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Steve and Natasha having the best time together pranking the other Avengers over Christmas

This is NOT April Fool’s Day!” The shout echoes down the lab halls. 

Natasha smirks and high-fives Steve.  

“You were so right.”  She peers over Steve’s phone while they walk.  “The shiny snowman wrapping paper was definitely the one to use.”   

The peer at the screen of his phone in the elevator, watching Tony unwrap all of his lab supplies, (Each. And. Every. Item.)

“When do you think he finds Dum-E?”

“If I may, Captain Rogers.” came JARVIS’ voice.  The screen in the elevator above the buttons flickered to life.  Tony was trying to move the six-foot stuffed teddy bear wearing a pair of reindeer antlers without success.  

Oh my God, you guys suck.” Came the crystal-clear shout over the audio a minute and a half later when the ‘bear’ hadn’t so much as budged.  Tony went searching for an as-yet-unwrapped pair of scissors or knife to cut Dum-E out of his Reindeer Teddy hiding spot.  

“Ok, we have an hour before Bucky gets back.  We have just enough time to get the palm tree from the lobby and stick it in his bathroom.  Clint has the bags of sand for the floor and JARVIS is ready with Don’t Worry, Be Happy when Bucky turns the light on.”

Steve grinned.  “Perfect. A Caribbean vacation for Christmas he’ll get.”

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I think i'm asking a little early, I forgot the date but I just wanted to know if your surgery went well? I figure you'll make a post about it but I just wanted to know if you're doing okay. Anyways if this is pre-op good luck and if it's post op I hope things went well. much love I hope you get back to full health soon!!!

Tomorrow will be a week exactly since I went into surgery. The surgery finished almost an hour early, roughly 4 hours total. I lost almost a litre of blood but I didn’t need any blood transfusions, thank God. The tumor was also bigger than I thought it was, a bit bigger than my actual kidney. 

The first day was very rough; they tried to make me walk and I blacked out and threw up. The second day I was unable to urinate on my own for 6+ hours so I was stuck on a catheter for 2 days. Luckily by Sunday I was able to go on my own. They allowed me to go home on Sunday afternoon, but after removing my drainage tube from my side I got a fever that night of 101.5 degrees and couldn’t move/breathe well. There was fluid in my lungs too, but I think I fended off pneumonia for the most part by practicing the spiromiter thing. I was told to call the hospital if I had a fever or anything but I chose to sleep and drink water instead. My fever went away a couple days ago.

I can’t sleep long hours and still am in constant pain. My parents bought me a walker to walk to the bathroom when I need to, and I went to the hospital today to see my surgeon. He is giving me more pain meds and muscle relaxers to help me sleep at night. Luckily he told me the tumor was tested and wasn’t cancerous, though since I’m so young there’s a chance I’ll develop one on my liver or my kidney again in my lifetime. For now I’m not going to worry about it.

Thank you guys for all the prayers and kind thoughts. They helped a lot while I was in the hospital, and still help as I’m continuing to recover. Hopefully in a week I can move and get up by myself. For now I’m playing it by ear.

FAQ: all about closed comedones

Closed comedones, or what many people describe as “little raised bumps on my face” have many causes and are often easily treated by a few small adjustments or an addition into your skincare routine. A Comedone is basically a clogged pore, caused by sebum buildup which cannot exit the pore because of a blockage. The blockage may also occur because your skin doesnt shed cells effectively.

Most frequent causes, and what you should do:
- Dehydration, youre not drinking enough water. This will show up on your skin as closed comedones in between your eyebrows. You should start drinking 2L water each day and the CC’s will fade away.
- Dehydrated skin, this coresponds with general dehydration. In this case the CC’s will show up all around your forehead. You should add a good hydrating layer into your routine, like hempseed oil or safflower oil. Skin can also get dehydrated due to a compromised moisture barrier, often (almost always) caused by overexfoliation.
- Dirty pillows, or sleeping on your face. You will see this as CC’s on the sides of your face (that you sleep on). I advise everyone to change their pillow cases at least once a week, but twice would do a better job. And to completely eliminate this issue stop sleeping on your face.
- Comedogenic (pore clogging) skincare. Most common culprit is coconut oil, you can look up comedogenicy levels of the ingredients in your skincare products. You should eliminate products with highly comedogenic ingredients high up on the ingredient list.
- Heat, and sweat. Your pores will get clogged from sweating a lot and the skin producing too much sebum. Theres little you can do to combat the outside temperature, try to keep yourself cooled and fans are your best friend.
- Hormonal imbalance can cause faster sebum production. In this case you should contact a derm or a doctor and theres little you can do, it is often also caused by medicine. There are mesures you can take that you should talk about with your doctor such as Birth control, Spironolactone, evening primrose oil supplements.
-Poor hygiene, not taking your makeup off fully, sleeping with makeup on, touching your face with your hands or your face with dirty stuff…. i dont need to explain why this is bad.
- Stress and no sleep, just like with acne vulgaris. Theres no hard evidence on this, but only anecdotal evidence, which I believe.

- As I’ve mentioned already, your skin could be overexfoliated (oily but dry, feels tight after washing) and dehydrated. A non comedogenic oil like hempseed or safflower oil could be your saviour.
- 2.5% benzoyl peroxide: doenst cause purging is effective against acne vulgaris and closed comedones
- AHA exfoliants: I would sugges glycolic acid as those penetrate deeper into the skin than other AHA’s. This will cause your skin to purge initially to get the impurities out.
- BHA exfoliants: you can look up the difference between those two but they both effectively combat CC’s
- Stirdex pads, or other chemical exfoliating pads.
- Retinol, or Retin-A: often prescribed to combad adult acne and a great anti-ageing agent. Will also make you purge and you will suffer from dry skin for about a month or two. Its a bigger measure than the other ones Ive mentioned.
- Oil cleansing method, look it up!
- Clay masks: Suck oil out of your pores to prevent sebum build up.

