drinking the only way to internet


“High Class $treet Bitch” isn’t just a tumblr name..its really who I am!! I raised myself I’ve been on my own since I popped out the cooch… i have a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR BULLSHIT Nobody helped me learn the shit I know now I had to learn the hard way.. When I got in the game I didn’t even have a phone at 1st.. No internet…no real friends only fake ones….I just had to FIGURE SHIT THE FUCK OUT

I was living in a group home (foster care.. I was a ward of the state so I literally had NOBODY) When I was younger I went out with one of my old friends from the group home we were smoking and drinking and shit…. I loved the fast life… I never went back to that shithole after i left!! I ended up meeting a nigga who was way older but I didn’t care because I was grown in my mind and the nigga was finee afff and he had $$$$$ I liked him… He liked me + ends up taking my virginity he was a boyfriend or so I thought… I didn’t know at the time but he was grooming me to get in the game since he met me A bitch was living fast always smoking weed, popping pills, drinking and fucking..I was a bigggg hoe for free im ashamed when I think back on it… My bf started getting in my head saying shit like “you’re soooo pretty and skinny” “you can get rich off these tricks out here” “you have long hair and a pretty smile"…. I didn’t think I was pretty at the time soooo I ate that shit up… It took him a long time to convince me but eventually he ended becoming my pimp I was 18 by then and my whole life changed… I wasn’t starving anymore I got paid each and every time I opened my legs or got on my knees I had money to buy clothes instead of always wearing the same shit.. I had no problem getting up to get that trap everyday it didnt matter if i had to stomp or post to get it He really taught me alot of shit about men …. The do’s and donts … showed me how to keep myself up, had a bitch making at least $1000 everyday, Taught me how to drive, cosigned on my 1st car for me & put it in my name so even if he got mad at me he couldn’t take it from me.. He was a good nigga he never hit me or cursed me out no wild shit like you see on TV all pimps ain’t guerilla pimps but thats a whole nother post make a long story short he ends getting locked & I left him…. He laced me w/ the game and helped me get on my feet I was grateful but I wasn’t about to wait years on him & send my trap to jail…he can’t invest in me if he’s away.. I been doing my own thing ever since & I’m good & it but shit I might get under somebody else instructions 

I don’t regret none of my past it made me into who I am today and I’m glad the shit happened the way it did I came from nothing and I built myself into a queen bitch who stands on her own 2 feet and I make shit happen

I said all that to tell y'all that the game is sold not told… All this free game on here y'all better take advantage of it I HAD TO PAY TO LEARN THE GAME that’s why I get irritated when someone wants simply because they asked.. if you wanna get in the shit and don’t wanna work then it ain’t for you.. If a girl has no idea about tumblr & has no friends in the game she’s gonna either get a pimp or madam or join an agency to get the game what do those 3 things have in common… YOU HAVE TO PAY..ain’t shit free especially in this industry and that’s just the truth. Lazy hoe’s will never prosper nobody’s gonna spoonfeed you for free and they shouldn’t!!!

There are posts on literally everything on here: how to start, how to budget fast money, how to market yourself, how to suck dick….. READ THEM & RE READ THEM If you wanna be a hoe you can’t have thin skin, you can’t be weak and you have you stay on your game at all times you won’t have somebody to hold your hand all the fucking time

Information is valuable…why you think college costs so much… I can tell you everything I fucking know but if you don’t get your ass up you won’t get those red bottoms, that condo and that range Rover you want.. Its called sex WORK for a reason

The Morning After || Bechloe

Chloe was completely freaking out. It was the morning after their performance at the Kennedy Centre for the President’s birthday, and she had hoped that it had all been a horrible dream fuelled by too much Redbull and nerves. When she woke up to see ‘Muffgate’ lighting up her Twitter feed, she almost cried for the… third time? The fourth time? Who was counting any more? 

Yes, she was incredibly upset over the incident. She knew that it had happened to Fat Amy and it was her vagina plastered over the internet, but their reputation as Bella’s was ruined. Three years of being champions, and one wardrobe malfunction had tarnished it!

After managing some breakfast and being informed of the meeting between the Dean and the Acapella board, she was practically a mess. And there was only one person who she wanted to speak to. Beca. After drinking her usual protein shake, she was making her way up the stairs to Beca’s room and knocking on the door loudly. ‘’I’m coming in, whether you’re naked or not!’’ She called out, opening the door to her bedroom dramatically.