Behold! "The Chaos Theory"

Ingredients: Scotch, Tequila, Goldschlager, Red Bull.

3 Drinks: Dr. Malcolm- 6 ounces of Scotch on the rocks 

              T. Rex- Double Shot of Goldschlager

              Velociraptor Shots- ½ of Tequila and ½ of Red Bull for each shot

Setup: Put on Jurassic Park

The Dr. Malcolm is drunk only when Malcolm is on the screen. Try to drink it so that it last you the whole movie, sipping slowly. Now once the T. Rex appears on the screen, take down the T. Rex. Now once the final scene with the raptors begins take 3 Velociraptor Shots; One, once the kids first see the raptors in the dining hall. The second for the kitchen scene. And finally the last one when the raptors are defeated. Finish of your Dr. Malcolm as the movie ends. You have completed The Chaos Theory.