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So now that Windblade’s been out for a few days, I kinda wanted to share my favorite panel in the whole comic. I had a TON of fun with this whole scene, picking out different types of drinks and glasses for the bots. I delight in things like this so THANK YOU Mairghread for letting me draw drunk bots. 

To all my Cybertronian friends!
Many of you have asked me about my tasty Energon cubes. And though at first I felt like being selfish and keeping it to myself. I shared the information with a few select friends.
But I have now decided that it would be wrong to not share this . I know how nostalgic it feels to drink from an actual cube.
So ….
Go to a store with a floral department. You can find them there along with other receptacles for organic and non organic plants. Fill them up with your favorite grade of Energon and enjoy.

Please reply to me with your pictures I want to see this spread everywhere!!!!!


I wonder… Do Transformers develop sensitivities and/or tolerances to various Energon-based food and drink?

Such as, a bot that’s been in the lower caste of society and had to constantly scrounge for food; would they get ill if they were to suddenly be introduced and ingest refined and ‘richer’ food or drink?

Or vice versa? A bot that’s from the ‘upper crust’ is suddenly forced to take what little sustenance they can, and it’s nothing like what they used to have access to, would they get ill?

I know, personally, of some humans (myself included) that can get a variety of digestive illness symptoms if they eat foods that are richer than what they normally eat for an extended period.

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Hi! May I please request love at first sight with MTMTE Swerve, Riptide, Rodimus, and Trailbreaker with a bot that's kind of beastly looking?? like they have several eyes/arms, horns and giant fangs ?? thank you so much !!!

…Tale as old as time? x3

-He was bartending when you walk in and heard a bunch of bots gag
-At first he thought it was directed towards him until he turned
-He drops his tray and just stares at you slack jawed
-He shyly approaches you and asks what you want to drink, it’s on him. And if anyone gives you problems, he’ll kick them out.
-He slips up when giving your drink and says “and here you go beautiful… I mean gorgeous! I mean stunning! I mean…you wanna go out sometime?”

-He’s just walking around minding his own business when he sees you
-He stops in his tracks and swears he heard music playing in the background and a light was behind you
-He stares at you a bit longer before approaching, he’s never seen someone quite like you before
-When gets to you he doesn’t know what to say except “hi” several times
-At first you think it’s because he’s disgusted by you and freaky looks, but he then asks you out because he thinks you’re freaky in a cool way

-He’s giving one of his speeches and is about to say “till all are one” again when he sees you standing in the back of the crowd
-He kind of forgets he’s making a speech and says “till all are- whoa.”
-Everyone follows his gaze to you and thinks he’s appalled by your looks embarrassing you
-He later calls you his office to apologize for signaling you out and asks to look at you for a moment and do a turn
-After taking you in, he says, “whoa… can we… maybe forget go get drinks together? I know that sounds totally random but… whoa. You’re the prettiest bot I’ve ever laid my optics on and I will die if you say no”

-He was in Swerve’s bar drinking and just left a bit buzzed
-When he’s turning a corner, he sees you and thinks you’re a beautiful illusion from all the drinking
-“Hello handsome bot,” he says walking by, “I like your arms and eyes, find me sometime, will ya’, so I can take you on a date?”
-He thinks he was just dreaming and is kind of bummed because you really were pretty, but then he sees you again and is so excited because you’re real
-He approaches you and tells you how happy he is you weren’t a figment of his imagination and wants to know if you want to go out with him sometime

OK, so imagine...

Transformers have such a diverse amount of sizes. You have mid range 15-30 foot bots. A lot of the furniture in MTMTE, at least, seems to be made with this range in mind.
Then you have human sized minicons. Sitting normally, their heads would barely reach over the table top.

So imagine minicons in high chairs and booster seats. Restaurants automatically have them.

Imagine bar stools that descend down to the floor, so minicons can hop on, then go up again so they can reach the counter.

Imagine “doggy doors” so that minicons can open a tiny door instead of jumping up to reach the door handle.

How about bigger bots? Bots who have drinks with mid range bots and mini cons. The mugs are regular sized, so they’re enormous for the tiny minicons, while they’re like a small teacup set for the bigger bots.

Imagine big bots being relegated as the “umbrella” when it rains, or carrying smaller bots when there are floods.

Imagine minicons who have to move so they ask their big bot friends to move their house for them, or big bots ask minicons to help with delicate work their large hands can’t handle.


I already discussed this w/ @partyhardmedic but. hear me out. energon but it’s like milk. so how milk is sold with different fat percentages like 1%, 2% etc? same thing, except the energon is “diluted” based on how bad the energy shortage is in a certain area/faction/universe/whatever.

so universes with huge energy problems (G1, Prime, etc) are out there drinking skim milk. TFA bots are probably casually drinking freaking half-and-half or higher. different factions probably drink different percents too.

and that opens up so many fun interactions between inter-dimensional interactions. jumping from skim milk to whole milk with no warning is a major feat let me tell you (cue forced smile and “its delicious thank you” as they try to swallow a tiny little sip) bots who claim they can hold their high grade when it’s skim probably can’t handle more than a shot of that heavy whipping cream shit some alternate just gave them. 

so yeah. energon but it’s like milk. think about it. 


