signs drunk at a party

aries: gets the party going. challenges everyone to vodka and whisky shots. pisses off scorpio for being too loud.

taurus: goes around hugging everyone and complimenting people’s hair.  

gemini: pees with the door open whilst talking to virgo, who is desperately waiting for the toilet.

cancer: goes around handing out water, making self-depreciating jokes. has a heart to heart with taurus.

leo: starts a concert in the main room. plays guitar and sings 2011 one direction songs. 

virgo: walks half a mile to the nearest mcdonalds to get everyone a happy meal.

libra: makes out with literally everyone. throws up on aries after 8th shot.

scorpio: sits on the sofa grasping can of beer in their hands. silently strategizing a way to talk to cancer.

sagittarius: spills cider whilst preaching to an audience about the dangers of capitalism. blames it on gemini.

capricorn: calls taxis for everyone. goes upstairs for two hours to watch discovery channel with pisces. 

aquarius: also on the sofa. legs up with a joint in their hand. smirking at scorpio’s tense position. 

pisces: gives capricorn relationship advice whilst lying in bed drinking rum. both start singing im gonna be (500 miles) by the proclaimers.