drill drill drill


I’m sure once they know each other properly, they’d hang around more time than anyone would expect!

In regards to the only discourse amongst the Earpers (the Nicole Haught is a werewolf debate), I tweeted at Emily Andras and SHE REPLIED TO ME. I’m not 100% convinced because I have read some very convincing arguments for her being a wolf. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


New Video! After 5 years it’s time to leave.. We’re Moving Out! 

Goodbye mice, danger and disturbing noises.


au where they’re nextdoor neighbors and bffs but Otabek leaves for college whilst Yurio is still finishing his senior year so everytime Beka comes home for the holidays they’re inseparable, Catching Up On bff Stuffs, which is mostly just Yurio eating pizza while complaining about how terrible highschool is