drink lots of alcohol

you can’t sleep it off when it comes to alcohol in your system, drinking lots of water doesn’t help either, and neither does throwing up. the only thing that takes care of the alcohol in your system is time. if you think you or a friend have had too much alcohol and that it’s affecting you seriously, please call 911. 

“When I was your age I was listening to a lot of Death Grips and drinking grain alcohol out of a water bottle in AP Euro” is a real thing I got to say to my sister a few days ago

Royalty : Conor Maynard Smut

requested by @iwanttoleavethisworld​ :)

“Change the song Joe!” Caspar asked as some slow song started playing throughout Joe’s apartment.

You were spending your Friday night with your friends, all chilling at Joe’s. It was you, Joe, Caspar, Jack, Conor, Josh and a few girls that Jack and Joe had invited. The night consisted of music, alcohol and lots of drinking games.

The time now was around 1am and everyone was pretty drunk, including you. Looking around the room, you noticed everyone was lacking energy now. Jack was sat with a girl, whispering in her ear which made her laugh. Conor was sat on a chair near the TV, Joe had bought some more chairs down so that everyone could sit down.

As you watched Conor take a sip of his wine, you sighed. He was so attractive, you both fucked on a regular basis but it was never anything more. The worst thing was that he always ignored you in front of the boys, they all guessed that you two didn’t really get along. Conor made you so angry, he really did, but also so horny at the same time.

Conor’s face lit up as Joe changed the song. It was his own song, Royalty - you instantly recognised it.

“Cor, get this shit off!” Jack said, making everyone laugh.

“Let him have his moment, Jack. Filming the music video for this was the closest Conor’s ever been to a lap dance.” Joe snorted.

“Is that actually true, Conor?” Caspar asked seriously.

Conor instantly froze, and so did you.

“Um… No.” He ran a hand through his hair.

“When the hell have you had a lap dance?” Jack asked in disbelief.

You started to feel a bit embarrassed so you just looked down at your drink, stirring it with the straw. Everyone was slurring their words, due to the amount of alcohol that had been consumed tonight.

“I had one once before sex. Conor shrugged, trying to get Jack off his back.

“Bullshit. Who would give you a lap dance?” Jack shook his head.

“Yeah, prove it Conor.” Josh added.

There was a moment of silence before you heard your name leave Conor’s lips, making your heart beat super fast. Looking up, your eyes met his.

“It’s true.” You said quickly to the boys.

“How would you kn- Wait… You two?” Jack quickly figured it out.

“Holy shit!” Caspar said excitedly.

“Y/N giving Conor a lap dance, damn, that is something i’d love to see.” Joe announced with drooped eyes. The alcohol was talking.

You felt a little awkward, and so you looked back at Conor. He was staring at you with pleading eyes. You instantly knew what he wanted. Looking over to Joe, you nodded, hoping that he would clock on.

Standing up, you felt the alcohol take over your body as you pulled your skirt off, leaving you in just a shirt, bra and underwear.

“Start the song from the beginning.” You told Joe as you walked over to Conor.

Everyone began to cheer as the song replayed and you placed your hands on Conor’s shoulders.

You took Conor’s drink out of his hands and placed it on the side before swaying your hips to the music in front of him. Conor opened his legs and you stepped closer to him, moving your hips as sexily as you could.

Due to the fact that you were a dancer, you knew what you were doing. And due to the fact you have been with Conor many times, you knew how to drive him crazy.

“This is so hot.” You heard Joe. Everyone else was shouting things but due to the music you could only hear Joe as he was the closest.

Conor’s eyes never left your moving body, he sat back and let you do your thing. You moved your hands all over your body, up to your hair and down your body slowly.

Turning around, you moved your ass sexily in front of Conor. He always told you how much he loved your ass, and as you moved you felt his hand make contact with the bare skin with a slap. This turned you on so much as everyone let out woo’s.

As you turned around, you pulled your top over your head revealing your new matching set of underwear. You felt sexy. As you looked down at Conor, you could tell he was majorly turned on right now as he looked up at you with lust in his eyes.

Shifting onto him, he instantly held you by your ass, pulling you closer to him. As soon as you came into contact with his clothed crotch, Conor grunted.

Everyone was cheering in the background, encouraging you.

You grinned at Conor’s reaction to you. You circled your hips, rocking back and forth to the beat of the song as your gripped his shoulders. You pushed your core deeper onto his crotch, feeling the hardening member underneath - you had to bite your lip to try and hold in a moan. You grinded on him hard, opening your legs a bit wider every time you pushed your hips.

Conor looked down at your breasts, licking his lips. You knew he wanted you. Bad. As you continued to moved your hips onto his body, you realised everyone had gone fairly silent.

As you looked over your shoulder, you noticed Jack had a girl on his lap, kissing her hungrily. Josh was in a similar situation as he was now too busy with a girl. Joe and Caspar were still watching, smirks on their faces and bulges in their trousers.

“I really want to fuck you. Here.” Conor growled at you as the song came to and end.

Your hands went to your back, unclipping your bra and throwing it to the ground. You were very aware that you were getting naked in front of Conor’s friends but the thought of being fucked in front of people was turning you on more than ever.

“Please do.” You moaned at Conor’s words, your fingers unbuttoning the white shirt Conor was wearing.

You pushed the shirt off his shoulders. He looked so fucking hot right now. You were soaked and your core was aching for him.

“Y/N.” Conor squeaked as you continued to grind against him. “Please, I need to be inside of you.”

