The second dart is too high. That wasn’t part of the plan. Damn, you’d been hoping to close out the 17 and move on to 18 with your last throw, but now you need to hit in the double point ring to hope to do that. Out of the corner of your eye you notice your opponent crossing the floor behind you, and assume he’s getting another drink. You throw the last dart and it hits just inside the double point zone. A sigh of relief passes your lips as you go to pull the darts from the cork.

“Damn Missy, nice shot.” The man is back with two beers.

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JiKook Stormy Night Prompts
  • Jeongguk hates it when it’s storming. It’s not that he’s scared, it’s just that it causes his internet to go out and as a college student trying to research for his paper, that cannot happen.
  • Jimin is quite the opposite, it gives him an excuse to procrastinate (never mind the ‘back in my days, I went to the library to research’ lecture).
  • So once again their internet goes out and the lights are flickering, Jeongguk is texting a friend to see if their internet is still working.
  • Jimin starts pouring the alcohol in the kitchen, cheers coming from him and him only
  • He stops Jeongguk on the way out because who the hell is miserable enough to spend New Years alone in their college dorm with only a glass of wine?
  • Jeongguk reminds Jimin that he has a paper due the day they’re back and Jimin only pushes on because why would you work on a paper when it was time to party?
  • Jeongguk raises a brow and doesn’t even have to say anything before Jimin takes it back because after all, he was drinking alcohol alone in their kitchen a couple minutes ago.
  • Somehow, Jimin convinces him to just wait for the internet to come back on in their dorm, and wait with him (and with a bottle of alcohol).
  • Both manage to learn how to play ‘Never Have I Ever” with only two people and really they’re just using it as an excuse to go out and get more alcohol.
  • Now they’re sitting under the safety of a shop overhang while it rained, Jimin has the hiccups and can barely keep his eyes open.
  • Jeongguk is a talkative drunk and thank goodness the shop is already closed because they could be chased away for scaring away costumers.
  • Someone confesses, neither of them remember who the next morning, but the bruise on Jimin’s collarbone and the wrinkles of Jeongguk’s shirt gives them the hint.

Find more of my writing prompts?

Random RWBY Thoughts: X (Tenth Edition)

-It is rumoured that Qrow himself came up with the name for his tavern ‘Crow Bar’, but it was actually Taiyang, the pun master. Qrow always denies this.

-Oobleck is enraged after he discovers that Ozpin watched the feature-length coffee documentary without him, and promptly deletes it from Ozpin’s DVR as revenge. (Inspired by @eren-without-powers‘ contribution to the eighth edition)

-Ozpin and Oobleck are constantly trying to one-up each other by trying to have the greatest coffee collection in all of Remnant, securing rare types of coffee or finding one-of-a-kind mugs.

-We have seen that Qrow is better than both of his nieces at the video game that they were playing… but it was Winter that taught him everything he knows. Winter happened to own the same game as she was growing up with Weiss, and the two of them played the shit out of it, despite their father’s disapproval.

-When Ruby can’t get a signal for her scroll, she uses Penny as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

-The old Shopkeep is a secret trap card hidden inside the packaging of Remnant: The Game, much like the a certain ‘Cards Against Humanity’ card.

-Qrow, with his immaturity and perverse demeanor, is the unrivaled champion of Cards Against Humanity, with Taiyang being the only person who can come close to matching him.

-Qrow, Ironwood, Ozpin, Port and Oobleck were having a ‘boy’s night’, with one of the activities being Texas Hold ‘Em poker. Glynda happened to drop in to notify Ozpin about something, when Qrow asked her if she wanted to play. She agreed to play one hand. Qrow was ready to drop a flush. The other men had crap hands and folded, leaving Glynda. Qrow had the most smug grin as he turned over his cards, revealing a flush. Glynda had a neutral expression as she turned over her own cards… and won with a straight flush. Qrow’s jaw was almost literally on the floor as she took away over half of his winnings and banked it. She returned to her business, a smug smile on her face as she walked away.