Youre working with acids here, you MUST read about the product before you decide to put it on your face. You must know how much your skin can handle. If youre keen to start using an exfoliating acid, start off with not more than once a week, then build up from there. And dont forget to wear sunscreen.

Cabin// pt.1

genre: smut (in later parts its full on smut, but in this part it’s just kind of like teasing and watching), fluff, friend!au (kind of?), Masturbastion baekhyun.


length: idk man, pretty long.

Authors note: Hey so like, I’ve been thinking about this for the past two weeks and I just needed to write it out so… enjoy!

pt: 1


You looked at him through your window. He was sitting on his bed that was up against his window scrolling through something on his computer. He was your next door neighbor and his room was parallel to yours, so even if you didn’t want to see him, you still could. His name is Baekhyun, and he’s a fucking pain in your ass.

You and Baekhyun met when you were in the 7th grade. His family moved into the house right next to yours and you both were the same age so your parents found it fit to introduce you too. Immediately you realized he didn’t like you, he would tease you or just flat out ignore you for no reason and continued his actions throughout the years of school. Even though he was mean to you, you couldn’t retaliate, it just wasn’t in you. There was something about him, the difference between the Baekhyun you know and the boy you watch through your window.


Chemistry was probably your least favorite class, for reasons 1. you sat next to Baekhyun and felt like you were always on egg shells, and 2. you just weren’t as interested in Chemistry as the rest of your classes.

“Hey, can you keep for fucking window shut you kept me up all night with your music.” you turned your head to see Baekhyun sitting in his desk right next to yours. “Sorry I was up writing an essay, I didn’t know you could hear it.” You said while looking down at your notes trying to frantically write them down as the teacher was going about lightning speed. “Just close your window tonight so I can actually get some fucking sleep.” he spat back to you while packing up to go our next period.

As you were walking out the door to try to make it to your locker he bluntly stood infront of you blocking your path. “We have the trip up to the cabin in two days.” he said while staring down at you. “Yeah I know.” you said, looking down at the floor to try to avoid eye contact. “This year since my brother and his girlfriend are coming, we have to share a room.” You quickly look up at his words “Don’t look so surprised, just bring your own blanket, I’m not sharing mine with you.” with that he turned on his heel and walked in the other direction.

Your families got really close after they moved in next door, even sharing holidays like Christmas and thanksgiving with each other. Every year around the middle of Autumn our families take a trip up to Baekhyun’s family’s cabin in the mountains. You and Baekhyun never had to share a room because you always slept in a room with your sister and he with his brother, but since both our siblings left for college last summer your sister wouldn’t be attending this year. So now, you’re stuck sharing the same room and the same bed with Baekhyun.


“It gets more and more beautiful every year.” You hear your mom say behind you as you enter the cabin. It is beautiful. The cabin is built with dark stained wood and is flourished with many large windows giving sight to the lake and many trees surrounding it. Its spacious, with 3 decent size bedrooms and a master bedroom in the loft where Baekhyun’s parents sleep.

You make your way to you and Baekhyun’s shared bedroom, setting your things on the bed. “Please try to keep your shit clean.” you hear a voice pipe up from behind you, making you jump. You turn to see Baekhyun in the doorway, his stuff in hand. You take a good look at him.

Mean to you or not, Baekhyun is undeniably beautiful. He has dark brown hair that is messy, but in the best way possible. His eyes are hooded and so dark they’re almost black. He has pink lips that are thin but also somehow plump at the same time. His skin is always a light tan during this time of year making him look like a god that stands before you. He moves from the door frame to his side of the bed, walking with such grace, it takes you everything you have to stop staring at him before he notices. You see him look up at you from the corner of your eye while unpacking. “Did you bring your own blanket?” he says to you and you nod. “Good.” and with that he leaves the room.


It’s your second night. Last night thing went… how you expected it to. Baekhyun slept as close to the edge as he possibly could and took deep dramatic deep sighs everytime you even attempted to move to get comfortable. Nonetheless sleep wasn’t a thing you really did last night.

You spent most of today reading and on your computer, catching up on the latest shows Netflix had to offer.

“Okay you two, we’ll be back tomorrow morning. Behave yourselves.” Baekhyun’s mom said with her overnight bag in hand. Our parents, and now Baekhyun’s brother being old enough, always go to the ski lodge just about a 30 miles away from the cabin for one night and day during the trip to “have some adult relaxing time”, meaning to freely drink away and eat mediocre sea food for a whole night and day. “Y/n, the keys to the car are on the hook. Don’t go anywhere unless it’s an emergency, understand?” Your Dad told you, putting extra emphasis on anywhere. “Got it. We’ll see you tomorrow night.” You said standing from your seat to give everyone a quick hug goodbye. And they left. Leaving you alone for a whole night, and a whole day with Baekhyun. What are you going to do for that whole time?

You decided since it was late anyway, that going to sleep would be your best option on trying to get through the night. As you entered the room you saw that Baekhyun had the same idea. So you just crawled into bed, willingly letting sleep wash over you.

You woke up about 45 minutes later by your blanket being pulled. You turn over to see Baekhyun as the culprit. “What are you doing?” You ask in a half whisper. Baekhyun responded by scooting closer to you, kind of taking you by surprise. “It’s freezing I can barely feel my toes.” his teeth were chattering as he spoke. As you woke up more you realized you were also freezing. “Okay.” was all you said and you scooted an inch closer to him. You gasped when he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you to his chest. “Sorry, it’s fucking freezing.” he said again. He evenly spread both blankets over the two of you and made sure to wrap his legs around yours. You were frozen, you didn’t know what to do except for to lay there. Minutes passed, and when you saw that he had  finally fallen asleep you relaxed a bit. He was wearing a black t-shirt and some grey sweats, and somehow managed to still look good. His hair was tossed and lips parted as he slept. He had both hands wrapped around your waist joining together at your back while your hands were placed on his chest. He smelled of a husky lavender and his chest felt so prominent under your touch, you laid there feeling how his chest rose and fell. You had never even given him a hug let alone been this close to him before. “You can stop staring at me now and go to sleep.” You heard him saying in a deep sleeping voice. You tensed. How the hell did he know you were staring at him? You didn’t know what to say, “Goodnight.” was all you could manage to get out before trying your best to let sleep take over you once again.