You knew what he needed. As quickly as you could, you moved your underwear to the side as Conor unzipped his trousers, reaching in to pull out his hard length. You both weren’t even thinking about the other people in the room that were watching, just too turned on by each other.

Conor let his cock free and your mouth watered as you looked down at it. Shifting a bit, you sank down onto him - hissing at the way it filled you up as much. He groaned, and shoved his hips up, making you swallow his whole cock in a quick thrust. You gripped onto Conor’s shoulders, throwing your head back as you let out a loud moan.

You noticed that the song now playing was now black beatles, and oddly it worked. Conor’s eyes slowly scanned over your body and as his eyes met with your thighs, his face dropped.

You realised what it was - your scars. You didn’t want Conor to see those at all. You did the first thing that came into your mind and crashed your lips against his.

He kissed you back slowly, with passion. He gripped your hips as he pulled away.

“Y/N, you’re beautiful. All of you.” He whispered as your foreheads rested together.

You almost did it. You almost admitted your feelings for him in that moment. The words ‘I love you’ almost left your lips - but they didn’t.

Conor then placed his hands behind his head, resting against the chair and you obeyed. You moved your hips, sliding them in and out, the tip of his cock in just before pushing yourself down to swallow his girth.

“God…” He breathed out, his hands coming forward, wanting to grip on something - anything. You guided his hands to place them on your breasts and he instantly gripped onto them, massaging and attaching his mouth to one of your nipples.

The sensation caused you to moan out.

“Oh, Conor…”

“Go faster, baby.” He panted as he pulled away.

Your hips slammed on his groin fast, but sharp. His cock was poking your g-spot and you clawed his chest as he threw his head back in a moan. Conor thrusted up, so that his whole tip can hit directly at your g-spot, and your hands gripped onto his shoulders.

He was coated in a layer of sweat, as well as the other boys were but you didn’t even notice them. You felt his release coming close. He twitched in you, and you rode him faster, wanting your release as well. After a few more thrusts, you exploded onto him, triggering his own release.

He held your hips, thrusting up, burying himself deep into you. As Conor released, he groaned and moaned out your name for all of the boys to hear.

When you both were finished, you wrapped your arms around his neck and he pulled you into him as you both caught you breaths.

When you finally got off of him, you turned around to see something you would have never thought would happen. Jack was in the same position you and Conor were in just moments ago, a girl was on top of him riding his bare cock. Josh was still staring at you with hooded eyes as a girl had a hand in his boxers, pumping at his length.

Joe was nowhere to be seen but Caspar was in the same place, his cock out for everyone to see as he pleasured himself with his hand and the sight of you.

“Fucking hell, Y/N, look what you did to our friends.” Conor laughed as he pinched your ass.


The next morning

When you walked into Joe’s kitchen the next morning, you were beyond nervous.

“Here she is!” Jack announced as you walked in, wearing Conor’s button-up shirt that you had wore to bed last night.

Everyone’s eyes went to you but they were all smiling. Conor was sat on a stool, his eyes going up and down your body as he admired the sight of you in his shirt.

“Come here, babe.” Conor shift on the stool and held his arms out to you.

As you walked over to him, he pulled you in for a hug.

“Y/N we’ve all agreed not to bring up last night ever again.” Joe told you, sipping from his mug.

“Good.” You replied, staying close to Conor.

“Although, we all also agreed that we’d all love to fuck you too.” Caspar added, making your cheeks flush.

“I don’t think so.” Conor shook his head, wrapping his arms around your waist.

Dating in Detroit

I broke up with someone this evening.  I haven’t got anxiety like that since, well, for ages.  I wanted it to work so much. But it didn’t. We didn’t. And so I ended it. The bottom line, I suppose, was that our humour wasn’t aligned, at least that’s how I felt. And I think laughing through life together is important. Right? We never ever laughed.  

I second guessed myself through the whole seven weeks.  And I know seven weeks doesn’t sounds like much or anything; but dating in your 30s is different. You know more now.  You know more now so each relationship is more serious from the start.  We also spent quite a few nights together each week. It was nice. Someone to cook and eat and explore with. Someone to watch Survivior with (because apparently I still love that show, ha!). Someone to wake up next to. And now suddenly I’m alone in my apartment with a fresh taste of what a relationship feels like; before him I had almost forgotten what it was like.  It suddenly feels jarring to be alone; in this familiar feeling a mere seven weeks ago I didn’t think much about. 

He was in AA too. I knew absolutely nothing about AA before, except what I had seen on TV.  Two months ago had I listed out a list, my list, “AA” probably would have made it on. But then it’s different when you meet someone. Different when you find out later and already know them. It didn’t bother me at all except sometimes it did.  It made me think about my relationship with alcohol a lot. I never drink alone and am not a huge drinker, but I do enjoy warm patios and crafts beer and fancy bars and glasses of wine and I was shocked at how suddenly it seemed important to me. How I couldn’t imagine introducing him to friends or celebrating occasions… even though, I hardly ever even drink at them myself.  

He was nice too. Really nice. The type of nice you hope for; doors and bills and roses and chocolates.  But. But I learnt that kind isn’t enough. It came to the point where I preferred a night alone than a night of nice and kind and routine with him.  I asked so many questions. He didn’t. I talked a lot. He didn’t. I was curious. (I felt like he wasn’t).  

It’s weird, and this is a ramble.  But I am back to being single, back on the horrendous world of dating apps, back to hoping the next one, maybe, just maybe will work. 

This one is for @eatmyarse. Hope I’ve done your prompt request justice. Also tagging my friend @princessbec24 who helped me with the plot.