-Ozpin’s willingness to take significant risks makes him the king of Monopoly.

-You may be asking ‘What game or games is Ironwood good at?’. Thanks to his position in the Atlesian Military, he can use the Atlas military’s supercomputers to play games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Age of Empires, Command & Conquer, Battlefield, Star Wars: Battlefront II and Garry’s Mod on max graphics and with virtually no ping, much to Ozpin and Qrow’s extreme enviousness. Much like he fights in real life, Ironwood only uses a pistol in FPS games, yet scores headshot after headshot against Qrow.

-”Uh, sir? Here is that report you wanted-”


*Ironwood scores a cross-map no-scope*


“Uh, yes sir. That was… impressive.”


*Ironwood types ‘GET REKT SON’ in the chat bar, followed by Ozpin saying ‘there was so much lag. and this map sucks’*

-Whenever Ozpin plays online, the rest of Beacon’s internet starts lagging terribly until one day Glynda had had enough and deactivated the school’s servers, followed shortly after by Ozpin raging so hard that his yells could be heard from the courtyard.

-The only way that Nora can ever drink Ren’s healthy green gloop shake is if Ren makes it taste like pancakes by adding pancake mix and golden syrup to it.

-One night Yang and Qrow decided to have a drink-off, much to Taiyang’s concern. After a great many drinks, both were incredibly drunk. After one more drink, Qrow stumbled over the couch and blacked out, leaving an astronomically intoxicated Yang victorious.

-Every week, Team RWBY go for a McDonald’s run. Ruby always orders a good Medium Quarter-Pounder with a lemonade. Weiss, concerned with the fattening qualities of fast food, orders a salad or a wrap. Blake always goes next door and orders a tuna sub from Subway. Yang, unsurprisingly, goes for the Large BigMac meal… three of them.

There you go, a massive collection of Random RWBY Thoughts to commemorate the first ten editions in this series! As always, submissions in the submit or ask boxes are always welcome for future installments.

Perfectly Charmings

AN: CharmingsDaughter asked for a one-shot of Snowing dealing with a teenage Emma and Neal. Neal is 16 and Emma is 15. And I’m introducing little Ruth Charming in this one, who is five. I’ve seen the Emma and or Neal go out drinking and get punished a lot though, so I did something a bit different with this. Emma and Neal are trying to find their way in this and cave a bit to peer pressure. Then they get themselves in too deep and it’s Snowing to the rescue. I went this direction instead of the typical Emma/Neal get caught sneaking out or drinking etc, so I hope this still meets your request.

Perfectly Charmings


Growing up in Storybrooke had its advantages and disadvantages. They were protected from the Land Without Magic and many of its typical dangers. Unfortunately, the temptations of this land made the rather sheltered teenagers of Storybrooke very curious about the world they only saw on the television and the Internet.

After the mess with Hyde and the return of the Evil Queen, Regina had put up her own barrier around town that was similar to the one they had during the first curse. The idea of open borders had been on the table for discussion, but since magic was still very present in Storybrooke, it simply wasn’t an option. But they didn’t want to trap anyone either. Regina had a potion that could be used on vehicles for people that either wanted to leave permanently or take vacations.

The Charming family had done exactly this every year, taking vacations to various places in the Land Without Magic. It allowed Snow and David to give their children experiences outside Storybrooke and still come back home to the safety and sheltered environment that their town provided.

As Emma and Neal grew up, happy and healthy, it quickly became apparent that they both had magic. Regina started their lessons early and was strict, making sure they knew the consequences of abusing their powers.

Unfortunately, as Emma and Neal entered their teen years, they, like any teens, faced the perils of peer pressure. For the most part, they were good kids, happy and well adjusted. Snow and David weren’t terribly strict, but had plenty of rules they expected their children to abide by. These included rules that could be found in most well adjusted households. Chores and homework had to be done before hanging out with friends or extra curricular activities. They had a curfew of ten pm, a point of argument between them, for Emma and Neal had complained more than once that it was too early.

