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2AM - part 8 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Angst / perhaps a bit o’ fluff(??????)

Characters: Minseok X You

2AM [M] - Canon AU - Angst / Smut part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8

“Ahh,” you saw the pink in Kwangseok’s cheeks as he looked beyond you at Minseok, processing the words he heard as he came through the door before looking back into your face with a tiny grimace on his handsome face.

“Have I made a mistake? It’s just–” He rubbed his hand over his neck and looked at his feet. His shoes were left behind at the door out of habit, “–you told me last night to just come in.”

“I didn’t realize there would be company. I would have brought more coffee.” The smile on his face was tense. You saw clench of his jaw and heard the throat clearing from behind you where Minseok stood silent and motionless, probably thinking of some remark to fill in the building awkward silence that slowly settled over your head.

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Astro Reaction: to someone confessing to you

MJ (Myungjun) :

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Myungjun had been enjoying his day, as he had finally been able to go on a date with you. However in the midst of drinking his water he’d hear a voice, stating very loudly, “I love you, please go out with me.” Turning his head in direction of the voice he would immediately spit his drink out onto the table shocked. As the guy continued to speak ignoring Myungjun’s presence he would regret the fact that he had spat the drink onto the table and not the guy. He’d eventually turn to you only to find you looking just as shocked, your own water spat out onto the table too. You both would look at each other excusing yourselves from the situation before leaving the restaurant chuckling, apologising to the owners profusely for the mess. Both of you releasing that the statement ‘if you stay with significant other long enough you become like them’ was very true.

Jinjin (Jinwoo) :

Jinwoo and you were having an amazing time, joking and playing around. He loved looking at you laugh, just taking in all your beautiful features. He had then put his hand behind your neck about to pull you in for a kiss but had frozen at the sound of a large scream exclaiming “I love you.” You both would sigh placing your heads together as your ex-boyfriend attempted to confess to get you back – again. Not only did this annoy Jinwoo but it made him mad that the guy thought that he even had a chance to get you back after what he did. He slowly turn to give the man a cold, blank stare. “Excuse you?” It was soft but deadly, and all the happiness drained from Jinwoo once the words slithered from his lips like poison. He would take your hand and leave leaving the guy terrified and you chuckling at your ex-boyfriends expression.

Eunwoo (Dongmin) :

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Eunwoo had noticed, after visiting your favourite restaurant many times, that the new waiter had taken a liking to you and the moment he confessed Eunwoo wasn’t shocked. He respected the boy’s feelings and knew how bad it could be to keep them hidden. He left the boy continue and then waited for you to reject him, so that he could move on. However if the boy still continued to like you and didn’t move on, making his advances very obvious, Eunwoo would directly confront him making it known the it wasn’t appreciated at all. If even after that he still didn’t stop, Eunwoo’s slight jealousy would show, so say bye-bye to your favourite restaurant because Eunwoo didn’t enjoy confrontation.



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Moonbin would be aggravated. You two had been sitting together at a park when the man approached. And now he was sitting here death glaring the man who had begun confessing his undying love to you, telling you how much he thought of you every day and how he would do anything to keep you by his side. Moonbin was jealous, jealous at the fact that someone else had noticed everything he found beautiful about you - he was also a little scared that others may have fallen for you too, but once the man took a step closer to you; Moonbin stepped in and held him back. “That should be enough.”

Rocky (Minhyuk) :

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Rocky would be exasperated. He knew the man, this wasn’t the first time he had approached you to confess his love. So as soon as he saw your smile fade away, as you glanced behind him, he frowned in worry a loud sigh leaving his mouth. He slowly turned around knowing who was behind him but not at all ready to deal with him. As soon as his next confession started leaving his lips, Minhyuk groaned under his breath obnoxiously. When it first happened he had let the guy confess as he was respectful for his feelings, but this was the tenth time and now he was just feeling disrespected. As he guy continued to bluntly ignore his presence he would interrupt him exclaiming “I’m sorry but can you please just give up? She has me!”



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Sanha would be scared. The man who had approached you two looked like he had been sculpted by the gods themselves. He would look him up and down, frightened that he’d sweep you off your feet with his sweet words and amazing body. As Sanha listened to him confess he would begin to feel his palms sweating and he would eyeball you to make sure you weren’t falling for the guys charms. Eventually Sanha wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore as the man told you that he would always wait for you, “Please back off she is with me and we are both happy.” He’d be aggressive but not disrespectful and would make the guy back off, however after he’d left Sanha would still silently ask you if you were really thinking of leaving him, requiring some form of reassurance that you wouldn’t.

