drink this !

y’all have some nerves going to religious people’s inboxes with ur diatribes on how god is fake and how people are dumb for believing in a higher power. have u considered the incredibly intelligent action of minding ur business and moving on with ur life and beliefs and living at peace with them and with the fact that others may not believe the same thing and its fine instead of pretending to be enlightened but truly just being a grade A asshole spreading their assholery under the guise of True Knowledge™ across the universe


13x02 | The Rising Son

Nothing to see here, just Dean sitting all by himself at a bar that’s got the same name as the place where he and Crowley were happy together. 

(How did Jerry Wanek want us to take this, if not as a sign of Dean quietly mourning Crowley since he can’t share that grief with anyone else?)