Neal and Emma generally hang out in a small group of kids that included Alexandra, Robin, and a few others, both girls and boys. Because of their status, a lot of their peers didn’t exactly avoid them, but didn’t usually welcome them either. Their father was the Sheriff, their mother a teacher, and their step grandmother was Mayor. It was intimidating to a lot of their peers.

But Neal and Emma’s abilities with magic had perked the interest of a group of three upperclassmen recently. The ring leader, so to speak, had come over from the Land of Untold Stories with his father, none other than Stromboli. And he had been bad news from the beginning. Zeke already had an impressive rap sheet at eighteen and if there was one kid Snow and David wanted their kids to have nothing to do with, it was Zeke.

The other two that followed along with them were troubled as well, though they came from fairly good families.

Zeke was quite interested in Emma and Neal’s magical abilities and invited them to a party at his father’s sleazy bar, which was in the east end of town. The East end of Storybrooke was home to the seedier side of town, with clubs and bars like Stromboli’s questionable establishment. There was also Mother Gothel’s trinket shop and Madam Medusa’s sleazy singing club. If Snow found out they were anywhere near that side of town, she’d have a fit. Their father didn’t like it either, as that end of town kept him and his deputies quite busy.

But they were all curious and decided to go, figuring if the four of them went together, Alexandra, Robin, Neal, and Emma, then nothing bad could happen. Even well behaved teenagers had poor judgment at times.

Getting their parents to let them go out wasn’t too hard, as they claimed they were going to see a movie; something they did together regularly.

Once they arrived at Stromboli’s, Zeke led them into one of the back rooms of the bar where many of Storybrooke’s teenagers partied. There was music, a keg, and dancing.

“You came…I’m impressed. Wasn’t sure you and the kids had it in you, junior,” Zeke called to Neal. They mingled and danced, even partaking in a few drinks. Everything seemed fine, though Neal thought it was a little strange that Zeke had a camera and started filming the party.

“And here we have the Charmings. That’s right…that’s actually their name,” Zeke drawled, as he focused the camera on Emma and Neal.

“Yo Zeke…why are they here? Their old man is Sheriff,” a guy named Steve called, as the camera panned to him. Neal recognized him as one of the seniors.

“Relax…they’re here to put on a show for us. Then this video is going to make me a killing on the Internet,” Zeke replied. That’s when Neal started to get a bad feeling in his gut.

“Show?” Emma asked, as they watched Zeke turn on his laptop.

“Yeah…I’m gonna call this video The Freak show,” Zeke replied.

“Good title,” a girl, Amanda, agreed, as most of those present shared a laugh at their expense.

“Yeah…come on Charmings. Do some of that magic that everyone says makes you so damn special,” Zeke said snidely.

“Let’s go,” Neal said sharply, as the girls followed him toward the exit. But it was blocked by Zeke’s friends. Emma glared at them and her hand lit up with white colored magic.

“Emma no,” Neal pleaded.

“I don’t know, I think she had the right idea,” Robin agreed.

“No, Neal’s right. This is what they want,” Alexandra reasoned, as Neal stepped toward them.

“Just let us go,” Neal demanded.

“There’s only one way through us,” Steve hissed, as he cracked his knuckles. Neal recalled hearing once that his father was a Knight that was still loyal to George, which explained his hostility.

“I’m not fighting you. You’re going to let us pass,” Neal growled. They chuckled.

“Or what? You gonna call Daddy the Sheriff and tattle on us?” the other boy, Jeremy, asked.

“He doesn’t have to,” a voice said from the doorway. The two upperclassmen whipped around, surprised to find David standing there with his arms crossed over his chest and Snow beside him, armed with her bow.

“Well, I’d say this party is over,” Snow said.

“We are in so much trouble,” Robin muttered.

“Oh you have no idea, young lady…” Zelena said, as she came inside behind Snow and David.

