Imagine Steve caring you home after a night out.


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“See wasn’t that good?” you were walking out of the cinema after watching y/f/f. You clung onto Steve by his arms and made him watch the entire film if he wanted to or not. When Steve said he hadn’t been to the cinema since the beginning of the war and you know that he would be amazed by the quality and quantity of today’s films. A movie night in was not going to cut it and since you to had never been out on your own before this was a perfect night out. You had told Natasha about your plans who instantly told Tony, they had seem to bet on how long it would take for you two to go on a date. Tony had said he would pay for the night out as he won the bet.

You had already been to the arcade and the museum to prove Steve… Right about WW2 facts. Now the cinema and you had promised to take him to a modern day club. You were at the entrance and warned Steve about the changes of dances and music since his era. You walked up to the bouncer and said “Hello Jerry, Tony said put the all changes on his account.” he smiled and let you in. Steve stopped as soon as he walked through the door and looked confused. “Look in our generation songs are mostly noises and dancing involves… A lot of… Physical contact. And clothing is just scraps of cloth now but, just have fun and try to fit in.” you walked down the steps and on to the dance floor, getting very drunk and doing things you know you are going to regret.

After going of drinking and dancing you decided to head home. You were incredibly drunk and Steve was still sober. You walked out of the club and got two streets away before you felt that on the next step either your heel or ankle was going to give away. You tipped but was caught by the strong arm of Steve holding you up. “Okay I think that’s enough.” he bent down and you know what he was going to to. You took of your shoes and held them in your hand as he took you by the hand and twirled you around so that you were now holding onto his neck while he gave you a piggy back. “Imagine walking into stark tower and Tony seeing us like this,” he said which made you laugh more then ever thinking about all the different ways Tony could react.

You laughed all the way home when Steve open the door and let you in, you had been staying at Stark tower as Tony knew you couldn’t afford an apartment and it meant living with friends. He helped you into bed but then found himself laying on the rooms sofa with a blanket over him “If it is two in the morning I am not walking home.”

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Hi im going to be starting medicine soon (in like 2 weeks lol) and i was wondering like how is freshers?? Is it really as good as people say? What if i dont drink, would i still be able to have fun and make friends?

It will really depend on the uni, I guess!  And yeah you’ll be able to - there will probably be peer pressure to drink but just stand your ground and say no. I decided not to drink much the first few nights of Freshers because I was too scared about getting lost or embarrassing myself etc, and I still had a great time. (Tip - just buy coke or something from the bar in a cup, no one will question you, they’ll just think it’s a vodka and coke or something). 

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Also, again I can only speak for freshers in my uni, but at mine it wasn’t just going out to clubs every night - some nights we stayed in and socialised, so it was easier not to drink. 

But don’t worry, there will most likely be other people who aren’t drinking too! And if people don’t respect the fact that you don’t want to drink, they aren’t worth your time! Freshers is great and you will meet lots of people and have fun! x