You woke up to Baekhyun basically suffocating you. His legs locked around yours and his arms constricted around your shoulders and waist. You tried to move but he only shifted a little and squeezed you tighter. “Baekhyun. Baekhyun.” you whispered while tapping his chest a few times. He took a deep breath, finally waking up. “Baekhyun, you’re suffocating me”, he opened his eyes fully and looked down at you. He must’ve found it amusing because he loosened his grip and then let go with a little giggle, “sorry. you’re comfortable.” he spoke in a raspy morning voice, still smiling. Finally able to breath you giggled along, “don’t know if I can say the same about you.” He laughed as he stretched his limbs. “What do you want for breakfast?” You asked turning to him.’Holy shit’. Was honestly all you could think as he sat up. The morning light hit him perfectly; his tan skin glowing and arms flexing as he stretched a second time. All you could do was hold your breath and force yourself to rip your eyes away from him. “There’s pancake mix in the pantry, do you want me to make them?” he said as he turned to you with a light smile. It finally occurred to you that he was being nice for once, actually the first time you’ve ever seen him be nice to you. You nod and he gets up, heading to the kitchen. Everything just seemed… brighter.

You take a quick shower before joining Baekhyun in the kitchen. When you entered he was sitting at the small circle table in front of the large window displaying the beautiful redwood trees eating a stack of pancakes. When he looked up at you his eyes traveled up and down your figure, you were wearing a light grey tank top with a pair of pajama pants sitting at your hips. As you saw his actions you felt your face heat up and immediately regretted your choice of clothes. There was another plate of pancakes and a glass of orange juice sitting in front of the seat across from him, assuming they’re for you, you walk over and sit down in the small wooden dining chair. “Okay wait. Everyone that has ever ate my pancakes says they’re the best damn pancakes on the planet. So you have to tell me what you think, okay?” His eyes were piercing you with pure anticipation as you took a bite. And then another. And then another. “So?” He looked so nervous for your answer, it was actually quite adorable.  You sighed, “I didn’t want to admit it… but these are the best damn pancakes on the planet.” to say he was smiling ear to ear at your words was an understatement. You took another bite, they really were the best pancakes you had ever eaten. “What do you want to do today?” his words shocked you; sure he had been nice all morning, but you really didn’t expect for it to last throughout the day. “Uhmm, I don’t know. We could go swimming?” You said, taking a swig of orange juice. “Yeah, let me go take a shower. I’ll be like 10 minutes.” he stood from the table bringing his dishes to the sink “don’t worry about that, go shower.” you exclaimed while in mid bite. He gave you a small thanks before heading to the bathroom.

As you were finishing washing the dishes, you couldn’t help but think about how everything felt so flipped. Baekhyun was never nice to you, in fact he had never been nice to you once since the day you met him. Why today? You kept thinking about it as you made your way back to the bedroom. Suddenly the bathroom door in the hall just right to you opens, a wet Baekhyun stands in the frame of the door. His hair was wet and hanging over his right eye and you really couldn’t help but let your eyes wander over the rest of his figure. His towel hung loosely from his hips, he had a six pack like none other. His body was made of pure lean muscle with water droplets traveling down it. When you looked back up to meet his gaze, his lips were curled into a smirk. You hurriedly walked, or practically ran, back to your room. Oh god. OH GOD. The last time you saw Baekhyun shirtless was your last trip to the cabin and he did not have that body, not at all. You could barely breath, not only because his body was heavenly, but because he caught you staring at it. For your own sanity you decided to get ready to go swimming instead of thinking about Baekhyun’s body.

When you finally put on your black bathing suit you put on some jean shorts with a simple white t-shirt over and headed to the living room. Baekhyun was standing there, still with only his towel on, “I’ve been waiting for you so I can put on my trunks. Hold on, I’ll only be a minute.” he said to you while you were basically eyeing the floor down trying to avoid eye contact. He returned about a minute later with black swim trunks and the plain black t-shirt he had worn to bed the night before. “You ready?” to which you nodded.

When you stepped outside Baekhyun started walking the opposite direction of the lake that was no more than 20 feet away. “Where are you going? The lake is right there.” He turned around “you don’t think I know that? Come on.” he gestured for you to follow him and you complied by going to his side to see where he was going to take you.

After about 20 minutes of walking through the literal woods, you came across a beautiful small body of water. On one side it had a wall of rock with moss and water falling from it creating a small water fall. It was surrounded by small flowers and you could see the water was clear and clean. “My brother and I used to come swim here when we were little. I’ve never seen anyone else here, it’s kind of like our secret.” Baekhyun uttered while looking at the water in remembrance. He was the first to remove his shirt and shoes to step into the water and you followed soon after, still taking in the beauty of the scenery around you. When you looked down into the water, Baekhyun was fixated on your body, following every curve until he met your eyes and quickly looked away. Your face was on fire, you quickly stepped into the water so he couldn’t see you. You both had a fun time, swimming around, splashing each other, having an actual good time with Byun Baekhyun.

On your way back to the cabin you realized you had nothing to cook for lunch, “hey I’m gonna go to the grocery store. There’s nothing to eat for lunch, do you want anything specific?” you asked him still walking towards the now visible house. “Get me milky way will you?” you laughed at his choice and quickly ran inside to grab the car keys. “I’m gonna take a nap I’m so tired.” he exclaimed, heading to the room. “Okay, I’ll be back in like 30 minutes. I’ll be quiet when I come in.” He nodded and disappeared into the hallway that leads to the rooms.