David cleared the room and arrested Zeke and the other two instigators. His accomplices quickly turned on Zeke, revealing he planned to threaten to release the tape of them doing magic on the Internet if they didn’t swipe one of Regina’s potions that would allow him to cross the town line. August and Leroy took the three instigators down to the station to book them, while David gave the others a warning and promised to call their parents.

There was silence, as Snow drove them home in her car with their wayward children in the backseat. The silence was almost unnerving and Neal almost wished they would just yell at them already. But he knew that wasn’t his parent’s style. Even when they were angry, they rarely raised their voices at them or each other.

“Care to tell us what you were thinking?” Snow asked, as Emma and Neal sat on the couch in the living room.

“It was just a party and we thought it would be fun,” Emma admitted.

“We didn’t know Zeke was going to do that,” Neal added. David sighed.

“His father is well known for exploiting people and creatures. He used to put people with special abilities on display and charge admission back in the Enchanted Forest,” David reminded.

“We weren’t thinking,” Neal replied.

“No…you weren’t. The party and the drinking alone could have had serious consequences. But we have no idea what ramifications there would be if a video of your magic got out onto the Internet,” Snow reminded.

“Your mother is right. Storybrooke is safe now, but outsiders have gotten in before. If anything happened to either of you…” David stressed.

“We’re sorry,” Emma replied.

“I hope so. I hope you realize how serious underage drinking can be. This may be Storybrooke, but I know you remember the drunk driver that killed one of your classmates last year,” David reminded.

“Your father is right. Not even Storybrooke is immune to these kinds of danger. You two know how we feel about drinking in this family,” Snow chided. They nodded guiltily.

“So…are we grounded?” Neal asked. Snow and David looked at each other and as they had many times before, they watched their parents have an entire conversation with their eyes.

“Yes…for two months,” David said.

“Two months?!” Emma cried, but Snow gave her a look and she recoiled.

“We think that’s more than fair. Things could have gone very badly tonight. Two months will give you both time to reflect and hopefully make you think twice before lying to us about where you’re going to be,” Snow replied. They nodded.

“You’ve lost our trust and it will be your jobs to gain it back,” David added. They nodded again. The disappointment was worse than any amount of yelling could be.

“Okay…up to bed and brush your teeth,” Snow said, as they hurried upstairs. She sighed, as she felt his arms around her.

“Teenagers…” she commented and he snorted.

“And I thought they kept us on our toes when they were toddlers,” he joked. She smiled, as he pressed a kiss to her hair. They were good kids, but even good kids got into trouble sometimes. But Snow and David knew that in this family, they could get through anything, because they would always do it together…

some osomatsu school au ideas

  • Osomatsu - total fuck boy pulls a lot of pranks class clown not popular, pisses teachers off a lot but is actually pretty close to them. Pretends to like todako but has a huge crush on choro mooches off kara and todo friends.Is in the party crowd. Isn’t in any clubs but helps choro out a lot with hw or student council stuff. doesn’t try in school but gets A’s
  • Karamatsu- popular in school since nobody knows his real personality, has a pretty face compared to the other brothers. Girls confess to him a lot with out getting to know him. Really is a giant dork. Is in the light music club. Friends with both boys and girls from all ranges of popularity. Pretends to go adult parties when he gets invited to high school parties. Straight edge. Forces ichi to hang out with his friends. Talks to ichi a lot bc he notices how lonely ichi is. Has a crush on ichi fighting for his affection with jyushi. B student
  • Choromatsu- classroom rep/student council member, has a crush on a girl in student council that wants to be an idol. Oso messes with both of them every time they have a ‘moment’. Choro realizes he likes oso. Tries really hard to be responsible and a role model. Has a decent amount of friends from respect. Cries alot. Wears a girls uniform sometimes bc his brothers replaces his boys uniform with it. Tries in school but only gets a C or D and hides his grades.
  • Ichimatsu- Long grown out hair piercings, rebel kid smokes a lot. Doesn’t do homework. Hangs out with the rebel kids and cats. Forced to hang out with kara’s friends. People think he is weird. Has face stubble. Wears his uniform unbuttoned at the top. Baseball manager ( forced by Jyushi) Helps jyushi with private practices. Always holds a medical kit with him. Has major depression. Doesn’t know who he likes yet. C student.
  • Jyushimatsu- Baseball player. Shaved head.Got into a bad sports injury in middle school. Pretends he’s never hurting. Collapses a lot during private practices with ichi. In love with ichi jealous over kara. Tries his best to be happy all the time. Friends with the other baseball members girl manager has crush on him. Is also a class clown but in a more playful way. Light depression. B student.
  • Todomatsu- Baby faced. Hangs out only with girls. Wants to date girls but they all think he’s gay.Is in no clubs but normally has plans after school with some of his many friends. Parties a lot and gets drunk and messes around with Kara (smooches). Is internet famous, constantly on his cell phone updating. Has a lot of friends but actually is very lonely. Drinks alone. Straight A’s helps people out with tutoring.
Stamina training

