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So now that I’m living in a dorm in Korea, I’m on a meal plan, right? Well, the main part of the meal is white rice and kimchi. And while white rice is good, I fucking love kimchi, which means a majority of my meals have a good chunk made up of kimchi. Like, I don’t even like most meats, which means what meat I do eat is fucking fish XD The entire campus here is made up of hills also, which means I’m walking up hill all the fucking time. And, like, I don’t drink pop/soda and I’m already tired of most of the sweets here because they’re not like the sweets in America (super sweet), which means all I snack on is, like, these little rice puffs and… apples. I think the most unhealthy thing I eat here is a thing of banana milk and a dark chocolate candy bar a day (because banana milk and darker chocolate is fucking great together). All I drink otherwise is water.  

Like, I’ve only been here two weeks and my pants are already too big. I wasn’t planning on losing weight, but it’s dropping off anyway. And I can’t afford to buy new clothes XD And my hips and shoulders–like, my literal bones–are too wide to fit the clothes here.

I don’t really know what I’m gonna do…

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EDIT: I guess I could always buy the men’s clothes. Those would probably fit XD

✿♡ bubblegum and sodapop || this mix is definitely some music to chew gum and drink soda to

Bubble Pop! -  HYUNA // London Queen - Charli XCX // Welcome to New York - Taylor Swift // Rush - Kali Uchis // E.V.O.L. - Marina and the Diamonds // Shake if Off - Taylor Swift // Build It Up - Kero Kero Bonito // Know What I Want - Kali Uchis // Popular Song - Ariana Grande (ft. MIKA) // This Kiss - Carly Rae Jepsen // Gold - Marina and the Diamonds // Me & the Rhythm - Selena Gomez // Diet Mountain Dew - Lana Del Rey // Alphabet Boy - Melanie Martinez //  Miss You - bo en // Marble Soda - Shawn Wasabi



Me and the boys are at Mikey’s lake house for our off day! we went out on the boat earlier and 😚💨💨✨🌟✨🌟
Then we made hot dogs (why is there no hotdog emoji?!) I got like 25 crazy flavored soda pops and I’ve been drinking em, baking cookies and watching the ABC’s of death while a few of the boys are lighting fireworks right next to the lake. Been a good day. 💘💘💘

“There was this girl I always saw in the Lilycove Department Store whenever I went there on Saturday morning. She was really pretty, and whenever I saw her, I felt this calmness that I couldn’t explain. At first it felt like she was trying to avoid me, but when the glances became more frequent, I took a chance and asked her if she wanted to have a Soda Pop in the rooftop. To my relief, she said yes, and we had our first rooftop date—if you can even call it a date, since all we did was talk and drink our Soda Pops. It was a really interesting talk, though.

"It became a weekly thing—I found out she only went there on Saturdays, just like I did—and I’d never had more personal conversations with anyone before. At some point I even told her about my issues with my dad, and I haven’t talked about that to anyone before. Our rooftop dates became longer and more memorable as the Saturdays went by, and for me, the other six days became more of a waiting game for the next Saturday.

"But something this amazing couldn’t go without its consequences, and that came a few Wednesdays ago, in the peak of Mt. Chimney. I didn’t expect to see her, but I did expect her to look beautiful, even if she wore the uniform of our rival team. I caught a glimpse of her trying to avoid mine, and her dejected look was all the answer I needed. Still, I felt bad when I had to throw away a full Soda Pop bottle in the Saturday that came after, and the feeling worsened as I threw away more Soda Pop bottles every Saturday after that.”

“If by any chance she sees this, what do you want to tell her?”

“I’m so much more than this uniform and you know it.”


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Relationship status: A single lil Pringle~ T^T

Pets: I don’t have any but I do have two plants! (They May or May not Have Names…Also I REALLY want a ChowChow T^T)

What i do when i first wake up: Check my phone, and try to see how long i can see without my glasses like a dork. Lol

Cats or dogs: Dogs ^w^

Coke or pepsi: I don’t drink a lot of soda/pop so? Coke?

Day or night: Night~

Text or call: Text!

Chapstick or lipstick: Well i bite my lips a lot, so if im going to wear one, I may as well wear lipstick!~

City or country: Well I Kinda live in the country(?) so i guess that?

Last book i read: The Kite Runner (again)

Last song i listened to: Last Young Renegades by All Time Low (it has been on repeat ALL DAY BOI’S! Hype-City Here!~)

Five facts about me: 

(I Dont Really Have Any Cool Facts So ummmmmmm…?)

~ I Did Theater All though high school, and i am curently in a acting class and what not, but its just for fun.

~ I sing way more than i should IRL, But normally only with friends, im a shy lil bean in person (sometimes), but if i dont have to know your listening, i will sing alllll day. (Though i sound so Bad, at least to me, friends might argue with me but i don’t like my voice, singing or otherwise)

~ I reaaaaally don’t like the cold, cold=nope

~ I Like to run/work out/dance a lot when i am extreamly stressed or anxious (when i can’t paint/draw/write) or if im hyper-active

~ I have a playlist of songs of basically everything. If i can’t sleep, i have soft rock songs that calm me. If im sad/down/anxious, i have a sad&chill playlist. If im feeling peppy, I have some for that. legit i have sooo many. Music is life~

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