On your way back to the cabin pissed that you drove to the store and it ended up being closed due to the fact that it’s Sunday. You cursed yourself as you parked the car. You assumed that Baekhyun had already fell asleep so you walked in as quietly as you could manage. Sitting on the couch, you were about to open your laptop when you heard it. A low moan coming from the bedroom, followed by another soon after. Something brought you to your feet and now you found yourself tiptoeing towards the room. The door was cracked a few inches, giving direct sight to the bed. That’s when you see him. His head is thrown back, mouth slightly parted allowing more moans to slip past his lips. As your eyes travel farther down you see that his hand is wrapped tightly around his cock, pumping it at a medium pace. You focus on his cock, the tip is swollen red and glistening from his precum. His slender fingers travel up just to come back down. You should not be watching this, you should not keep watching this. You’re trying to convince yourself to turn around and walk away when your name falls from his lips in a moan. He was thinking of you. He said it again soon followed by another moan. You can’t help the wetness that’s taking over between your legs. Your heartbeat is in your clit, pounding and begging for some friction. You unbutton your shorts and let your hand travel into your panties. You find your clit and sigh as you relieve some tension. ‘This is wrong’ you keep telling yourself, but can’t break your eyes away from the sight in front of you. He speeds up his movements trying to chase his release. Your legs are shaking from how turned on you’ve become, you’ve never wanted someone so badly in your life. Baehyun’s breath become ragged, his hand movements becoming sloppier and sloppier, you’re also on the brink of your release as you rub your clit to try to match the speed of his hand. “Fuckk y/n”, that’s all it takes for you to be covering your mouth trying to ride out your orgasm while watching him the best you can. He releases a series of high pitch moans, and with his head thrown back he cums while moaning your name. When he rides out his release he relaxes, laying there with his eyes closed. You decide that this would be a good time to fake your coming home.

You open and close the front door and make sure to jingle the keys to let him know that you’re home. You hear frantic rustling from the bedroom, until he emerges. “Hey, why are you home so soon? Where my Milky Way?” he stands there with a fake pout and his arms crossed. “ The store was closed because it’s Sunday. I tried to drive around to see if I could find another one that was open but I couldn’t. Guess were having pb&j’s for lunch.” he smiled at the suggestion. “good enough for me.” he departed for the kitchen. “Hey, I thought you were gonna take nap.” you tried to sound like you didn’t know that he was just rubbing one off to you. “Couldn’t sleep.” When you were just about to say something Baekhyun’s phone started to ring.

“Hey mom. Yeah were okay. PB&J’s. We had pancakes. Yes I made the pancakes. We’re doing fine. No were not gonna do that today. Okay Mom. What? Another couple days? Yeah that’s fine. Okay. I love you too. Okay bye.” He ended the call and looked at you, “I guess the lodge is having some kind of autumn retreat, and they all want to stay for a couple more days. So it’s just you and me until Friday.”


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Supergirl Ao3 Fic Masterpost

Since it’s the hiatus and y'all might be looking for something to read, here’s a comprehensive list of all my Supergirl fanfictions.

All 19 (and counting!) of them.

Here we go!


certain dark things



SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

“The pain comes in waves, like the crash of the tide against the shore- the sea merciless and unrelenting in its assault of the sand. It threatens to consume her, to drown her, to pull her from the safety of land and batter her against the jagged edges of the rocks that protrude from the waves until she is in pieces, scattered, like so many grains of sand.

Like falling snow slipping through grasping fingers, like smoke wafting from the end of a lit cigarette, like dandelion seeds dancing on the wind.

Intangible, untouchable, like fine mist on a cool morning.

The pain comes in waves, and she is utterly helpless against it.”




SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

Kara zor-El looks down at her chest, at the glyph that has never held any meaning other than hope in her eyes, and is shamed.

This, her family’s emblem- el mayarah, stronger together- has never made her feel more set apart than it does in this moment.

Inspired by one of the Kara/Lena scenes from 2x03

mild AU in which Lex was killed by Kal-El during his attempts to destroy Metropolis

the girl of shadow



Alex-centric fic.

Alex Danvers has dedicated her whole life to protecting her sister, and she would do it all again in a heartbeat.

She’s just not sure who she would do it for.

Inspired by For The Girl Who Has Everything | 500 word Alex angst challenge

of potstickers and preferences



SuperCorp adorableness. Kara-centric.

Because really, who serves potstickers at a gala?

Shameless fluff. Fix-it fic (sort of) to make up for the lack of Kara/Lena interactions at the gala.




Winn-centric. Winn/Alex brOTP.

In which Winn does something stupid, Alex seizes the opportunity to put on her Big Sister pants, and the family we find isn’t always the one we were born into.




Sanvers. Alex-centric.

Shit hits the fan at work, and Alex finds herself struggling to cope in the aftermath of a mission that goes sideways.

Maggie is there to help her get through it.

a reason to smile



Sanvers. Alex-centric. Drabble.

The result of the most dangerous question on the planet- ‘what if?’

What if Alex had met Maggie before, back in college, during her party girl days?




SuperCorp. Kara-centric.

kintsukuroi (n.) - the art of repairing something with gold, and realizing that the object is all the more beautiful for having been broken


It’s the anniversary of the day of Krypton’s death. Kara’s not in the best state of mind, and Lena tries her hardest to reach her.




SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

SuperCorp, post-winter finale.

Fix-it fic for the totally unresolved matter of Lena Luthor in the aftermath of her mother’s arrest.

Lena’s settling in for a quiet night of drinking away her sorrows, but Kara’s not willing to let her fall into a bottle.

in the absence of the sun



SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

It’s the anniversary of the day Lena’s mother died, and Kara opens up some old wounds when she digs into it.

Kara’s only trying to help, but the story of that night is more complicated than she knows.

Oneshots in the uncompleted ‘SuperCorp AU’ collection:

of art room supply cabinets and a lack of caffeine



SuperCorp. Kara-centric.

The last thing Kara Danvers expects to find in one of the art room supply cabinets is a person. Vaguely suggestive figurines? Sure. Abandoned sculptures? Maybe. But definitely not a person.

And especially not one with dark hair, green eyes, and a downright killer smile.


The university SuperCorp oneshot AU you were all hoping and praying for.

of misunderstandings and morning detentions



SuperCorp. Kara-centric. High school.

