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Hi there! I'm trying to decide on a wig for Kokona Haruka from Yandere Simulator but she has those big drill curls. I have never styled a wig before- should I try to make the curls by hand with wefts or try and style a clip-on extension?

I would check out these Mami (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) wig tutorials. Similar way of approaching drill curls and should give you some great direction:

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Monumental Marble Bust of Zeus or Asklepios, Roman Imperial, 2nd Century AD

The head dates to the Roman Imperial period, 2nd century AD. The socle, shoulders and restorations are attributed to Vincenzo Pacetti (1746-1820).

This is modeled after a Greek original in bronze of the 5th Century BC, turned to his right, with thick unruly beard of deeply drilled curls, long moustache, outlined full parted lips, and finely arched brows, his hair radiating from the crown and falling in a mane of loose curls over the ears and nape of the neck. Height of head approx. 16 in. 40.6 cm.; total height 28 ½ in. 72.4 cm.


Conditioning sets x3 💪🏼😘

15 toes to bar (5 single arm both sides + two arms)
1 single arm pull to nutcracker (both sides)
*not filmed, between drills – Jefferson curl + pike press handstand

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Rose Quartz drill curl tutorial!

HELLO I thought I’d share how I do the thing. First, some things you need before you start:

  • Glue (and a brush to that glue)
  • Bendy steel wire
  • Comb
  • Toilet roll
  • Hairspray
  • Tape

Alright, first you have your section of hair you want to curl. Try to keep it as flat as possible and about this size:

Then take the wireand measure out the length of that hair

Then cover that tape (apart for a top of it which you must have later) on BOTH SIDES so it’s like a horrible sandwich. The tape is maybe 7-8 cm wide btw:

Then fasten it under the weft!

Now you take the glue and start brushing it onto the tape. This is wood-glue and it’s white before it dries, then it turns transparent when dried.

Now begins the FUN part haha no I’m kidding nothing is fun with this wig it’s a repetative fresh hell - gently lay your weft over the glued tape and make sure to gover most of it (but focus on the steel wire in the middle!)

Now you can brush on the glue on top of it! You really wanna make sure it’s covered good!

If the tape is too long like above, that’s ok! Just cut it.

Now wait a bit for it to dry a little (DO NOT START WHEN THE GLUE IS WET things can turn ugly yes this is from experience)
After it’s dried a little (you can use a hairdyer if you’re impatient like me), start carefully wraping it around the toilet roll!

TADAA! And you’re done! Hairspray the little pieces standing out and fix the curl up a little and there you have it. Now repeat like 482957 times.


Progress on this behemoth is back on track.  I am real tired of making drill curls but I probably need to do some mini ones for the crown area.

My original plan was to sew everything in tonight and livestream tomorrow while I finish up, but after I got home I pinned everything onto the wig head, went “yup that looks good,” and promptly passed out for two hours.  So we’ll see - expect a stream maybe Thursday or Friday night instead!

A little drabble in which he finds you sobbing in the middle of the night


On a rainy day you know the drill, you curl up in a ball, you let your tears fall and hoped to feel better. But this time it was different you were shaking terribly as the stress and pressure of exams crashed down on you and your unresolved conflict with your friends kept bubbling up in your gut. Silently you sobbed under the layers of blankets in the dark. 

That night when he came home from work he called for your name, without a response he headed to your shared bedroom and there he saw your figure under layers of blankets that buried you. The lamp casting shadows of the crease of your figure and he sighed and headed to the empty space beside you. 

In the dark he rescued you from the layers of fabric that has been restricting your breathing, he held you close to him as if you’re a new born child that needs nurturing from the cruelty of the world you were bound to encounter. 

He held you close and you gripped on his shirt tightly as your tears stained his favourite jersey. In the dark he knew all you need was someone to be there and reassure you’re not alone and he did just that as he rub your back soothingly and hum your favourite song in his melodic voice. 

photo credits; © BACKSPACE

Ahh so!!! I made the decision to go to Manchester MCM literally last week after my absolute bae of a best friend politentacles offered me a ride with him!!! So last weekend I got some fabric in a HUGE fabric shop with some friends, and ordered four wigs. But I work 8 - 5 every day so I only had half an hour to an hour a day to work on the whole thing and ahh!! Im honestly really really proud of the dress, I forgot the under bodice today and lost my peticoat but?! EEEK!!

I did originally make some drill curls but my cat decided they weren’t necessary and ripped them out. (thank u gadget)  but oh gosh, I got such a confidence boost being Rose!!! Ive been feeling so down about myself/cosplay/everything lately, it was so lovely to meet so many amazing people and make new friends!!!!

My friend Nathalie helped me with the pattern because I’m useless and she’s a sewing god and my friend Sam took the photo!! <3 (He was also my steven eheh)


Celestia Ludenberg Drill Curl Tutorial by countryshipper

View the full tutorial here: