drink like

Am I the only person that would actually forgive, and I mean forgive the boy that’d kissed me to get me to drink the potion and not be that salty about it? Bc I totally would do just that?

anyway why is “black, no sugar” considered a snobby coffee preference thesedays. like i’ve been in a few conversations about tastes and have gotten actual eye rolls just from telling the truth!!! it tastes best that way! to me! the one drinking it!! i dont give a shit that you put anything in it i have more pressing things to worry about!!!!! like literally anything else!!!

~*alcoholism mention below*~

my dad is a super bad alcoholic and he’s like stopped drinking for almost a week.. because he’s dieting which is 100% his decision

yet i just found out he’s sneaking booze to drink whenever i leave the room now after a few days?? i don’t get why he’s hiding it bc it was his decision to “lose weight” which isn’t going to happen if he continues to sneak booze lmfao?