Kara Danvers has detention. So does a certain kryptonite-eyed individual.


She’s just perfecting her vacant stare when the sound of the door hinges squealing in protest breaks her concentration. Her attention snaps towards the doorway, where a girl with dark hair, green eyes, and an absolutely wicked smile meets her eyes- and winks.

A bright crimson flush spreads across her cheeks as she quickly averts her gaze, having suddenly developed an intense desire to count every single one of the tally marks scratched into the battered desk in front of her. “Miss Luthor, we don’t have all day to wait for you to get inside and shut the door,” McCarthy snaps, gesturing towards the other students- most of whom suppress a long-suffering sigh as he glowers. “Take a seat.”

Multi-Chapter WIPs:




SuperCorp. Angst. Slow burn.

Lena’s just trying to drink away the day when she gets a not-so unexpected visitor on her roof.

Post 2x08.

Fix-it fic.

Kind of.

give me touch



SuperCorp. Introspective.


Kara needs it.

Lena hates it.

A look into why they turned out this way.

these memories, they haunt me



SuperCorp. Lena-centric. The Morgana reincarnation!AU you didn’t know you needed.

“I know you’ll be there for me when the time comes.”

Kara’s departure is hasty, and for that, Lena is grateful.

If she’d lingered a few seconds more, she would have seen Lena’s lowered eyes flash gold.

My interpretation of the Lena/Kara scene from 2x04 and Lena’s shady look at the end of it.

tabula rasa



SuperCorp. Sanvers. Other pairings.

who can we become, when we no longer wish to be ourselves?

what remains when we are hollowed?

Alternate Universe- Dollhouse

our souls entwined



SuperCorp. Daemons!AU

Alternate Universe. Set in a world where the people of Earth have Daemons, physical forms of their souls that exist outside their body in the form of animal companions.

In which Lena is a girl with witch-blood in her veins, and Kara is a girl whose soul has never settled.

This is the story of two girls who have never fit in with anybody else- except each other.

stranger in her skin



Lena-centric. Growing up. Eventual SuperCorp.

“She is fourteen the first time she tries to run away.

It’s not something she plans- she just walks out of the house one day and doesn’t feel like coming back.”

Lena-centric fic set during her childhood. Basically the teen!Lena growing up fic you didn’t ask for and got anyways. :)

dust and shadow



SuperCorp. Harry Potter!AU

The SuperCorp Hogwarts AU you probably weren’t looking for that my trashy gay brain couldn’t help but writing.


Kara is only nine years old when her world ends.

There’s a flash of green light that passes through the glass of the windowshield as though it were as insubstantial as smoke that strikes her father squarely in the chest and then the wheel jerks and the world is spinning spinning spinning-

Her mother’s screams echo in her ears as the world turns upside down and right side up and upside down all over again. She’s reaching for her, fingers outstretched- Kara! -but her mother’s belt won’t loosen and neither will hers and all she knows is that she wants to get out, she wants to move-

They stop falling.

This was all typed and formatted on mobile, so just know I definitely did suffer while making this.

Happy reading! :)

“i’m so sorry i—”

as magnus stepped through the portal back into the loft, those were the first few words out of his mouth. but those words died on his tongue as the portal shut behind him and he found himself in near darkness. the lights were off in the loft, soft candle light flickering from another room, dancing on the dark wood and the wallpaper. his eyebrows pulled together, already reaching for his coat, to pull it off of his shoulders and hang it where it belonged but the quiet in the loft left him a little unsettled.

“alexander?” he asked, slightly hesitant as he stepped forward, pulling his scarf off of his neck as well and hanging them both up on the coat rack. the candle light lit the red dress shirt and black waistcoat he wore underneath, and it danced over the chain that disappeared into the waistcoat pocket.

“i’m here!” alec’s voice filtered back from somewhere. the kitchen? magnus’s frown deepened as he stepped forward, his boots clicking against the floor and then going silent on the carpet. but he came to a halt as he stepped into the study, staring out into the living room, his breath caught in his chest.

all the lamps were out, candles everywhere, each yellowy flame dancing and scattering soft light through the loft. it was beautiful, especially with the curtains drawn so only a touch of the lights from the cityscape were glowing at the windows. it was beautiful and magnus’s lips twitched as he stepped forward, slipping his hands into his pockets and wracking his brain. 

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Request: Okay I’m actually obsessed w the idea of Fionn and the reader being best friends turned romantic where literally eVeRyOnE on set is dying for them to get together and Harry keeps making sexual innuendos and Cillian or Jack are just being dads™ and forcing the two to talk and just super fluffy. I love your writing and I know you can make this incredible ❤️

A/N: I had so much fun writing this!


You had known Fionn Whitehead for practically your whole life. His mom and yours were close friends, so the two of you shared many play dates when you were toddlers. The forced play dates eventually grew into a really close friendship.

You both told each other everything, including your hopes and dreams.

So when Fionn was given the chance to live his dream by working on a big film, he made your dream happen as well. He got you hired as a make-up artist for Dunkirk.

You were still thanking him now, 6 months later.

The cast of Dunkirk was extremely close, so you were close with them too since you and Fionn were always together.

The cast was convinced that you and Fionn were in love with each other. Not a day went by when some one wouldn’t say something about it, Harry, Jack and Barry being the worst.

Fionn and you would usually just laugh and brush it aside, but sometimes it got to you.

Today was worse than usual.

The whole cast and crew had to move into a local hotel due to a wicked storm coming down the coast. You had been stuck in the hotel for a day now, so everyone was growing bored.

After breakfast this morning, Jack and Barry suggested that everyone hang out in their adjoining rooms that afternoon.

Everyone had agreed, having nothing better to do. So here you all were, eating junk food and drinking the day away.

Pretty quickly the topic of conversation had switched from music and films to everyone’s favorite one; your and Fionn’s relationship status.

“You guys seriously can’t sit there and tell me that nothing’s ever happened between you two.” Tom GC randomly stated, causing all attention to turn to you and Fionn. The both of you were cuddled into a chair, making everyone look at you with amusement.

