Combeferre pre-games his coffee and orders triple-shots of espresso. It has been through long years of accustoming his body to caffeine that he no longer has eyebrow twitches when he drinks so much caffeine, his one tic. Now, caffeine is merely his comfortable state of awareness. Sometimes, he tells Jehan that Jehan could write his poetry outside of coffee shops; Jehan has far too many cups, and that is not very good for him. 

Jehan stares at him and writes a couplet:

Combeferre, my brother,

you are a hypocrite like no other. 

Badass- J.F. Imagine:

Anon asked: 57 with Justin Foley? 💕 love your blog bby

And #57 is:
Reader is the little badass of Liberty High, and character finds it incredibly hot and maybe smut

Warnings: language, some mention of drug and alcohol use, and some sexual content
Word Count: 609
Reader x Justin Foley

Wattpad: spikedcherrycola🍒

Author’s Note: this is my very first 13 Reasons Why imagine, so feedback is appreciated 😘

I smooth out the creases in my bad ass leather jacket I had got from thrift shopping with Skye. No one in Liberty High really liked Skye, except Clay, but she was a good friend to me since we we were like 6.
“You know you are actually super pretty, why are you my friend?” Skye asked as I just said a quick hello
“Skye you are pretty too, just in a more The Craft way.” I laugh and she flips me off
I might not look like a bad ass, but apparently I am the number one bad ass.
I walked down the hallway, my studded boots on the nice tiled floor. As I passed by the Liberty High school players and they looked at me.
“Nice ass y/n.” said Montgomery
“So I’ve been told.” I smirk
“Hey y/n, I love the um green highlights.” Justin said
“My weekly change Foley.” I laugh
I began to walk away to feel a slap on my ass from Montgomery and turned around, grabbing his letterman, and slamming him against the locker.
“Don’t you every slap my ass again De la Cruz or you’ll be eating through a fucking straw. I don’t give a fuck how powerful you think you are, but I will beat your ass. Got it?” I growl
“Oh baby, I like it rough.” Monty laughs
“I fucking mean it Montgomery.” I say angrily and use my tiny ineffectual fist to punch him
“You busted my lip.” Montgomery says
I stop and walk towards my home room.
“Hey, hey y/n, wait up.” Justin said as I hear the other boys mock Monty.
“What do you want Foley?” I say
“Well I’ve been slacking in English and I was wondering, if you’d maybe help tutor me.” Justin says
“Uh sure, how about Monet’s at 4?” I say
He flashes me a smile and nods.

*After School:*
I sit in Monet’s, drinking my triple mocha with light whip and cocoa on top.
“Can I have just a plain iced coffee?” I hear Justin say
“Name?” Skye says
“Justin.” he says
He comes to sit at my table and talk to me.
“You know you really aren’t as bad ass as you appear to be to others.” Justin laughs
“Could kick your ass Foley.” I say and punch his arm
I watch him sip his coffee and I continue my assignment.
“Thought you needed help?” I question
“No, I just wanted an excuse to be seen with you.” he laughs
“You are something Foley.” I say with a disgusted and irritated smirk and roll of my eyes
“I mean after what you did to Monty.” Justin laughs
“Yeah and you’ll be next.” I said
“You may smoke, drink, get wasted, and beat people’s ass, but you aren’t a bad ass y/n.” Justin laughs
“Why don’t you meet me in the bathroom and I show you!” I say
I walk to the bathroom and into the handicap stall as Justin slowly follows in.
“Against the wall.” I say
“No.” Justin says
“Against the fucking wall Foley, like today.” I say
I drop to my knees, unbuckle is belt, and undo his pants.
“Y/N.” Justin pants
I begin to jerk him a little bit before putting him in my mouth.
“Fuck.” he moans under his breath
I move my head up and down and fondle his balls.
“Y/N, fuck.” Justin moans
Soon he finishes and cums in my mouth.
“Okay you are a bad ass.” Justin laughs and pulls up his pants
“Exactly Foley, and don’t forget it.” I say

