Conversation With My Daughter

Last night, before heading out for date night with my girlfriend, I was kissing my wife, and 2 kids goodbye. My 4 year old daughter was sitting on the couch next to my wife. Here is the conversation that ensued:

D: Where are you going daddy?
Me: I’m going over to R’s
D: Oh… To her house?
Me: Yes
D: Are you just staying at her house?
Me: Yes, I think so, but we might go out for a walk or a drink
D: Oh… Are you going to kiss her?
Me: (Smiling) Yes, probably. Is that okay?
D: (With her most serious face) No! You shouldn’t kiss her, daddy.
Me: (Surprised) Oh, why not?
D: Because if she has a cold, then you’ll get her cold, and I don’t want you to get a cold, because then we’ll all get colds when we kiss you.
Me: (Smiling even more while glancing over at my wife) Don’t worry babesy, Remember, you just saw R yesterday, and she didn’t have a cold. We’ll all be fine.
D: (Giggling) Ok, daddy, then you can kiss her.
Me: Ok, thanks babe. 



So I’ve been very confused about my sexuality since coming out. Tonight, I’ve was seduced by a gentleman who stars in one of the major soap operas in the UK. He said from the start that he wasn’t trying to seduce me, but clearly he was. I told him plainly from the start that even if he was trying to seduce me, i could handle him.

Eventually, he invites me back to his hotel room. Now… this guy was very handsome… and he had bought me several drinkd… and I told him i would have to think about it. I was very very tempted because i literarly haven’t been with anyone since I transitioned… but in the end, i thought that i am not in a fit state to be making this kind of decision (i’ve been drinking for 5 hours). I told him that, and that if he was ever in Leeds again, i’ll think about it again.

He said I made the “right decidion”, downed his pint, then walked straight out without even giving me any contact details.

Fml. He seemed genuine as well.

El barril de amontillado—Vocab

I read a Spanish translation of Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado and:

injuria (f) = insult, injury, slander
vengarse = to get revenge, avenge oneself
suponer = suppose, imagine
propósito (m) = intent, intention, purpose
impunemente = with impunity
agraviar = to offend, insult
sospechar = to suspect
arrebatar = to snatch, grab, steal
digno, -a = worthy, deserving, respectable, decent
enorgullecerse = to feel proud, feel pride
catador, -a (mf) = wine-taster
charlatán, -a (mf) = charlatan, person falsely claiming to have special knowledge of something
vino añejo = matured wine, old wine
anochecer (m) = nightfall, dusk, twilight
locura (f) = insanity, madness, dementia
acoger = to accept, embrace
disfrazar (de) = to dress up as
ceñido, -a = tight-fitting, tight, close-fitting
cascabel (m) = bell, rattle (toy), sleigh bell
barril (m) = barrel, cask, keg
cometer = to commit
tontería (f) = foolishness
haber de = to need to, to have to
jerez (m) = sherry (white wine)
incapaz = incapable
paladar (m) = palate
bodega (f) = wine cellar
amabilidad (f) = friendliness
cubierto, -a de = covered with
salitre (m) = salty residue
antifaz (m) = mask
seda (f) = silk
ceñir = to hug, cling to
ceñirse = to adhere to, keep to, stick to
criado, -a (mf) = servant, helper, maid
estorbar = to bother, disturb, upset
de sobra = full well, perfectly well
de sobra lo sabía yo = I knew it perfectly well
desaparición (f) = disappearance
antorcha (f) = torch
hachero (m) = torch stand, sconce
encorvarse = to stoop, bend down
abovedado, -a = vaulted, arched, domed
aposentos (mpl) = chambers
escalera (f) = stairway, stairs, staircase
tortuoso, -a = tortuous, winding, full of bends
peldaño (m) = step (of a staircase), step (fig.)
catacumbas (fpl) = catacombs
vacilante = unsteady, shaky; hesitant, doubtful; flickering
zancada (f) = stride
nublado, -a = cloudy, overcast
pupila (f) = pupil (of the eye)
lágrima (f) = tear, teardrop
embriaguez (f) = intoxication, inebriation, drunkenness
malograr = to ruin, spoil
malograrse = to spoil, rot; decay, decompose
¡Basta! = Enough! Bah!
alarmar = to alarm
trago (m) = sip, swig, gulp, drink
de soslayo = sideways, sidelong; in passing, in brief
mirar de soslayo = to give a sidelong glance
retiñir = to tinkle, jingle, jangle
caldear = to become excited, be worked up, be stirred up
muralla (f) = wall, rampart
musgo (m) = moss
bóveda (f) = vault, vaulted ceiling, crypt, dome
colgar = to hang, put up
lecho (m) (del río) = riverbed
llamear = to flame up, blaze, flame
harmandad (f) = brotherhood
paleta (f) = trowel
albañil (m) = bricklayer, builder
bromear = to joke
retroceder = to go back, go backwards, move back, step back
pesadamente = heavily
impureza (f) = impurity
amontonarse = to pile up, accumulate, crowd together
esparcido, -a = scattered, spread, strewn
retirado, -a = isolated, separated, solitary
desprendimiento (m) = emission, release, lead; landslide
circundar = to surround, encircle
sencillamente = simply, modestly
tos (f) = cough
perplejo, -a = perplexed
encadenar = to chain, fasten, bind
argolla (f) = ring
eslabón (m) = link (of a chain, figurative)
cintura (f) = waist, waistline
aturdido, -a = stunned
atarearse (con) = to work hard (at), keep busy (with), be busy (doing)
tapar = to cover, cover up
colocar = to put, place
albañilería (f) = bricklaying, construction, building, masonry
gemido (m) = moan, groan, wail, cry
apagado, -a = turned off; subdued, dull
hilada (f) = row, line
sacudida (f) = shaking, shock, jolt
deleitar = to delight, please, entrance, captivate
deleitarse = to enjoy, take pleasure in
apaciguar = to ease, calm, assuage; to pacify, appease; to soothe, calm
apaciguarse = to calm down, relax
rechinamiento (m) = creak, grinding, grating
estremecerse = to shiver, tremble, shudder
bastar = to be sufficient, be enough
macizo, -a = solid, burly, sturdy
argamasa (f) = mortar

In pace requiescat!