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today at work some young looking girl was trying to buy cigarettes and i asked for her ID and when she said she doesn’t have it with her i said that i can’t sell her any cigarettes and she went “but i’m almost 19! i don’t have to carry my ID with me anymore!” and i looked at her like she was the camera in the office and then straight up laughed in her face. like yeah yeah missy, you’re definitely 19

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Percy trying to use his connections to woo Newt and all of them backfiring . Take him to a nice restaurant? A pipe burst near them before the food arrived. He sent many flowers to Newt’s place? their beautiful but very poisonous to some of newt’s creatures so he has to burn or throw them away . And he didn’t see the card bc the niffler took it bc it was pretty and shiny. At some point newt thinks Graves is out to kill him, and percy is banging his head in aggravation for his mistakes.

Oh oh oh oh! I love this! Thanks for the prompt, darling <3 Hope you enjoyed reading this. Sorry for the late reply though.

Newt admitted he is inexperienced in dating and romantic stuffs, but he did know that it shouldn’t be like this.

This was the third time Percival took Newt out for a casual dinner, he made it clear that this was a date and Newt was perfectly fine with it. They apparated to the small lovely diner in Brooklyn. The first impression was pretty great; the diner was cozy and friendly, inside was aromatic and it made Newt thought of his mother’s coking at home.

The evening was—so far—pleasant, until loud explosive sound emerging from the kitchen. They both jumped at the voice—Merlin’s balls! their table was the nearest to the kitchen and Newt almost hit by little cracks of destroyed wall, and a pipe. Fortunately, everyone was fine and no serious injury occurred.

They called it a night, with an apologetic look on Percival’s face.

Percival tried again, he sent Newt beautiful bouquets in hope that Newt’d be impressed. Despite bombarding his apartment with flowers was a bit too much, but Newt appreciated nonetheless. He sent Newt rare flowers one could ever find in the country, and the most beautiful shade of blue roses and pure white lilies. Newt thought his shed needs a bit of beauty blue and this was perfect for it.

Newt cradled the bouquet in his arms while going down his case. The niffler seemed to interested in the shiny golden card and stole it immediately, and Newt didn’t notice that. He put some of the flowers into his vast, then went outside his shed to plant the roses. Newt realized, the roses were poisonous to some of his creatures—he didn’t hesitate a bit to burn and threw all of them away.

And he didn’t even have a chance to read what’s written on the card, which was now safely keep in the niffler pouch. Percival looked sad when Newt told him about his flowers, though the red head said he really liked it.

A week later, Percival kept it simple. When Newt walked to his aparment’s window for The New York Ghost, he saw a cute cookie box placed beside the paper. Newt doubted if it’s from Percival but there’s no card, neither the message from the sender. Considering the luxuriousness of the box, the sender must be Percival.

Newt ate this delicious cookies with his tea while reading the paper, enjoyed his rather peaceful morning after a round of feeding his creatures. However, the next minute Newt was coughing brutally, his skin flushed furiously red and itchy, he was almost out of his breath when he helplessly crawled to medicine cupboard for his anti-allergy potion.

He was allergic to almonds, and why the hell he didn’t see any almonds in those damn cookies!

When Percival asked about cookies, Newt simply answered ‘I’m allergic to almonds, Percival. And those have almonds in it.’. Percival’s face went pale like there’s no blood in his body anymore. He gave Newt a kicked-puppy look all day, but Newt brushed it off, saying that Percival didn’t know so it wasn’t his fault.

Percival groaned in frustration; why in the world everything had to go wrong when he was trying to woo Newt!? Whereas, Newt started to think if he got it all wrong that Percival wanted to date him. Everything that happened in past month looked more like a murder attempt.

He didn’t give up anyway, later he asked if Newt wanted to go to a no-maj zoo. Newt literally squeaked a ‘Yes’ and Percival’s heart swelled hopefully. The tension between them seemed to ease up a bit when they arrived the zoo. Newt was delighted and Percival relieved.

Then it went wrong again when a furious tiger escaped its cage, when Newt was standing in front of it. The tiger leaped fast toward Newt and the magizoologist—although he reacted to the situation quickly—had alarmed look on his face. Newt ended up having a bloody scratch on his left arm.

Newt was quite certain at that point that Percival actually wanted to kill him. And he was upset, really upset. He let Percival tended his wounded arm and when it was done, he just stormed out of the Director’s office without saying anything except a quiet ‘Thank you’. Percival tried to reach him but Newt was fast, shutting the door violently to Percival’s face.

Percival wanted to cry so bad as he banged his head hard against the door, giving a loud ‘thud’ echoing throughout the hallway. Everyone heard it and they didn’t know whom they should feel sorry to. They would buy their boss a luck potion, if Newt would be giving Percival one more chance.

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(Percival deserved a drink, I guess.)

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