It’s finally gotten a little cooler here, and the mornings actually feel a little bit like winter. So, of course, have some spine and hatchy boy sketches of them and their silly winter shenanigans. Clearly, they don’t need warm clothes, but puffy hatchy is a fun hatchy.

Seen that the party was too calm, River was clearly not expecting an explosion. And if it scared him at first, he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Doom message. It was not possible for him to explain why seeing some villain’s message was making him smile, but he clearly thought it was awesome. So he kept sipping his drink, looking at the bots before tilting his head. “That is freaking amazing..” He mumbled for himself, not paying attention if someone could hear him or what. No, clearly, he wasn’t gonna help to kick out those bots, he was too admirative for that.

I think these people had too many drinks already, although. the bot dude seems to be enjoying the extra attention, usually the bot just stands and performs saxophone versions of popular songs and no one gives a shit, unless it’s Adele tunes. This guy is really blowing off some steam, i’m happy for the guy.


The first idea I had driving to work was selfies, but what would be the twist? well how about something fun like karaoke (I don’t like karaoke) ok that’s cool, but what else? robots! yeah, something that represents soulless automatisation but with a twist like: “ humans end up enjoying the company of the bot more than the performance”… .  all of that is going though my brain.

One person is kissing the bot, another one is singing to the hole of the saxophone trying to cheer the one nursing this one drink, while another one takes a photo of the whole scene. 

The painting technique is not unusual all I knew is that it had to be graphic and not rendered in high contrast so the line work could be the main attraction.  I re-drew the bots face like 10 times, it is better to throw it away and star fresh than to keep nudging on the same shit. - Gabo

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Hey, have you seen the #location gothic meme going around Tumblr? If you had to make one up (say, Vos Gothic, or Iacon Gothic), what would it be?

You soar in over Hyperious, bound for home after a long night of socializing. As your weary optical sensors fix on the burning glitter of the skyline, you see something lifeless staring back.

A young mech with the diction of an old mech recommends an oil bar at the 49th crossing. It may very well be delicious, but resist the temptation. Everyone knows that the bots who drink there don’t come back the same. 

The video surveillance on the towers is impeccable. Your neighbors greet you with lifted wings. Don’t ask about the 37th floor. The view from your window is like no other.

The Statue of the Lost Traveler is more peaceful than its popularity would suggest. If you sit beneath Parallax’s left wing at exactly the right time of day, you may just catch the sound of wet chewing.

You power down to Farglide’s Mix, because Farglide’s Mix is best enjoyed in a state of half-consciousness. “Good night, dream on, and keep listening,” he signs off. His optics dart from side to side, avoiding the space beyond the camera lens like his very life depends on it.

The dry days stretch on forever this year, and everyone laughs about how Primus must be Vosnian at spark. They carefully avoid mentioning that one season when it did not rain water.

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What was Harry suppose to do instead of the mug ? Sorry ifk what the source is

Okay, so there was some behind the scene DMD video footage released yesterday.  LINK. One of the directors (Gabe Turner) was talking about how they wanted to show each of the boys training for their space mission (which they showed if you watch the DMD video) but then he went on to say that “Harry decided he didn’t wanna do the training…he wanted to drink tea with the bot instead” and it went on a little from there but tbh I zoned out because that’s all I needed to hear.  It wasn’t the director’s idea for Harry to drink tea in the video and I can guarantee you it also wasn’t their idea for him to drink from a rainbow mug.  

Bottom line:  I love Harry.  Very much a lot.  

this is how they celebrated being released from the underground 
it was a bad idea


Anon asked: “you and your friends have been playing the penis game in the library for the last five minutes and none of you have gotten above a quiet yell and i’m really just trying to study over here so i’m gonna put an end to this by winning the game” destiel please please please


Castiel gritted his teeth as he heard one of the boys at the table behind him whisper yell the word. The idiots had started playing ten minutes before, but none of them had the courage to speak up. They were starting to grind on Castiel’s nerves.

Just ignore them, Cas, He thought to himself. Focus.

They were quiet for a moment so Castiel went back to his textbook. He had just found the line that he had left off when the boys started playing again. He sighed and slammed his book shut. He shoved his things into his backpack.

When he was sure that he had everything gathered up, he stood up and turned around to face their table. They all looked up, confused.


The word came out much louder than Castiel meant for it to. A few people around the room snickered and the librarian glared at him. He fought a blush as he looked back at the guys around the table.

“The next time you choose to indulge in a childish game that you have no intentions of completing yourselves, please do it in a less public area. Some of us actually have to study.”

With that, Castiel spun on his heel and hurried from the library. He felt like an idiot. He should have just left quietly instead of making a huge scene.

“Hey!” A voice called out from behind him. Castiel glanced back and saw one of the guys from the table chasing after him. He started to speed up, hoping that he would leave him alone. “Hey, slow down!”

A hand caught his elbow and Castiel stopped. He opened his mouth to apologize for what he had said, but the other bot beat him to it.

“I’m sorry. You were right, we were being jerks.” He held out his hand. “I’m Dean.”

“Castiel.” They shook hands.

“Can I buy you a coffee?” Dean asked. Castiel bit his lip to hide his smile.

“I don’t know. Are you going to talk about penises the whole time.” Dean smirked.

“Only if you want me, too.”

Castiel laughed and agreed to let Dean buy him a drink. As the other bot held the door open for, Castiel held out hope that this would be the awkward start of something new.