Feysand: Are you wearing my shirt?

To say that Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court and the most powerful High Fae in all of history, was wasted would be an understatement. Rhys was beyond claiming any sobriety for a good few hours, and that would be with copious amounts of food and water to soak up and dilute the alcohol in his system.

He and his High Lady had taken a trip together. They were in some remote part of the Night Court at a retreat high up in the mountains where guests were left almost entirely to their own devices unless they came looking for something. Leaving Mor and Amren in charge they had packed a few things and left. Most of what they had packed was alcohol and sadly that had depleted and unfortunately they had not packed much in the way of clothes. Rhysand assumed that he would just summon what he needed but in his inebriated state he was scared as to what might appear. 

And right now he was in desperate need of a shirt.

Feyre had demanded food, she had tired of all the drinking and now insisted she was starving. To get the food one of them would need to go to the restaurant down stairs and order. He dare not use his magic to send a message to the restaurant as he may be more likely to drop a piano on them rather than I piece of paper. The dilemma Rhys had was that Feyre had taken his shirt and refused to give it back until she had eaten and he could not go down to the restaurant shirtless. Rhys was lying on the floor of the living room contemplating what to do. He had already considered the couch cushion and the table cloth that would hardly even make a cape. Then he spied it. 

There, flung on the breakfast counter was Feyre’s shirt. He had magicked his wings away a few hours ago to prevent him from knocking over the fixtures and decorations in the room, so if Feyre’s shirt was stretchy he may indeed be able to use it. Rhys stood and stumbled on the edge of the couch, almost face planting it, and after a few more unsteady steps he was there. He let out a whoop of triumph when he felt the material, it was loose fitting on Feyre to begin with but it was soft and had a decent amount of stretch in it. He slipped it over his head a put his arms through where they needed to be. 

Rhys pulled it down, and pulled it down again, and tried one last time but it still refused to sit past his belly button. Looking down Rhys rubbed his face with his hand. Feyre did not share his taste is fashion. Or more frankly his taste in black. This shirt was at least plain but it was an elegant shade of pink, because everything about Feyre was elegant. Taking a steadying breath to brave himself moved towards the the door. 


Elissa worked at the greeting desk of the restaurant, the guests hardly ever used it but they still offered it as one of their services. Most of the guests here took care of their food needs themselves as they often came here for a private getaway. But nothing could have prepared for the sight she saw before her now. 

The High Lord of the Night Court stumbled down the last few steps, clearly drunk. But that’s not what made her eyes widen. He was wearing a ridiculously small pink shirt. The lower part of his stomach was exposed and she was not sure how long the shirt was going to last stretched over his chest and shoulders like that. Looking around he squinted a little, clearly searching for something. He gave her a lopsided smile when he spied the counter she stood at. 

It seemed to take a lifetime for him to reach her and Elissa tried her hardest not to laugh outright at her High Lord. 

“Mmmm evening,” Rhysand said leaning on the counter for support.

“Good evening High Lord, what can I do for you?” Elissa asked with a pleasant smile. 

With his thumb and forefinger the High Lord rubbed his eyes, “Our High Lady has requested food.” 

Silence stretched a little awkwardly between them but Elissa had dealt with plenty of intoxicated guests before so she took the initiative and passed him a menu. “Is there anything in particular you would like to request?” 

The High Lord took it and squinted at the words, he shrugged a little and his shirt rolled up another two inches. Elissa had to cover her mouth when she saw him actually to turn the menu upside down in an attempt to read it better. 

“How about I choose some things for you. I can assure they are all delicious.” 

“Yes thanks,” Rhysand replied, fumbling the menu as he handed it back. Then he lent on the counter but a little unevenly and almost fell. 

“I could send it to your room if you like,” Elissa suggested. 

“That would be fantastic.” Rhysand gave her a two fingered salute and started his trek back up the stairs. 


The High Lady of the Night Court was not sober.

Feyre was sprawled on the couch wearing her mates’s shirt waiting for him to return. She was much more sober than he was, she had been switching out some of her drinks with water and since a lot of what they were drinking was clear alcohol it wasn’t hard to do. Watching her ‘always so perfect and put together mate’ spiral into a sloppy mess entertained her to no end. The shirt game may have been too far though. She had expected a little more protesting, maybe some bargaining. Actually she had been counting on the bargaining. But instead he had just left. 

The door handle rattled and Feyre sat up, her head spinning a little. Then Rhys walked through the door and Feyre just about fell off the couch.

“Are you wearing my shirt?” 

Rhys looked down and gave the hem of her shirt a tug, “What do you think, Feyre darling, is pink my colour?” 

Feyre cracked. She laughed so hard she snorted, more than once, then those were followed by a series of giggle fits that happened every time she tried to compose herself. Then the tears started. 

“I’ve ordered the food you demanded,” Rhys said as he approached and Feyre watched as her shirt threatened to rip with every movement of muscle. It took all of Feyre’s drunk resolve not to snort again. “Can I have my shirt back now?”

“Rhys,” Feyre fought to keep her giggling to a minimum, “the deal was you get it back after we’ve eaten.”

He flopped on the couch beside her and attempted to give her one of his feline grins, but with that shirt on there was no way Feyre could take him seriously. So she manoeuvred her way to his lap and kissed him. She broke the kiss and smiled at the way Rhys frowned in disappointment.

