driftwood crown

To expand on my post from the other day: I think the central terror and joke of Euron’s character is that he’s only incidentally a Greyjoy, that he lacks all real cultural roots among the Ironborn, the Old Way nothing to him but his first language in harvesting pain. Indeed, Euron talks to and about his “small and noisy folk” with thinly veiled contempt. He considers himself to be a higher class of being than any of them, and he practically gives this away at the kingsmoot, in the middle of his moment of victory.

Asha laughed aloud. “A horn to bind goats to your will would be of more use, Crow’s Eye. There are no more dragons.”

“Again, girl, you are wrong. There are three, and I know where to find them. Surely that is worth a driftwood crown.”

In other words, Euron’s less a pirate than a barely-human student of a dozen blood-soaked schools playing a pirate, hence eyepatch. His real role in the narrative is less Boat Ramsay than Evil Bran. 

Robb didn’t get a crown, Talisa didn’t get a crown, Stannis didn’t get a crown, Theon didn’t get a crown, Yara/Asha didn’t get a crown, DAENERYS Queen of frggin Mereen didn’t get a crown. Cersei hasn’t worn a crown since season 1, and the first crown from another monarch is this. unimpressive driftwood that looks like an arts and crafts project. 

Actually looking at it more, I think it may grow on me. But still, that’s bound to be one brittle ass crown.