drill chuck


Side tool chest, strictly machining tools.

Drawer 1: height gage w/riser, squareness comparator, dial indicator stand, bench block, V-block, gage blocks, sine bar, cylinder square.

Drawer 2: ER32 collet set, .060″-.250″ gage pins, 1-2-3 blocks, 1″ machinist vise, v-blocks, collet blocks, machinist jack, slitting saw arbor, 3MT dead center, 2MT dead center, 2MT live center, collet chuck, boring head, precision keyless drill chuck.

Drawer 3: .251″-.500″ gage pins, feeler gage set.

Drawer 4: tap & die set (dies are in tray underneath taps)

Drawer 5: reamers, reamers, reamers. (this is a very expensive drawer).

Drawer 6: socket head cap screws.

Behind the Tree

summary: You and Draco had been partners in potions since the first year, and you two have grown close throughout the years 

“Okay class, pay close attention, for we are crafting the Invigoration Draught today.” Professor Snape droned in his dark potions classroom. You were excited to make this potion, for it was the most difficult one yet, and you loved a good challenge. You turn to your partner and smile, “You go get the ingredients-” He cut you off with a smirk, “please, y/l/n I know the drill.” you chucked, and started looking at the directions for the potion. You had been potion partners with Draco Malfoy since your first year at Hogwarts.The two of you had your differences, but somehow got along in class. He wasn’t very fond of you, a slytherin half-blood, being such close friends with Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, but as the years went by he seemed to be more accepting and kinder. You didn’t want to say, it was because of you he was being less of a jerk as the years went on, but your friend Hermione seemed to think it was. You didn’t realize how deep in thought you were until Draco came back with the ingredients, “ugh that stupid Potter thinks he can pull of a potion like this” Draco said subjectively. You just rolled your eyes and for the rest of the class you two worked mostly in silence. That’s how it usually was for you two, and you enjoyed his presence, well when he wasn’t being a jerk. He would try to make conversation sometimes, but his friends were always watching the two of you with judgmental eyes, so it was just easier this way. After class you walked to the great hall for lunch, talking about the potion with Hermione. “Don’t you guys ever talk about normal girl stuff?” Ron asked. Hermione looked at you and rolls her eyes and you two giggle, knowing it would throw off Ron. You decided today you’d sit with them rather than the Slytherins to keep up the conversation with Hermione. “Oh! Hermione you have to check out this amazing book I found!” You said excitedly as you reached for your bag. When you pulled the book out, you saw an envelope fall out. “Whas tat?” Harry asked with a mouth full of potatoes. “Not sure” you opened the envelope and saw the shortest note written in it 

“meet me behind the big tree near the lake after dinner.” You looked at Hermione puzzled after reading it a few times. She just shrugged. 

Your mind was buzzing for the rest of the day. Who could this be? You honestly had no idea, for the handwriting looked so weird. After dinner you quickly made your way to the tree, and as you got closer you started to decipher who it was. “Why all the mystery Malfoy?” You tease once you get close to him. Wait, was he blushing? “Look y/n” you chuckle when he says your name, “Didn’t know we were on a first name basis.” you tease even more. You felt more comfortable when you two were alone, rather than in the classroom where his friends were constantly peering at you two, making sure you didn’t get too close to him. “Ugh shut it.” He snickers, he definitely felt more comfortable away from his friends too. “Anyways, I had to keep this on the down low, I didn’t want anyone overhearing.” Draco explains more seriously now. “What’s wrong?” he smiles and takes one of your hands into his. “I- I uh wanted to finally tell you, that I- I fancy you y/n!” He blurted out. “Wait, what?” this came as a shock to you, Draco Malfoy having romantic feelings for me? Didn’t he like Pansy. I’m not even a pure-blood, I’m everything he doesn’t like? His voice cut off your running thoughts, “You make me want to be a better person, and ever since we became friends I’ve been trying to be less of a prick.” You pull him into a warm hug, and he outs his arms around you. “I always had a feeling I somehow helped warm your cold heart” You chuckle. He snickers, and you two pull away from the hug. “So, uh how do you feel about me” he asked with a hint of doubt. “Maybe this will answer your question” You smirk right before you pull him into a warm kiss. Your first kiss with Draco was so passionate, you didn’t think it would get better than that. Finally, you two pull away and you see that stupid smirk on his face that you loved, “yeah, I knew you fancied me too.” he says over confidently. You roll your eyes at him, pull him into another hug and laugh.

woo I kinda just winged this one haha. If you want to send a request 

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B. Bunny gets drafted! 

Layout drawings by Chuck Jones for his 1953, “Forward March Hare”, graphite on 12 field animation paper. 

Don’t ignore the details in these drawings. Check out how Chuck has delineated the pectoral muscle on the soldier. And the look on the doctor’s face is classic Chuck Jones. 


Llambrich LKP-130-J2 high precision keyless chuck in my Sieg X1 micro milling machine, with EXTREMELY low runout. Each chuck is made in Spain and every unit is hand-inspected in the US to ensure a TIR of less than 0.0016". My unit exceeds that runout specification by more than an order of magnitude! Less than 0.0001" TIR! I guess I was just lucky?