“In the meantime though, while we wait for this food, I think I might take my shirt back.”

im here for alcoholics

im here for alcoholics who drink to ease anxiety

im here for alcoholics with bpd who started drinking on impulse and now they can’t stop

im here for alcoholics who are minors and don’t have their alcoholism taken seriously because they’re “too young”

im here for alcoholics who are students and have their alcoholism brushed off because “all students drink a lot”

im here for lgbt alcoholics who can’t access safe spaces because they tend to involve alcohol

im here for alcoholics who are victims of trauma and abuse

im here for alcoholics who drink because of any mental illness

im here for alcoholics with alcoholic parents, siblings, and other family members

im here for alcoholics in codependent relationships

because the whole existance of alcoholism can be filled with so much guilt and shame. because it can make you feel so alone

im here for alcoholics

feysand17  asked:

I meant to ask Feysand fluff fic I'm made you a cake

See my favorite thing as a writer is to write something totally off base of what might be expected from these prompts… I think I did that with this one… hope this is fluffy enough, friend. I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Feysand + “I made you a cake”


“Mor, have I ever told you how much I completely and totally loathe you?”

“Oh quit being dramatic,” Rhys’s cousin snapped from where she stood between him and Azriel, her hand in his. “You’re the one who said you wanted a night out downtown with all of us!”

“I meant a night out drinking, Mor. Drinking. Alcohol. The cheap kind. And lots of it, preferably.”

“There will be alcohol!”

“Yeah Rhys, didn’t you read the pamphlet?” Cassian sauntered up to his friend, hooking an arm around his shoulder. “‘Wine and Canvas Painting.’ Sounds delightful, right? A real party. I mean I personally am gonna get so– ow! Quit it!”

Mor leaned over and pinched Cassian in the side to which he yelped.

“Don’t make fun,” Mor hissed. “My friend Feyre is still in the early stages of starting her own business, and I want to support her. And you guys support me, thus, we’re going to drink wine and paint some damn canvases or so help me you two will–”

“We’re here,” Azriel cut in smoothly.

Mor gave Rhys and Cassian one last glare that would have sent other men running before sauntering up the steps and opening the door to a little shop with an overhanging sign that read, “Velaris.”

“That’s a weird name,” Rhys grumbled to himself as he followed after his friends.

Once they were inside and had taken off their coats, Rhys glanced appreciatively at the space inside. It was… nice, he would give it that. Spacious and warm and full of light.

Mor’s friend - Feyre - apparently owned this little studio and taught art classes all throughout the week. And every other Friday she taught a 21 and up class where they served wine while doing canvas paintings.

And Mor, being Mor, thought it would be a great idea to do that this very weekend instead of going out to their favorite bar, the Illyrian, like they usually did.

“Well where is this friend of yours?” Cassian grumbled. “And where is the wine? If I’m doing this I need to be drinking.”

Rhys and Azriel laughed, but quieted instantly when Mor glared at them.

“She’s probably setting up or something. But her sister and Amren are over there, come on.”

“Amren’s here?” Azriel paled. Mor ignored the other two as they snickered and walked ahead.

“Amren! Nesta!” She called out. Two girls in the back row whipped their heads around.

Rhys recognized Amren, the terrifying woman that Mor had introduced him to a few times. The other one, Nesta, must be Feyre’s sister.

Amren just looked the boys up and down and huffed before turning back around in her seat.

Nesta rolled her eyes at Amren and gave Mor a forced smile. “Hey,” she said without much enthusiasm.

Mor went to reply and sit in the open seat next to Nesta, but the next thing they knew Cassian had practically shoved her aside and was careening to sit beside the young woman.

“Well hello there,” he said in his charming voice. “I’m Cassian. And you are?”

Nesta just stared at him, completely unaffected.

“You literally just heard her say my name,” she deadpanned. She looked back over at Mor. “Mor, who the hell is this guy?”

“I’m sorry.” Mor just rolled her eyes. “I told them to be on their best behavior, but I only have one of them trained.” Azriel narrowed his eyes at her but she only giggled and moved to sit down beside Amren and Azriel followed suit on her other side.

“Oh I can be on my best behavior,” Cassian continued, clearly not taking the hint. “I can be on whatever sort of behavior you want, sweetheart.”

He leaned in close to Nesta, giving her his best seductive look.

She was thoroughly unimpressed.

“Get your face the hell away from my face before I break it.”

Cassian’s brow shot up in surprise and Azriel and Rhys both snorted in laughter. His surprise soon turned into wicked delight.

“Oh just wait sweetheart, you’ll learn to love my face. In fact I’ll bet you’ll be painting it before the night is over. Or perhaps if my charm really sways you, you might even be s–”

“Do not finish that sentence and do… not… call me sweetheart,” Nesta seethed.

Rhys was just about to go sit on the other side of Azriel to avoid all of… that, when someone bumped into him from behind.

“Oh, oh I’m so sorry! I just… well I can’t really see right now so…”

Rhys turned to the voice only to be met with a stack of canvases stacked way too high for one person to be carrying. The stranger’s face was hidden behind the stack and it was clear she couldn’t see anything in front of her. He chuckled.

“Do you need some help there?” He offered.

“Nope!” The female voice chirped brightly. “Nope I am perfectly fine. Just fine.”

“Really?” He drawled. “Well then by all means, continue your trek.”

The person froze.

“Right. Yes. Continuing now.”

The woman turned slightly to the left, then slightly to the right. She took a small step forward only to bump into Rhys’s other shoulder.

“Dammit,” she hissed under her breath.

Rhys laughed openly, reaching forward to take half the stack off of her hands.

“Here, allow me.”

When the stack was considerably lowered, Rhys finally saw the stranger’s face - and felt like he had been sucker punched.