TalesFromYourServer: Busiest night I've worked. Thank god for good people.

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Tonight was the busiest night I’ve worked in the five years I’ve been in the industry. I was on fire 90% of the night. Drinks were full, tables were happy and I felt great. We don’t have sections (which is ridiculous) so we count on the hosts to tell us when we have a table. I see a table of nine hasn’t been helped, they’ve been there for 10 minutes. I ask the host what up and she tell me it was J’s but she’s too busy to take it, maybe you can? I can, so I bring drinks and bread to the table, they’re bugged, but I totally turn it around. By the end we’re joking around and I’m expecting a good tip. They leave $19 on $100, which I feel great about. They leave, I go to put in my tip, and the POS freaks out (we’re running Windows Vista still, I have no idea why) and their payment disappears. My manager takes tables (which is sooooo stupid) and she told me to “Deal with it!!” And huffed away. I’m head server so she thinks I should be in charge of everything. 80% of our tables are reservations, so I had the phone number and called them. The man who paid came in, paid again, left me an even better tip, told me that my service was impeccable, and they’d be back soon.

They didn’t get my best service, even though it wasn’t bad service. The patriarch of the family was so kind. He didn’t have to come back and pay for the meal, many times people wouldn’t have. He didn’t t have to leave a tip the second time, but he did.

Log story short: I am so grateful for kind people. And though I always strive to give great service, the if I see any of this family again, they will get free dessert, and the best damn service I have in me. I’m not used to nice people, but I’m so grateful.

tl;dr nice customers are nice. I am so grateful for them. They’ll always get my best service.!

By: Twilight_Princess_13

At a Restaurant in Germany

Unless it’s a particularly upscale restaurant, you don’t wait to be seated - you just walk in and choose your own table. At bars, cafés, and very informal CROWDED restaurants, it’s okay to sit down next to strangers, as long as you get an affirmative response to “Ist hier noch frei”? (Is this seat vacant?)

Don’t expect any ice cubes in your soda, you need to ask for it. There are NO free refills on drinks. The basket of bread or pretzels on the table sometimes costs extra, so don’t be surprised if you’re charged for what you eat from it. 

Water will not automatically be brought to your table. You have to order it and you will be brought bottled water which you have to pay for. The default water is sparkling. If you do not want that, ask for “stilles Wasser” or “ohne Kohlensäure”. If you want tap water (which is highly unusual in Germany and will get you looks, especially in non-touristy restaurants), you might ask for “Leitungswasser”. Note that it is not customary at all to serve tap water at a restaurant in Germany.

If you cross your knife and fork on your plate, it means you’re just pausing. If you line them up side by side, it means you’re finished, and the waiter may come and take your plate away. Doggie bags are still mostly unknown so your waiter/tress may be surprised if you asked to take leftovers home with you. 

German waiters and waitresses are usually paid more per hour than in some countries (like the USA), so they do NOT rely on large tips. The general rule is to round up the bill to the next larger amount, so if your bill is 22.50 Euros you might give 24 or 25. Your waiter/waitress usually will remain at the table while you pay, so make sure to let them know how much tip you want to leave. For example, if your bill is 15.70 Euros and you want to leave 1.30 Euros as a tip then say “Siebzehn bitte” (Seventeen please) when handing them a 20 Euro note. While credit cards are accepted in most restaurants, it’s more common to pay with cash.

Jeff gets jealous after the two of you play spin the bottle

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Request: “could u do a jeff atkins imagine where u guys are at a party w everyone else and he’s really cute w u and everyones playing spin the bottle and it lands on someone else, u can take it from there!“ 

You and Hannah were at Jessica’s party. Hannah decided she wanted to come because Clay invited her. Although it took some encouraging on your part for her to finally give in. You’ve been trying to set Hannah up with Clay since what seems like forever but she’s stubborn most of the times, claiming he "doesn’t like her that way”. 

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Mr. Min - Chapter 06

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 26,321 

A/N: I’m so sorry.  I don’t think I’m capable of doing short chapters anymore.  Feel free to read this on AO3 instead if your app messes up.  

And a huge round of applause to the always lovely, @avveh, for beta-ing this behemoth.  I’m so sorry to put you through that lol.

