23 october 5:16pm // celebrated finishing my literature assignment’s first draft by exploring an out-of-the-way bookstore and coffee shop! it’s the second-last day of vacation and i’m think i’m finally ready to go back to school 🤓

Perfect Tea and Coffee Pairings for Reading

Sometimes, all it takes for a book to be that much better is the perfect drink to cozy up with. We’ve put together a short-yet comprehensive-guide as to what you should drink depending on what genre you’re planning on reading.

1.) Mystery-Earl Grey Tea. The way it steams, slowly into the cool kitchen air. When will it end? Will it ever end? The perfect combination of mysterious and delicious.

2.)  Horror-Espresso. All you need is that quick volt of energy to keep you wide-eyed through even the most frightening of scenes.

3.) Young Adult-Pumpkin Spice Latte. The perfect combination of caffeine and sugar to keep your heart racing in time with your favorite character’s escapades.

4.) Fantasy-Caramel Hot Chocolate. Nothing screams whimsical more than a huge mug full of caramel hot chocolate:marshmallows and whipped cream optional- but recommended.

5.) Romance-Cappuccino.  The swirling foam. The loving way you stare into its liquid warmth. You only have eyes for this cappuccino. You need this cappuccino. Need I say more?

6.) Children’s Books-Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. What could be better than a sugar rush, reading a children’s book, headache, and then a nap (in that order)?

People Are Obsessed With New Starbucks “Rainbow Drinks”… and They’re Vegan!

These secret-menu creations are perfect for summer and can all be made vegan!  

• Pink Drink
This is the most popular of the “rainbow” drinks! Get the Strawberry Acai Refresher and swap out the water for coconut milk.  

• Purple Drink
Add vanilla syrup and blackberries to the Iced Passion Tango Tea and swap out the water for soy milk!  

• Blue Drink
It’s the Purple Drink without blackberries. Get the Iced Passion Tango Tea, swap out the water for soy milk, and add some vanilla syrup!  

• Green Drink

Get the Iced Black Tea, swap out the water for coconut milk, and add matcha!  

• Orange Drink

Order the orange mango juice and add two scoops of vanilla bean powder and a splash of coconut milk!

Try them all to find your favorite!

*As always, be sure to double check ingredients and ask your barista to ensure no animal products are used to make your drink.