OTP Prompt

Okay, but imagine your OTP have been broken up for a little while, but person A runs into person B at a bar/club/etc and person B is drunk. So drunk that they see person A and don’t really remember them ever dating, like their world is all flipped around. So, they wave person A over, who cautiously approaches like, what? They sit and talk for a while, person A so very confused and person B acting like a pining idiot, flirting, chatting, wanting to just talk. B starts saying stuff that hints at them wanting to date person A like, “How are you not taken???” Like, they’re genuinely confused. And A finally just reminds B that they dated and they broke up. (Maybe A was yelling, maybe talking calmly, maybe close to tears.) It all comes crashing back into person B and they sit there for a couple minutes in silence just trying to get their thoughts together

And person B just starts crying, just overcome with emotions and frustration and sadness. Maybe they start apologizing, maybe they start wondering what went wrong, maybe they’re just sitting there as an incomprehensible mess.

What happens after that is up to you. 

Hey friends who drink alcohol: there are apps (I have one called AlcoDroid but there will be Apple versions too) that let you track your alcohol consumption and your BAC. You do have to remember to add a drink every time you’ve had one but once you’re in the habit of doing it it’s second nature to open the app every time you put your empty glass down.

It’s really helpful to visualise where you’re at and know when to stop, check whether you’re under the legal limit, and if you happen to need medical help it’s great to be able to show people exactly how much you’ve (knowingly) had.

There’s no link because idk how to do that and this isn’t a sponsored post I just want to share because I live by this app

Long summer nights with new friends are always fun. Learning about each other in different ways. Getting drunk under the sunset, acting like fools. Being high as the night keeps going on and on forever.
—  summer nights // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #16