drink soda not pop

Reasons the first Mythbusters episode is great:

-shoddy camera work bc they only had one or two cameras
-they decide to strap a JATO rocket to a Chevy Impala
-they call the actual Air Force and ask “hey can we have a JATO rocket” and because this is episode 1 the response they get is “… Why???? and who are you????”
-the dirt-cheap used car they buy (to strap a rocket to, of course) breaks down as they’re trying to drive it back to the warehouse, and they have to call triple A to pick them up
-the random urban legends lady who pops in, talks about cars being sex symbols for some reason and is never mentioned again afterwards
-the Air Force people call them back, twice, just to make extra sure they know that of course they absolutely can’t have a JATO rocket for their nutso project, who even are they anyways
-so they weld on three amateur rockets instead as an approximate equivalent
-Adam welding inside the car and keeps accidentally setting the car on fire
-because you can’t safely be inside an amateur-made rocket-powered car, they decide to remote control it
-that’s right
-rocket-powered, life sized RC car. these men are living the dream
-Adam: ‘this is so exciting, I’m going to have to have a grin-ectomy’
-Jamie (yes, JAMIE) giggling wildly when it actually WORKS, somehow
-and then as an encore they disprove the myth that you can pop your stomach by drinking soda while eating pop rocks by mounting a pig’s stomach inside of a plastic skeleton and force-feeding the stomach massive amounts of soda
-I just really love the Mythbusters what a show

I saw this post about a sailor moon drink a while back and it looked so delicious that i had to go off and make my own. Mine doesn’t doesn’t look too fancy but it tastes great!


This drink is actually a float so its SUPER EASY to make all I used was raspberry soda,vanilla icream, and some star shaped sprinkles! And then TA DAH! You gots yourself an Usagi float!


’ Do you prefer ________ or “Satan’s Mistress”? ’
’ Don’t make me call your mother! ’
’ Don’t take this the wrong way. ’
’ Why didn’t you tell me you were some kind of Alaskan Kennedy? ’
’ We were in the middle of talking about you… for the last 3 years. ’
’ People need to think that we are in love. ’
’ That, hey, that’s no problem. I can do that. ’
’ What am I allergic to? ’
’ I can pretend to be the doting fiance. ’
’ We love to snuggle. Don’t we honey? ’
’ If you get chilly tonight use this. It has special powers. ’
’ Oh. What kind of special powers? ’
’ I call it the baby maker. ’
’ Better be super careful with this. ’
’ Why are you panting? ’
’ Was that your family? ’
’ I’ve worked to hard for this and I’m sure that dad is pissed. ’
’ _________, will you marry me? ’
’ Wow. Barely made it out with my life. ’
’ I mean, did you see those teeths? ’
’ We should just sit and rapture. ’
’ I started leaving him little hints here and there. ’
’ That’s not exactly how it happened. ’
’ I mean I picked up on all of her little hints… ’
’ I went there and I pounded on the door. ’
’ I am not getting in that boat! ’
’ You can tell she’s a good dancer by the way she drinks her soda pop. ’
’ Congratulations. I’m a hundred. ’
’ If you touch my ass one more time I will cut your balls off in your sleep, okay? ’
’ Don’t let him out. The eagles will snatch him. ’
’ If you ever grab my ass again. I will kill you! ’
’ Three days ago, I loathed you. ’
’ I used to dream about you getting hit by a cab. ’
’ Things changed when we kissed. ’
’ Now, you could imagine my disappointment. ’
’ Your mother’s at the door, get up here! Get up here! ’
’ Just a second! ’
’ Baby blanket, get it off, get it off… ’
’ Oh my God, what is that? ’
’ What do you mean it’s morning? ’
’ Well, that was originally my cup. ’
’ And I’m drinking your coffee why? ’
’ So you drink unsweetened cinammom light soy lattes. ’
’ Is that a coincidence? ’
’ I mean, I wouldn’t possibly drink the same coffee that you drink. ’
’ Why aren’t you taking notes? ’
’ I’m sorry, were you not in that room? ’
’ What? Oh, oh, the thing you said about being promoted? ’
’ I’m looking at a 250,000 dollar fine and 5 years in jail. ’
’ Promote you to editor? No way. ’
’ I’ll make you… I’ll make you editor. Happy? ’
’ Ask me nicely to marry you… ’
’ What does that mean? ’
’ You heard me. On your knee. ’
’ Does this work for you? ’
’ Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me? ’
’ I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, but I’ll do it. ’
’ See you at the airport tomorrow. ’
’ I didn’t fire you because I felt threatened. ’
’ Another word and you’re out of here with an armed escort. ’
’ Didn’t think so. I have work to do. ’
’ I have never farted in front of him. Nor will I ever fart in front of him. ’
’ We’re not authorize to take you to the airport. ’
’ I’m not rich. My parents are rich. ’
’ Which is the kind of thing that only a rich person would say. ’
’ Where are your breasts, dear? ’
’ Am I the only one not getting this? ’
’ I’m sorry for feeding you to the eagle! ’
’ Uhm, would we kill each other? No! ’
’ Are you soul mates? ’
’ If she didn’t love him, she wouldn’t have left. ’