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Are there any new coffee shop fics? Oh and do you know any other fics that are similar to them? Like one of them working in a grocery store or something? Thanks! xx

here’s some of the newest coffee shop fics on ao3, and we do have a coffee shop tag -Madi

Made It This Far by joshie124 (1/1 | 11855 | Not Rated)

Tyler needs money. He works two jobs, lives in a shitty apartment, bikes to work. He’s been poor his whole life. And he’s jealous, too. Jealous of the man who comes into his café every day wearing a pristine suit and orders the most ridiculous, overpriced drink he can. “Large, triple, half-sweet, non-fat, extra-shot, caramel Macchiato, for Josh.”
Every day.
Until one day, Josh asks him out on a date.
When did this become his life?

Warm Hands, Soft Hearts by bashfulcreature (2/? | 3771 | Teen and Up)

“Hey, Josh” Tyler mumbled a few minutes later, “is it okay if we- um, if we hold hands?”

Josh gawked and stopped dead in his tracks. Had he misheard? Was he dreaming?

Tyler turned beet red. “I- um- just pretend I didn’t say anything, that was weird I’m so sorry” he gulped, shoving his hands in his pockets and shuffling a little on his feet.

“No- sorry I just- I was thinking about how I really wanted to hold your hand so… it surprised me when you said it, because I thought you were reading my mind.” Josh smiled a little shyly and Tyler giggled, he actually fricking giggled and Josh felt his soul leave his body and enter heaven. He outstretched his hand and Tyler bit his lip, grabbing Josh’s hand -bashful and adorable as ever- and squeezing it a little as they started walking again.

Cold Coffee by peachyjosh (2/? | 2793 | Teen and Up)

Tyler likes to go write at a coffee shop that Josh works in. For over a year they’ve only exchanged glances and a few brief conversations. But the both of them have decided to change that.

Three Sugars and a Grapefruit Slice by illbefinealone (3/? | 7463 | Teen and Up)

Josh never fit in, until the moment he walked into Robusta Café.


As Josh begins to get accustomed to not feeling like an outsider, so does his upstairs neighbor.


Come in your Bunny Attire, Gambler Outfits, and anything Glittering, Gold, or Shiny! Remember be festive, and good luck at the Saucer!

SO back in #3.5 we saw shitty explaining his day (before being a heternormative fuck)

and this panel ALWAYS bugged me. WHY WAS HE CARRYING TWO CUPS??? did he already make a friend that he bought coffees for?? is he trying to get along with a prof by buying him coffee?? is he gonna drink two whole triple espresso shots to get through his classes??????

but now it’s all clear:

they’ve been banging for MONTHS


Imagine Sam comforting you when you hear Dean with someone else

The second part of this imagine

“So are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?” Sam brought his beer bottle to his lips, a comforting look in his eyes as they stared over at you. “Or are we just going to drink until we forget all about it?”

“Well I don’t see an elephant anywhere so…” You grimaced as you knocked back your third shot and you could just about hear Sam sigh over some classic soft rock song playing in the background. The tune only remained you of Dean and you couldn’t help but order another round at the thought.

“He doesn’t know what he’s doing.” Sam’s voice was soft as he tried his best to defend his brother but you’d heard it all before and were starting to get tired of it.

“We kissed Sammy! He kissed me!” Your eyes rolled back in frustration and your stomach clenched in pain as you remembered your moment with Dean. You could still remember the way his lips felt pressed against yours, the warmth of his hand against your cheek, the way his tongue tasted. “There was something there, I know he felt it too.”

Dean wasn’t dumb, he was a lot smarter than most people gave him credit for. Your feelings towards the hunter couldn’t have been more obvious yet he choose’s to ignore every possible sign. “And now he pretends like it never happened, bedding any skank he can find.”

“Maybe, if you just told him-” Sam had to tried his best to convince you before but there was no way you’d tell Dean. You knew it wasn’t what he was looking for.

“Not a chance.” Out of the corner of your eye you could see Sam slowly beginning to give up on his plea as you downed another shot.

“You told me?” Sam reminded you of the time he’d accidentally walked in on you crying your eyes out and gave you no other choice but to tell him what was wrong.

“Yeah and look how that ended up.”

