Whenever you accidentally spill a drink on yourself, there’s a split-second feeling of “Well, I guess it’s all over now.” This goes double if someone else is the cause of you spilling a drink. Or does anything to inconvenience you in a place like a club, where self-consciousness is ratcheted up to a million and you’re trapped in a room full of people who have all simultaneously forgotten how to be humans. The first time I ever went to a club that had dancing, a guy at the bar told me “Nice khakis,” and laughed, and holy shit. I was so angry at him and angry at his parents for loving each other and angry at everyone he ever knew for reinforcing even the tiniest parts of his personality. But most of all, I was angry that I wore khaki pants and a button-down shirt combination that screamed “My one-on-one interview with the manager of Family Video went perfectly average.”

This kind of stuff would ruin my whole night, and it did, many times. Something that I could’ve never hoped of controlling would go wrong, and it would be my Sisyphus for the evening. I’d struggle to push that esteem-shaped boulder up that me-shaped hill over and over again, and it took a long time to realize that it didn’t have to be that way. This whole bar smells like vodka, and that dude apologized, like, four times. Why am I letting this ruin everything?

Not shooting off the rails with a “WHAT’S UP, BRO?! YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?” every time a guy bumps into you and just accepting that, when you pack a bunch of drunks in an enclosed space, they might touch each other, is progress. It’s not huge progress since “WHAT’S UP, BRO?! YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?” moments are relatively few and far between. But it still means that you’ve grown up into something that other grown-ups can take out in public.

5 Drinking Breakthroughs That Mean You’ve Finally Grown Up

Highschool AU

So Anon requested a bad boy Jinkook three-way, but it turned into a series that I’m actually pretty stoked about. Smut, Underage Drinking, Fuckboys, hahah! and so much more. This part features Jungkook, Jin, Namjoon, and Hobi. Feedback is super appreciated, so tell me if you even want that part two!

You slammed your locker shut as the bell rang, only to turn around and smack right into Jungkook and Jin, the two biggest tools you had ever met. “Uhm, excuse you.”

Jungkook laughed and stepped towards you as you stepped back, hitting your back into the locker. “Excuse me?? You basically knocked right into me Y/N.” His voice was sassy but cold, and he was practically breathing right in your face.

He was beautiful, breath taking. His pants hugged his thighs in the most provocative way, and his dark hair was always a perfect constructed mess. Sarcasm was his only language, and he had a tendency of licking his lips, probably to lubricate the lies he told girls to slip easily into their beds.

“Yeah Y/N, you almost knocked the beauty right off me,” Jin piped in. Jin had the reputation of the self-loving sweetheart. An act you saw straight through. He could sweet talk his way out if any situation, and in to any girls pants. It didn’t help that he had shoulders chiseled by the hands of god, and a doe eyed angelic face to match.

They disgusted you. “Quite frankly boys, I’m late to class. So move.” They could so easily bring out the bitch in you, especially with whatever annoying obsession they had with you.

Jungkook leaned in uncomfortably close to you, resting his hand on the locker behind your head to whisper in your ear, “Do you know the things we could do to you if you weren’t such a prude?” You took this as a chance to slip underneath his arm and walk away, casually holding up your middle finger as you escaped the two of them.


Friday rolled around, and your best friend Hobi was begging you to go to a party with him. “Please Y/N! You know that girl from Trig will be there. This is my only shot." 

You sighed in frustration, "Okay, fine! But I’m getting wasted so promise me you’ll stay sober?” He obliged, and you hung up to begin getting ready. 
Lately you had felt down on yourself, so you decided to get all dressed up. You paired your favorite black leggings with a long baby blue V neck that gave your chest just the right amount of attention. You curled your hair and decided to try out a subtle smoky eye with your favorite dark red lipstick. You stood in your full body mirror admiring the way your ass looked in the leggings, and fixing a few stray hairs sticking out. You tilted your head and smiled to yourself. Impressed at how well your look had turned out.