So now that I’m living in a dorm in Korea, I’m on a meal plan, right? Well, the main part of the meal is white rice and kimchi. And while white rice is good, I fucking love kimchi, which means a majority of my meals have a good chunk made up of kimchi. Like, I don’t even like most meats, which means what meat I do eat is fucking fish XD The entire campus here is made up of hills also, which means I’m walking up hill all the fucking time. And, like, I don’t drink pop/soda and I’m already tired of most of the sweets here because they’re not like the sweets in America (super sweet), which means all I snack on is, like, these little rice puffs and… apples. I think the most unhealthy thing I eat here is a thing of banana milk and a dark chocolate candy bar a day (because banana milk and darker chocolate is fucking great together). All I drink otherwise is water.  

Like, I’ve only been here two weeks and my pants are already too big. I wasn’t planning on losing weight, but it’s dropping off anyway. And I can’t afford to buy new clothes XD And my hips and shoulders–like, my literal bones–are too wide to fit the clothes here.

I don’t really know what I’m gonna do…

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EDIT: I guess I could always buy the men’s clothes. Those would probably fit XD

New Zealand Slang

I might not know them all, or I misremember them. Nonetheless, here’s a list from memory.
a into g: get going, arse into gear, as in ‘I’ve got to get my a into g’
anklebiter: small child
arse over tit: head over heels
Aotearoa: Maori name for New Zealand, it means the land of the long white cloud
beaut, beauty: splendid, terrific, as in ‘beaut of a job you did’
bit of a dag: hard case, comedian
bite your bum: go away, get lost
boy-racer: young man who drives fast in a car with a loud stereo
brassed off: disappointed, annoyed
bugger off: go away, piss off
carked it: died
chocka: choc-a-block, full, overflowing
chocolate fish: chocolate covered marshmallow fish, frequently given or offered as a reward.
chippie: potato chip
couldn’t see the road to the dunny if it had red flags on it: said of somebody blind drunk or slow witted
crash hot: excellent
crikey dick: expression of surprise
crook: sick, poorly, also to go crook at, meaning to be angry with, or to put someone crook, meaning to give someone bad advice
cuz: cousin
dairy: corner store, the only shop allowed to open 365 days a year
dear: expensive
doodackie: thingamajig, or doodad, an object that you can’t think of a name for
drop in it: get someone in trouble
dunny: toilet
Eketahuna: doesn’t exist. It’s like saying 'timbuktu’ or 'shangri la’.
fizzy drink: soda pop
flat stick or flat tack: full speed, as fast as possible
fuckwit: idiot
full tit: as much power as possible, “cmon! We need to go full tit!”
get off the grass: disbelief, 'stop pulling my leg’
gizza: give us a
going bush: get away from it all, take a break, become reclusive
good on ya, mate!: congratulations, well done
good as gold: good job, not a problem
guts for garters: in big trouble, as in 'I’ll have your guts for garters!’
home and hosed: safe, completed successfully
