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A quick random thought/theory on bts MVs

What if the wings era was all happening in jks head and what if the end scene in blood sweat and tears jap vers is going back to reality, back to the end of hyyh I need u. Hence the reason he’s in a wheelchair, he probs was in a coma. In bst it seemed quite absurd that they were wearing outfits that are out of the modern day outfits and the various historical, religious and book references to Damian and the overall theatrical in comparison to the hyyh era just seemed to out of reality so maybe this is all playing out in his head and the individual solo song mvs/trailers are jk imagining how the others feel of their inner torment due to their history shown previously In hyyh. In spring day, he was the only one looking at a different direction from the rest and he was the only one who saw himself as the train passed him and the others towards the end of the mv, the hanging the shoes on the tree may have represented jks fate or what he had thought of if this is all playing out in his head. Seeing as there’s references from the ones who walk away from omelas, jk may be the one who is kept trapped in order to keep others (the rest of the members) happy and the so called prison isn’t a basement or a room, but his mind if he is in a coma. As for not today, I’m not too sure, maybe this is his final fight/level of his journey to waking up from his coma? The reason that they were all running and then the others getting shot but jk may represent jk needing to let go of the past/his problems and that the gunshots may kind of be like the indication to him that it is all a dream kind of like in inception and when we saw his reflection in his eye and he was surrounded by lying bodies, not too sure about that but I’m guessing his shocked expression may show his realisation that this is all a dream and he needs to wake up.

This is just my personal theory so yeah.