It was nearing midnight and you had slammed quite a few drinks, so you made your way out to the balcony for some air. A few people were lingering outside having their own conversations. You rested against the banister, and were soaking in the view and crisp air when you heard his voice, “I know that’s not the second most beautiful person here, and all by herself? It’s my lucky night!" 
You rolled your eyes before turning to face him, "Second? That’s basically an insult.” Jin smiled as he looked you up and down.

“Second next to me. In comparison; it’s definitely a compliment.” You made an inaudible throaty noise in disgust.

“What do you want fuckboy?” You turned back around with no intent to drag out this conversation.

Jin laughed, and leaned next up next to you, his jacket brushing against your arm making his closeness all too apparent. “Really though Y/N,” he paused and glanced at you but you pretended not to notice, “you look gorgeous.” You sighed in exasperation, and turned quickly to make your way back into the party, only to be stopped by Jungkooks firm grip on your arm. 

“What’s the rush? I just got here Y/N!” he smirked at you, only feeding into your annoyance.

You ripped your arm away from his hold, “Holy fuck! You boys are relentless. Goodbye!" 

You searched around for Hobi, only to find him snuggled up, and comfortable with his crush. Who were you to interrupt his glory, all because you wanted to act like a stiff? You looked around for a moment before your eyes caught Namjoon, who was yelling about needing a beer pong partner. He wasn’t your first choice of company to keep, but he would do.

Namjoon was a 4.0 student, completely brilliant, tall, fit, gorgeous, and had the best dimpled smile that could make any girls heart stop. He was a genuine sweetheart, which was surprising as captain of the Lacrosse team. 

"Hey!” you shouted, tossing a hand up in his direction, “I suck, but we can partner up if your back isn’t too weak to carry the team!” Namjoon smiled and waved you over.

He wrapped an arm around your shoulders, “Remind me of your name?” You told him your name, and asked who you were up against, reminding him that you really were terrible at beer pong, but promising to try your best. He lifted his head and glanced around the room, “They stepped outside to grab another case of beer. I don’t see them yet. How about we take shot for luck?" 

You nodded your head in agreement, and the two of you made your way over to a counter with a few bottles of liquor left. The two of you had talked, laughed, and taken three large shots of whiskey when he spoke, "ah, the boys are back. You ready Y/N?”

You stood up as straight as possible, definitely swaying and 100% drunk “Fuck yeah, Captain! Let’s do this shit!” You made your way back to the beer pong table and met the face of the apposing team. 

You started laughing at the sight of Jin and Jungkook at the other end of the table. “Seriously?!” You grabbed Namjoons jacket, and pulled yourself to your tip toes so you could whisper to him “I really can’t play against the two if them. They are obsessed with making me crazy. I’m so sorry.” He wrapped his arms around you, and you froze.

He pulled you in, closing the space between the two of you, “Then i guess we will have to make them crazy right back, Babe.” he shot you a wink, and kissed your forehead, understanding the situation on a much deeper level than you expected. You smirked and turned back around, Namjoon rubbed his hands together, “let’s do this shit fellas!”

The two of you were quite the team. Well. That was a lie, you had only made one shot. Nonetheless, Namjoon was a pro at carrying your dead weight. He was also a pro at making Jin and Jungkook insanely jealous, which was absolutely pleasing to you. Each time you went for a shot he pulled your ass against his thigh and rested a hand firmly on your hip. He encouraged you through the shot, and smacked your ass or kissed your head each time you made a sloppy throw.

The game was neck and neck down to the very last cups on each end of the table, and you were wasted indefinitely. From some type of luck you made a solid shot right into the cup on the other end of the table. You shrieked and jumped into Namjoons arms, he spun the two of you around squeezing tightly on to you and praising you all the while. Once the spinning stopped he set your feet firmly on to the ground, but kept his arms wrapped around you. 

The two of you made an intense eye contact that sent electricity coursing through your veins that only intensified when his lips found yours. You smiled into the kiss, but pulled away after a short time because you were suddenly spinning. You wobbled in his hold, almost falling over. “Can- can we go somewhere quieter? I’m f-feeling dizzy.” Namjoon nodded his head at you, and held tightly to your hand as he pushed the two of you through a crowd of people. 