The rest of the night continued pretty much the same, Sam trying to persuade you that his brother wasn’t a bad guy and you reeling of a list of reasons why you could never tell Dean the truth. The two of you spent hours at the bar, you drinking triple the amount you normally would while Sam stayed surprisingly sober.

“C'mon let’s get you home.” Sam chuckled as you wobbled off your bar stool, his right arm automatically stretching out to support you.

“But I don’t wanna!” You whined, a pout on your lips as you tried to grab your beer bottle.

“Too late, you’ve had enough.” You squealed as he picked you up with ease and carried you out of the bar. Despite your protests and insisting you could walk, Sam never let you go. Not that he minded, you weren’t exactly heavy and the motel was less than a five minute walk away.

“Why can’t he be more like you?” You mumbled into his chest, a deep sigh escaping your lips. You absentmindedly wrapped one of your hands around his bicep and stared up at him through your eyelashes.

Had Sam Winchester always been this good looking?

“Dean’s just-” You had no idea what Sam was about to say and you didn’t exactly want to hear it either. So instead you crushed your lips to his, cutting him off.

“I shouldn’t have done that.” You pulled back breathless, a sheepish look on your face as you tried to hide your embarrassment.

“Lets pretend that never happened.” Sam cleared his throat, a blush creeping up on his cheeks.

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What they'd order at a bar

As requested by anon. :)

Bleach characters are having a night on the town! And they’re ordering cocktails and fancy drinks that are weirdly matched to their personalities. What will each of them order?

1. Unohana: Bloody Mary

Unohana: I am not going to lie.

Unohana: This is mostly about the name.

Unohana: Although the spicy tomato flavor is quite pleasant.

2. Byakuya: Hot sake

Byakuya: I drink this noble drink as it is meant to be consumed - hot.

3. Matsumoto: Cold sake

Matsumoto: I like sake cold!

Matsumoto: You can drink it faster.

4. Yoruichi: Sake bomb

Yoruichi: Did somebody say fast?

Yoruichi: 'Cause I prefer a drink you have to drink *really* fast!


5. Renji: The special

Renji: You know, whatever the bar is offering for cheap.

Renji: It’s usually not, you know, great.

Renji: But I need to save my money for sunglasses!

6. Ishida: White Russian

Ishida: I only consume cocktails when they are white, the color of the Quincy.

Ichigo: Isn’t this drink more of a brownish color, though?

Ishida: S-shut up! White is in the name! How was I to know??

7. Soi Fon: Honey whiskey, neat

Yoruichi: Honey, huh? That’s my little bee!

Soi Fon: Y-Yoruichi-sama!

8. Kira: Gin and tonic

Hisagi: Dude.

Hisagi: Dude.

Kira: What?

9. Hisagi: Redbull and vodka

Hisagi: I like it because it gives you energy to drink all night long!

Kira: And you criticized my tastes.

Hisagi: …at least it’s not called Tosen and vodka, dude.

10. Ginjo: Screwdriver

Ginjo: Because orange juice is delicious.

Ginjo: Masks the taste of the vodka.

11. Sasakibe: Dos Equis

Sasakibe: I am told drinking it will make me the most interesting man in the world!!

Sasakibe: …

Sasakibe: I don’t think it’s working.

12. Orihime: Tequila sunrise

Orihime: Mostly I like the color!

Tatsuki: Reminds you of Ichigo’s hair?

Orihime: …

Orihime: N-no, of course not!

13. Iba: Budweiser

Iba: The manliest of manly beers!

Iba: Although it does tend to make me kinda weepy.

Iba: T-the commercial with the lost puppy was just so….so……SAD

Komamura: I think maybe you’ve had enough, Iba.


14. Tesla: Grasshopper

Telsa: Well it’s not like they had a preying mantis one. 

15. Abirama: Tequila shots

Abirama: It’s the best way to get FUCKING CRAZY!!!

Abirama: So I got ‘em for the table. Who’s in?

16. Bazz-B: Fireball whiskey

Bazz-B: Although frankly, it’s a huge disappointment.

Bazz-B: False advertising, much??

