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Chocobros reaction seeing their s/o drinking a glass after another of wine during dinner?

Hi Anon, thanks for the ask!

Assuming a standard 5 oz pour, a bottle of wine has 6 glasses within (with an average ABV of 10%), as a point of reference…assume the bros have each had at least one glass themselves, as well. 

Noctis doesn’t notice until they stagger up from the table. Asks them what that was about the next day, and is fairly blunt about it. 

Prompto wonders after glass three is poured, and asks what’s up at glass four. If they snap at him, doesn’t say anything else until later. 

Gladio laughs and tells them they can drink at home, restaurant markup is brutal. Isn’t concerned unless they get blackout drunk. 

Ignis is quiet until they ask for a second bottle, then stares them down until they say what’s up. Will get a second bottle to take home. 

(As an aside–Ignis is also the least likely Chocobro to tolerate heavy drinking/alcoholic behavior from a S/O, with Noctis being second least likely.)

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Hmmmm what could we get you to expose in this state?

I mean… I feel pretty in control. But it is also taking a lot of concentration to type  properly…

So idk, probably a lot tbh.


so a jaguar & maned wolf walk into a bar…

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