drink soda not pop

Reasons the first Mythbusters episode is great:

-shoddy camera work bc they only had one or two cameras
-they decide to strap a JATO rocket to a Chevy Impala
-they call the actual Air Force and ask “hey can we have a JATO rocket” and because this is episode 1 the response they get is “… Why???? and who are you????”
-the dirt-cheap used car they buy (to strap a rocket to, of course) breaks down as they’re trying to drive it back to the warehouse, and they have to call triple A to pick them up
-the random urban legends lady who pops in, talks about cars being sex symbols for some reason and is never mentioned again afterwards
-the Air Force people call them back, twice, just to make extra sure they know that of course they absolutely can’t have a JATO rocket for their nutso project, who even are they anyways
-so they weld on three amateur rockets instead as an approximate equivalent
-Adam welding inside the car and keeps accidentally setting the car on fire
-because you can’t safely be inside an amateur-made rocket-powered car, they decide to remote control it
-that’s right
-rocket-powered, life sized RC car. these men are living the dream
-Adam: ‘this is so exciting, I’m going to have to have a grin-ectomy’
-Jamie (yes, JAMIE) giggling wildly when it actually WORKS, somehow
-and then as an encore they disprove the myth that you can pop your stomach by drinking soda while eating pop rocks by mounting a pig’s stomach inside of a plastic skeleton and force-feeding the stomach massive amounts of soda
-I just really love the Mythbusters what a show

I could see how that strong womanly pose could be compared to things Beyonce has done in the past, but Beyonce did not invent lines or standing in lines and I think what we did was a really cool image, but when people saw the video there was nothing they could take from that that felt even Lemonade-esque. That was Lemonade, this is kind of like soda pop. Both great drinks, but different drinks.
—  Todrick Hall about the Taylor/Beyonce comparison


’ Do you prefer ________ or “Satan’s Mistress”? ’
’ Don’t make me call your mother! ’
’ Don’t take this the wrong way. ’
’ Why didn’t you tell me you were some kind of Alaskan Kennedy? ’
’ We were in the middle of talking about you… for the last 3 years. ’
’ People need to think that we are in love. ’
’ That, hey, that’s no problem. I can do that. ’
’ What am I allergic to? ’
’ I can pretend to be the doting fiance. ’
’ We love to snuggle. Don’t we honey? ’
’ If you get chilly tonight use this. It has special powers. ’
’ Oh. What kind of special powers? ’
’ I call it the baby maker. ’
’ Better be super careful with this. ’
’ Why are you panting? ’
’ Was that your family? ’
’ I’ve worked to hard for this and I’m sure that dad is pissed. ’
’ _________, will you marry me? ’
’ Wow. Barely made it out with my life. ’
’ I mean, did you see those teeths? ’
’ We should just sit and rapture. ’
’ I started leaving him little hints here and there. ’
’ That’s not exactly how it happened. ’
’ I mean I picked up on all of her little hints… ’
’ I went there and I pounded on the door. ’
’ I am not getting in that boat! ’
’ You can tell she’s a good dancer by the way she drinks her soda pop. ’
’ Congratulations. I’m a hundred. ’
’ If you touch my ass one more time I will cut your balls off in your sleep, okay? ’
’ Don’t let him out. The eagles will snatch him. ’
’ If you ever grab my ass again. I will kill you! ’
’ Three days ago, I loathed you. ’
’ I used to dream about you getting hit by a cab. ’
’ Things changed when we kissed. ’
’ Now, you could imagine my disappointment. ’
’ Your mother’s at the door, get up here! Get up here! ’
’ Just a second! ’
’ Baby blanket, get it off, get it off… ’
’ Oh my God, what is that? ’
’ What do you mean it’s morning? ’
’ Well, that was originally my cup. ’
’ And I’m drinking your coffee why? ’
’ So you drink unsweetened cinammom light soy lattes. ’
’ Is that a coincidence? ’
’ I mean, I wouldn’t possibly drink the same coffee that you drink. ’
’ Why aren’t you taking notes? ’
’ I’m sorry, were you not in that room? ’
’ What? Oh, oh, the thing you said about being promoted? ’
’ I’m looking at a 250,000 dollar fine and 5 years in jail. ’
’ Promote you to editor? No way. ’
’ I’ll make you… I’ll make you editor. Happy? ’
’ Ask me nicely to marry you… ’
’ What does that mean? ’
’ You heard me. On your knee. ’
’ Does this work for you? ’
’ Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me? ’
’ I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, but I’ll do it. ’
’ See you at the airport tomorrow. ’
’ I didn’t fire you because I felt threatened. ’
’ Another word and you’re out of here with an armed escort. ’
’ Didn’t think so. I have work to do. ’
’ I have never farted in front of him. Nor will I ever fart in front of him. ’
’ We’re not authorize to take you to the airport. ’
’ I’m not rich. My parents are rich. ’
’ Which is the kind of thing that only a rich person would say. ’
’ Where are your breasts, dear? ’
’ Am I the only one not getting this? ’
’ I’m sorry for feeding you to the eagle! ’
’ Uhm, would we kill each other? No! ’
’ Are you soul mates? ’
’ If she didn’t love him, she wouldn’t have left. ’