“Not this again.” You groaned, head falling back into Fionn’s chest in frustration. “We’re just friends! We’ve only ever been best friends.”

“Doesn’t mean you always will be friends.” Harry stated, a smirk growing on his face. “I mean if I were Fionn, I know I’d have less than decent thoughts with you around all the time.”

“Harry!” Fionn exclaimed, fidgeting slightly beside you.

“In fact, just the other day he told me-”

Harry never got to finish his sentence for
Fionn had flung himself off the couch, throwing a hand over Harry’s mouth.

“You finish that sentence and I swear to god I’ll kill you.” Fionn snarled, glaring harshly at Harry. Harry’s eyes were dancing with glee, laughing against Fionn’s hand.

“And what exactly did Fionn say?” Cillian questioned, a slight glare on his face. He wanted you and Fionn together as much as everyone else, but he still saw you as a sister and in turn became a bit protective.

“Oh come on grandpa, let the kids be.” Tom Hardy joked, slapping Cillian on the shoulder.

“You call me grandpa one more time and I’ll shove my hand up your ass.” Cillian threatened, shooting daggers at his friend.

“Kinky.” He responded with a wink, making most of the other people in the room laugh.

“I didn’t say anything!” Fionn defended, a frown on his face as he shook his head at Harry.

“Sure you didn’t mate.” Harry teased once Fionn had moved his hand, but he didn’t speak another word about it.

“It’s alrigh’ for ye two to admit it ye know. We all know ye two like each other, so stop torturin’ us and jus’ get together.” Jack spoke up, causing nods around the room.

“We don’t like each other!” You and Fionn shouted in sync, both of you wincing in response.

“You both just winced like you’d been slapped. I’d say your both just hiding it from the other.” Aneurin stated like it was obvious, earning glares from both you and Fionn.

Fionn settled down next to you again, wrapping an arm around your shoulder subconsciously.

“See! ‘Friends’ don’ just do stuff like tha’! Stop fuckin’ messin’ around and just bloody admit it already!” Barry shouted, pointing an accusing finger towards the two of you.

“OTP OTP OTP!” Tom GC and Jack shouted, high-fiving each other proudly.

“You all drive me fucking bonkers!” You shouted, jumping out of the chair in anger. “Fionn and I are just friends! Now leave it the fuck alone!”

You stormed out of the room then, leaving eight stunned boys behind you. Fionn was the only person who had ever seen you get angry, and even then he’d never seen you lose it like that.

The truth was that you really did have feelings for Fionn, but you knew he didn’t have any for you. It sometimes hurt when the guys would mess around about it, only for Fionn to deny it.

“Y/N? Can I come in?” Fionn questioned from the other side of your door a few moments later, making you sigh. You went over to the door, opening it and turning back into the room. “Are you alright love?”

“I’m sorry I freaked like that. It just gets to me sometimes.” You told him, allowing him to pull you into a hug.

“How about you just tell each other the truth and we wouldn’t have to bug you.” Tom Hardy spoke from the doorway, causing you both to look over.

All of the boys were at the door, before they slammed in shut. You rushed to the door, trying to open it.

“It’s blocked!” You moaned in frustration, banging your head against the door.

“Open the damn door!” Fionn shouted, slamming a hand against the wood.

“You can yell at us all you want! We’re not letting you two out until you stop acting like you aren’t in love with each other!” Aneurin responded, causing you to let out a round of threats.

5 minutes later you were pacing the floor, continuing to mutter threats under your breath. Fionn was just watching you silently, a contemplative look on his face.

“Would it really be such a bad thing?” Fionn asked suddenly, cutting you off mid-rant. You turned towards him, confusion replacing your irritation.


“Would being in a relationship with me really be such a bad thing?” He replied boldly, walking confidently towards you. Words failed you for a moment, eyes widening.

“I-um, is that what you want? A relationship? Like a romantic one?” You stammered, cheeks reddening ever so slightly as he stared down at you.

“It is actually, it’s been something I’ve wanted for a while now. But the question is, is that what you want?” He questioned, his voice taking on a husky tone. You swallowed harshly, hands clenching into fists at your sides.

“What if it is?” You replied coyly, trying to calm your frantic heart. Fionn simply smirked, his mouth crashing into yours.

Kissing Fionn was the greatest sensation in the world. His lips moved with yours as if he’d had them memorized for years, and his hands skillfully traced up and down your sides, sending tingles throughout your body.

If you had known how good he would feel, you would have done this years ago.

You were startled apart moments later when seven bodies crashed into the room. The boys took one look at your position, before cheers sounded throughout the room.

“If I wasn’ so damn happy righ’ now I’d slap ye two fer takin’ so long!” Jack exclaimed, clapping Fionn on the back happily.

“You and I are going to have a nice chat tomorrow, but I’ll let you have tonight.” Cillian threatened Fionn, but there was a wide smile on his face. Harry was laughing loudly, causing everyone to look at him curiously.

“Now you don’t have to just fantasize about ripping her clothes off mate, you can actually do it.”

“Bloody hell Harry!”

love is in unexpected places

harry and pansy

it began six months after the war. harry was left alone with his memories, and drinking was the only thing that took away pansy’s pain. she wondered every day why it was still worth it, and she wondered if she could ever change. but then she met his eyes across a muggle pub and remembered what hope was supposed to look like.

blaise and ginny

it began spontaneously. ginny was bored and blaise did not want any attachments. it started with stripping off their clothes and gripping bedsheets and turned into soft kisses and morning caresses. they were in too deep before they could realize what they had done. they broke their own rules, but they were never the type to follow them anyway.

draco and hermione

it began years ago. every snarl from draco’s lips was his attempt at endearment and every sneer from hermione was disappointment that he wouldn’t change. sneaking glances at the ministry became late night meetings, and late night meetings became sleeping over to take away each other’s nightmares. they finally realized people could change into who they aspired to be.

ron and astoria

it began when they realized who they were. friendship blossomed into something more when astoria started to trace the freckle’s across ron’s cheeks and ron kissed away her pain. their love became real when they laughed at who they used to be, and they realized that who they were was enough. 

