driftwood hollow

Been feeling a bit better recently, so I decided to draw and color a bit. Here’s a couple of busts of a certain vampire character I literally never draw.. despite him being one of my favorite jerkbutts – I wanted to figure out his face shapes and stuff. His name is Bartholomew Wainwright, and he’s an essentially retired Hunter specializing in tracking/tagging/slaying werewolves that don’t play nice with the oblivious human population of Driftwood Hollow.

Did ya’ll get your flu shots? Because it sure looks like a certain Eddison didn’t get that taken care of, whoops. Just a doodle of sick-as-heck Beowulf camping out with blankies, Netflix, coco.. and soon to be accompanied by Manny for snuggles, tho I’m sure there’ll be some whining about not wanting to spread nasty bug to bae, hahaha.

I know I draw him obsessively, but Beowulf is @pancakefairy‘s OC~


Some older doodles from a post-apoc police state Driftwood Hollow AU! I got more, but they didn’t all fit in this post, pff. Takes place in a city surrounded by a no-man’s land of ruined/abandoned structures and highways. It’s split into multiple sectors and stuff.

Autumn is a lot thinner in this AU, and can apparently at least try to shoot things. Jeffery is missing his left eye either from an accident and has been trying to be useful at an out-of-the-way outpost based in a hardly working radio tower. Max is leader, derp.

Also, Michelle gets shot by a turret outside of said outpost that mistook her for police because of all the scavenged equipment she’s using.

And lastly a moody Manny whom tends to stay put at the outpost to deal with monitoring radio signals and whatever else it is he’s told to do… and a feral Bul, who is a dragonkin OC of mine.