hoodackie: what you call someone when you cant think of their name
hard yakka: hard work
heaps: a lot of work to do
how much would you charge to haunt a ten room house?: rhetorical question to suggest a person is ugly
if your brains were barbed wire you couldn’t fence a dunny: you are stupid
jandal: thongs, flip-flops
kai: food, from the Maori word for eating
Kiwi: New Zealander
my arse is a red cabbage: ’ if he can do that, my arse is a red cabbage’
Other Side: Australia
pack a sad: become morose, ill-humoured, broken or dead, as in 'the washing machine packed a sad’
pack a wobbly: get angry
pakeha: non-Maori person
pav: pavlova
piece-of-piss: easy, as in 'that was a piece of piss’
piker: slacker, a person who gives up when things get difficult
piss: any alcohol
piss around: waste time, procrastinate
piss awful: very unpleasant
piss easy: very easy
piss up large: large scale drinking of alcohol
piss up: party, social gathering
pissed: drunk, inebriated
pissed off: angry, upset
pissing down: raining heavily, pouring down
prang: minor car accident, as in 'he was in a prang yesterday’
puckeroo: something that is buggered or broken
quite nice: something you say when you want to be polite but can’t really think of anything to say, as in 'his tie is quite nice’; can also mean the opposite of the actual words: 'Your car is in quite nice condition’
rattle your dags: get a move on, hurry up
rellies: relatives, family
root: to have sex
rough as guts: unpolished
two sammies short of a picnic: brick short of a load, a bit thick or crazy
she’ll be right: everything will be OK, it’s not a problem
shitheap: utter mess, as in 'your bedroom is a shitheap’
sickie: to take a day off, apparently sick
smoko: break, rest period
sook: silly or a scaredy cat, as in 'just a big sook’
suss: figure out, as in 'I’ve got it sussed’
ta: thanks
tata: goodbye
tiki tour: scenic tour, roundabout way
tin-arse, tinbum: lucky person
togs: swimsuit, speedos
two-thirds of five-eighths of fuck all: very little
up shit creak in leaky gumboots: in trouble, variant of up shit creek without a paddle
up the boohai shooting pukekos with a long handled shovel: none of your business, used kind of like “up your butt and around the corner”
Waikikamukau: pronounced 'why kick a moo cow’, its basically so remote it makes Eketahuna look like the capital of the USA
were you born in a tent?: sarcastic question asked of somebody who has left a door open
what’s that got to do with the price of fish?: challenging the relevance of some remark
whinge: complain
wobbly: tantrum, as in 'he threw a wobbly when he heard that’
wop-wops: out of the way location
wouldn’t know shit from clay: naive or stupid person
wouldn’t know them from a bar of soap: I do not know this person
yonks: a long time, ages, as in 'haven’t seen him in yonks’
yack: conversation between friends, natter
you ain’t wrong: you’re right
you get that: resigned acceptance
you make a better door than a window: said to somebody standing in the way, perhaps in front of the TV
you think you’re a flowerpot because you’ve got a hole in your bum: you love yourself

