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Black Hat tests a lot of Flug’s inventions himself when he’s bored.

By that I mean he drinks poison causally and refuses to take the antidote so he’ll feel how lethal it is in his gut.

Flug’s goal is to make a poison strong enough to make Black Hat at least a little sick.

The closest he’s gotten was one mixture that caused Black Hat to cough twice.

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That pose tho. Love your edits Mod HappyKeith. I'mma be smiling all day thanks to that.

I’m about to make you regret that words - here, have a Keith demonstrating how wide you made me smile:

- mod: happykeith

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Since TaeJinSoPe went to watch Cirque du Soleil: KA, RM went on V LIVE (bless him), so I really wonder where the heck are Kookmin?? I hope they're not getting married in a Vegas chapel!!? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The last time we knew of Jimin’s whereabouts, he looked like this:

…. And Kookmin have not been seen since.

Coincidence?? yEAH, probably. I think n o t.


((oh she gets smiles out of him all the time, she’s even gotten him to laugh his ass off a few times while they were on break. took her a while to get the first one, but after that…

easiest/fastest way to get that to happen? well her singing never seems to fail, and the way she tells some of her stories is just naturally hilarious. nobody believes her when she says she gets him to smile on an almost daily basis.))

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Just hadn’t posted much and wanted you guys to know I was actually still drawing.
Four of these I’m planning to finish and a few are gifts. Also threw in some western AU stuff I’ve been avoiding posting because I can’t imagine anyone is interested but me and maybe Nicole.
Also, have you guys seen that dress meme? Because that’s where that Hondo came from.
Also, Sillah makes a guest appearance and she’s @nmallenart oc! The rest are Star Wars characters I’m bastardizing I’m sure but at least I’m having fun, even if it’s just mostly by myself XD