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Trouble in Canada

Request: “I’m your husband, it’s my job.”

a/n: I hope you enjoy this itty bitty 10 page writing that I’ve been working on for a few days now ! 😉 ALSO @whitechocolateperfection wanted some angst so I wrote some angst and I hope y’all enjoy and I’d love to know your thoughts!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“I’ll see you at the next session?”

            You picked your head up from rummaging in your bag and smiled at Ethan, your cooking class instructor, “My husband might be back in town, but I’ll see,”

           Ethan nodded his head steadily.  After a while of looking at each other, you diverted your gaze down towards the wooden table.  You saw his tapping fingers slowly make their way towards your hand that was rested on the table.

           Quickly, you moved your hand, and placed your engagement and wedding ring back on your left hand.  You did’t like cooking with your rings on in fear that they could fall down the drain if you were washing your hands, “Uh, Thanks for the lesson, I’ll see you later.”

           You heard an audible sigh escape his lips, “See you next week, Mrs. Mendes.” 

           As fast as you could, you scurried out the door and saw your friend, Jessie, waiting for you outside.  She saw your flustered expression and smirked, “Looks like the teacher has a crush on the student.” 

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modern au revolutionary set headcanons

Alexander Hamilton
● puts his hair up in a messy bun while working and forgets that he stuck his pen in there
● really loves star wars and had a crush on both luke&leia
● once wrote a trashy novel which he doesn’t talk about. EVER.
● is actually very good at cooking but can only rarely be persuaded to do it
● cut his hair bc he knew everyone was going to lose their shit
● really needs glasses but never wears them
● constantly walks into stuff bc of that

● sometimes pretends not to understand english at all to get out of parking tickets or awkward situations
● is actually too smooth to ever get into awkward situations
● has three plants which all have names
● one of them is dead but he refuses to acknowledge it
● he read John the first Harry Potter book because lil Jacky was forbidden from reading them as a child bc religious parents
● he did the voices
● buys homeless people lunch
● actually flosses

Hercules Mulligan
● best dressed at all times
● looks like he will drink you under the table and then beat you up with it but is actually a straight edge vegetarian who gives his tired drunk friends piggyback-rides home from the bar so that they don’t drive
● the dad friend. obviously.
● he plays the guitar but no one knows?
● has never lost a game of mario kart (or so he claims)
● gives the best hugs

John Laurens
● isn’t that into turtles but people still send him pictures and videos of them all the time? (other people have an embarrassing emo-phase that they never get to live down and he…well he had a turtle-phase)
● the worst at cooking
● doesn’t even have a kitchen, only orders in or is given food by concerned friends (hercules)
● likes space - both outer and personal
● only owns two pair of shoes
● is really into video games and claims to have beaten Herc in Mario Kart
● the issue is not settled

when the words weigh heavy on the heart

posting them in parts bc this is taking longer than i thought and i’m trash

u could potentially?? consider?? this a five times fic

also turns out this is going to be in the sleepwalking verse ;) enjoy ;)

part one

She’s irritated the first time it happens.

He can see it in her face, in the scrunch of her nose and the creases between her brows. He’s only known her a month but already he knows he doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of that look, doesn’t want to be the one strapping her down to that gurney or trying to find the vein in the crease of her elbow. Three separate rivulets of blood forge their own individual paths down the left side of her face and she swipes at them with a strangely absent kind of force, like she’s brushing away a gnat instead of smearing a dark red mark along the side of her face. Her nostrils are flared and there’s fire in her eyes and her jaw is set and really, truthfully, Amy Santiago is a terrifying force to look at.

Even if she is being loaded into the back of an ambulance.

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Paper Hearts Finale

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Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 6.4k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

1  ♡2  ♡3  4  5  6  7  8 9 ♡10 ♡11 ♡12 ♡13 ♡14 ♡15 ♡Finale

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Draco: ‘’I bought you a mug.’’

Harry: “What does it do?”

Draco: “It’s just a mug Potter. Can’t I enrich this household with one bloody mug without you becoming all twitchy?’’

Harry: ’What does it do, Malfoy?’’

Draco: *sighs* ‘’It’s a personalised Insulting Mug.’’


Draco: ‘’As I’m too sleepy to insult you in the mornings, I just bought something that would do it for me.’’

Harry: – ?