With her eyeline free now, the girl blew a stray strand of messy hair away from her face. Her eyes were blue-gray and absolutely stunning. She had a single purple streak of paint on her cheek that he had a feeling she had no idea was even there.

And then she smiled up at him.

“Thanks,” she said, clearly not noticing that he wasn’t even breathing. “Are you here for the class?”

“I uh…” he stumbled, unable to tear his eyes from hers.

What the hell was wrong with him, he didn’t get nervous around girls? Especially not ones with paint on their face and a stubborn attitude to boot.


“Feyre!” Mor shouted suddenly, and the next thing Rhys knew his cousin was shoving him out of the way to give the woman an awkward hug over the canvases she held.

“Hey, Mor,” she said in a strained voice, giving Rhys a look that said ‘save me’ over Mor’s shoulder.

“I told you we would come.” Mor pulled back with a grin. “I brought Az, who you know, and then Cassian is the one over there about to get his balls ripped off by your sister, and it looks like you’ve already met my cousin, Rhys.”

“Yeah we… ran into each other,” Feyre said, smiling over at Rhys.

He could’ve died a happy man right then.

“Well I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got to get the class started,” she continued apologetically.

“Oh it’s fine,” Mor said quickly as Feyre started to make her way up to the front of the room. Rhys followed awkwardly with his half of the canvases. “Oh and happy birthday!” Mor shouted suddenly.

Feyre froze, whirling towards Mor but running into Rhys yet again.

“It’s your birthday?” Rhys asked, his head cocked to the side.

Feyre paled. “Yes, but don’t say anything else please. I hate celebrating my birthday, it’s just so awkward.”

Rhys grinned, his earlier awkwardness melting away and turning into his usual suave because now he had an in with this girl.

“My lips are sealed Feyre, darling,” he said softly as he sat down his stack of canvases and stepped closer to her. She looked up at him a bit nervously.

“Allow me to formally introduce myself since my cousin thought she needed to do it for me,” he said smoothly, extending his hand. “I’m Rhysand.”

He noticed her shiver and grinned a bit wider.

“Feyre,” she replied, taking his hand. “Feyre Archeron. And please don’t call me darling.”

Rhys laughed, walking backwards towards his seat.

“Whatever you say, Feyre, darling.”

“You know if you keep calling me darling I’ll have to come up with a name for you too. How about prick?”

Ohhhh, he liked this girl already. His smile said as much.

He finally made it back to his seat, plopping down next to Azriel. Cassian and Nesta were still at each other’s throats.

Rhys was watching Feyre as she set up her own easel when Mor leaned across Azriel and pinched his arm.

“Ouch! What, Mor?”

Mor grinned like a fox.

“I knew you two would hit it off.”

“You… you planned this?”

Mor only laughed, leaning back in her seat and grabbing the glass of red wine in front of her as she spoke to Amren. Rhys looked at Azriel incredulously.

He just shrugged as if to say, ‘what can you do?’

The class started, and Rhys found himself captivated by Feyre yet again. She spoke about painting reverently, it was clear this was her passion. Her eyes lit up and her voice took on a tone he could listen to for the rest of his life.

Then when the actual canvas painting began, she walked around the room and answered questions, helping here and there. She stopped by Rhys’s row a couple of times, but only long enough to chat with her sister, Amren, or Mor before skittering off to another place in the room.

Rhys huffed as she avoiding his gaze for what felt like the hundredth time that night.

Mor giggled. “The chase not working out how it usually does for you, cousin?” She teased.

“Neither is his painting,” Azriel murmured.

Rhys cursed his brother, elbowing him in the side.

“What do you mean?” Mor asked. “What’s wrong with your… Rhysand!” She shouted, leaning across Azriel and smacking him in the chest. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Stop hitting me!” Rhys hissed. The rest of the class - and Feyre, he observed - was watching them. “And mind your own business. I know what I’m doing.”

“Oh do you?” Mor drawled. “Well then by all means, show us your wooing skills.”

Before Rhys could say another word, Feyre had sauntered up right next to him.

“Everything okay back here guys?”

“Oh yes,” Mor said before Rhys could get a word in edgewise. “Az and I were just observing how wonderful Rhys’s painting is.”

Oh Rhys was going to kill his cousin.

“That’s great!” Feyre said enthusiastically, meeting Rhys’s eyes finally.

“Yeah, super great. Go ahead, Rhys.” Mor propped her chin in her hand with a sly grin. “Show her.”

“Well, Mor,” he seethed, turning his easel so Feyre couldn’t see his painting. “I actually wanted to show Feyre darling here my painting when the class was over.”

“Oh but it’s just SO good Rhys, show her now.”

“Yeah, show me,” Feyre jumped back in. Rhys melted at her soft smile, feeling a bit like a prick now. “I bet it’s great.”


“Oh for goodness sake.”

Mor leaned across Azriel for a third time, turning Rhys’s easel towards Feyre herself.


Feyre’s jaw dropped when she saw that Rhys had painted a… cake.

A terrible looking cake with blue frosting and candles that looked like sticks. And in black paint he had written across the top, “Happy Birthday, Feyre Darling.”

She was silent for a few seconds and Rhys thought she might have stopped breathing.


“I made you a cake,” Rhys finally said. It sounded infinitely stupider when he said it out loud. “Since it’s your birthday and I just thought… you’re smiling. Is that a good thing? Did I do something right or are you showing me pity?”

Feyre snorted, covering her mouth with her hand.

“I love it,” she said in between her laughter. “I mean it looks… utterly horrendous–”

“Hey now, this is exquisite.”

