drink cans

every bioware animation
  • back of the head scratch
  • a character shaking their head in disbelief or disgust with hand on their forehead, looking down
  • that kiss animation used since origins and in every mass effect game where they very slowly go in, hesitate, bop their heads around, and really go in for the kiss 
  • when a character, usually female, talks and puts their two hands in front of them like a robot and shakes them to illustrate their point
  • a character leans back on one leg with their arms loose
  • the exit-stage-right an NPC does after a conversation ends
  • angry limp wrist pointing
  • neck/collar bone scratch 
  • a slow crossing of the arms in times of suspicion
  • that punch animation 
  • drinking alcohol and violently shaking head
  • a character gives a half smile with an eyebrow raised
  • pointing behind with thumb, body turns very slightly

it’s prom season again and marinette’s ultimate plan is to get chat to come as her date and make adrien jealous…much to her disappointment, adrien isn’t present at the prom (gee i wonder why), but she ends up having a blast with chat anyway.


thanks for being patient with me guys! this is a birthday gift for a friend. speaking of birthdays, i turned 18 today!! it feels so weird. i’m now legal……….ヾ(。ꏿ﹏ꏿ)ノ゙

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  • Random person: well this medication you're taking is just treating the SYMPTOMS of your disease, it's not actually helping you
  • Me, internally screaming: I have a CHRONIC illness. THERE IS NO CURE. I will take what I can get.

It’s been more than a day and I’m still laughing at how the Squire pact in TOZ-X is now just a friendship bracelet while Mikleo and Sorey apparently have each other on telepathic emergency speed dial LOL.

inb4 bro gaydar jokes

[trans] 170314 NCT DREAM white day event fan account

1. Mark and Jisung were in charge of taking orders, Haechan and Chenle gave out sweets/gifts, Jeno and Renjun made the drinks (choice of Americano or Choco Latte). Today the artium became like the reality version of Coffee Prince No.1…. [Cr: MARK_990802_]

2. If fan is unable to decide what to drink, Mark and Jisung will play Stone-Scissors-Paper, if Mark wins it’s Americano, if Jisung wins it’s Choco-latte [Cr: 16_qe]

3. Haechan and Chenle would dance and sing. When a fan (or guest haha) comes in, both of them would do a 90 degree bow [Cr: 16_qe]

4. This signature from Jisung writes “Jeno pabo kekeke” [cr: 990802___mk]

5. This signature from Jisung writes “Chenle pabo keke” [cr: happytententen]

6. Mark says, this is their first time to make these drinks, maybe they won’t taste well. Mark also mentioned that he wants to participate in NCT DREAM’s fansigns too [cr: happytententen]