drink in a real irish pub

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So there are a lot of stereotypes about the Irish people but are any of them actually true?

The whole drinking thing is 100% true. There are a stupidly high amount of pubs in any village in Ireland and any day of the week you can find old men sitting in them all day getting drunk. 

The weekends then are when the real crazies come out

Fuck me like it's your last


I never really seemed to connect with women on a romantic​ level the way other men did. I would just watch them with their girlfriends, talking in low voices and it all looked so alien. I guess it had something to do with the way I grew up. My parents were rich in the wealthy sense of the word. They also hated each other. I never once saw them being openly affectionate unless it was at a party, just to show people that their marriage was a success. They weren’t bad people, but then again no one’s bad really. People are just products of their experiences, they’re made into who they are by the way life treats them. 

I became the kind of man everybody expected me to be. With a family drowning in money, I was never expected to work. Instead I became a ​playboy​, a philanthropist, living off the money my parents poured into my bank account. I never really felt satisfied though. I always thought there should be something more to life than just passively living. Sure, I was involved in charity but that was all on paper. I said the right things and signed the right papers and everyone thought I was committed to ending world poverty. It wasn’t about me though. It was about the money. I didn’t feel like a part of it at all. 

All I did was eat at fancy restaurants, go to nightclubs and get spotted with celebrities teetering on the edge of obscurity. I had sex but I never had a girlfriend. Nobody got to me in that way. Sure they could be funny, smart, sweet, generous, but there was no real connection. I always felt like I was watching myself in a movie, just completely detached from whichever girl I might be talking to. I heard people talk about love at weddings and anniversary parties and it sounded like, for want of a better word, bullshit. 

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