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Hi there Bri!! So I'm writing a story and the main character is from England and I wanted to know, what are some ordinary words in England that are different than what's said in America? Like in America we call the elevator an elevator but in England, they're called lifts. Do you understand? Sorry if this is a weird ask

So it sorta depends where in England they’re from. For example, nowhere calls a drink soda, but if they’re from the north they’d call it pop, but if they’re from the south they’d call it a fizzy drink. But more common than that is to just use the brand name, coke, sprite, fanta etc. But general ones, there’s a lot:

- We don’t call it a sidewalk, we call it a pavement.
- We don’t say Math, we say Maths.
- We say biscuits for what you refer to as a cookie, and a cookie is just a type of biscuit.
- We don’t say trunk of the car, we say boot of the car.
- We don’t say emergency room/ER, we say accident and emergency/A&E.
- We don’t say parking lot, we say car park.
- Cotton Candy we call Candy floss.
- What you call suspenders we call braces.
- We don’t call it a movie theatre, we call it a cinema.
- What you call chips, we call crisps. We do have chips, but they’re just chunks of potato that get fried. Sometimes chunky, sometimes French fries, sometimes potato wedges.
- A council estate is what we call a housing project.
- You call it a pacifier, we call it a dummy, but that’s something I think has another name up north too. I think they call it a soother?
- You say Fire Department, we say Fire Brigade.
- You say apartment, we say flat.
- What you call a switch blade, we call a flick knife.
- You say bangs, we say fringe.
- We say full stop where you say period. So like “That’s it, end of conversation, I’m done, period”, we’d say full stop.
- Obvs we use the correct term of Football when talking about the sport you incorrectly refer to as Soccer.
- Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are called Stag Nights and Hen Do’s.
- You say vacation, we say holiday.
- What you call a turn signal/blinker, we call an indicator.
- Schools are a big one, we have a Nursery, Primary School, Secondary School, College, University. Primary and Secondary can sometimes be called Junior and Senior school, but that’s generally only if the schools are linked. So like, there’s a school near me called Claremont, and it goes from 5-18, so it’s Claremont Juniors, Claremont Seniors and Claremont Sixth Form. Sixth Form is another word for college, but it’s generally only used if it’s attached to a school, rather than independent.
- Grade crossings are called level crossings.
- Cell Phones are Mobile Phones.
- Highways/Expressways are motorways.
- When you say Mom/Mommy/Momma, we say Mum/Mummy/Mumma. Unless they’re from the midlands in which case they say it like you say it.
- Diapers are called nappies.
- Tic Tac Toe is called Noughts and Crosses.
- Chutes and ladders is snakes and ladders.
- School yard is called the playground.
- License plate is called number plate.
- Cross walk is a pedestrian crossing.
- Oven Mitt is an Oven Glove.
- Liquor Stores are called Off Licenses.
- Gas Stations are Petrol Stations.
- Mail box is a post box.
- Zip Codes are postcodes
- A stroller is called a pram, a pushchair or a buggy.
- Also, on the school thing, what you call a public school, we call a state school. So a school that is free to go to. Schools you have to pay to go to, we call public schools. But they can also be called private schools, and independent schools.
- Shopping carts are called trolleys.
- Jump rope is called skipping rope.
- Lawyers are generally called solicitors, but they can also be called Lawyers??? Tbh idk the difference, I think one is more civil law and liability cases (solicitors) and one is more to do with criminal law. But idk.
- Appetizers are called starters.
- What you call candy, we call sweets. So a candy store would be a sweets shop.
- Also we don’t say store, we say shop. And a superstore would be a supermarket.
- Check mark is a tick ✅.
- Takeout food is takeaway.
- Lumber (as in like, wood and stuff) is called timber.
- Scalpers are called ticket touts.
- labour unions are called trade unions.
- The Subway is called The Underground.
- Sneakers are called Trainers
- Candy Apples/Caramel Apples are Toffee Apples.
- Thermos bottles are vacuum flasks.
- Closets are called Wardrobes.
- Wholewheat is wholemeal
- Windshield of a car is the windscreen.

I’m sure there’s loads and loads more, but that’s what I got rn ☺️


A/N: Hey guys! So this story looks like a one shot, right? Well it’s not. This is going to become a series. Because of this I have developed three new taglists. Supernatural taglist, Sam x Reader taglist, and Breathless taglist. Send me an ask or message me if you would like to be apart of any of them.

Summary: So I don’t know how to summarize the series just yet without giving away too much so I am just gonna summarize this part:  Sam and Dean are joking around about how Dean had sex with the waitress the night before. Then Sam and him started questioning your sex life (or lack there of). You got really shy and squirmy in the backseat and then defensive. The boys didn’t understand but dropped it when you started to get angry. Sam comes into your room later and you come clean and so does he.

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut, loss of virginity.

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You, Sam, and Dean sat at the bar after a difficult hunt. You and the boys were laughing and you were drinking vodka as if it was soda pop, Dean tipping back shots of whiskey, and Sam slowly sipping at his beer. You got up to grab a napkin so you could (not so casually) scoot your chair closer to Sam’s. He didn’t seem to notice but you had feelings for him, and you had for the longest time but were always too afraid to admit it to him or anyone else for that matter. Dean may have had an inkling of the way you felt towards Sam but he never made you aware of it.

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