17. Riruka: Cosmpolitan

Riruka: It is pink, and therefore the best.

18. Szayel: Pink Gin Fizz

Szayel: And unlike Kira, I *know* what the name implies.

Szayel: That I want to drink Gin.

Gin: ….you really didn’t need to spell that out.

19. Gin: Martini

Gin: Shaken, not stirred.

Gin: Deeply, deeply shaken. 

Gin: Frightened, almost.

Gin: Makes it so much more enjoyable.


20. Hitsugaya: Shirley temple

Hitsugaya: For those nights when I actually feel like cutting loose and getting drunk.

Matsumoto: Um, captain?

21. Giselle: Zombie

Candice: You’re making that up!

Giselle: I am not - it’s a real cocktail. Very enticing, much like zombies themselves. 

22. Yumichika: Sangria

Yumichika: Well, normally I get a pitcher for Ikkaku and me.

Ikkaku: It is weirdly delicious.

23. Halibel: Triple sec, neat

Halibel: I can resist no drink with “triple” in the name.

24. Kensei: Appletini

Kensei: No….it is an apple martini.

Kensei: Two words!

Kensei: Oh whatever. It’s delicious.

25. Ichigo: Chocotini

Ichigo: Because chocolate happens to be delicious.

26. Jackie: Irish coffee

Jackie: Emphasis on the coffee.

27. Aizen: Absinthe

Aizen: Yes, I am so strong that I can drink this highly poisonous liquor.

Shinji: Really? 'Cause I heard that the whole “absinthe is dangerous” thing turned out to be a myth.

Aizen: Shut up, Shinji.

28. Shinji: Sex on the beach

Shinji: Not gonna lie. This is for the pickup line opportunities.

29. Urahara: Piña Colada

Urahara: It’s just such a fun drink!

Urahara: I like the little umbrella!

30. Soul King: Strawberry daquiri

Soul King: 'Cause anything involving strawberries is very sweet!

Soul King: [winks at Ichigo]

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: This is just plain awkward.

Bakery Au!

So Karasuno is a super nice, super cute bakery on the corner that functions as a cafe/coffee house and while it’s customers are like, 80% female, guys love them too because the treats are awesome and other reasons mentioned below. Let’s go!

  • Ukai opened the bakery, solely because he was bored and needed an actual job (he met Suga and Asahi when they were fresh out of college with no actual idea where to start their business.) He is totally in charge (He’s actually not he just sits on the patio and pervs on the cute book store owner across the street)
  • Suga is a pastry chef, a very talented amazing pastry chef who runs the kitchens like a boss. He can make everything from simple treats to foreign delicacies and he loves cooking everyday
  • Daichi is Suga’s best friend that can’t cook worth a damn. He’s only there because he’s a business major and decided to help with the bakery’s finances. Also how could anyone say no to Suga, it’s like saying no to breathing.
  • Asahi is Suga’s other best friend/baker. He’s excels in bread making, finding it relaxing and simple, and he makes it from scratch every day. He’s a bit shy and doesn’t quite have a handle on dealing with customers yet but the baby’s trying
  • Ennoshita runs the drink aspect of the shop, though that mostly means he just takes the orders and makes sure the trouble-making duo don’t break the machines. God bless his soul this boy has the patience of a saint
  • Tanaka and Noya are their barista’s. Tanaka is actually very skilled at making complex, odd coffee drinks. You need a triple shot of expresso double mocha swirly twirly frilly drink, he’s your guy. Enno is constantly amazed that he can pull of these orders so fast without ever making a mistake. Noya is in charge of their simpler drinks, black coffee, hot chocolate, teas of all colors and flavors. He is also only allowed to operate the whip cream cans under supervision.
  • Hinata, Tsukishima, and Shimizu are their wait staff. Hinata baby is so cute and precious and efficient, moving quickly with a sunshine smile on his face. Tsukki is cool and aloof and his fuckking legs man. Shimizu accounts for their 20% male population, because honestly, who the  fuck wouldn’t fall for her. They are all also mild help in the kitchen when baking simple foods. Any of them can recommend something and it will sell out.
  • Yamaguchi and Yachi both applied to be wait staff as well, but both were a tiny bit too nervous to handle dealing with all the people and carrying all the trays(RIP Ukai’s fancy plates) So instead Yachi mans the register since she’s scary good at managing the money quickly and efficiently. Yamayama was put in charge of the to go counter window, dealing with passerby that order sweets- and is constantly charming people into coming back unknowingly.
  • Kageyama bless his poor soul wanted to help out too, But he can’t cook worth a damn and his customer service face is…… yeah. He’s head of cleaning staff, which consists of him and whoever happens to piss off Daichi or Ukai. He washes dishes like a champ tho.
  • Kinnoshita is a pro at baking. Literally his cookies could save Jesus. They are just the best things ever and they sell out by the dozens. Every night before they go home he makes an extra batch and gives them to everyone for a job well done.
  • Narita is Suga’s apprentice chef, and he lends a hand wherever he’s needed. Suga swears he’s Jesus incarnate because of all the help he’s given. 