“But it’s very sweet of you,” she said, meeting his eyes with a genuine smile.

Rhys felt his own lips tilting upward at the corners of their own accord.

“Anything for you, Feyre darling.”

Feyre’s smile dropped and she rolled her eyes.

“You had to go and ruin it, didn’t you, you prick. Call me darling one more time tonight and I won’t go out with you when you ask me after class.”

“Oh I’m asking you on a date now, am I?” He asked, mouth turned up in wicked delight.

“Well you better. You already made me cake,” she gestured to the painting. “Now you have to buy me dinner.”

He met her teasing eyes and realized he was already in deep shit and he didn’t mind at all.

“Anything you want.”

春いちごチューハイ // Spring Strawberry ChuHi
I have tried a lot of different kinds of chuhis (read: I will try anything). So much so that looking though my tag is kind of … sobering. Ha. The secret is, there are really only a few that I’ll drink more than once. This one, though… I would drink 900 of these if you let me. In a row. Yum.

Prompt Request 5


Kol x Reader, it’s a little angsty but mostly fluff. 

Warnings: Smut if you squint and swearing

Requested by: @originalbish98

Originally posted by linseymorgan

‘Y/N, please smile. I feel like the worst friend ever,’ Bonnie stared at Y/n, a worried expression on her face. ‘ Bon, I’m sorry,’ she apologized,’ but I don’t know if I’m ready yet.’ Y/N shifted in the passenger seat of Bonnies car, she watched the people coming out of the Grill. ‘ Listen, Y/N, I know this is hard, but it’s been four weeks since Kol  broke up with you.’ Bonnie said carefully and rested her hand on Y/N’s. Y/N bit her tongue, trying to ignore the pain that was starting to rise in her chest. She threw her head back and sighed. No matter what she did, Y/N couldn’t forget the moment in that she learned what it means to have a broken heart. ‘Come on, I swear it will be fun,’ Bonnie tried to excite her. Y/N nodded her head in defeat and left the car. She followed Bonnie into the Grill. Bonnie had picked out a nice outfit for her, arranged a Girls night with Caroline and Elena and promised her to find a super handsome guy. Y/N prayed to God that she wouldn’t excel at the latter. When they entered the Grill, Elena and Caroline were already playing pool. Both of them were smiling and holding a fancy drink. ‘He Girls,’ Bonnie called out. They turned around. It was obvious that Elena was already a little tipsy. Y/N forced herself to smile. It was as if she had forgotten how to have fun. She cursed herself for ever letting Kol have that much power over her feelings. ‘ Alright, Y/N, I’ll go and order some fancy drinks for us,’ Bonnie laughed. ‘Get the one with the straw and the small umbrella,’ Elena giggled. Caroline wrapped an arm around Y/N’s shoulder,’ you look amazing! Ready to forget that jerk?’ Y/Ns friends had never liked him. Kol has a bad reputation, Y/N was aware of that. But she got to knew the true Kol. The Kol she had fallen in love with and she always believed he would never hurt her. ‘Here,’ Elena laughed, poked her with a cue stick and handed it to her.  Bonnie returned with two drinks. ‘ This one is for you, There’s lots of alcohol in there,’ she winked at Y/N and made her laugh. Y/N took a few sips and suddenly she could hear the music get louder, see the man get more attractive, and feel her mood getting better. 

‘And then I looked at him and was like, well with a face like yours, I too would need to get laid.’ The four of them started laughing. Bonnie had just told them about some guy who tried to hit on her. Y/N was drunk now and slowly it got rather uncomfortable than funny. ‘Hey Caroline,’ Elena whispered,’ what about that guy? He looks hot,’ Y/N noticed the girls exchanging looks. ‘Oh no, Oh no,’ she giggled,’ I’m not gonna go home with some random guy.’ ‘Yes you are,’ Bonnie laughed and started shoving her towards the handsome stranger. She climbed onto the barstool, a little shaky. ‘ Hey,’ Y/N chuckled. This was going to be a dilemma. She couldn’t keep a straight face. The man turned around. He was tall, light skin, blond hair and beautiful green eyes. Y/N could feel butterflies in her stomach. Or maybe just alcohol. ‘Hello beautiful,’ the stranger said. Y/N turned around to make eye contact with the girls, who were laughing like crazy. ‘I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.’ she smiled,’ I’m Liam. What brings a nice lady like you here?’ Liam asked, wasting no time to just stare at her lips and body. Somewhere in the back of her head Y/N could tell that she didn’t like where this was going, but she just ignored it. ‘ Well,’ she flirted,’ I’m looking for some company.’ Y/N wrapped a strand of hair around her finger and played with it. ‘ I see, it would be a pleasure to keep a  woman like you company,’ Liam flirted back, with no shame. ‘Great, you can start with buying me a drink,’ Y/N said with a lot of confidence,’ and then you may dance with me.’ She turned around and winked at the Girls, who were hollering at them. 

