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If you haven’t seen THAT performance yet… Well.  . here you go.

Different people

You ever realize how amazingly different people are?

Like some people wake up at 5am and do yoga before sitting down at there computer and going to work, and some roll out of bed at 10am and walk their dog down the street before going to teach night classes.

Some people spend Saturdays painting in a studio while it rains, a couple may work threw an issue, and some plant chamomile and lavender in the sun, while others binge watch TV in cute comfy pajamas while texting some one the love.

 There’s people who never change there hair, maybe cutting more than ¼ an inch once in there lives, while others dye there hair the colors of space, fire, or chop it all off in a spur of emotion

Some rooms are plastered with star wars posters, some with inspirational quotes and poems, some with anime, while others just have dark walls that allow the occupant to think.

There’s people who cry when they fail, there’s people who are use to it, there are people who don’t care, there are people that are all three. (failings one thing we all have in common)

Some people say “I love you”, some people text you before they go to sleep and remind you to were a coat.

Some people stick to one career all there life, some people can’t count them all. Marriages and (nick) Names are in the same respect

Some people smile brightly at everyone, some frown. Some people trust easy, others don’t. The order of these two sentences do not coincide.

 I believe a cup of tea can help most problems, and that i want to live in a few places before coming Back to the redwoods, my friend feels the same way about her chickens and wants to buy a sail boat and die in an pier she’s never been to before. Another sees his stress causer and relief as his future; ballet.

Humans are all so beautifully different, and believe and live there life in such different ways.

If you try not to hurt any one, you can literally be any sort of person you want to be,

Wanna be a person who cooks? Learn how to cook. Have you always aspired to be the stranger that changes some ones life? If your making something keep on making it, if not talk to that teary eyed boy on the subway. Want to be a gardener or a writer, dancer, artists, engineer, inventor, house spouse, athletic, helpful, yogi. Find what you like in these things, and pursue them. Even if that means what you’re going to do today is just send a fan letter to your favorite author, or buy a tomato.

You can literally be any sort of person your want to be, and faced with what seems like a  two answer question only, you can say “Neither, both, none at all.”


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Pairing: Shizaya
Theme: movement

Shizuo had an odd habit that Izaya realized only once it was too late.

He never asked Izaya to move.

Not that Izaya was ever in the way often (because Izaya was usually the one busying himself around,) but Shizuo had never asked ‘can you move aside for a bit?’

If he needed to get past him, he’d just wait until Izaya realized he was in the way to step aside.

If he needed the pillow Izaya was using, he’d just stare at him.

If he needed something Izaya was sitting on, he’d try to slowly pull at it until Izaya snapped at him to cut it out.

It had surprised Shizuo but he scratched the back of his head and mumbled an apology and was quick to take the small ruler that he needed to return to Akane.

And from then on, Shizuo’s odd habit was resolved. It wasn’t as if the habit was that awful of one to have; rather, Izaya just hated feeling like he was in the way and the fact that Shizuo wouldn’t tell him and just leave him in that position made him more annoyed. He could handle Shizuo’s cigarette ashes dusting his cheeks occasionally when his head was in Shizuo’s lap. He could handle Shizuo’s milk overtaking half the refrigerator. And he could even handle the blond’s inherent messiness, the way clothes were strewn about and everywhere.

But being in the way for longer than needed, Izaya couldn’t handle.

The next time Shizuo needed something, Izaya could see him approaching from the edge of the room and pretended to continue reading, waiting for him to ask. But instead of words, Izaya felt strong arms slip under his knees and shoulder, picking him up.

Red eyes were wide and the book was raised suddenly to cover his face as he was placed in another couch and picked up again to be returned to his original position after a bit.

“Is that better?” Shizuo asked, not noticing Izaya’s blush.


a lil reminder

take your meds
drink water!!
go have a snack
sleep is important too (it’s not the end of the world is you miss one homework assignment, I promise⛅)
you are beautiful
stay positive
but most importantly,
make sure your health and well being is at the top of your priority list bc you are soo important!! you are so wonderful. people need you, and the world needs you❤
I love you!!!

Your body is a work of art. Every scar, mole, freckle, discoloration, tattoo, piercing… they’re all the details that paint your picture. Every breath you breathe is igniting your soulfire and you should never let someone shame you for revealing your beautiful masterpiece… YOU.

Today I was shamed for this picture, but I’m proud to finally be comfortable revealing myself and using my body as art in photographs. I’m not letting him take that.