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I've heard all of these rumors that diva cups stretch you out, but I think that's a myth..

I do believe this rumor is false. The DivaCup conforms to you, not the other way around. 

In have no proof of this, but it’d make sense if it actually helped to exercise your vaginal muscles. Considering that it is actively holding the cup in and DivaCup recommends doing some kegels to get it in the right spot.

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Haha, I'm a cheap, smelly hippie...I wiggle my tiggle with an electric toothbrush, sacrub my exterior with bar soap and wash my hair with a tea tree oil blend. It's hard to eat a lot of organic foods because they're so expensive, but good old Trader Joe often leaves lots of goodies in his dumpster, so. And I've never felt better.

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The picture of the vulva chocolates you posted make me smile, hah. That's my boss pictured on the left flap. We sell Lagusta's chocolates at our restaurant. She used to work here. She is a vegan-food g-ddess. Seriously, the coconut pyramid ones she makes are to DIE for and I hate coconut.

Thats such a huge coincidence! I reblogged it from my friend Sarah, I’m not sure where she got the picture from. They look awesome!