Y/N opened the door to her house. She entered and soon Liam did too. ‘Nice house,’ he said and started attacking her. He started kissing her neck and her jaw. Y/N closed her eyes, trying to enjoy it. But Liam was not Kol. He smelled different, he touched her in a different way and most important, he didn’t feel like Kol. ‘Eh, wait Liam,’ she weakly shoved him away,’ why don’t we have another drink? I’m pretty thirsty.’ Y/N lied and started making her way to the kitchen. Liam sighed and followed, like a lost puppy. ‘ Would you rather have wine or whiskey?’ she asked, starring into her cupboard. ‘I’d rather have you,’ Liam answered and Y/N almost started laughing. Since she was starting to sober up, the whole situation seemed more and more hilarious. ‘ Wine, alright. If you want you can wait on the couch.’ Y/N offered, politely. Y/N filled her glass to the prime and immediately started emptying it. Then she filled it again and filled Liam’s glass to. ‘Alright,’ Y/N handed Liam his glass and sat next to him on the couch. ‘Cheers,’ before she could even take a sip, Liam had started assaulting her body again. Y/N just sighed. This was getting too much. She would not have sex with this jerk. ‘Ok, Liam, calm down.’ He straightened up and groaned. ‘Look, beautiful,’ he was still trying to charm her,’ I didn’t come here to watch you emptying one wine bottle after the other, ok?’ He mustered her to figure out if she had gotten the hint. ‘Well, Liam, Mister ,I’m fucking desperate for sex’ I suppose you should go then.’ Y/N couldn’t tell why she was so aggressive all of a sudden but she sure as hell was. ‘Bitch,’ was all Liam muttered before he rose from the couch and started putting on his coat. Y/N followed him to the door. She really was petty. Liam opened the door and stormed out. ‘ If you ever wanna watch me empty two bottles in a hour, call me,’ Y/N giggled. In the corner of her eyes she could see somebody close their car. Y/N shrugged and shut the front door. She was about to turn around and empty her and Liam’s glasses as someone knocked on her door. Y/N groaned and massaged the brick of her nose. Slowly, she opened the door. ‘Liam, as I said-’ Y/N stumbled a few steps backwards.


In front of her was standing the man who had hurt her like no other. Y/N’s hands were shaking, her knees were weak and her heart pounded like crazy in her chest. ‘ I tried, but I just can’t stay away from you anymore.’ Kol muttered. His eyes were glassy and his voice shaky. ‘Y/N, please ask me to come inside. I have to feel you. I-I have to wrap my arms around you again.’ Y/N could feel tears starting to form in her eyes. She was trying to be mad, she was trying to scream at him and ask him what the fuck that was supposed to mean, but she couldn’t. All she felt was an aching need, telling her to kiss him and hold him again. ‘Please, Y/N, I know you are mad but, I’m begging you. I can’t take this.’ Kol looked just like she felt. ‘Come in, Kol,’ was all she could whisper. Not even a second passed, before she felt Kol’s strong arms wrapped around her, pressing her into his chest. Y/N could feel tears streaming down her cheeks and him kissing her forehead. Kol muttered, a thousand,  I’m Sorry’s, into her ear. Y/N’s whole body was shivering and she sobbed without control. ‘ I couldn’t sleep anymore, Y/N. I couldn’t feed or laugh. To think keeping you away from me was a good idea was the biggest mistake I ever made, but I just wanted to protect you,’ Kol kissed the tears from her cheeks,’ I will never leave you again, did you hear me Y/N? Please say something,Y/N, please.’ Y/N couldn’t focus, she just stared into the void. She waited for the relieve to kick in. But nothing happened. ‘Why am I not feeling anything,Kol?’ she whimpered. ‘Kol swallowed hard. He was unsure of what to do. Feelings were something he rarely experienced and in the first months of dating, he had struggled a lot. But he knew that what they felt for each other was strange to both of them. The deep love, that connected them. Kol had spent all the lonely nights, imagining what would happen if they reunited but now he was overwhelmed. Kol lifted her up, gently, wrapping her legs around his waist. He speed over to the couch. She was on top. Straddling him. ‘Look at me, Y/N,’ he whispered. Y/N lifted her head. The expression on her face made him hate himself, to know he did this to her. ‘I will make it up to you. I promise you that I’ll make you feel something again, ok?’ Kol looked at her searching for an answer. Y/N nodded weakly. He unbuttoned her blouse, tracing his fingers across her chest. She stopped him. Pressing his hand to her chest. Kol could feel the heartbeat of the woman he loved, right under his palm. ‘ I love you, Y/N. I love you so much.’

 He connected their lips and in that moment Y/N started to feel again.

Study Tips!

1) STUDY WHEN YOU’RE SLEEPY! Instead of reading a bedtime story, try and study for a few minutes before going to sleep. When you’re asleep, the brain makes connections to make your newest memories stronger and more prominent, so by studying before bed, you’re more likely to remember what you learned or reviewed that night.

2) DON’T TRY TO LEARN IT ALL AT ONCE! Space your studying out. There’s a new learning technique that is called “spaced repetition,” which involves breaking all the information that you need to learn into small chunks of information, and then reviewing the chunks slowly over a period of time. PLEASE don’t try to remember an entire chapter from your textbook in one reading session; instead, learn a few paragraphs a day and review each paragraph before starting anything new. 

3) MAKE IT INTO A STORY! Make whatever you’re studying into a fun, crazy tale. When you turn the information into a story, the info becomes more meaningful. For example, there’s PEMDAS.’PEMDAS’ stands for “Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction.” PEMDAS is a way to remember the order of mathematic operations, but the order that each letter comes in may be confusing, so we’ll make a story out of the letters! For example, PEMDAS becomes (P)lease (E)xcuse (M)y (D)ear (A)unt (S)ally!

4) GET UP AND MOVE! Research has shown that by studying in different places each time we study makes us less likely to forget information. Every time that you move around, you are forcing your brain to form new associations with the same materials so that it becomes stronger in our memories.