mythbusters starters: seasons 1 & 2
  • who are the mythbusters?
  • we’re what you’d call “experts”.
  • together, they have over 30 years of _____ experience.
  • we do this for a living.
  • i’m trying to locate a pig’s stomach.
  • _____’s SUPPOSED to be an expert.
  • that’s the shit!
  • the chevy impala is the ideal candidate for urban legend status.
  • so, the air force apparently called and turned us down on the jato rocket.
  • did they call us back again? just to deny permission? again? without being asked?
  • oh, fuck me.
  • [making gratuitous car crash sound effects]
  • oh, that’s the coolest toy ever.
  • we’ve got years of experience that keeps us safe.
  • i’m gonna have to have a grin-ectomy!
  • i mean, obviously it’s deflated, right?
  • [opens mouth to show a bunch of pop rocks going off]
  • what about mounting it in our skeleton over there?
  • oh, don’t make me say it!
  • once the belief is out there, you have to take some gargantuan steps to disprove it.
  • _____’s had two cans, he’s out of control! oh my god, he’s having another one! _____! _____, you can’t have those last two cans! oh my god, you’re an animal!
  • okay, i wouldn’t have called that he could drink all that soda and eat all those pop rocks at once.
  • i can’t answer the phone. i’m tying a pig’s stomach into a skeleton.
  • that’s what we call “a hell of a saturday night”.
  • another one bites the dust.
  • scotty, i need more power!!!
  • did you go to art school?
  • it has to be nice and fleshy and soft.
  • i come from the planet butthead.
  • that’s actually ____’s butt.
  • that’s probably the best shot you’ll ever see of your own butt.
  • it really looks great. i’m looking forward to spanking it.
  • think of all the twinkies that go into the actual production of this.
  • we’re doing in one night what most people spend their whole lives avoiding.
  • she’d have one big hickey.
  • a big butt hickey. that’s gonna be hard to explain.
  • we’re prepared to stake… uh… ____’s butt on it.
  • i’m trying to talk scientifically!
  • i was using my arms! if i didn’t have arms, i wouldn’t be able to free myself!
  • you were absolutely right.
  • agree with me.
  • i’ve only broken one bone in my body.
  • this would be cool if i could see.
  • our lawyer just isn’t cutting the mustard.
  • i won myself five bucks!
  • the coroner decided not to file an inquiry in this case because it was such a freak accident.
  • i love breaking things.
  • tub of body latex: $43. tub of gold pigment: $6. watching your friend get naked, covered in gold paint, and then jogging until they pass out: priceless.
  • this is the thing that made it all over the internet a few years ago.
  • we’re not gonna bring the pellet gun.
  • is this something that would be legal for us to do?
  • unfortunately, _____ wouldn’t let us shoot inside the building.
  • you need forty-two of those? good lord!
  • are you sure you wanna do the do?
  • i think it’s fine. of course– it’s your neck, not mine.
  • we’re trying to recreate the mythical flight of ________.
  • _____ had a lot of help.
  • it’s been nice knowin’ ya!
  • cheers.
  • gimme a hug.
  • i think i’ll get a couple of tanks of helium and see what happens.
  • we’re gonna eat some bagels. we’re gonna eat some cake.
  • i think we have to drink a lot of water, ‘cause we’re gonna have to cough up about a half a dozen urine samples today.
  • we bought _____ over the web– a bargain at $16.95 for ten!
  • i hope i don’t get pee shy.
  • i haven’t used drugs in weeks.
  • i think this is gonna cure me of my love for ____once and for all.
  • i think that’s a positive right there.
  • i just tested positive for opiates!
  • welcome to the club there, brotha!
  • so is it gonna be a girl or a boy, do you think?
  • i believe that’s what people do when they go out, uh, you know, uh, partying, or something.
  • you wanna make sure that you’re SHINY.
  • listen, you’re already naked and running on the treadmill covered in gold paint. there’s no such thing as shame anymore.
  • what’s the danger zone?
  • i could die if i’m not careful with this thing.
  • it feels like i’m being skinned!
  • ______’s blood pressure fluctuations are obviously related to the latex.
  • tossing a ____ off the top of the empire state building is not as easy as it sounds.
  • is this– is this excited ____? we’ve got a world first!
  • we’ve got a world first! it’s going out on television!
  • he’s totally [bleeping] [bleep]ing me.
  • wwwwwwwwwhoops!
  • [GLASS SHATTERING] whoops! haha! ha– we should get out of here, that’s mercury vapor.
  • the fbi uses it to test weapons.
  • he wants to do his own narration.
  • i’ll do it. but you gotta do it too, or else you’re, like, a wuss.
  • okay. you go first.