Jin and Jungkook were the furthest thing from your mind as you and the lacrosse captain made your way down the hallway and into the bathroom. “Well,” his beautiful smile beamed across his face and he shut the door, “This isn’t ideal, but it’s quiet, and there’s a toilet if you get too sick.” He lifted you off the floor and sat you on the bathroom counter, the two of you erupting in laughter as you nearly fell into the sink. 

His reflexes kicked in quickly as he grabbed a hold of your waist to steady you. “You’re hot.” The words practically fell out of your mouth before you even thought them, “Like. Really fucking hot.” you laughed, and rested your face in your hands, shaking your head, “ah, I’m so sorry.” You looked up to see the same big smile on his face, “Thanks for rescuing me from those idiots. I owe you big time.”

Namjoon replied with a gentle kiss, “it’s no problem really, you’re beautiful. It was my pleasure.” He kissed you again, this time opening his mouth slightly. You slipped your tongue inside his mouth. He tasted like whiskey and cinnamon. Your tongues met gracefully for a few moments before he pulled away, “Y/N, you’re really drunk. I don’t want to take advantage of you." 

You blushed and ran your thumb across his lips, "I want you to, though. Take advantage of me, I mean.” Namjoon looked at you with a questioning gaze, and you smiled at him. That was all he needed to unbutton his pants and help you slip out of your leggings.

He pulled you to the edge of the counter, and locked eyes with you once more. “You’re sure about this?” You nodded in approval, and he stroked his already erect length a couple of times before guiding it inside of you. A small moan left your mouth with ease, but was quickly muffled by his lips against yours once more. He thrust into you in perfect rhythm to the chatter outside of the bathroom door. Breathing heavy between kisses. “Holy fuck." 

His thrusts became rough and sloppy, and you dug your nails into his sides, surely leaving behind bright red marks from your grasp. "Namjoon, fuck.” You moaned, resting your forehead on his chest. “Oh, right there!” His teeth grazed your neck and began suck a deep purple hickey into your skin. Your hand found its way into his hair, while the other slipped between your thighs and began rubbing quick circles on your clit. 

Your head fell back against the mirror behind you, Namjoon pulled out of you nearly all the way before slamming harshly back into you, causing your head to smack against the mirror a few more times before he met his orgasm. His cum filling you pushed you into your climax and you let out a loud moan that he was quick to muffle with his hand when a few loud knocks echoed through the bathroom..

Both you and Namjoons eyes shot toward the door “Y/N?! Are you in there?" 
You giggled against Namjoons palm, and he helped you slide off of the counter, grabbing a towel to clean the two of you up as you answered. "Hobi? I’m just a- a little sick!” You forced a cough to muffle the thuds and giggles as Namjoon tripped into the bathtub trying to pull his pants up. 
“What was that?! Did you fall?! Unlock the door!” Hobi knocked louder, and you helped Namjoon stand up and button his pants. 

You pulled him in for a kiss, “Thanks for this, Captain. I had a lot of fun tonight. See you around?" 

Namjoon kissed you back, before you walked out of the bathroom, pulling the door shut behind you. "What the fuck is that?!” Hobi hollered the moment he laid eyes on you. Your hand flew to your neck, covering the bright hickey Namjoon had left you with, “Who is in there?!” Hobi tried reaching for the bathroom door but you started pushing him down the hallway, laughing the entire way.

“Hobi I need to go home. I really am going to be sick. Please?” Your head was suddenly pounding at the realization if how drunk you still were. 

Hobi shook his head and smirked at you. He wrapped his arm around you and helped you down the stairs and outside to his car.

The ride home was long. Hobi filled the air with a thousand words about his perfect night with his dream girl, and you told him about Namjoon rescuing you from the fuckboy squad.

“Do you need help inside?” You smiled, told him you were okay, and gave your best friend a hug before getting out of the car. You slipped quietly in the back door as not to wake your parents, and upstairs to your room. You flopped on to your bed, and through heavy eyes scrolled over Facebook. The moment your eyes had closed, phone still in hand, your text tone dinged, and you jolted awake.

“Hey Y/N… Can we talk..?”


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