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au where they’re nextdoor neighbors and bffs but Otabek leaves for college whilst Yurio is still finishing his senior year so everytime Beka comes home for the holidays they’re inseparable, Catching Up On bff Stuffs, which is mostly just Yurio eating pizza while complaining about how terrible highschool is 


President Obama bans drilling in stretches of the Arctic and Atlantic

  • President  Obama declared vast stretches of the Arctic and Atlantic off-limits for future drilling on Tuesday
  • It’s a move seemingly intended to prevent the future administration of Donald Trump from leasing the areas to oil and gas companies.
  • Obama invoked the 1953 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to declare sections of the Chukchi sea under U.S. jurisdiction and the majority of the Beaufort Sea “indefinitely off limits” for future energy extraction.
  • According to the Post, while Trump cannot unilaterally reopen the areas to drilling, it is “not clear” if he could do so with the consent of a Republican-controlled Congress.  Read more

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Hair, Symbolism, and Azula's Descent into Madness

Not my hair! Father always loved my hair!

One of Bryke’s favorite forms of symbolism has to do with hair. We see it with Zuko (both with him cutting his hair in “The Avatar State,” and growing out his hair as  symbol of his gaining wisdom as the series progresses); we see it with Korra when she cuts her hair in “Korra Alone”; with Tarrlok as he adds more and more braids to his hair until he has as many braids as the man that he never wanted to become; we see it with Kuvira whenever she loses control of a situation which causes her hair to become unkempt; and, most notably, we see it with Azula.

The same principle used for Kuvira’s hair symbolism (unkempt hair whenever they lose control) can also be applied to Azula. However, with Azula, it’s not just about control–it’s about perfection. It’s about living up to her father’s standards. After all, shes a prodigy, and Ozai would expect nothing less.  

Azula grew up in a world where she was held up on a pedestal as her father’s prodigy. As such, she was forced not only to surpass her brother in the art of firebending, but to be perfect in every way in order to meet her father’s absurdly high expectations. This caused Azula to be obsessed with perfection and control. Consequently, to be anything but perfect and to lose control would mean falling short of those high standards set by her father.

And that’s precisely what happened. Her plans began to fail, pawns began acting on their own. She was no longer in control. She was no longer perfect. Her world began to fall apart around her, and she was left with nothing but her hallucinations.

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Here’s the thing…

You know damn well Snow sent Kendrick that photo ahead of time to ask if it was okay to post.

And you know damn well that Kendrick was like “hell yes! Post that shit and I’ll go comment on it immediately. By the way, you look damn fine Snow.”

And I’m totally, totally fine about it for the record. Totally fine.