  • OOOOOWW! agh! … that didn’t actually hurt that much.
  • augh! you hit me in the same exact place!
  • it didn’t hurt that much before, but now it really hurts!
  • i always enjoy seeing ____ in pain.
  • go ahead. shoot me in the ass. come on, i can take it.
  • [on the verge of tears, clutching injured body part] i was prepared for the consequences.
  • any time we get to play with explosives and gunpowder and cool weapons and stuff like that, we’re happy campers.
  • there’s a significant chance that there will be an explosion.
  • [puppy voice] do you want the cookie?? is your cookie in here??? get the cookie!!!
  • what sort of foul play is this?!
  • i think it’s really quite obvious that i don’t tan, like, at all.
  • _____ wants to build the microwave oven from hell.
  • i’m gonna take all these microwaves apart and use them to build a super-powerful microwave gun that i can carry around and heat stuff up with.
  • fork in the microwave.
  • it’s like something out of star trek!
  • dude, you are the MAN!
  • in theory, this should heat up a cup of water four times faster than a regular microwave would.
  • [wraps entire body in tin foil]
  • i wouldn’t say _____’s an evil genius. i’m not sure he’s evil and i’m not sure he’s a genius.
  • my watch has stopped.
  • i’m looking for a human skull.
  • it’s his father’s.
  • this has to be easier than getting ahold of a skull. right?
  • it’s busted.
  • this pig’s gonna be one big bag a’ maggots.
  • ____’s mustache is twitching.
  • usually, things don’t work this easy.
  • it’s the world’s most complicated lighter.
  • it’s my new secret escape hatch!
  • it’s taking him a while to do this. i think he’s having a little too much fun.
  • i’m excited. we’re gonna blow some stuff up and go home.
  • it’s kind of a lot. it’s kind of– really a lot.
  • we can’t put gunpowder behind him and try to launch him, that’s just gonna blow him up.
  • cue the bomb.
  • will it work? that’s in the lap of the gunpowder gods.
  • if you catch him, i’ll give you a hundred dollars.
  • you wanna put some protection on, there?
  • he thinks he’s alright.
  • he survived! ___ survived!
  • one got away, and the other two have been quietly decomposing in a 1987 corvette for two months.
  • it just smells like standard death.
  • i see myself as a vegetarian for at least the next couple of weeks.
  • if my baby’s poo smelled like that, i would take it to a hospital immediately.
  • it won’t start, and it stinks of dead pig, but it’ll look good.
  • it’s alive!
  • science or quackery?
  • have we all been injected with mind-control chips?!
  • what happened to these men?
  • the authorities presumed they drowned.
  • the authorities presumed they drowned, but the myth says that they survived on a homemade raft.
  • people often cheer for the underdog.
  • officially, no one ever escaped and lived to tell.
  • i think i’ll fit. i’m not so sure about you.
  • let the break-out begin!
  • seems beer and fast food wasn’t on the menu at alcatraz.
  • i think i tweaked my back.
  • this is where it all happened.
  • it’s a lot of distance to cover in the middle of the night with all that equipment, i’ll tell you that.
  • it seems to simple an end.
  • he spent his life in and out of reform schools and prisons.
  • we’re escaping alcatraz at mach one!
  • wait– was that a guard?
  • anything to say to the ducks back home?
  • well, i guess we’ll find a way of making it complicated, won’t we.
  • don’t let their looks deceive you. they’re actually quite deadly.
  • i asked for some volunteers this morning, and i came up with a couple.
  • that wasn’t so bad, was it? that wasn’t so bad.
  • don’t mess with me, duck. when i say quack, you’re gonna quack, right?
  • quack, damn you!
  • they just needed someone to talk to.
  • you ready to quack for science?
  • where were all those quacks when we needed ‘em?!
  • ____, you wanna come over here and bend over?
  • we can do a little prison hazing ritual.
  • at this point, it looks like i’m not getting off the island. i’m gonna have to finish this life sentence.
  • dude, that’s a ____. i’m really impressed with these prison guys.
  • i give us a 60% chance of making it, a 20% chance of immediate catastrophic failure, and a 20% chance of slow descent into hell.
  • we’re gonna see if we can determine when, exactly, the government installs their mind-control chips.
  • you can proceed, but we’re watching you.
  • this is like a big, grown-up version of battleship! that’s cool!
  • [in a robotic monotone] i do not notice anything at all. i feel perfectly fine now.
  • it would seem that their technology is far more advanced than previously suspected!
  • you look funny.
  • just remember, kid– if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make a GREAT story later on.