There are a lot of posts out there about stamina training, but I’m going to contribute my 2 cents to the mix.

In order to build stamina, you need to increase your body’s ability to tolerate lactic acid, which is also called your lactic acid threshold. There are many ways to do it, but first, what is lactic acid?

Lactic acid is a product of the Cori Cycle where your body burns glucose for fuel. Under aerobic exercise conditions, like a long, slow run, your liver can absorb the lactic acid in your muscles and metabolize it. However, eventually you’ll reach your lactic acid threshold where the body can no longer keep up with the amount of lactic acid you’re producing, and so lactic acid builds up in your muscles, which leads to that heavy feeling you experience at the end of your dancing. (That heavy feeling is actually caused by a buildup of hydrogen atoms, not lactic acid itself, but I digress. Ask me if you’d like the full physiological explanation.)

Luckily, we can train our bodies to metabolize higher levels of lactic acid, thereby increasing our lactic acid threshold, which most of us call stamina work. 

Now, while I agree with dance teachers that the best way to improve your dance stamina is by dancing your routines full out as many times as you can, sometimes that’s not always practical. For instance, I live in a high rise where hardshoes are a no-no, so I have to find a way to fit in my stamina in more creative ways. Here are some alternative lactic acid threshold workouts I do:

High intensity repeats with long rest:

I’m a fan of running, but you could do this with swimming, jumprope, burpees, really anything that gets your heart rate up. Typically I run 400m in 1:15 or 1:20, which is around the same time as a hornpipe. The idea is to run at a consistent, hard effort so that by the last 100m your legs and arms feel like lead. If it feels easy, you didn’t run hard enough. Then, you give yourself plenty of time to recuperate (until your heart rate comes down to ~120 beats per minute, usually 3-5 minutes) and stretch, then go again. Start with 4 repeats and work your way up to 6 or 8. The biggest thing is to try to keep that hard pace for as long as you can until you reach “failure” or when you can no longer sustain your previous 400m time, even with plenty of rest. You should see very fast results in your dancing with this type of training.

Medium intensity running with short rest:

This one harkens back to my cross country days, and i have hellacious fond memories of 6x800m repeats with my team. The idea is the opposite as above, with the same goal to raise your lactic acid threshold. You want to ease off the pace a bit (75-80% of your maximum sprint) but give yourself very short rest in between, usually :30-1:00. These should feel very easy at first, but do no be deceived. Your legs are going to feel like lead bricks by the last repeat, and that’s the one that really counts.

Examples include:

8 x 400m repeats at mile pace (so if you know how fast you can run a mile, divide that by four, mine is 1:30). Rest should be 1:00 exactly. On the last repeats, DO NOT let your pace drop below your first repeat. The end is where it really matters.

6 x 800m repeats at 5k pace (If you haven’t run a 5k recently, take your 400m pace from above, multiply by 2, and add 30 seconds) with only 30 seconds rest in between.