5) CHANGE IT UP! Don’t study just one subject in an entire study session. Study a lot of subject in one sitting, instead. When you study like this, you are helping your brain to prepare you to use multiple strategies to find a solution to one problem. For example, when you study a lot of division problems at once, you’ll later remember that those problems require some division, but by doing both multiplication and division, you will be training your brain to consider what method will best solve the problem. 

6) TEST YOURSELF! When you quiz yourself, you’re preparing yourself for the real thing. Don’t worry about getting nervous while trying to remember what the Four Noble Truths are in Buddhism; the harder it is to remember something you learned during practice mode, the more likely you are to remember it on the real test. 

7) ACTUALLY WRITE THINGS DOWN! Research shows that the human brain stores more information securely when we write it out than when we type it. 

8) MAKE SOME NOISE! By reading information out loud, you are mentally storing it into your brain in two ways: seeing it and hearing it. 

9) DON’T STUDY WITHOUT A DRINK! Sorry, not an alcoholic drink, though. Lots of research suggests that caffeine-filled drinks such as coffee or tea, will keep us awake and alert while studying. Especially when it seems like there’s nothing more interesting than staring at the ceiling until you doze off. 

10) REWARD YOURSELF! Take a little walk, eat something sweet, give yourself five minutes on your phone - do whatever makes you’d like. When we know that there’s a little bit of a treat waiting for us after we finish a certain amount of studying, it makes it a lot harder to procrastinate so much.

11) WORK TOGETHER! Not everyone learns well in groups, but if you do, a study group is perfect for you! Get together with some pals every few days and review whatever you need to with them. It also helps to put certain people in the group in charge of certain things, such as cleaning up trash, providing extra materials, making or bringing snacks, etc). 

12) TAKE A TIME OUT! Taking some time to plan everything out is probably the most important study skill that you can have. Make small weekly goals for yourself. When you set your goals, don’t just tell yourself that you want to pass that English exam, tell yourself that you need to reach multiple smaller goals in order to succeed at you much bigger goal. 

13) STARE AT THE WALL! Before you force yourself to stare at a text book for three hours straight, look at your wall for three minutes straight. It’s not exactly meditation, but it has the same effect as meditation does. And meditation is known for reducing anxiety and boosting your attention span. 

14) DO SLIGHT EXERCISES BEFORE YOU HIT THE BOOKS! Research has shown that just half an hour of exercise can improve our brain-processing speed and other important cognitive abilities. Simply by jogging around the block, you may go to studying with a higher IQ. 

15) WHEN IN DOUBT, DANCE IT OUT! If you’ve ever relied on Beyonce’s singing to make it through an all-nighter of studying, you can agree that music helps to reduce stress. Even though everyone has a different music taste, studies show that classical music has been the best at reducing anxiety and tension. So, give your subjects a soundtrack and get to work. 

16) GET YOUR OMEGAS! Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in olive oil, nuts, and certain fish, are famous for boosting brain power. Studies have even shown that consuming a combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids before taking an exam have reduced test anxiety.

17) TAKE REGULAR BREAKS! I know that people are always saying to give yourself a break every now and then, but it’s very important that you do give yourself some time in between subjects! Science has proved that by taking breaks regularly, you are boosting your productivity and improving your ability to focus. 

18) GET SOME SLEEP! It may seem like a great idea to stay up all night and commit yourself to memorizing every possible answer to each question, but all-nighters rarely get you an A on anything. Actually, staying up all night has been shown to make cognitive performance worse, along with increasing stress. Try to get a good night’s sleep every night so that your tiredness doesn’t undo all your hard work.

19) STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN! I’m pretty sure that we’ve all had those times where we’re trying to study so hard but our phone or laptop or tablet or TV or any distracting electronic device is just calling us to it. Try to avoid as much technology as you possibly can while studying. If you absolutely must have technology nearby, mute the notifications for apps, put your TV remote away, and temporarily block certain distracting websites (such a Tumblr) until you’re done studying. 

20) BREATHE! Studies have shown us that smelling certain essential oils, like rosemary or lavender, can help to ease nervousness before a test. 

21) FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! Everything is different for different people. Some people are early birds who work best in the morning, some people are night owls who learn better late at night. Some work better with others, some do better when studying in silence. Nothing is the same for everybody, so just find what work bets for you and what makes you feel the most comfortable, most intelligent, and most successful. 

blue night radio ♡ 170302
translation: fantaemsie 

(after playing rupert holme’s “escape (the pina colada song)”.) jonghyun: isn’t pina colada a cocktail’s name? i think i used to drink pina colada a lot in my early twenties, since i couldn’t drink alcohol drinks that well (and) there was the weak drinks, the ones with a lot alcohol level in them like this one that i used to drink a lot.

Will You Accept This Rose pt.2

Prompt: It’s the bachelor, with a super soldier.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,341

Warnings: drama, fluff, angst (maybe probably), competing for love (is that a warning?), alcohol, language

A/N: got another part of this fic for you. bachelor bucky is making me craaazy. i just love it so much. (a little too much but ITS FINE.)

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Part 1


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You sat silently in the corner, taking in the sight of all of the women around you. They’d already bunched themselves into groups, little cliques. You preferred the observer’s seat, the backseat. Bucky hadn’t come in yet and you could certainly feel the anxiety radiating from everyone in the room. You clutched your wine glass filled with ice water and smiled small as Amelia, the girl you had met in the limo, found her way to you.

“How did it go?” She smiled, stumbling a little before sitting next to you.

“It went well, I think.” You shrugged. “How about with you?”

“Amazing!” She gushed. “He’s like super hot, right?” She blurted out before she took a sip of her drink. It was something mixed and something with a lot of alcohol. You could smell it.

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