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wishing bucky was eating me out (for wishful weekends)

Originally posted by xolovexohate

oh god the little bastard would take his sweet sweet time to get to your dripping core. He wouldn’t just dive right in, no he would literally take his time kissing you everywhere but where you needed it the most. He would kiss down your neck, making sure to decorate it in hickies and start his descent down over your stomach and arms and would purposely pass over your clothed cunt, kissing your legs. He would kiss up your inner thigh and breathe hot air over your pussy. When he finally gets to where you craved his attention bucky would lap away like he hadn’t had a drink in days. He would like hard, long, thick stripes between your folds, sucking up any juices that you had to offer. He would avoid your clit as long as he could, wanting to make you wait as long as possible. Your hands would tangle his hair in between your fingers and hold his head there, not wanting his lapping tongue to go anywhere. You would lift your hips, relishing the feeling. His arms would wrap around your thighs, holding you steady and close to his face. You would occasionally make eye contact with his dark blue eyes. He would make occasional moans that would turn you on immensely. His tongue would finally move up to your clit, circling and sucking at the nub. The feeling in the pit of your stomach made you arch your back up off the bed. You attempted to gently rock against his tongue, but the stutter of your hips due to the incoming orgasm was making it hard to so it so gently. His grip on your thighs would tighten as he would pull your body down on the bed so he could continue devouring you. When you would cum, his movements wouldn’t cease. He would continue licking you dry and allowing you to ride out your orgasm as long as you could. He would get up and the smug look he would have plastered on his face, admiring the work he had done. Your eyes would trail from hi messy hair down to his eyes down to his glistening lips, some of your juices dripping from the corner of his lips down to his chin. You would get aroused at the sight of him, causing you to grab his arms and pull him back down towards you before whispering, “Your turn.” 

Hello everyone! To celebrate NCT Dream’s 1st win (edit: and 2nd win!!), and to show my gratitude to our amazing fandom for always loving and supporting the boys, I am hosting a small giveaway~ thank you to @onyourmarklee for inspiring me ♡♡♡


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8th March 2017, 00:00 AM KST - 2 weeks from now and on Koeun’s birthday

Once again, thank you everyone for always showing NCT your limitless love and support! Good luck, remember to drink water and have a great day~ ♡


Sometimes you have your friend @jessronagrooming over for some day drinking and she sneaks away to make a music video of your cat. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🍾🍾🍾🍾🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Can you recommend me some SuperCorp fanfics?

god that got… a bit longer than originally planned

  • such unruly heads and hearts - Lena wonders if the universe does this to everyone. Just recklessly bowls them over with people and realisations that they can’t ever really recover from. The one with Lena (who’s suffocating under the weight of the Luthor name and everything that comes with it), Kara (who just wants to make friends and cheer loudly for Alex at Quidditch matches, even when the quaffle isn’t near her), and the years over which they gravitate together. Hogwarts AU.
  • I Always Want You - Supercorp Hogwarts AU! (yes another one, i have a weakness ok)
  • heroism is a full time job - With her brother after her life yet again, Lena Luthor requests the protection of Supergirl until they can figure out who he’s hired to kill her and how to bring them down.
  • 12" by 8" - Objectively, it’s a beautiful photograph. A high definition immortalisation of a kiss in the sky, two figures pressed impossibly close, hands tangled in hair and around waists as they hover sixty stories in the air, illuminated gently by the neon of the CatCo Worldwide Media sign. But all she really sees when she looks at it is proof of Lena Luthor cheating on Kara Danvers. The one where Cat discovers that Lena’s stepping out with Supergirl (and decides to deal with the problem herself).
  • Lord, Save Me from Your Followers - A tumblr prompt, spiraled out of control. Kara, perhaps out of a want for thoroughness in her story, perhaps out of a Millennial-born urge to creep on a the social media of a woman she finds intriguing, discovers that Lena Luthor has a pretty active following on Instagram one afternoon not long after their first meeting. She debates it, just for a moment, before following Lena.
  • Call It Aggressive Negotiations - Kara’s first assignment as a reporter is to interview Lena Luthor for Catco Magazine. She’s a professional reporter now, so why does she feel so nervous? A fluffy introduction to the Kara x Lena ship.
  • epiphany - Lena’s just trying to drink away the day when she gets a not-so unexpected visitor on her roof. Post 2x08. Fix-it fic. Kind of. warning for the angst
  • no one but you (got me feeling this way) - It’s not like Kara deliberately sets out to make her life harder than it should be. It’s not her fault that she’s excitable, okay, and she forgets things sometimes and maybe those things should not be forgotten under any circumstances. Maybe those things include, well, housing forms, which as it turns out are super important to submit on time if she wants to not be homeless on her sophomore year of college. Her sister’s going to give her so much crap about this. Alternatively: in which Kara forgot to fill out the housing form and was left with no choice but to live in the most exclusive apartment on campus.
  • One And The Same - Lena Luthor has two crushes: Supergirl and Kara Danvers. This is the story of how she discovers they are one and the same.
  • second star to the right - She wasn’t aware of its presence until it was too late. It started small, a creeping sensation crawling down her spine, a tingling in the back of her neck that had nothing to do with the frigid fall air, the stuttering of her heartbeat at random intervals. or Kara somehow gets roped into stargazing with her not-so-secret-giant-gay-crush. (it’s a wip but with the way the last chapter ends it could be finished!)
  • Busted - Kara Danvers is worried about coming out to her not girlfriend Lena Luthor about the Supergirl thing. She’s worried about how the Luthor will take it. But if she wants more, she’ll need to come clean eventually. She just hadn’t realized how soon it would happen. And how it would come about. Canon up to episode 2x05.
  • Flower Shops and Loopy Signatures - Kara Danvers just keeps coming back to Lena Luthor’s flower shop. Again and again and again. Supercorp Flower shop AU
  • Our Souls Are Connected - There are no accidental meetings between souls. SuperCorp Soulmate AUs. Series of oneshots based on different reimaginings of the concept of a soulmate.
  • Lonely Youth - “And so Kara Zorel is left feeling small and unwelcome in a large and unfamiliar place (but what else is new, really?)” or Boarding School AU where Clark actually tries to raise Kara, decides that he can’t, and ships a small and shy Kara off to school instead.
  • Trust? - Lena’s reluctant to believe Supergirl or reluctant to believe she would look past the Luthor name.
  • of potstickers and preferences - Because really, who serves potstickers at a gala? Shameless fluff. Fix-it fic (sort of) to make up for the lack of Kara/Lena interactions at the gala.
  • Special Deliveries From ‘L’ - Lena somehow finds out that the way to Kara’s heart is through her stomach; Kara agonizes over whether Lena might be trying to bribe her as part of the 'favor’ she owes her.
  • Bruises - “It makes sense in a way you never thought all of this would: she was not born here. She is not from here. Fire and steel will not break her skin, but they clearly mar yours.” or: every bruise, bite, and scratch you get appears on the skin of your soulmate; and while supergirl may not bruise, lena luthor does.
  • (Super)Man’s Best Friend - When Kara saves a puppy from drowning on a rainy night in National City, she can’t bear to give him to a shelter; they’ve bonded. Except her apartment doesn’t allow pets. And her sister is allergic. And none of her friends’ apartments allow pets…except for one. Lena Luthor’s (Kara gets Lena to adopt a puppy. Dog owner related shenanigans ensue.)
  • of art room supply cabinets and a lack of caffeine - The last thing Kara Danvers expects to find in one of the art room supply cabinets is a person. Vaguely suggestive figurines? Sure. Abandoned sculptures? Maybe. But definitely not a person. And especially not one with dark hair, green eyes, and a downright killer smile. OR: The university SuperCorp oneshot AU you were all hoping and praying for.
  • Of RedK & One-Night Stands - After Jimmy rejects her, RedK-infected Kara Danvers finds some fun in another person’s company instead.