So these are good ways to prepare your body for a single round on competition day, but there are a few ways you can keep lactic acid at bay on the day of the feis. The statements I am about to make are purely anecdotal and I can’t find any scientific evidence (after an admittedly brief search) to support my claims. That said, if you find yourself having very heavy legs in between rounds at a major, there are two things I do to prevent it. 1. Drink water with lemon. Contrary to popular internet belief, LEMON JUICE IS NOT AN ALKALIZING AGENT. Seriously, it’s an acid, it cannot and will not neutralize lactic acid. Anything that you ingest will not alter your blood pH because it has to go through your stomach first. If you’re interested in this, we can talk later. However, it does seem to ease the heaviness in my legs if I sip lemon water in between rounds, so I keep doing it because why not? 2. Put your legs up. Back during my track and field days, we would run the 4x800 race and then put our legs up before the mile, and it would definitely make our legs feel lighter. I strongly suspect that it’s because when you put your legs above your heart, you decrease circulation to your legs which prevents inflammation and blood pooling. I’d recommend, right after you finish your dance, find a quiet space and lie down on the ground with your legs in the air leaning against a wall for about 10 minutes.

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways to increase your stamina, and here are a few more. Please note that I didn’t talk about sprints in here because that’s more about increasing power and fast-twitch muscle fibers, which I’ll save for another day. Happy practicing!

anonymous asked:

Youre no longer a wild child haha you have grown up so beautifully though Even though sometimes i miss drunk helaine or the one who got high and didnt judge as much

This was sort of a backhanded compliment and it annoyed me. I think the only people who could ever say they “miss drunk Helaine” are people who never knew me personally during that time in my life.

I was not okay. I was not drinking because I was ok. I was not a “wild child” because I was ok. I was suffering inside and the only way I could deal with it was by drinking. I did not love myself or anyone else. I was selfish, rude, and immature. The only reason you could possibly say you “miss drunk Helaine” is because I was more entertaining to follow then. Sure, I was more active online and put a lot of humor behind what I shared with the internet but that’s just because I had nothing better to do. I’m no longer a “wild child” for a reason.

I’m not sure why you think I was less judgmental then because I was definitely more judgmental. I was really mean, you just probably didn’t realize that because you didn’t know me in real life. I was a sad person in every definition. I have become a more patient, compassionate, and understanding person now. I was not a good daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, etc. during that period in my life. I am so in love with who I am today. I may not get wasted everyday and do stupid things anymore but I’m responsible, I’m financially stable, I have goals, healthy relationships with people who love me and vice versa, I’m more “here”. I’m growing and learning, I’m becoming the type of person I want to know. 

I’m not going to apologize for becoming an adult. I’m 22 now, I couldn’t party forever. I couldn’t wake up with anxiety about what the Hell I’m going to do with my life anymore. I couldn’t wake up next to someone who abused me emotionally and physically and pretend we were happy in front of everyone anymore. I couldn’t wake up and hate myself anymore. So I stopped partying and got myself together and now I’m better, I’m the best version of myself I’ve ever been. I’m proud of myself.

If you miss “drunk Helaine”, you are most likely someone who is just like “drunk Helaine” so I hope you find what’s worth valuing in life and learn to love what matters one day. 

So this is how my body changed so far.
The way i did it, is by changing my diet.
No more unhealty eating en binging.
I love to eat good food and search the internet for recepes.
I’m addicted to avocado, quinoa, oatmeal and all kindes of fruit.
Slowely i’m getting my kids and husband to eat all of the stuff to.
Totday i made wraps with quinoa and avocado and my son (5) told me; mummy, you make such yummie food!
Also i drink tons of water, i take a 5cc botle with me everywhere. En drink at least 2l water a day. The only downside is that i have to pee a lot ;)
But now it’s time to tone up!!!!
Totday is the day that i will start with building muscle and hopefully in another six months i can show pictures of some muscle on my body :p

O by the way i’m 5.74 (1.75m)