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1980s Gremlins anti-drugs PSA

Constant Tourist || Jackson & Daisy

Jackson dragged his suitcase down the stars, sighing softly when he finally made it down. “I figured I’d just buy anything I might need on the road. I was all out of shampoo anyway,” he chuckled softly. He glanced between her father and brother, unsure of how to act around them. He glanced down to his bag, doing his best to catalogue everything that he brought and to make sure that he hadn’t forgotten anything important. All he really cared about was his camera and changes of clothing, which seemed to be covered.

He ran his hand over his face, clearing his throat as he looked to Daisy. “I’m still miserable, but I need to get out of here,” he laughed. “We’ll just get as far as we can today,” he smiled, turning to her dad again and smiling. “I’ll take care of her, don’t worry,” he laughed nervously, looking to the floor. “But let’s be honest, she’ll be doing most of the protecting between the two of us,” he admitted, giving him a small shrug. “Thanks for everything,” Jackson whispered, glancing up to them. “And we won’t drink and drive,” he added, knitting his brows together at his own comment.

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