Grantaire spent his days in a drink-fuelled stupor chipping away at a block of marble. It stood in the centre of his studio as a symbol of both his achievements and his failures. Slowly, very, very slowly, it began to take shape, marble falling away to reveal a hand, a nose, a head of flowing curls…

There stood in his room, the most beautiful man he has ever seen. And he came from his hands… Grantaire gazed at him, his eyes soft, never straying from the statue in front of him.

He recognised this man, this beautiful man like Michelangelo’s David, glaring with his beautiful, cold eyes and his haughty mouth pulled up into a mocking grimace.

Grantaire looked away, unable to keep his eyes on the angel in front of him. It was too much, like looking at the sun even though you know it hurts, even though it burns. As he tossed the sheet over the finished statue, he could have sworn that he saw it smile. He shook his head, passing it off as a flicker of light. He grabbed the bottle of red as he walked past and took a large swig of the cheap wine, cringing at the taste.

Hours later, after finishing that bottle of wine and polishing off another… he made his cautious way back to his studio, removing the sheet and staring at the marble man in front of him.

Feeling a sudden rush of courage, he leaned in and pressed his lips gently against the cold marble. Suddenly, suddenly, the cold marble was less cold, and less like marble… there were soft lips pressed against his own.

He pulled away sharply. His marble statue was stood in front of him, flesh and blood yet just as perfect. His eyes no longer cold and emotionless but bright and brimming with fire and his mouth no longer a mocking grimace but a mouth slightly parted, a soft smile playing at the edges.

Suddenly, his mouth opened and the image of perfection was… well, not shattered… but definitely not as perfect as before…

“Who the fuck are you? Where the fuck am I? And how the fuck am I meant to overthrow the government without any fucking clothes on?”

Imaging Waking Up With Jacksepticeye.

Originally posted by marielgum

You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes but didn’t bother to wipe the pout off your face. Your little ray of sunshine, Sean had decided to get up early and  wake up the other inhabitants of the house as well. He was always going a hundred miles an hour. You loved your Sean but god, did you miss your precious sleep.

You rose from the bed like the very first zombie in an apocalypse movie. You shuffled to the kitchen not bothering to open your eyes all the way let alone put on pants. There you found such a tranquil sight; your boyfriend, fully dressed and ready for the day was drinking his coffee and typing away on his phone answering fans no doubt.

“Ugh, You’re gross” You grumbled with a smile and poured yourself some of the sweet caffeinated heaven. His head turned in your direction like an excited puppy dog when you spoke. Obviously he had been waiting for you to wake up.

“Sleep well, princess?“ his full attention was nice but you weren’t terribly inspired to respond when a yawn blocked the path of your response. You sat in front of him and just relished in his presence. He knew you weren’t ignoring him, you just preferred talking with your eyes rather than your lips sometimes.

His bright eyes stared at you with admiration. He had never been a fan of slowing down. But you were his sanctuary, his comfort zone. He rarely minded being lazy with you, with out you he’s sure he’d crash and burn.

“What’s on the agenda today?” you questioned.

“I was thinking we could walk around the park and then hit up that new bakery that opened down the street. Oh and the game store just got that new game; and I don’t think it’s gonna be on steam. Also maybe we can come home and pick up a little since we have company coming over. Oh! I forgot to tell you! My friends are coming over and then were going out for a couple o’ pints.”

You nodded, before responding. “Sounds good to me, I just need to take a shower. Too bad you woke up early, you could’ve joined me.”

You had never seen the Irishman stand up so fast in your life. “I think I forgot to wash behind me’ ears”

You laughed at his antics and walked to the bathroom with him hot on your heels.

(A/N: I’m not good with the flirting, romance stuffs. I’m saaoorry!

When you had too much Unlimited Coffee while studying at the local Diner

Morgana: Akira, you’re definitely caffeine-high…

We were cramming for the May exams and was trying to raise Guts at the same time so the Diner was the best place to go.

Imagine going to the Diner after school and on evenings!(; ゚゚)

I feel so sorry for Akira…