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*judge my drink* a venti triple soy skinny vanilla latte with two and a half sweet n lows no foam stirred and extra hot

Your name is Sheryl. But spelled with a C.


A fact you never fail to remind your baristas of on a daily basis. And you make sure they go ahead and write it on two cups because you know they’re gonna put foam on the first one. It happens every day. You’re prepared. 

Because a good soccer man is always prepared. You have everything a person could ever need tucked away in your Fendi purse, including a half a bottle of your sisters Xanax you’ve been slowly stealing, one pill at a time, every time you go to her house. 

It’s alright though. You don’t abuse it. You just need it to get through those days when nothing is going right for you. The car in front of you takes a few too many beats to go when the light turns green. Your coworker is a bit too loud on their phone. Your husband has his feet on the coffee table, the dog has tracked some dirt in on the white carpet, the dry cleaner steamed a crease into your blouse, its all too much. You’re becoming frayed. 

And you cant have that. Things being out of control. So you express hyper control over the one thing you can. You get a contradiction in a cup (soy is decidedly not skinny) in an effort to throw more variables at a service worker, knowing that any one of those things is a possible mistake waiting to happen but none of it really matters. It just lets you smirk, hand the drink back and tell them to do it all over again. It helps you smooth the edges of your unraveling. 

Every. Damn. Day.

You are the pettiest of tyrants. And you’re one bad hair day from watching your empire crumble. 

Recipe of the Day: Red, White and Blue Cocktail
You can expect fireworks with every sip of this frozen triple-decker drink, stacked with stripes of fruity red, white and blue. 

Description of Band Members

Leaps tall buildings in a single bound
Is more powerful than a locomotive
Is faster than a speeding bullet
Walks on water
Gives policy to a god

Runs into buildings
Recognizes locomotives 2 times out of 3 
Is not issued any ammunition
Can stay afloat with a life jacket
Talks to walls, argues with himself

Too afraid to jump building because of their reed
Works in locomotives
Too busy with reed for gun
Throws reed into water
Thinks reed is a god

Flutters onto roofs of buildings
Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Uses flute as blowpipe
Floats on water
Able to speak to god if in tune

Builds the foundations of buildings
Provides the tracks for locomotives
Has good aim
Prefers to go by tugboat
Is in line with gods

Oh, you mean that tiny tuba?

Knocks building down with volume
Louder train whistle substitute
Needs a silencer on instrument
Parts seas with volume
Makes a god go deaf

Makes building impossible to navigate
Goofs around in the caboose
Able to shoot a Nerf gun
Can summon gods with a drum ritual

Leaps short buildings with a running start and favorable winds
Is almost as powerful as a switch engine
Is almost as fast as a speeding bullet
Walks on water in an indoor swimming pool
Talks to a god if special request is approved

Argues with building when it won’t get out of the way
Sleeps in locomotive
Claims it’s too easy to catch bullets in teeth explaining why he really can’t
Saves water to drink after every triple C
Thinks he/she is a god

Lifts buildings and walks under them
Kicks locomotives off the tracks
Catches speeding bullets in teeth and eats them
Freezes water with a single glance
Is a god.