-next morning at the table drinking tea-

*Insulting Mug is quiet*

*Draco takes a sip*

Insulting Mug:  ‘’SCARHEAD!’’

*Draco spills tea all over his robes*

Harry: The household has been enriched.


Keep a Song by M. Klasan

anonymous asked:

Top Ten Drunk Yuuri Moments!! °♡° Those must be AMAZING!

10) Once he and Viktor got drunk together which is always a horrific idea and somehow they got away from the main party and over to the ice rink where they proceeded to try and skate absolutely wasted. The night included a lot of phrases like “Viktor why is the ice spinning?”, a lot of slipping and falling over because alcohol and attempting jumps doesn’t mix well and making out on the rink. Eventually they were rescued by Chris and Phichit who stopped them from actually killing themselves being idiotic drunks

9) The third time Yuuri got drunk at university when Phichit had to take him home because Yuuri could hardly stand and he spent the entire journey crying about how amazing Phichit was and how much he loved him and how he was the best friend ever and Phichit was stuck between laughing and being really touched

8) The second time Yuuri got drunk at college and ended up letting people do body shots off him which made him the most popular person at the party. Phichit still has pictures but he’s banned from ever showing anyone on pain of death

7) That one time everyone assumed that Viktor could drink like a fish and Yuuri couldn’t because Viktor is Russian and Yuuri proceeded to drink Viktor under the table to prove them wrong.

6) Viktor and Yuuri’s stag nights where they were supposed to be staying apart the whole night but Yuuri got sad drunk because he missed Viktor and Phichit had to take him to the club where Viktor was after getting a text from Chris saying Viktor was exactly the same. They ended up spending the night dancing together

5) Also at their bachelor parties(s) when Chris hired a stripper pole in the private room of the club they had rented because of course he did and convinced drunk Yuuri to show Viktor the pole dancing version of the Eros routine. Viktor has still not recovered from this.

4) The first time Yuuri ever got drunk in college when he went all out due to nerves and got absolutely wasted and ended up unintentionally making a significant portion of the room question their sexualities and giving a random guy on his course a lap dance. That guy still recalls his fondest college memory as the time an Olympic gold medallist gave him a lap dance and it was awesome.

3) Speaking of lap dances, the moment from my other list of ‘Top Ten Most Memorable Places Viktor and Yuuri have had sex’ where Yuuri wasn’t drunk but he had enough alcohol in him to be very confident and gave Viktor a lap dance in the club which very quickly led onto…other things

2) At one point while they were engaged but not married yet Yuuri got very, very drunk and sort of just stumbled up to Viktor like ‘why are we not married yet? Can we just get married now?’ and Viktor was so close to agreeing to it. The only reason he didn’t do it was because their assorted family and friends would kill them in the morning if they put up with all their bullshit for so many years and then didn’t even get to come to the wedding as a reward.

1) The Olympics party from chapter 8 because it was pretty spectacular and Chris still likes to tell the story whenever he wants to embarrass Yuuri or make Viktor blush

Slow Ride

Yeah, you all should have known this was coming… They don’t call me Cowgirl for nothing…

(This gif was made by my gorgeous friend Pam @saucynewf - and is being used with her permission)

Holy. Shit.

Seriously, how much is a girl supposed to take? You share rooms with these guys, watch them walk around half-dressed, banter back and forth with them. You take Dean’s suggestive, flirty comments and respond in kind, telling yourself it’s all part of your friendship.

And then he does this.

Of all things, a mechanical bull. You thought those things died out with Urban Cowboy. But now, as you stand watching with your jaw clenched, and your nails digging into your palms, and your thighs clamped together, Dean is riding the fuck out of Larry, the centerpiece of the bar you went into for the sole reason of grabbing some burgers.

You can’t tear your eyes from him as his body sways, looking like he’s part of that saddle. The muscles of his thighs are tight, holding firm, his torso lean and lithe as he moves with it, sinuous and sexy as hell. One arm waves above his head, giving him the balance he needs, the other bicep bunched and bulging beneath the plaid shirt, unbuttoned at the front to allow your eyes to cruise over where his t-shirt clings to his pecs, his ribs, his belly.

“Do you know him?” the waitress whispers, and you nod, your lips parted and your eyes glued to Dean as the ride ends, and he slowly lowers himself back, sprawled and smiling. “Lucky you,” she says, turning to go back to work, and you blow out a breath, closing your mouth and lowering your eyes.

Air. You need some air.

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