Jungle Juice

Ingredients & Measurements:

  • 2 Handles Cheap Vodka
  • 1L Everclear
  • 2 Cans Limeade Concentrate
  • 2 2L Sprite
  • 2 Cans Kool Aid (flavor your preference)
  • Ice and Water, to taste
  • Fruit


Pour all ingredients into a large container or a cooler. Chop up your favorite fruit and add to the mixture (Strawberries, Grapes, etc). Stir very well. Add ice last or just add ice to the cups you’re serving it in. Enjoy!

#day 560 #daily #sketch #challenge #art #illustration #sketching #sketchbook #drawing #doodle #ink #pen #ballpoint at this rate i think I’m going to get to the vega stuff around September, seeing as how I keep getting distracted lol.

I think one of the most painful things for me is trying to re-teach the culture that my parents taught me, back to them. A mixture of illiteracy, false prophets, priests and missionary work has left them with an idea of their culture but not the actual thing. What pains me too is that there is the eastern idea that “helping” or trying to “save” someone is fruitless. And unfortunately more times than not I can see that this is true. It stings because these are not just some-people; these are my parents.

when the student is ready, he will appear, As they say. I’m afraid to wait that long. One of the hardest things I’m constantly beginning to do is say “fine, don’t listen to me. ” “Ask a doctor then” “ask someone else if you don’t believe me.” And I have to learn to accept that. And detach and separate my journey and life from my parents.

Tonight especially he really disappointed me. He was drunk, as usual, and said something about hell. I can only shake my head. Christianity has completed invaded their culture to the point where I’m not even sure they know what they know anymore. We have absolutely no conception of hell. I hope that was an alcoholic mistake. Something tells me it isn’t…

I try to teach her meditation; she sits down and just prays. He’s “smarter,” so I try to teach HIM about meditation; he says meditation won’t pay the bills. I try to tell them about eating less carbs and processed foods; it doesn’t register to their immigrant minds.

such is the curse of someone who “knows” things. Such is the plight of “talking” “teaching” “sharing” “writing.” I’m not silly enough to think that I can save the world, But these two lives… I want to ease their pain. But I can’t help them if they won’t help themselves.

in the end the problem is always my mind. When I was a child I use to worry if he’ll stay out late and “something bad” will happen. These days there is a sense of calm as I accept that possibility.